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Ben Sarid
Ben Sarid
Web Hosting Expert

Combining powerful features and speedy loading times, Hostinger’s affordable hosting plans are definitely worth your consideration. While prices do vary depending on your plan period, and despite the fact that some important features are missing in the basic plans, Hostinger’s long-term contracts may just be the most value you can get for your money.



An Amazing Bargain, or “You Get What You Pay For”?

There’s no doubt that when it comes to web hosting, Hostinger is simply the cheapest option available today, with prices starting at $0.99 per month. No other company manages to even come close. Most of them offer a basic plan for five times the price.

Thinking that it’s too good to be true? It isn’t. But let me let you in on a little secret right now. To get the best prices, you’ll have to commit to Hostinger for several years.

This would be a smart thing to do – if the service is actually great. Because your visitors couldn’t care less about how much you pay for hosting. They do care about fast loading speeds, and about actually being able to reach your site when they need to.  They also want to know that their personal data is going to be secure and protected.

Can Hostinger offer that? I’ve got my opinions, but I didn’t want to base my review on my opinion alone. You see, as Website Planet is available in many different languages, it just so happens that we have web hosting experts scattered all over the world. This was my golden opportunity to perform a large-scale test, and I decided to do just that.

We had 30 experts sign up to Hostinger and launch a local version of our testing website in 30 different countries. They played around with every available feature, monitored loading speeds and performance, and even bombarded customer support with questions. They compared the results with other popular hosts, like SiteGround and InterServer..

This quick answer to all our questions is that Hostinger performed remarkably well. In some countries, like Russia, it came in at #4. In others, like Israel, Hostinger snatched the #1 place.

Read on for the long answer. I’ve detailed my full personal experience with Hostinger, and I’ll explain exactly how to make the most of what the company offers. To see how Hostinger compares to other services, check out our list of the top web hosts.



Powerful Features Give You Absolute Control

Some web hosts force you to build a site that plays nicely with their own limitations. They make you think small and dream small, leading to a final product that’s miles away from what you’d originally envisioned.

A few years back, it happened to me. A low-cost plan lured me in, and after setting up my blog, I realized that not only was my drive limited to a measly 200MB, but that the company didn’t offer email hosting. Cue purchasing additional hosting and paying double.

Hostinger is the exact opposite of these hosts. Instead of limiting you, it provides a canvas to your imagination.

With Hostinger you’ll enjoy an excellent mix of beginner-friendly and advanced features. If this is your first time using a web host, worry not – Hostinger does most of the heavy lifting for you. One-click installations can get your new blog up in seconds, and the company has its servers optimized especially for WordPress.

If you have some experience in web development, you’ll appreciate the many extra features the platform offers. Among them are integrations with CloudFlare CDN, daily and weekly website backups, and website caching to speed up loading for your visitors.

Hostinger’s plans are divided into shared, cloud, and VPS categories, with each plan offering a slightly different mix of features and options. As such, it’s important to identify your needs and choose accordingly. Small to medium websites, whether personal blogs or local business pages, will be very comfortable with the shared hosting plans.

International e-commerce brands and big businesses, on the other hand, require customized solutions that include custom backups and restore points, staging environments, development frameworks, and much more.

Such advanced needs are usually met by VPS hosting or dedicated servers. While it doesn’t offer dedicated hardware, Hostinger does provide a nice variety of VPS configurations to choose from, with prices starting from $3.95 per month.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most interesting features Hostinger has to offer.

The hPanel Control Panel Makes Managing Your Hosting a Cinch

I’ve encountered quite a few control panels during my online travels, all aiming to provide the most feature-rich user experience. Surprisingly, I never had the pleasure of using hPanel. Never even heard of it. But it sure sounded familiar.

It turns out that Hostinger took cPanel, the industry standard for hosting control panels, and slyly switched the “c” with an “h”. Clever devils.

At its core, this the same old lovable cPanel, and anybody who’s ever used it before will feel right at home. It offers all the usual hosting features, although Hostinger did revamp the technology behind it.

Like cPanel, Hostinger’s panel lets you easily install a CMS and set up your account information, email accounts and integrations, domain configurations, databases, files, permissions, and more.

One of the interesting things I found was that Hostinger moved the computing load off the server and on to a cloud infrastructure. I’m happy to report that compared to regular cPanel hosting, my response times with hPanel were significantly faster.

Generous Resource Allocation Gives You Peace of Mind

Your website is going to have text, obviously, but it’s the images, videos, and various media files that are going to give it real personality. Those files can weigh quite a bit, and to host them all, you’re going to need sufficient hosting space and sufficient bandwidth.

On the most basic shared hosting plan, Hostinger provides you with 10GB of SSD space. An optimized HD image weighs less than 1MB, so things are looking good!

