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Ryan Jones Ryan Jones Web Hosting Expert

When I first heard about Hostinger’s very affordable hosting plans, I suspected this might be yet another web hosting provider that cuts corners just to lure you in with a low price. But when we launched a test website on Hostinger’s servers, we were pleasantly surprised by the results.


A Fast and Low-Cost Entry Point To Hosting, Perfect for Beginners

Screenshot of the Hostinger home page
Hostinger seems especially popular amongst small businesses and solopreneurs

Hostinger is one of the most affordable web hosts on the market, with prices starting at just $1.99 per month. Even when compared to other budget-friendly hosting providers, this is a really low price. So, what’s the catch?

The catch is, to get the best deal you’d have to sign up for four years of hosting, and pay for it all at once. That’s quite the commitment, but it also means you’ll be getting a fixed, highly discounted price for nearly half a decade. Which is a good thing, as long as Hostinger can provide good service for the duration.

Can it? As we’ve tested this host multiple times over the years, I’d say very probably – depending on your needs. It primarily offers shared and WordPress hosting with marketing aimed at new customers. There is plenty of help for newbies to web hosting, and the service can work very well for personal sites, business landing pages, and small-to-medium-sized online stores.

Hostinger also offers VPS and cloud hosting for those looking to host traffic-heavy, resource-demanding websites. But this isn’t Hostinger’s strongest suit – these plans appear to lack value and flexibility when compared to plans from hosts that specialize in higher-tier services.

Hostinger is definitely best if you’re looking for a low-cost entry into the wonderful world of shared web hosting, or to migrate your site(s) from an overpriced or underperforming web host.

It’s also worth noting that Hostinger offers plans for resellers. These work well if you’re a solo web designer or web development agency serving individual clients or small businesses with sites that get average traffic.

Another important note: aside from English, Hostinger’s website is available in dozens of other languages, and its customer interface is available in Arabic, Chinese, French, Indonesian, Lithuanian, Portuguese (and Brazilian Portuguese), Russian, Spanish (Argentina, Columbia, Mexico, and Spain), Turkish, and Ukrainian.

🏆Performance GradeA
⏱️Uptime GuaranteeYes
🔒Free SSLYes
🔧Hosting TypesShared, WordPress, Cloud, VPS, Reseller Hosting
💡Basic Plan Features
  • Storage: 50 GB SSD
  • Bandwidth: 100 GB
  • Websites: 1
💲Starting Price$1.99
Shared Reseller Dedicated Cloud WordPress


A Highly-Optimized Platform With Plenty of Resources

With prices being as low as they are, my anxious personality immediately identified two areas where Hostinger might be trying to pull one over on me: features and performance. Sure, I’d love to pay less than what the competitors charge, but I don’t want to get only some of what they provide.

Fortunately, I soon discovered that Hostinger provides a generous set of resources, plenty of built-in WordPress optimization, and all the critical features you need to get started. I focused my testing efforts on Hostinger’s WordPress Starter, the most popular budget plan they offer. Here are the features that stood out to me.

Optimized Performance From LiteSpeed Web Server

Screenshot displaying Hostinger's site settings with LiteSpeed enabled.
New WordPress sites are pre-optimized for maximum speed with Hostinger

Hostinger employs the impressively fast LiteSpeed web server – this is the software running on the physical server that delivers your website’s content to your visitors. LiteSpeed outperforms the more traditional Apache web server, upon which many other web hosts still rely due to its open-source (i.e. free) license.

LiteSpeed itself already offers great performance, but its LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress plugin stores pre-loaded (cached) copies of your web pages, which can then be more quickly delivered to your visitors.

Generous With Bandwidth, SSD Storage, and Number of Sites

With such affordable prices, I expected Hostinger to be tight on resources. Many budget web hosts cut costs by allocating fewer resources per customer, because this allows them to jam more hosting accounts onto each server.

But Hostinger offers plenty of resources for its low rates – the WordPress Starter plan includes support for 100 websites, 100 GB of SSD storage, and unlimited bandwidth. This is more than what many other budget hosts offer with their most expensive plans. You’ll have plenty of room to grow and develop your online presence, and you’ll be able to host many sites at once.

