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Max Anderson
Max Anderson
Freelance Jobs Expert
Fiverr is one of the cheapest and most varied freelance sites out there today. With free registration and gigs starting at just $5, it’s not hard to figure out why Fiverr is quickly becoming the go-to source for quick freelance projects. It connects you to a ridiculously huge variety of services, limited only by freelancer imagination and Fiverr’s Terms of Service. The platform is simple and easy to use, with a rating and feedback system allowing you to suss out both freelancers and clients.



Fiverr: Whatever You Need, This Is The Place To Find It

With a wealth of gigs to choose from, that all start from just $5, you can clearly see why this browse and buy platform is continually increasing in popularity. From professional sounding voice-overs, right through to app creation, Fiverr is a marketplace for the masses.

A quick look at the homepage will be enough to entice you into finding out more of what Fiverr has to offer. Whether you are looking to sell your services to the public, or purchase services from freelancers, a rating system will help you filter the good from the bad.

Why Choose Fiverr?

  • Free to signup, gigs starting at just $5
  • Broad spectrum of services offered
  • You can sell and buy from one account

Wondering if Fiverr is the best option for getting your project done?
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A Wealth of Online Services Where You Can Find Almost Anything

Variety is Fiverr’s middle name with more than three million services offered in its online marketplace, which span some 200 countries across the world. Naturally, selecting the right freelancer to get the job done can be a diffcult choice to make.

The biggest selling point for the Fiverr platform is that it appeals to anyone, from any kind of niche. With services starting at $5 and ranging up to $500, it is an affordable way to get something done for your small business. Sure you have to filter out the good gigs from the bad gigs, but this is a case on many freelance sites these days, and the rating and feedback system that Fiverr implements certainly goes a long way to combating this.

With each successfully completed gig, you get the chance to review your seller, by offering a 5-star evaluation on the likes of communication, service levels, and whether you would go on to recommend the service. This method then goes on to help other buyers whether they are going to get what they want from such a service and seller.

The regional interest is heavily focused around Africa and India, which seems to be the case for most freelance sites, in a battle to combat spammers and poor service. However, Fiverr isn’t showing any signs of slowing down as they continue to expand across the globe, with increasing popularity.



Fast, Efficient and a Pleasure To Use

Fiverr serves the purpose of getting jobs done quickly, so you won’t have to go through long interview processes and tests, like other outsourcing platforms do. With Fiverr, gigs are purchased “off the shelf”, and delivered within a reasonably short term.

Once a seller has committed to purchasing a gig from you, the automated notifications will help guide you through to the end of the gig. So, for example, let’s say someone bought a gig from you but you need further information from them to complete the order. Such request can be sent to the buyer automatically, keeping both sides of the deal on track.

If a buyer has a dispute, they get a 3 days time period before the gig automatically gets marked as complete.

Finally, the rating and feedback feature is one of the biggest advantages of using Fiverr. Not only does it help you choose your sellers, but it also motivates sellers to get a quality job done, or if you’re not satisfied, they’ll refund you to avoid getting a negative review.

Seller profiles include info like the percentage of positive feedback, seller’s membership duration, average response times and main target countries. These stats are worth keeping on-top of as they could make or break your Fiverr profile and future performance.

Ease of use


If It Ain't Broke Don’t Fix it – Simple & Hassle Free

Fiverr has maintained the same style since its first launch in 2010. Albeit they have undergone a few tweaks here and there to keep the site looking fresh, clean and modern for the user. The interface is easy to use, whether you are in the process of posting a job, or keeping track of a job’s progress. They also have a mobile app that cuts response times to the minimum, though it may not be as fully featured as the desktop version.

The only area where I see this getting messy is if you do a lot of buying and selling on the platform, because you are essentially using one account for both options.

Looking for a gig is a piece of cake, everything is nicely sectioned off into categories so you can head straight to your chosen area. When you are in your desired category, you can then filter down into sub-categories and sort by recommended gigs, high rating, express gigs, and new gigs.

This usability factor really plays a big part in sifting through the 3 million active gigs that are currently on Fiverr, to find what you are looking for quickly and easily.



Lacking Real Support & Hard To Find Tutorials

Fiverr don’t make it easy for you to contact them, so finding any kind of real support quite difficult. In the main navigation on the homepage you have a community link which takes you to the blog and forum, and it’s only within here you can find a “Customer Support” link in the header.

Don’t let that fool you though, as there is no direct email address, contact form or telephone number. However, you do get a knowledge base of How-To articles which help you with anything, from creating a gig to troubleshooting issues.

  • Community Forum
  • Knowledge Base of Articles
  • No direct telephone number
  • No Email Address
  • No Mailing Address
  • Hard to find any support unless you click around



Cheap and Cheerful

Fiverr got it’s name from the cost of the gigs you see on the site, $5. The payment policies for Fiverr are simple and straightforward, there are no catches or fees, or anything that has you scratching your head.