That same basic plan gives you 100GB of bandwidth a month, which is roughly 25,000 monthly visitors. One plan up and you’ll be treated to an unlimited bandwidth buffet.

However, I think it’s a shame no Hostinger plan offers unlimited hosting space. There are web hosts that do (within “fair use” terms), and it would’ve been great if Hostinger was one them.

Easy One-Click Installs

Back in the old days of the early 2010s, when dinosaurs ruled the earth, installing a Content Management Platform (or CMS for short) was quite the challenge. You had to open up databases, set user privileges, configure access… don’t even get me started.

Softaculous changed all that, automating installations for popular platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and Magento. Today, it provides one-click installations for hundreds of different CMS, and Hostinger’s hPanel lets your harness all that power with a nifty “Auto Installer” button.

Unlimited Features

The basic shared hosting plan, Single, is a great place to get started and stretch your web muscles, but you’ll eventually outgrow it. For example, when I first opened my online store, I made do with two email addresses. After I started picking up some traffic, I needed separate addresses for sales, support, and for each of my employees.

When that time comes for you, your hosting provider has to be able to grow with you. Advanced plans need to provide an immediate increase in resources and options, without any downtime to your website.

With the Premium and Business plans, that’s exactly what happens. Your site will stay live, and you’ll get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains (that’s an unlimited number of websites!), unlimited databases, unlimited email accounts, and much more. The future looks bright for you, young webmaster.See full list of features

Ease of use


Being a Webmaster Has Never Been Easier

While a wealth of features and options gives you the power to do whatever you want, it’s not going to do you much good if they’re not easily accessible and straightforward to use.

Luckily, Hostinger has some of the best user experience people in the business, and I think they did a fantastic job understanding our needs and providing an easy-to-use solution. Creating an account and managing your hosting has never been easier.

Creating a New Account

First step is the sign up process. The plans are clearly laid out, and you can easily compare different plans and understand the differences. Just add to cart, choose your payment cycle, and checkout. Got any questions? Support is a live chat away.

You can read about my full experience signing up with Hostinger here.

Connecting a Domain and Installing WordPress

Next up is connecting your domain and installing your CMS of choice. Hostinger provides all necessary tutorials, and support can help with any issue that arises. You can find a detailed description of my domain and WordPress adventures with Hostinger here.

Access Webmail from Anywhere in the World

Hostinger also provides email hosting, giving you the benefits of a personalized email address. You can easily create additional addresses using hPanel, and the Premium and Business plans will net you unlimited addresses.

Other features include autoresponders, email forwarding and automatic rerouting. The best part is, of course, the webmail access, which is available on all plans. It’s good to know that I’ll still be able to check my mail after getting that one-way ticket to Aruba.

And One More Thing about hPanel

I talked about hPanel before, but its ease of use deserves a special mention. Hostinger integrated each of its services into the panel, and as a result made it into a one-stop shop for all your management needs.

I’ve had experiences with web hosts where the domain management was separated and required a separate login. With others the navigation was unintuitive (or nonsensical), the billing information was impossible to find, and the live chat just wasn’t available in the control panel itself.

With hPanel there’s no need to waste time guessing or looking around. Everything is easily accessible from the same page.See if Hostinger is Right for You



Great Uptime, Great Speeds

We’ve reached performance! This is my favorite part of writing reviews, because it’s where we find out if the provider is actually good, or just good at writing copy. No special feature or slick user interface can change the two most critical factors: uptime and loading speed.

Uptime is measured in percentage, with a 100% rating meaning the site was always accessible. Because websites run on complex servers and nothing is foolproof, most hosts aim for 99% uptime. Good hosts aim for more. Great hosts guarantee it.

Introducing Hostinger’s 99.9% uptime guarantee. The company’s SLA states that if they fail to provide a user with a 99.9% uptime, that user can get back 5% of their monthly fee.

I’m also happy to report that tracking of websites hosted on the American and European data centers consistently shows an actual uptime of 99.9%+.

On to loading speed. I’m sure you’ve run into a website that took some time to load. And I know what happened. You pressed the back button and found another site to visit.

My website was hosted in Hostinger’s Singapore data center, and my loading time from Singapore clocked at a total of 0.013s. These fantastic loading times guarantee that your visitors will be able to load your site immediately.

Hostinger operates data centers on four different continents, so you can choose the one that’s close to your target audience. You’ll be treated to phenomenal speeds, with even the global loading times being well within reason.

hostinger-performance1Check Out Hostinger Performance



Fantastic Support, at Your Service 24/7

Hostinger offers some of the best support in the business. Support agents are available 24/7 through live chat, and after many interactions with them, I’m happy to report they are speedy, efficient, and professional.

