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Fiverr Logo Design Review: What Can You Get for $5 in 2024?

Ezequiel Bruni Ezequiel Bruni Graphic Designer

Fiverr is the place to go when you want to hire a designer one-on-one. You can have a custom logo designed for as little as $5. As a designer myself, I was actually surprised by the quality you can get for such a low price.


💎Service TypeHire a Designer
🚀Free to TryNo
💲Starting Price$5.00
📁File FormatsDepends on designer
🔄Free RevisionsUsually included, but depends on designer
Shared Reseller Dedicated Cloud WordPress

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Fiverr Embodies the Gig Economy but Can It Give You Quality and a Great Price?

Fiverr has pretty much taken the world of online freelancing by storm. It’s not just for logo design or even design. You can hire anyone for just about anything. (More on that later.)

As for your logo, well… presumably, you can use any language, so long as the designer you’re working with has the right fonts installed.

Pricing is all over the place on Fiverr, as every seller on Fiverr sets their own prices. You can even get a logo for as little as $5. All prices are one-time payments for a specified amount of work.

On my quest to find the best new logo for Website Planet, I decided to test three different Fiverr sellers for three very different prices. One was a five-dollar gig because I wanted to see if I could really get good quality for that price. One was mid-range, and one was a Verified Pro Seller who charges several hundred dollars for a logo.

3 Website Planet logo samples from Fiverr
Can you guess which logo cost $400?

Curious to see which one was the best? Watch the video or read on (you’ll be surprised).



What Exactly Does Fiverr Do and Is It A Contest-Based Service?

Fiverr Features
Fiverr features gigs at many different price tags

This is normally where I write a joke, but I’d like to get serious for half a moment. I don’t like contest services much, as a designer myself. A lot of people put in a lot of work — some of it good, and some of it not so good — and only one of them gets paid.

When I review a contest-based design service, such as 99designs or DesignCrowd, I do my best to ignore this and rate them on how well it performs the services it advertises. But to be honest, I don’t like that business model at all.

Sure, it’s a very consumer-friendly way to run a business, but it can really screw over the designers.

Fiverr uses a model that I personally approve of: you browse around to find a designer you like,  you look at their past work and what they offer for the prices they charge. You buy, they do design stuff, and everyone goes home with something. Just like with almost any other service, it’s up to the consumer to choose their designer wisely.

Oh, and the services offered are called “Gigs.” Just a good thing to know.

Fortunately, selecting a designer isn’t too much of a hassle. Fiverr is a large community and there’s a designer there for everybody. Some designers have a distinct style or can work with a variety of styles. There seem to be quite a few designers that specifically offer minimalist logos, but just about every style is represented somewhere within the website.

Now, the number of options you get to choose from, the time it takes for the logos to be made, the number of revisions you get, and even the file formats available all depend (I told you) on the designer you choose and how much money you spend on them.

For example, the cheaper plans often won’t include vector or source files, while the more expensive plans might include all the file formats you want and stationery designs with your logo on them. Then again, some five-dollar (when I say dollar, I mean USD) designers will include vector files.

If you need to talk to your designers about revisions, or perhaps politely request that your logo files be sent in a less common format (like WEBP, or… CorelDraw?), you can contact them directly via Fiverr’s messaging system. This system feels like a cross between a chat app and project management app feed.

You can, of course, rate designers, leave feedback and testimonials, see their past work, and more. In fact, this is highly encouraged, both by myself and the Fiverr platform.

You Can Hire Guaranteed Professionals

This tends to be a more expensive option, but theoretically, it’s a “safer” option. Technically, anyone could upload a few designs they didn’t make, call it their portfolio, and swindle people online. Now, these people usually receive ratings lower than Ben Affleck’s Daredevil movie, but if you want to be very sure, you can search for “Pros.”

On Fiverr, “Pros” are creators and service providers that have been tested, vetted, and vouched for by Fiverr themselves. These people tend to be a bit more expensive than everyone else, but you’re paying for a guarantee that even if things go wrong, Fiverr will remedy the situation (somehow).

Or You Can Hire Whole Studios

If you want to hire a whole team of people, but don’t want to spend all of your time coordinating them, you can just hire a whole studio to work on your project. Get your branding direction, logo design, and website done all at the same time. Maybe throw in some copywriting for good measure.

Fiverr Has an Active Community to Help You out

It has events for creators, a blog, and even a podcast if that’s your thing. As a customer, you may be more interested in the forum, where you can get some community support regarding the website itself, the Fiverr apps, and even get opinions on designs that other people are making for you.

