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Latest User Reviews

  • HostForLife.eu

    I needed a place to host a .NET site on SQL backend. Over the last 10 years, I have tried many hosting providers and Hostforlife is one of my favourite .net hosting. If you want or need full control over your setup, this is the place. Very fast serve

  • dhosting.com

    We paid for dhosting.com by going for the dynamic edge as it sounded very good and flexible. For the first 1 month it went okay. In the subsequent 2 weeks, my sites were down for more than 5-7 hours couple of times. I have had performance issues with

  • SMWebGroup

    We have try several hosting providers from Argentina but this is the only that work for us. They have Argentinian DC and his own servers, the do not reseller services from third party. And 5* to the support team! Really fast response every time that

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