A gig is listed at $5, with extra options that the seller can add to the job to earn more, should the customer choose to take them.

If you’re a seller, be prepared to give Fiverr 20% of your earnings. You then have to take into account the fact that you will also be charged $1 by Fiverr for withdrawals that are over $50, and 2% for anything under that amount, so it’s best to wait until you have accumulated $50 in revenue.

Buyers also pay Fiver a considerable commission. All purchases are subject to a processing fee of $1 on purchases up to and including $20, and 5% on purchases above $20.

With commissions on both ends of the deal, you can see how Fiverr makes it’s income.

Standard Account

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  • Transaction fees
  • Signup fee
  • 24/7 Support
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John Doe
Logo Designs

Tried 3 different well-rated logo designers on Fiverr and spent about $100.00 total for all of them. None were worth using, despite showing all the sample text I wanted to be used in a text-only logo. I asked for one revision on each which were still nothing like the text sample all said they could make.

1 they are cheat, won't pay you even you did work

Most of the time they won't pay you even you put efforts and provided the complete work to client. In my case , client paid me because I provided him work, but suspended my money of amount $500 only because I sent him work in chat box. They issued me a warning and did not pay me! I understand, as a new person to their website, I might not know the rules, they issued warning but why not paying me even client has paid. Where this money will go! In their pockets! And what's wrong sending work in chat box, I didn't provided him work away from fiverr like gmail Skype etc. I used only legitimate system they provide, chat box.


Become far too expensive No proof of what these people can offer and have done before Are rude in answering Don't speak English half the time Will answer the first time so it looks like they've come back to you and then never return another message again If you ask them to do something and want them to explain it on their gig, they don't come back to you as soon as you know it's in the description of the customised gig We should be able to review the initial way we are spoken to from the beginning instead of only being able to review them after we've paid them. Some of them are coming out and talking about money without actually showing you what they know, how they've done it successfully in the past and expecting us to pay so much for a service we know nothing about whether they can do and not and then they get angry if we ask them a few extra questions.The worst site ever for finding people.

Wakadala M. P.
Like life, has challenges, but for realists, its Awesome at Fiverr!!

Of course nothing (that involves hundreds or thousands of people doing business) can be 100% perfectly good, but if you're a serious buyer who takes time to spot the right seller, offering the appropriate price for the service, Fiverr is a complete breeze, and for sellers who are determined to offer the best possible services and customer care, its easy to grow extremely rich in a few months through Fiverr; clean, honest and robust earnings! I have worked through Fiverr for a few months, and it has been so profitable and most importantly, I love it that all my clients like what I do and are 100% satisfied with what I offer. Kuddos Fiverr!!

Puerto Rico
Avoid Fiverr at all cost

A seller called Shine787 is a scam and took $1,600 for a project that they guarantee you to complete but never did and made me wait long time. Also, Fiverr stole $80 for just solving the case with the policy and not research properly or demonstrate genuine interest in helping me solve the situation to have my order completed or refunded to pay another developer with better reputation. Now I am interviewing developers in another app to spend another $1,600 for a job that Fiverr failed to service.I decided to deactivate my account due to both, an extremely bad experience with a seller and Fiverr support, and the reputation out there of how easy it is to make scams on this site.What hurts the most is that I did a lot of projects on Fiverr and I cannot trust their sellers or employees anymore. Because, it is easy to play with what does not belong to you right?This experience opened my eyes and yes, they genuinely does not care about their users at all. Am doing a favor to whoever is reading this and use apps to buy services to completely avoid Fiverr.

Amalia Liapis
Buyers Beware on Fiverr

Important information is not explained by Fiverr to Buyers. Should a Seller stall on an order and the Buyer continues to communicate with the Seller; not realizing that the Seller has engaged the 3 day completion the end of the 3 days the order is considered complete even though the Buyer has not received anything. This goes on in Fiverr all too often. I would never recommend anyone use Fiverr.

Bottom line on Fiverr

There are plenty of Freelance sites out there today, from UpWork, to Freelancer. Fiverr is much different to these sites and services though, because they make finding or creating a gig quick and easy.

There are no talks of contracts or interviews, no waiting around for the work to be done, it’s just a quick and easy process of buying a gig or selling a gig, and prices are set to a basic $5 per gig. There are some silly gigs that have been listed for fun, but there slogan is “Buy. Sell. Have Fun”. Amidst the gigs listed for “I will call you and sing Happy Birthday” there are some serious gigs that will be a helpful addition to your small business needs.

You never know, you could find a freelancer on Fiverr and go on to build up a solid work-relationship moving forward.


  • Quick buy and sell platform
  • Very easy to use
  • Notification pop-ups to keep you on track
  • Free to register


  • Quality of gigs can be poor, due to price
  • Sellers don’t earn much
  • Poor customer support options
Max Anderson
Max Anderson
Max is a Product Architect and Data Scientist. He teaches HTML, CSS, and JS to young web developers, and he wrote a few of the first guides to mobile app developments for Android and iOS.

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