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Bizee (Incfile) Review: Budget-Friendly, But Not Basic [2024]

Suzanne Stewart Suzanne Stewart Finance Specialist

ALERT! Incfile has rebranded to Bizee!

Bizee (formerly Incfile) has a lot to offer nearly any small business or non-profit startup, with plenty of useful features in fairly-priced plans and no hidden fees. You not only receive the foundational LLC formation service, but you can opt for additional services to help you run your business. File your taxes, create annual reports, and stay compliant with Bizee.


Free plan?
LLC filing time on entry-level plan Next-day
Expedited option?
One-off fees, annual subscription-based, or both? One-off fees
Customer support Phone, email, and online chat

ALERT! Incfile has rebranded to Bizee! Rest assured, the service and platform are still the same, only the name has changed.

With Bizee (formerly Incfile), You Get a Lot for Your Money

Often, when you sign up for a service with decent pricing, you end up getting the bare-bones minimum. That is definitely not the case with Bizee. It charges one-time fees for quality services that go beyond the basics.

Bizee image showing various features of it services
I was impressed with the range of included services Bizee provides

Bizee offers you excellent value for money, especially with its competitively-priced Gold and Platinum packages. Even the entry-level Silver package is a pretty good deal, as it is actually free – minus your state fees, of course. All packages include a free Registered Agent for a year, unlimited support, and unlimited business name searches.

In addition to LLC formation services, my research uncovered that Bizee also assists with C-corp and S-corp formation, as well as non-profit filings. They can even help research your business license or permit requirements. Bizee offers a host of other services, too, including trademark assistance, accounting and bookkeeping help, and business dissolution aid. All in all, Bizee has a lot to offer nearly any small business or non-profit startup.

Throughout my time spent researching Bizee, I discovered that it has an excellent reputation, having helped over a million businesses get their start. The biggest negative concerning Bizee is with its customer service and support. Read on to find out all I discovered.



Good Things Come in Bizee Packages

Bizee manages to pack a lot into its LLC formation plans. One of its best features is its one-time transparent fee structure. No hidden fees, no surprises. Let’s take a closer look at what Bizee has to offer.

Next-Day Filing Plus Expedited Options

Bizee's page comparing state filing times
Bizee has a page with a chart comparing state filing times

Bizee promises filing of your paperwork by the next business day, with all their plans. You will also be alerted if your state offers any type of expedited processing and how much it costs.

There are charts on the website showing the average length of time each state takes to process paperwork, the expedited time, and the fee for expediting your paperwork. Expedited state processing is included free in the Platinum plan, if it is available in your chosen state.

I know from experience that the times given on the charts may be longer than average. However, since each state’s processing time is different and can depend on time of year and the number of outstanding applications, I can understand why Bizee might want to manage your expectations.

A Free Filing Plan – Sort Of

Bizee advertises that you can “start your business for free.” And that’s true, to a point. Bizee offers a plan that doesn’t cost you anything more than your state’s filing fees. You receive some basic services, including a free Registered Agent for a year, but at no additional cost to you other than what your chosen state charges.

I can see this feature really helping you if you’re starting out on a tight budget. You’d get your LLC off the ground with just a small out-of-pocket expense.

Bizee’s Helpful Tools and Resources

Bizee helps you with many aspects of starting your business via a number of tools and resources. Need a business name? Bizee has an online business name generator. Want to know if the name you’ve picked is available? There’s a name search tool.

Furthermore, the blog is chock full of articles on everything from ecommerce tips to the best startups when you only have $100 to invest.

Free downloads available from Bizee's library
Bizee has a library of useful, free, downloadable PDFs covering many aspects of starting and running your business

And then there’s the PDF library of free guides and how-tos covering many different types of businesses and aspects of starting up. Want to start a food truck? Create a business plan for your investors? Moving your business to another state? Need legal form templates? All that and more is there.