You Can Hire People for Almost Anything on Fiverr

Fiverr is not technically a “design” website. It’s a website where you can hire people to make videos, edit videos, write things, make music, make presentations, provide marketing services, do research, or even perform really weird jobs. The possibilities are endless.

In a way, Fiverr is closer to Craig’s List than it is to, for example, 99designs. The difference is that there aren’t any ads about missed connections, but you could hire someone to make you a Craig’s List ad about missed connections.

My Experience with Fiverr

I’m going to take a moment to let you in on a little secret: not only am I buying logos from all of these different services to review them, but we’re going to pick the best logo to use on Website Planet. In other words: FIGHT. FIGHT. FIGH… *ahem*, I mean… may the best designer win.

My journey with Fiverr was a long one, compared to that of most reviews, because I was working with three different designers. I hired one whose prices start at $5, and went up from there, with our most expensive logo coming in at several hundred dollars.

Just browsing around the website, I ran into my first problem: Fiverr’ is not slow-Internet-friendly. I get there are thousands of people using the platform every minute, but that’s no excuse to experience so much lag. Slow loading times is the only reason Fiverr is losing any points in this section.

Everything else went smoothly. If you’ve seen the video, then you know which designers I picked, and you’ve seen their initial concepts.

The $5 Logo: Is the Quality Reasonable?

Working with Ei8htz went fairly quickly. The original concept was simple and decent and I honestly wasn’t sure where to take it from there. So, I just went with the initial concept. For the very small amount of money I paid for it, it’s pretty good: it fits the website well, looks good in small sizes, and fits the theme. A little cliche, perhaps, but it works well enough for the price.

Website Planet sample logo
Ei8htz surprised me with a better-than-average design that cost only $8

Working with juancharles took only a little longer, but he was very responsive and worked quickly. The package I bought didn’t cover a full mascot design (his specialty), but when I asked him to put a face on his original logo concept, he obliged.

There was a small breakdown in communication, but I was tired, and not very clear. I switched to Spanish to force myself to translate everything clearly, and since juancharles speaks Spanish too, that worked out.

In the end, he actually gave us two final logos to work with: one was the logo I asked for and the other was one he liked so much he wanted us to have it anyway. This sort of deal is, I assume, not typical, but I got lucky.

Website Planet sample logo

The logo I asked for.
Website Planet sample logo

Juancharles’ favorite

The $400 Logo (Pro Seller): Is It Worth the Money?

Lastly, there was animteam, the designer I hired from Fiverr’s Pro program. True to their word, they gave us several initial concepts, and here’s the one I went with, after a very, very small revision:

Website Planet sample logo
This beautiful design was worth every last penny

There’s not much to say about this one other than that I saw it, fell in love, and got them to get rid of a dot that used to be on the right of the word “Planet.” They decided to actually stick pretty close to the original concept in some ways, and I think it worked nicely.

Which Fiverr Designer Made the Best Logo?

In the end, I suppose it’s probably not a surprise to anyone that paying more gets you a better logo. Even so, the five-dollar (starting price) logo is actually quite usable. If that’s your budget, this is a very good option.

Fiverr users have expressed only a few genuine concerns about their service, specifically regarding difficulties in website functionality and the clarity of receipts. You may be curious about the nature of these receipt-related issues.

Well, it said this: “Congrats! You’ve officially accomplished something today. Here’s your proof of doing:” Listen Fiverr, I’m allowed to make jokes about how lazy I can be, and how it’s a miracle when I accomplish things. You’re not. That’s just not cool, man.

So, to finish this section off, let’s do a quick comparison: the cheapest logo, from Ei8htz, was serviceable. Not a lot of revisions in the plan, but if you have around 5 USD* and need a logo fast, it’s perfect. (Do keep in mind that every designer might offer different services, even if they charge the same amount of money.)

* Ei8htz recently increased the price of their logo design gig from $5 to $15. Bold_design is a great $5 alternative in 2024.

Coming in at mid-tier pricing, juancharles’ logo is actually my favorite, and the service was fast. In fact, animteam’s Pro service, while excellent, was a bit slow. This was partially due to external factors like travel, but it must be mentioned that they don’t have to design as many logos to make ends meet, so they don’t have to work as fast.

In the end, the real appeal of the Pro service is that it’s guaranteed by Fiverr, but you may find that designers with mid-tier pricing will get you a fantastic logo for a lot cheaper.