Some of you may be reverse engineering the situation in your head right now, thinking, “If this guy had so many interactions with support, what does that say about the quality of the hosting itself?”

Full disclosure – everything worked out of the box. I started by asking questions just to test how well they could answer them, and continued because, well, I liked talking with them.

When contacting the average web host, I usually expect a few things. First of all, there’s a five minute search for the contact information, probably an email address. Then there’s the 60 minute waiting period (if I’m lucky) before they answer. After that, it’s usually been so long I just don’t care.

Hostinger does things differently. Instead of confusing support channels with long waiting times and outsourced agents, the company provides state-of-the-art live chat support, coupled with an industry-leading knowledge base.

Hostinger's customer support

I wanted to ask about connecting my hosting and domain name, and Viktorija was with me in less than a minute. Even though the knowledge base includes all relevant tutorials, she kindly explained everything I needed to know and made sure I implemented it successfully.

I decided to ask for the impossible – support in Hebrew, my native tongue. Viktorija wasn’t a fluent Hebrew speaker (imagine my surprise), but offered to translate what I wrote in Hebrew, saying she commonly does it for others. She even sent a puppy at the end, and puppies make everything better.

None of this should be taken lightly. This is Hostinger knocking down the language barrier, making it so that anybody, anywhere, can get support. I checked around the clock and they were always there, 24/7. Edvinas even helped me with getting my SSL lock pad going:


My one gripe here is that Hostinger lacks phone support. The live chat works great, but it can’t match the more personal nature of a phone call. Those of you looking to have a real conversation with a representative speaking your own language might find the chat limiting.

For those of you who are okay with live chat, this is as good as it gets. 24/7 live support, immediate response times, professional agents, puppies, and the most detailed knowledge base in the industry.



Reasonably Priced Service

Overall, Hostinger offers fantastic value for money. The situation is a bit different for each hosting type, so let’s start by breaking it down.

The company offers shared and cloud hosting, each with three price levels, in addition to advanced VPS solutions in varying prices. VPS is going to be your best friend once you’ve really hit the big time, but shared hosting will be enough for us simpler folk just running a blog or a small business site.

Compared to other web hosts, the shared hosting plans aren’t just affordable, they’re practically a steal. Hostinger often gives out limited-time offers and special deals, and when that happens, the monthly cost becomes pocket change. Right now, prices for shared hosting are starting at $0.99 per month.

If you’re in the market for domain names, sign up for Premium or Business for a year or longer and Hostinger will throw one in for free.

Having some experience with subscription trickery, I checked Hostinger’s renewal policy, and found it to be very fair. Renewal rates are more expensive than the introductory ones, but still affordable. There are no hidden renewal fees, and you can always upgrade mid-subscription and get your remaining balance credited towards the new plan.

These really are great deals, but there are a few important things to consider. Features like SSL certificates are only included in the Business plan. It’s a one-time purchase, and not a very expensive one, but it should still be taken into account.

Another thing is that to actually get the best deals, you have to sign up for the longest subscription period. Subscription periods are for 1 month, 12 months, 24 months, or 48 months. Monthly hosting is affordable, but the low price advertised is for the 48 months subscription.

The prices for cloud hosting and VPS are different ball game altogether. They’re good, but much more in line with what the competition offers.

All payments are secured. You can choose to pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Paypal, BitDegree, or various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You know what’s really easy? Not committing. Trying something just to see if you like it. Hostinger understands that, and provides a generous 30-day money-back guarantee.

That means you can sign up, try out the service, get your site live, take it for a drive, check performance, see if it converts, and if you’re not happy within 30 days, just let Hostinger know and you can get your money back. Easy.

Click here to read more about my experience canceling my Hostinger account.

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Sterling W.
June 01, 2020
Just signed up and already LUV 💯!

I had never heard of this company before and I needed to find a very cost effective replacement for Pilvia hosting which I designed 200 of my WordPress demos on and after seeing a YouTube video recommending Hosting I signed UP, at only $80 there wasn't much to lose. I immediately liked the visuals of the backend, UI UX, the ease of setting up new WP sites, AMAZING price!$ and quick chat support was very helpful!

Mr J Malthouse
April 23, 2020
More expensive than I thought

I have two small simple websites so I signed up to Premium shared hosting at 170.63 USD for 4 years. What I did not realize was that every year I would be also charged an extra 33.21 USD for each domain/website on yearly renewal. So an extra 66.42 USD every year. Very disappointed.