Automatic Backups With One-Click Restoration

Screenshot of Hostinger's backup management page
Hostinger gives you plenty of control over your backups

Data loss can be absolutely ruinous for an online business. You don’t want to spend hours working on your site just to lose it all to a wifi glitch, or even to an honest mistake. Thankfully, Hostinger offers a flexible backup tool that allows you to create, download, or restore backups.

In addition, Hostinger offers weekly automatic backups – as it does with the WordPress Starter plan – with a free upgrade to daily automatic backups with higher-tier shared plans. Alternatively, you can pay for this feature as an add-on.

Unlimited Free SSL, and a Robust Security Suite

No matter how tight your budget is, you can’t afford to go with a web host that’ll leave your site vulnerable to malware or DDoS attacks. Fortunately, Hostinger understands the importance of security and provides protection from an array of potential online threats.

Every plan includes free SSL for all your sites, an in-house-developed web application firewall, an automatic malware scanner, and Cloudflare DDoS protection for Hostinger’s nameservers – this is not to be confused with Cloudflare’s content delivery network (CDN), which isn’t enabled by default. This may not be the most advanced security suite out there – but it’ll keep you safe from the most common threats. It’s also more than what you’d get with most other budget hosts.


Ease of use

Hostinger Automates Setup To Get You Started

Overall, Hostinger offers a remarkably easy platform to work with, from sign-up to developing and managing your website. We had no trouble purchasing the WordPress Starter plan and building our test website.

This is due in part to Hostinger’s proprietary control panel, hPanel, which is really easy to navigate (more on this later). Here’s what you can expect when you sign up for an account, and set up a site on Hostinger’s platform.

Creating a New Account

Signing up with Hostinger was refreshingly easy. Hosting plans were clearly laid out, and we had no problems discerning what was included with each of them. The WordPress Starter plan offers a free domain name if you choose an annual or longer billing cycle, which was a nice addition. This is the case with every WordPress plan excluding Single WordPress.

What’s particularly nice is that we only had to provide a minimum of information – there was no huge, time-consuming form requiring a ridiculous amount of personal data. We were also given the option to sign-up with a Facebook or Google account to simplify the process.

Accepted payment methods include all major credit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, AliPay, and even some cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Thankfully, Hostinger didn’t pre-select any add-ons or try to upsell us during checkout. It was always clear how much we were paying, and for what services.

After payment was complete, our account was set up. We were ready to connect our domain and install WordPress in under a minute.

Connecting a Domain and Installing WordPress

Once your account has been created, Hostinger takes you through some set-up steps. We were first presented with a short questionnaire, the purpose of which was to help Hostinger auto-configure LiteSpeed’s caching to maximize performance based on your particular needs. This allows you to take full advantage of LiteSpeed without having to figure how to optimize the settings yourself.

From there, we were asked if we would like to install WordPress automatically. This again was really quick and easy, as I only had to enter an administrator email address and password, and optionally choose a starter theme.

Screenshot of Hostinger's WordPress auto-installation setup screen
Hostinger can optionally install the WooCommerce plugin with WordPress

With that, the next step was connecting a domain name. As we had signed up for the WordPress Starter plan on an annual billing cycle, we were able to claim a free domain name. Be aware that not all domain extensions are available with Hostinger’s free domain name offer, though the popular .com is included.

After choosing a domain name and extension, we just had to pick a data center. We went with a US-based location, but you should choose the location nearest to your target audience. Once this was done, we were given a summary of the information we had entered, which we confirmed to begin installing WordPress and registering our domain name.

Five minutes later, WordPress installation and domain registration were complete. Our domain was automatically connected to our site as part of the setup process, but we had to wait some hours for DNS (domain name system) propagation to complete. This is an unavoidable process that takes place whenever you connect a new domain, and it may prevent your WordPress installation from being accessible online until it is complete.

In the meantime, we set up our email. Hostinger includes third-party Titan Email for free. To get it working, we had to configure our DNS records so that emails could be sent and received from our domain.

Hostinger guide on how to configure DNS records for Titan email hosting
Hopefully Hostinger automates this process in the future

This was a bit of a pain – but hPanel displayed all the records I needed to add, so it was simply a matter of copying and pasting this data into the DNS Zone Editor. This involved setting up an SPF record, which prevents spammers from sending emails that appear to originate from your domain.