One word of warning: if you download any of the informative reports, prepare to receive a sales email from Bizee at least once daily. Sure, it’s easy to unsubscribe, but it’s still kind of annoying to have to do so, you know?

Bizee’s Grant Programs

Sometimes, you have more business ideas than funds to invest in them. Bizee has two grant programs to help you get your idea off the ground. There’s the $2500 Young Entrepreneur Grant, for US high school seniors and trade school or university students who want to “own the future” and “change the world.” For adults no longer in school, the Fresh Start Business Grant includes Bizee’s Gold Plan services in addition to the same $2500 award.

Other Useful Services

Bizee doesn’t just help you start your business, it also helps you run it. You can apply for a virtual mailbox and use mail scanning, allowing you to access your mail from anywhere. Bizee will help you get your DBA, file your annual reports, file your business taxes, and change your company’s name.

Other services include filing the paperwork for your Certificate of Good Standing, as well as helping you to get back in good standing should life get in the way and you fall short of compliance. With its lifetime company alerts, however, you really have no excuse to fall behind.


Ease of use

A Generally Well-Designed Website, and a Terrific User Dashboard

Bizee’s website is very informative and also reasonably user-friendly with a few improvements that could be made. Once you become a Bizee client, however, you’ll find its account dashboard extremely easy to use.

Getting Started With Bizee

The very first thing you see when you open the Bizee website homepage is a Start My Business button. The button takes you directly to a page where you can sign up for a plan.

Bizee's starting screen for registering your LLC
Bizee’s starting screen for filing your LLC is very straightforward

Simply choose your business type, and state of formation. The page will scroll down automatically to show you the three plans, their prices, and the associated state fees, so they won’t be a surprise later on.

The rest of the process consists mostly of fill-in-the blank pages. Note that some upsells are preselected. Be sure to deselect any you don’t want.

If you’re new to starting a business, you may want to do some research into the business entity that would best suit you, and any other services you may actually want before you get started – and you can get this info easily via the footer menu. It’s a very smooth process after that.

Extremely User-Friendly Dashboard

Screenshot of Bizee's client dashboard
Bizee’s easy-to-use, all-in-one-place client dashboard

Bizee’s client dashboard is a joy to use. It’s equipped with a tab construction that makes finding what you need quick and painless. Simply open the tab you want and you’re ready to go.

The little orange alerts direct your eye to new activity since you last logged in. The use of the graphics and buttons is a nice touch, too, making it easy to find just what you’re looking for. My only complaint with the dashboard at all is that it is only accessible via the web browser – there’s no app.

The Website Is Well-Designed, But Has Its Issues With Links

All in all, Bizee’s site is generally well-designed and user-friendly. Navigation is clear for the most part, and the menus are well-organized. The menus in the page footer, in my opinion, are somewhat more user-friendly than the top drop-downs. The footer menus seem to use more concise language so you know exactly what you’ll see after you click.

There were a couple of buttons I clicked that didn’t give me the information I expected. These could very well be fixed by the time you read this.

Also, I found that some graphical icons used to highlight features aren’t links to the topics they depict. Call it a pet peeve, but when you use graphics as links on multiple pages, and then not on others, it can make navigation confusing. Still, these are better than a boring bulleted list of features.



Budget-Friendly, Feature-Filled Plans

The entry-level Silver plan will provide you with Bizee’s four core services. They include preparation and filing of your articles of organization, a free Registered Agent for a year, unlimited business name searches, and unlimited email and phone support.

The higher-priced plans offer a lot for the money, too. With the Gold and Platinum plans, you’ll receive an Operating Agreement draft, a free EIN, and a free 30-minute tax consultation with a certified accountant. And you’ll receive regular company alerts so you can remain compliant with all your state’s requirements.

What sets apart the Gold and Platinum plans? The Platinum plan includes a collection of complimentary business contract templates, a domain name and a business email to establish your business’s online presence, along with free expedited filing with your state.

Watch out for the “free” Registered Agent service, though, as it renews for $119/year after the first year. This might be enough to get you to take over this responsibility on your own.