Ease of use

How Easy Is It to Use Fiverr?

Fiverr profile - screenshot
Always contact your seller to communicate your ideas before placing an order

The website and service as designed by the Fiverr team are pretty good, and fairly easy to use. Not everything is self-explanatory, and you might need to refer to the wiki/knowledge base now and then if you’ve never used a website like it before, but it’s not hard to figure out.

However, individual profiles and service offerings (the Gigs), are written by the people offering their services, and not (in most cases) by copywriters. They tend to use industry jargon and don’t always write in full sentences.

Although not always a clear indicator of skill and ability, a polished profile shows that the freelancer cares.

No, but seriously. The more highly-rated Gigs and profiles are usually easier to understand. That’s probably where you already planned to start your search, but now you have an extra reason to carry on as you were.

You Can Filter People/Gigs Easily

The Gig finder/browser is pretty easy to use. For logo designers, you can browse freelancers by style, price range, delivery time, profile rating, and more.

You Can Save Gigs to Look at Later

It’s not the same as saving a project or contest you haven’t finished yet. It’s more like… collecting all of your candidates in one place, so you can make your final decision later. You can “favorite” the Gigs you like, sort them into lists, and generally keep things organized.

Fiverr Will Guide You Through the Process of Detailing Your Requirements

Once you decide on a Gig you like, Fiverr will ask you a series of questions to help you detail your requirements. These questions depend on what service you’re actually getting, of course. For logos, it asks for things like the name you want to incorporate, the tagline, any color preferences you might have, extra notes. You know, all the standard logo stuff.

Overall, Fiverr is not too confusing and it costs nothing to look. You don’t even have to sign up for an account to browse around the website and check out designers/other service providers. Designer profiles include ratings, testimonials, examples of their past work, a full list of all the services they offer, and even which languages they speak.

Actually working with the designers is simple: all of your messages and files for a particular Gig are kept in the same place. Aside from the aforementioned issues with actually loading the website, I have no real complaints.



What Support Options Does Fiverr Offer?

Fiverr’s support is the kind you get from a single parent who is loving and caring but has six other kids, and a lot of work to do. They’ll get to you, and they’ll provide good support, but it might take a minute.

… Was that too personal? Whatever, it’s a perfect analogy, so it’s staying in unless my editor decides otherwise.

Help (from Fiverr, not my hard-working mother) is provided in one of three ways: there’s a knowledge base, a ticket system, and a community forum. The knowledge base is extensive, though it didn’t answer all of my personal questions. Even so, it is well organized and keeps the buyer-help articles and seller-help articles nicely separate. I’d highly encourage you to look there first if you’re having a problem.

As for the human support:

Ticket Support

The ticket system is meant to be used for specific issues, which you can select through a series of drop-down menus. If your kind of problem isn’t on the list, there really isn’t a “general” category you could use. General or oddball problems seem to be what the forum is for.

The estimated response time is 24-48 hours, though both of my tickets were resolved in less than a day. It does say that you shouldn’t open multiple tickets at a time if you can help it, as that slows response times down (not exactly sure how, but… [shrugs]). Please note that while you can accidentally create duplicate tickets (it happened to me), you won’t be penalized for that.

Fiverr Help & Education Center - screenshot
Don’t mind the duplicate ticket!

My first question was about intellectual rights, as that’s one of the things not clearly explained in the knowledge base. They responded in about seven hours.

Fiverr Support Ticket - screenshot
Dave answered my question, but I did have to wait for 7 hours

My second question was about exactly how Fiverr’s service fee is calculated because that’s not explained either. This took 13 hours.

Fiverr Support Ticket - screenshot
Another helpful (albeit late) response from Fiverr

The Fiverr Forum

Depending on your question, the community forum can be a hit or miss experience. I see plenty of people asking questions, and at least getting some sort of response in a few hours. Me, on the other hand…

I asked if there was some sort of a “light” version of the website (no, the mobile app doesn’t count), and at the time of this writing, I haven’t gotten any sort of response in two days. Not even a “no.”

Fiverr Support Ticket - screenshot
Fiverr’s forum ghosted me – I won’t take it personally

Maybe I should have added some jokes.

Update: it’s been seven days, and still no response. Please do keep in mind, though, that forum support is provided by the community, not staff. As far as I know, they have no actual obligation to answer questions on the forum.



How Affordable Is Fiverr?

