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Dummy Image Generator – Free Placeholder Image Tool

Quickly and easily create placeholder images

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What is a Dummy Image Generator?

When you are building a website or landing page, and the images you want aren’t ready yet, you can use dummy images as placeholders. This will help you to see how the content will look when it’s formatted on your page.
This tool is FREE to use, and will help you to quickly, and easily create dummy images for your designs, so that you can keep your project moving forward.
You can create a dummy image with one block of color or use the Stock Image tab and choose an image of either people, food, or a landscape.

How Do I Create a Dummy Image?

It’s really simple! Here’s how:

Select the size, format, and image color/type. You can also select a text color and add text to your image

The Dummy Image Generator will then create your image. You can click on the image to view its true dimensions

Once you are happy with how your image looks, click “Download Image” to save the image to your computer

Your image is now ready for you to upload to your website and use as a placeholder!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dummy image?

When you are designing a new site, often your text is ready before your images. With dummy images, you can place your content on a web page and use dummy images as placeholders until the actual images are available. That way, you don’t have to stop the design process. You can get dummy images in just about any size you need. 

Is the dummy image generator free to use? 

Yes it is. You can create and download as many dummy images as you need. These images are made to increase the realism of your design, but make sure to swap them in for real images before you go live!

Will image placeholders slow down the loading speed of my website? 

These images will replicate what you will have on your site when it goes live, so it’s a good way to test if they do reduce the loading speed of your web page. If you find that the site is loading slower than it should, you can always use our PNG and JPEG compression tool to compress the images. 

Can I select a specific image using the stock image generator? 

You cannot select a specific image but you can choose an image type. For example if you wanted an image of a cat, then the stock image generator will select ONE picture of a cat for you. You will not be able to choose from a library of cat images.

Where do you take your stock images from? 

The images are taken from Unsplash and are free to use and are free download and useThere is no limit to the number of dummy stock images that you can download using our tool. Please note that Unsplash photos cannot be sold without significant modification.
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