With that done, and after an hour or two of waiting, DNS propagation was complete. We were then able to upload our custom WordPress theme and access our test website online. Overall, besides the email service, Hostinger sets up nearly all of the hosting and basic WordPress framework for you.

Beginner-Friendly hPanel Makes Hosting Easy To Manage

Hostinger has developed its own proprietary control panel, called hPanel. It’s a joy to use – it’s easy to navigate, cleanly designed, and gives you access to all the basic processes you need to manage your sites.

That said, it can be a bit slow at times, depending on which settings you’re accessing. Entering the File Manager can take several seconds of loading, for example. Accessing the WordPress Admin area can also take several seconds – though the fact that the WordPress login process is reduced to a single click in hPanel makes up for the loading time.

Flexible Drag-and-Drop Site Builder, Included Free

If you want to design a website quickly and easily without having to learn WordPress, Hostinger includes a free site builder. Like hPanel, this has also been developed in-house by Hostinger, and it allows you to build websites via a drag-and-drop interface. You can easily add site elements such as text, buttons, galleries, contact forms, and more with just a few clicks.

Even if you already have a WordPress-based website, you can try switching over to the builder app for a limited time, and if you don’t like it, your original site will be restored, free of charge.

One-Click Installer for 100+ Apps

In addition to a simple installation for WordPress, Hostinger’s Auto Installer lets you easily install over 100+ applications. This includes alternative CMSs (content management systems) like Joomla or Drupal, along with apps for database management, message boards, and more.

The selection may not seem to be quite as extensive as some other auto installers, but it offers all of the most useful and popular apps.



One of the Fastest Budget Web Hosts Out There

Despite being significantly cheaper than many popular entry-level hosts, Hostinger excelled in our performance tests. It was easily one of the best-performing shared hosting providers we’ve ever tested, and it wasn’t too far behind some of the top premium hosting providers.

Hostinger offers data centers in the US, Europe, Asia, and South America. If your site is intended for visitors from Africa, Australia, or the Middle East, you should choose the nearest available data center to the location you’re targeting.

To test Hostinger fairly, we built a website to simulate an average promotional site, filled with text, high-quality images, custom fonts, and plenty of complex code for interactive elements. We then put this website through multiple third-party testing tools – namely GTmetrix, Sucuri Load Time Tester, and UptimeRobot.

We used a custom test site with text, images, fonts, and complex code
Our custom test site has all the typical elements of a promotional site
Our test site with Hostinger achieved a typical loading time of about 0.8s and 100% uptime over a month. Put simply, it would be difficult to find better performance than this at Hostinger’s prices – see the impressive results for yourself below, or feel free to skip ahead to the Support section.


We used GTmetrix to test our website’s performance in a local setting. To do this, we selected a source server in the US, not too far away from our test site’s data center. We then completed a week-long performance analysis with hourly speed tests.

Screenshot of a GTmetrix test performed on Hostinger.
GTmetrix gave Hostinger an A rating

So, what did we find? During a week of testing, our website on Hostinger’s server achieved a typical Fully Loaded Time of just 0.8s. To put that in perspective, most other budget hosts hover around 2s to 3s – Hostinger manages to be several times faster.

How does it do this? Well, it is due in part to the default LiteSpeed optimization settings enabled by Hostinger when we first installed WordPress. For example, the default image compression reduced the total content on our test page in size from about 1 MB to just under 800 KB, allowing the page to load more quickly.

GTmetrix graph showing Hostinger's performance over a week
Besides a few hiccups, Hostinger’s performance was consistent

There were a few instances where our site took 1.5s to 2.0s to load. However, even these worst-case results are still within acceptable guidelines for visitor retention. And notably, as each of our tests is conducted from a “fresh” browser instance, some of the cache settings don’t affect these results – but a real website visitor should see the page load even faster on repeat visits.

The results for Time to First Byte – the amount of time it takes for the server to start sending website data – were typically around 0.2s. This is a very good speed – it isn’t unusual to see this number at 0.5s or higher from shared hosting services.

