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Logo Design Services Find the best logo designer for you. Every business needs a logo – and there are plenty of great services out there that can create wonderful ones at bargain prices. But how do you distinguish the good ones from the not so good? We sent our team of experts and all-around design geeks to evaluate the best logo design services available. The results are here.

  • Esme Mazzeo Designhill’s logo design service follows a crowdsourcing model. This means you decide on whom to work with. The platform is great for anyone who doesn’t have the time or desire to use a do-it-yourself logo service, and it’s equipped to help with so much more beyond basic logo design.

  • Esme Mazzeo A one-of-a-kind logo design experience awaits you at Logo Design Guru. Instead of designing a logo yourself or working with a designer who’s chosen for you, Logo Design Guru lets you create a “contest” and choose the artist you want to work with based on the design samples he or she provides you. This service is for anyone with the time to commission a truly personalized logo without doing any physical design work themselves.

  • Esme Mazzeo LogoJoy’s mission is to "help every entrepreneur in the world get off the ground." By considering your style and color preferences, LogoJoy’s AI-based design generator makes creating a logo fun for anyone. The process is fast and simple, and your choices lead every step of the way.

  • Lucas Turner MashinMedia is a fledgling service out of India. Though it has some usability issues that could sort themselves out with time, it also offers some excellent low-budget logos at an exceptionally competitive price.

  • Emily Wang LogoBee is an in-house design website that takes itself very seriously and provides an excellent service. You might find other in-house designs for less, but chances are the LogoBee products will have no problem outclassing them.

Logo Design Software - Easily Make, Design & Generate Logos - Our Top Reviews

RankServiceStarting PriceRating
1. 99designs
$ 299.00
4.9 / 5
2. Tailor Brands
$ 9.99
4.7 / 5
3. DesignCrowd
$ 279.00
4.7 / 5
4. Hire the World
$ 265.00
4.7 / 5
5. Logo Arena
$ 259.00
4.4 / 5