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How Does This
Tool Work?

This tool checks whether gzip compression is enabled on the web server hosting your website. After connecting to your web server, the tool's result page will display whether gzip is enabled and also provides additional details regarding the effectiveness of the compression and the actual savings in bandwidth for the specified page.

What is
GZIP compression?

GZIP compression reduces the size of pages on a web server before they are sent to the visitor's browser. This saves bandwidth and causes pages to load and be displayed significantly faster. The visitors' web browser then automatically decompresses the pages. This compressing and decompressing only takes a fraction of a second.

How to enable
GZIP compression?

Setting up a GZIP compression isn't nearly as difficult as it sounds. If you're using Apache, head over to the module mod-deflate and you'll see that GZIP compression is already in the default settings and you can simply activate it. If you're using IIS, you can set up the compression settings either through the IIS Manager interface or via the command line. It's always a good idea to back up your server settings before making any changes to your settings or web server configurations.