Bizee’s Support Team Is About as Supportive as a Flat Tire

Bizee really dropped the ball when it came to my experience with its support team. It was rather sad and disappointing to see an otherwise decent company do so poorly with its support.

I always try out a company’s support teams via all its channels, using all the methods I can. And I often use questions I already know the answer to, to test the quality of the agent’s knowledge. With Bizee, you have the option of online chat, email, or phone support. Once you become a client, you receive unlimited support via email and phone.

The advertised support hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST, but my first phone call went straight to a message system saying no agents were available, even though I called within those hours. I hung up and called right back, getting an answer on the third ring that time.

The agent was less than helpful by phone, unable to answer most of my questions – questions I’ve had answered by other companies’ support agents. At the very least, other agents have pointed me to resources on their company’s website. I understand they can’t answer legal or accounting questions, but her repeated “I can’t advise on that” made me wonder what she could advise on. I was able to find answers to many questions in Bizee’s helpful resources, however.

Incfile's online support chat interface
My very unhelpful, never-answered online chat support incidence

I’d love to say that my chat session went better, but as you can see from the screenshot above, it went unanswered for over 2 hours before I simply gave up. My intended question would have been “Do you offer services in any language besides English?” Bizee does offer support in Spanish, but if I hadn’t found the info on the website, I’d never have known.

Note the time in the chat window when I logged in, 2:46 p.m. Now note the time on my laptop in the lower right hand corner, 4:59 p.m. And this was a Wednesday afternoon, in the middle of the week, not outside business hours on an evening or a weekend. Maybe I should’ve hung in there for the remaining minute support is supposed to be available?

I tried phone support again on a Monday around 2:00 p.m. That agent was much more helpful and clarified a question I had about filing and processing times. My new agent was friendly, professional, and much more helpful. She even suggested a blog post to read in case I needed more info.


How does Bizee (Incfile) match up to the competition?

Tailor Brands LLCCompareOur Score4.8Compare
ZenBusinessCompareOur Score4.8Compare
Bizee (Incfile)CompareOur Score4.6Compare
InCorpCompareOur Score3.0Compare


I found Bizee to be a really good LLC formation service provider. Its service plans are reasonably priced and full of useful, in-demand features. Its client dashboard is easily navigated, and its website contains useful resources you don’t often see on others, like the state filing fee and filing time charts.

There were, however, issues with the support team and the website that kept me from scoring Bizee as high as I would have liked. You can see how I’ve summed it all up in the table below.
Pros Cons
  • Free LLC filing plan
  • A lot of services on paid plans
  • Well-stocked information library
  • Easy-to-use account dashboard
  • Minor issues with website interface and icons
  • Unresponsive chat support and unhelpful phone support


What do I need to set up an LLC?

The bare minimum requirements to set up an LLC in most states are your Articles of Organization (your state LLC formation paperwork), a Registered Agent, and any state or local business licenses or permits. Bizee’s Silver plan provides you with a registered agent and assistance in filing your Articles of Organization.

Do I need an Operating Agreement for my LLC?

Currently, only California, New York, Missouri, Maine, and Delaware require Operating Agreements for LLC formation. However, the Small Business Association recommends all LLCs have one to protect the business and its members. Bizee’s Gold and Platinum plans include an Operating Agreement.

Do I need an LLC for my business?

Without an LLC or other business entity, you risk your personal assets should your business be sued for something a co-owner or employee might do. Bizee can help you form S-corp, C-corp, or non-profit entities in addition to an LLC.

Is it possible to set up an LLC for free?

Creating an LLC for free is not possible, as there are always state fees involved. Bizee advertises a “free” LLC formation service because it doesn’t charge any fees other than the state’s filing fees, which will vary depending on your state. Don’t forget that there may also be local county or municipal fees for permits or licenses involved in starting your business.
Suzanne Stewart Suzanne Stewart
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