April 27, 2020

Hey there,Thanks for bringing this to our attention and for sharing your opinion. It's duly noted.We are sorry, we didn't meet your expectations, and understand how frustrating this situation is for you.To make things clear, we provide a free domain for the first year, and for later years, the renewals come at the usual price. We are sorry if it wasn't indicated clearly enough, we hope this won't affect your overall hosting experience, and you will skyrocket your business with Hostinger!If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact our Customer Success team, and they will gladly help you out!Wishing you all the best, Team Hostinger

March 07, 2020
So far, so good! :)

It's been about a year since I switched from one of the largest webhosts in the US, and I think I stayed too long! Hostinger has been great for my small business website, and you can't beat the price. Very helpful staff and quick to assist, which is great for us non-coders. I'm a fan!

Scott Morris
March 02, 2020
Budget friendly and great performance

I have a small website powered by WP, which I haven’t been using for a while, but now decided to pick it up, expanded my page and even had to upgrade my plan from single to premium shared hosting. thank god they still budget-friendly. My website speed is great as ever. Cheers to that.

Frank-Michael F.
February 25, 2020
Hostinger outdated

Hostinger offers outdated Linux distros only, for that it is much too expensive. You can always create your own latest release server platform manually, however. For manual installation, Hostinger is too expensive again. I could not find info about IP Geo locations available when ordering VPS. Not recommendable.

February 26, 2020

Dear Frank-Michael, Thanks for the feedback! We are glad to receive such insightful reviews as they help us grow as a company. We apologize for this situation - our goal is total customer satisfaction. Therefore we don't feel good about this case. We would like to assure you that our servers and OS systems are of the best quality, and we definitely keep them updated all the time. Although, if you see some areas of improvement - we would very welcome your insights, could you kindly write us an email at Our Customer Success team is more than happy to help answer any questions about our VPS services! You can reach them through Live Chat if you already have an account with us or through our email at Wishing you a beautiful day, Team Hostinger

Alaa A. a.
January 29, 2020

Advice for all Arabs, don't be thankful for hosting, because it is the worst company in the world And customer service is the worst of the people present, the service is very bad, the waiting time is more than an hour, to respond to the conversation, and everyone tells you that you will solve the problem and no one will solve any problem.نصيحة لكل العرب لا تشتكرو بهيك استضافة لانها اسوء شركة بالعالم وخدمة الزبائن اسوء اشخاص موجوديين ، الخدمة جدا سيئة وقت الانتظار اكثر من ساعة ليردوا على المحادثة وكل شخص بخبرك رح تنحل المشكلة وماحدا بحل اي مشكلة

January 31, 2020

Dear Alaa,Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear you had such a frustrating experience, but we really appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention.We would like to work with you to resolve the problem you’ve faced as soon as possible and prevent it from happening in the future. Sadly, we are unable to locate your account with us and can not see whether our team members helped you out. We kindly ask you to reach out to with any further comments, concerns, or suggestions you wish to share. We would never leave your problems unsolved!Looking forward to hearing from you, Alaa!Best regards, Team Hostinger

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Bottom line on Hostinger

Hostinger manages to provide an extremely low-cost service while still delivering on excellent features, fast performance, and a phenomenal support experience.

There are good hosts out there, offering managed hosting or some other perk, but very few can compete with what Hostinger has assembled. It’s super easy to use, and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Is Hostinger Reliable?
Yes, Hostinger has a solid record of offering 99.9%+ uptime, as well as having a 99.9% uptime guarantee. If they don’t meet the uptime guarantee, they will credit you with 5% of your monthly fee. Thanks to its performance, Hostinger is on our list of the best web hosting services right now.
Is Hostinger Good for WordPress?
Hostinger offers WordPress hosting at the same price as its shared hosting plans – hosting your website on servers customized for WordPress performance. You can install WordPress with a single click and take advantage of pre-installed caching plugins, too.
👍 Does Hostinger Use cPanel?
Hostinger has its own alternative to cPanel, which it calls hPanel. It works in a very similar way to cPanel, but is designed to be more user friendly. With hPanel, you can manage all aspects of your hosting plan all in one place – for example, you can view your payment history and upgrade your plan without leaving the hPanel.
Does Hostinger Support Python?
Hostinger does not support Python on its shared hosting packages, but Python support is available with Hostinger’s VPS hosting packages.
💲 How Do I Get a Refund From Hostinger?
Hostinger has a 30-day money-back guarantee. During this 30-day period, you can contact Hostinger to cancel your account and receive a full refund. You can request the cancellation directly within the cPanel by choosing the ‘deactivate account’ option, but you will still need to contact support to request a refund. Refunds are processed quickly (usually within one hour). Make sure you read our step-by-step guide on how to cancel your Hostinger account and get a refund before you get started.

Ben Sarid
Ben Sarid
Ben is an avid web developer who really loves to tinker with code, whether in the back-end or in the front-end. He's searching for the world's best website host, but also tries to find time for his other interests - comics, traveling, and home cooking.

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