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Latest User Reviews

  • dotCanada

    I can only presume the Jabran Kundi has never used Dotcanada's services, or tried to contact their customer support, or tried to use the spam filtering settings, or had his hosted webpages disappear for no reason, or had days of downtime with no reas

  • Apc Hosting

    Purchased a cloud server from them for more than 1 year now. Fast performance and zero downtime.Network was fast locally from Singapore and Asia. When tested international, all was exceptional. Support team are knowledgeable and response fast. Hig

  • webeden

    As a locksmith its all about being on page 1 of google ive managed this again and again with webeden ive been using them for over 9 years now always with good results ive created over 30 sites the majority of which are on page 1 of google easy to use

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