Sucuri Load Time Tester

Next, we wanted to take a look at how Hostinger performed on a global scale. To do this, we used Sucuri’s Load Time Tester.

To get the best loading speeds on an international scale, you’ll usually need to have a CDN (content delivery network) active. This saves copies of your website’s content (images and code, for example) on servers around the world, so visitors far away from your chosen data center can access some of your content from a server that is closer to them. Most providers do not have a CDN pre-enabled, requiring you to set one up yourself.

While Hostinger supports Cloudflare’s CDN, you’ll have to sign up for an account and configure it yourself, even if you’re just using the free Cloudflare plan. As this isn’t a straightforward process, we don’t enable it – we test hosting plans “out of the box” in their default state, so we can tell you how well they will work for beginner users.

Hostinger performance test results from Sucuri Load Time Tester
With a CDN, Hostinger would perform better globally, but these results are pretty good

The results were surprising. Our test site achieved loading speeds of about 1s in Europe and South America, despite being hosted at one of Hostinger’s US data centers.

While it was far slower in Singapore and Australia, reaching around 2s, this is still well within acceptable limits. In fact, these results are better than some of the budget hosts in these regions can deliver on their own home turf.


Finally, we measured Hostinger’s reliability. After all, it doesn’t matter how fast a host can make your website load if it’s rarely online to begin with.

To test Hostinger’s uptime, we monitored our test website with UptimeRobot for an entire month. Whenever an instance of downtime occurred, it would be recorded.

Screenshot of an UptimeRobot test for Hostinger
It really doesn’t get better than this – well done, Hostinger

Amazingly, there were no instances of downtime to record. Our test site was online and available for the duration of the testing period. Hosting providers with much more expensive plans sometimes struggle to match this result.

Hostinger also offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This means that if Hostinger doesn’t fulfill this uptime within any given month, you can claim compensation via service credits. This is nothing special – 99.9% is the industry standard for uptime guarantees.

Hostinger is a bit stingy with credits if you are entitled to compensation. You’d only be due 5% credit towards your next monthly bill. Thankfully, by our tests, it doesn’t look like you’ll frequently need to claim compensation, if ever.



Polite, but Primarily Relies on Links to Documentation

Hostinger’s support service is available 24/7 through live chat and email. While budget hosts often say they provide 24/7 technical support, you might have to wait a long time for an agent to become available.

The quality of the support itself may vary as well – some hosts save money by outsourcing support to third-party support teams who don’t have an understanding of hosting in general, never mind your particular issue.

So, does Hostinger have these problems? To find out, I pretended to be a complete newbie to web hosting, and asked some basic questions.

You can easily contact Hostinger support from anywhere in hPanel by clicking the speech bubble icon on the bottom right of the dashboard. This will take you to the support screen, where you will first be required to select a topic relevant to your issue. When you click one of these, Hostinger will display links to knowledge base documentation on your chosen topic.

For basic queries, this can be really useful, as you’ll likely find the answer to your question in one of these articles. Hostinger’s knowledge base is fairly extensive, and filled with concise step-by-step guides for all the basics – some tutorials even include video guides.

If none of the suggested articles turn out to be of any help, you are then given the option to contact support. I did so via live chat, hoping to get a quick response.

Screenshot of a Hostinger live chat support interaction
Hostinger’s support agent was polite and friendly

I was met with a banner stating that live chat agents typically respond in under 10 minutes – a perfectly mediocre response time. I typed out a question asking how I could optimize my site for faster performance, and waited.

14 minutes later, I got my response. The Hostinger support agent was friendly and quick to respond to subsequent queries. They answered all my questions with links to the knowledge base, even when I tried to ask for more direct recommendations for WordPress optimization plugins.

This was just OK. The linked articles provided helpful, relevant information, but I wanted more personalized help. The support agent never asked about my website specifics or current loading speed, not even once. Call me cynical, but if your live support agents can only share documentation links, they might as well be bots.

Next up, I tried email support. I asked how to set up a CDN to speed up my website. Hostinger’s email support only promises a reply within a single business day, so I prepared myself for a longer wait.

Surprisingly, after just a couple of minutes, I got a response from an agent stating they were looking into my query. Then, 22 minutes after my initial email, I got a detailed response to my question, which is pretty fast for email support. It wasn’t too far behind the wait time for live chat.