Let’s unveil the pricing details with a drum roll, please! The pricing varies for each Gig, featuring its unique pricing scheme and additional options (such as expedited work for an extra fee). Furthermore, every Gig presents its distinct value proposition. Fiverr empowers both you and the freelancer you engage to make these decisions.

That said, there’s a Gig out there for just about every budget, with some logo designs starting as low as five USD and others that go up into the thousands. From what I’ve seen, those five-dollar designers are no joke, either, with some of them actually being quite good.

It’s important to mention that Fiverr will charge you a “service fee” to keep the website up and running. The lowest fee we encountered was $2, while the highest was $30 for the “Pro” Gig. Please keep in mind that these amounts are subject to change, and future service fees may differ.

Now that my shiny, nerdy, magnificent butt is legally covered, you should also know that you can pay via the following means:

  • Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and a couple of other cards whose (very tiny) logos I did not recognize
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • iDEAL (only available in The Netherlands)

There are no free sample logos. After your logo is designed, you can ask for more revisions, but you’ll probably have to pay extra.

A refund policy exists, and it allows you to ask for refunds almost anytime, but only for orders that you’ve decided to cancel. If you complete the entire logo design process and accept your final files, that’s the end. You can’t request a refund, but if a serious problem arises, they have a conflict resolution team that might be able to assist you.

Usage Rights

As mentioned in the support email I got, any logo you get is yours and yours alone, under most circumstances. You get the full copyright and everything. The only time that doesn’t happen is when the designer specifically charges extra for the full rights to a logo they design. In that case, they retain the copyright unless you pay up.

Fiverr Logo Design REVIEW: BOTTOM LINE

Fiverr is the place to go when you want to hire a designer (or anyone else, really) one-on-one. It’s their specialty. It’s got designers that cover every style, and every price range, so it’s hard to actually “go wrong,” as long as you read the reviews and take a good look at a designer’s past work.

I tested three different designers, and found that a designer with mid-tier pricing provided service that equaled, and in some ways exceeded, a far more expensive designer. Of course, every designer is different, and your mileage may vary, but I’d go in with a budget of at least 50 USD, if you have it. If not, those 5-dollar designers are still pretty good.


Is Fiverr good for logo design?

Fiverr is one of our favorite freelance platforms here at Website Planet. It helps you to get in touch with top-class designers who can create logos for as little as $5. The prices can range up to hundreds of dollars if you choose to work with a Pro seller, but keep in mind that higher prices don’t automatically mean better quality.

Who is the best logo designer on Fiverr?

Fiverr is a pretty large community, so you can get in touch with plenty of high-quality logo designers or even hire whole studios. The designers I worked with (juancharles, animteam, and Ei8htz) had very different prices, but all delivered great work. In light of this, I believe you can find skilled professionals across all seller levels.

How much does a logo cost on Fiverr?

You can get a logo on Fiverr for as little as $5. Naturally, there are more expensive options – for example, Pro sellers will often charge several hundreds of dollars per logo.

Is Fiverr logo maker any good?

The Fiverr Logo maker is a decent enough DIY tool, but if I were you, I’d rather hire an affordable designer. You’ll get quality service no matter your budget, and you can also ask for several revisions, depending on each designer. For more budget-friendly logo design services, check out our list of the best logo makers for 2024.
Ezequiel Bruni Ezequiel Bruni
Ezequiel Bruni is biologically Canadian, legally Mexican, and self identifies as a total nerd. He’s been a web and experience designer off and on since he was a teenager, and loves sharing the kind of beginner’s advice he really wishes he’d had when he first started. He also loves video games, tacos, open source software, video games, sci-fi and fantasy in all their forms, and video games. He does not love writing in the third person.
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Best option for designing a logo, without competition.

Great selection of designers. The one I hired produced a stunning design in less then 24 hours, I didn't even need the revisions. I went for a low-medium price but you can get great results for really cheap without having to look for long. Highly recommend...

Noa Kanari, Israel
April 06, 2022
King of copyright infringement and awful designs

As usual with everything in life you get what you pay for. Uneducated scammers who call themselves designers copy and paste you something for 5 dollars from a logo generator or just straight up steal it from an actual designer. Avoid it to avoid getting sued.

Roland, Hungary
September 01, 2020
The best out there!

I'm a designer myself, and I worked on many platforms for over 6 years. Fiverr stands out and ascend the throne. You just need to find that exact service that matches your preferences. Logo design is one of my services offered on the website.

Zakaria Nada, Morocco
February 13, 2020
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