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Top 10 Landing Page Builders 2019 Read our reviews to find the perfect one for you. Landing pages are all the rage – customized forms or mini sites to generate leads and sales. A good business needs an even better landing page builder, so we took the guesswork out of it for you. Click on a review below. You’re welcome.

  • Lucas Turner Suitable for both novice and advanced marketers, PageWiz allows its users to launch high-conversion landing page campaigns within minutes. The wizard-style editor takes the hassle out of the equation by walking you through the process of launching a landing page, freeing professional marketers and small business owners from the oft-tedious and lengthy process of designing and developing an effective marketing campaign. Once the campaign is up and running, real-time statistics and A/B testing allow you to tweak your campaigns further for maximum conversion.

  • Oliver Taylor Unbounce offers a handsome and robust landing page builder ideal for startups, small businesses, and marketing agencies looking to race past the competition. With Unbounce, you can quickly design mobile-friendly landing pages without the need for developers or an IT department. If you’re a startup, this means you can easily test concepts, pricing models, or even branding. The best part is that Unbounce integrates with some of the most popular marketing tools out there, so you can maximize your efficiency with minimal effort.

  • Oliver Taylor Landingi offers a polished user interface with numerous tools at a good starting price, allowing up to 50,000 visitors! Widgets such as Like buttons and Maps can be added to pages easily.

  • Oliver Taylor KickoffLabs stands out in its ability to create customized landing pages and track users. With KickoffLabs, you get 100% control over the CSS and far greater customization options. Plus, it integrates an affiliate program that rewards customers for referring new clients to your business, which is great if you’re looking to set up a viral referral scheme. It also queries collected e-mail addresses to retrieve a lot more information about your sign-ups without requiring you to add extra fields, and it allows you to sort your client list to discover the greatest influencers.

  • Emily Wang Simplicity and ease of use are key for InstaPage. From the setup, it’s clear that they’ve focused their design for professionals and small businesses just beginning their foray into the world of marketing. Creating quality landing pages is fast and easy with the simple, uncluttered interface – though the caveat is that more advanced marketers may be frustrated with the lower variety of features and slightly diminished functionality. Analytics-wise, InstaPage is also more simplified compared to its competitors – though users can rest assured that the most important data is still available.

Landing Page Creators - Our Top Reviews

RankServiceStarting PriceRating
1. PageWiz
$ 29.00
4.6 / 5
2. Unbounce
$ 79.00
4.6 / 5
3. Landingi
$ 29.00
4.4 / 5
4. KickoffLabs
$ 55.00
4.4 / 5
5. InstaPage
$ 68.00
4.2 / 5