Screenshot of a Hostinger email support interaction
It seemed Hostinger’s support agents really knew what they were talking about

This was a similar level of quality to my previous live chat experience. They sent me links to guides on configuring a CDN, which gave me everything I needed to know. They also sent me some extra resources on site performance optimization, which was a nice touch that I was grateful for.

Overall, Hostinger’s support is a little slow, but helpful. That said, the support agents seem reluctant to go the extra mile, or to provide detailed help with queries that are too complex to be answered by a short knowledge base article.

Still, compared to the terrible experiences I’ve had with some other hosting support services, support quality was pretty decent overall.



Massive Discounts for New Customers (and a Free Domain Name With Certain Plans)

Pricing is usually what draws customers to Hostinger in the first place. Hostinger is easily one of the most affordable options for shared and WordPress hosting, with prices starting as low as $1.99 per month. These can be purchased on monthly, annual, biennial, and quadrennial (that’s 4 years!) billing cycles.

Signing up for four years gets you the best prices, but it also locks you into the longest commitment. The monthly plans are rather poor value, though you can still get a good deal with the annual or biennial plans. Hostinger offers a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you aren’t satisfied, you can cancel within the first month for a full refund.

hostinger logo alt 3

Save up to 75 % on your Hostinger plan!

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I’ll let you in on a little secret – you can get an even better deal if you play your cards right. The WordPress Starter plan comes with a free domain name, while the entry-level WordPress Single plan does not – meaning you’ll actually save more money with the higher-tier plan in your first year of hosting. You’ll get unlimited bandwidth and email accounts too, making it the best-value plan overall.

A free domain name is included with some hosting plans from Hostinger


How does Hostinger match up to the competition



Hostinger offers affordable shared hosting plans that deserve your time and money. The performance, fantastic for the price, gives users a platform that’s easy to work with, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned developer.

It also offers a generous set of resources and features that surpasses much of the competition. If you’re just starting out with your first site, or looking to run a bunch of low-to-medium-traffic sites while keeping costs low, Hostinger should be one of your top options.


Is Hostinger the best host?

It depends on your needs. We don’t recommend Hostinger’s shared services for an e-commerce site that gets an enormous volume of heavy traffic, or a developer looking to build a custom web application in a really flexible hosting environment.

But for those looking to host a basic website with a small-to-medium volume of traffic? Or those who need a beginner-friendly hosting account dashboard? It’s our opinion that Hostinger is one of your best options in either of those cases. It’s very affordable, and it offers some of the fastest performance we’ve seen from a shared host.

What are the cons of Hostinger?

Hostinger is primarily known as a shared hosting provider. While it does offer premium solutions such as VPS and cloud hosting, these aren’t its specialty – and these plans tend to lack value when compared with competing solutions from other providers. Also, the 24/7 support may take a while to respond, and it failed to go the extra mile in our tests.

What is better than Hostinger?

Hostinger actually topped our list of the best web hosting providers for 2023. This is primarily because it combines superb performance and generous plan packages with low prices. That said, it isn’t the perfect fit for everyone. I’d recommend taking a look at the other hosting providers on our list if Hostinger doesn’t seem right for you.

Does Hostinger cost more when you renew?

Yes. When the discounts on your initial hosting term end, Hostinger renews at the full price. This can mean quite a steep increase, so be wary when you sign up. That said, Hostinger is still fairly affordable even after renewal when compared to the long-term pricing of other budget hosts.
Ryan Jones Ryan Jones
Ryan is an expert freelance writer who spends much of his spare time tinkering with his site, ensuring that everything is up to his high standard. He loves to test new hosting services and website builders to help users get the best value for their money. When he isn’t writing, you can usually find him playing video games, unless his cat is lying on the keyboard, which is sadly a very common occurrence.
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I thought hosting plans were affordable but after checking the price of their cloud hosting plan for 1 month which is 50$ I will rather buy from Hostgator, where I am getting the plan for 14$. They are charging way overpriced if u buy for 1 month not recommended if u plan to buy for 1 month

Abhi, India
December 06, 2022
Completly unreliable

I paid for a domain for the whole year. One week after the payment, they informed me that they haven't received the payment and suspend the domain. When I emailed them, they said that they will try to solve the problem, but they never did it. Hostinger is simply a scam.

Arek, Poland
November 30, 2022
Can’t Upload a Tiny backup File

I subscribed to the premium shared hosting today and straightaway experienced poor performance. I was trying to upload a small backup file of 67 MB in the newly subscribed hosting but tried more than 5 hours without any success. The upload rate was consistent at 50-60 KBPS which was not enough to make the All in One WP Migration plugin work perfectly. Never experienced such an insanely poor uploading speed in a hosting service.

anonymus, Bangladesh
November 25, 2022
Hostinger is the worst hosting company

Hostinger is the worst hosting company i have come across and the support is just horrible. Do not spend your hard earned money on this hosting provider because you will be sorry and frustrated in the end. I bought the business hosting package and have been having issues from the very start. Nearly every week at least twice i get a CPU fault and the percentage of CPU usage is less then 10% in most cases which makes me believe that they use extremely low quality and also apply throttle limits no matter which package you are using. Support is just simply dumb and comes up with copy paste responses of plugin issues even when you have 0 plugins you will come across this issue. Secondly the logs do not point to any plugin related issues and thirdly when you ask for an RCA they just disappear and do not respond. My current issue has been ongoing for last 4 days now and still i am waiting to hear back from there technical team. I have been documenting this and if any one is interested to read the whole chat then feel free to click on this link >>>!ArpS5TtZ-RRvgtJ3XX8RGFKr1tRpPA?e=jQJcoQ Don't forget you will always get low server response and DB related issues on top of this. Live support chat takes at least 1 hour before responding and they claim five mins lol. In the document you can see the following in detail 1. Issue was with performance and as usual CPU faults. The support staff creating a blank HTML page with the words hostinger and claimed that our server response time is excellent :D. Can you imagine a blank HTML page being used to test server response lol 2. Issue is related to redirect from non www to www domain. 3. Trying to Transfer a website from Zoho Builder to Hostinger. You can see the knowledge of the support staff and how someone completely new to hosting can mess up things if they follow them 4. Error establishing a database connection. Once again i am facing this issue and this has been very consistent. This time they admitted that they are doing some maintenance and as usual no one informed about it. 5. CPU Fault once again and this time i had enough so decided to post everything online.

Hammad, Indonesia
October 17, 2022
End up paying more and more and still can’t handle visitors to our sites fast enough

No other complaints - service has been fine when there have been glitches - given up on the hosted emails but never mind. The problem is that the speed is never good enough and we have upgraded about 3 or 4 times already. So getting sick of paying more and more for still not good enough. And feeling rather frustrated. I see I am part of a chorus here. They are not terrible, but in hindsight, I wish I hadn't gone with them. Such a big job to move, again, too. I am creating a new website soon - will use it to test out a rival platform, and see how it performs.

Alex, Saudi Arabia
October 05, 2022
Hostinger is good for small websites

Overall, I think Hostinger is a good company. Prices are affordable for a small website, but they skyrocket when the site starts consuming resources (when you have many visitors to the website). I have been hosting my site on their server since 2017. I had 2 major issues with them, each issue after they upgraded the servers. Last time I gave up hosting the site with them. Basically, now their technical support is almost non-existent, they answer late and the answers have nothing to do with reality. Basically, you have to send the same question several times until you find the one who knows. As usual, you are told that your website is to blame, that there is an enigmatic script that consumes resources. Even if your site has never been modified in recent years. And then they recommend upgrading the site.

Nonea Fofescu, Romania
June 26, 2022
Difficult, frustrating Minecraft server

Attempted to use for a Minecraft server. UI was confusing and difficult. Help center/support was misleading and confusing. Server stopped working and it lead to a cascade of issues trying to fix it. Customer support refused to refund the remainder of the year I had purchased. I just give up feeling let down and mislead.

Josh Weihnacht, USA
June 06, 2022

Not recommended at all I bought from them hosting for 3 years and it did not suit my needs and they were not willing to give me anything back even though I asked for only partial refund they wanted to give partial refund only to buy their products (which do not suit my needs) just shame they have no humanity

דוד אלמקיס, USA
May 30, 2022
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