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The Logo Company Review — Tested by a Web Designer [2024]

Ezequiel Bruni Ezequiel Bruni Graphic Designer

While the prices may be a little higher than you’ll find with some other services, The Logo Company’s business model provides peace of mind, making it so much easier to click that Buy button. If you have the budget, the service is worth it. If you don’t, I suggest hiring a professional logo designer for as little as $5 on Fiverr.


💎Service TypeHire a designer
🚀Free to TryNo
💲Starting Price$199.00
📁File FormatsUsually included, but depends on designer
🔄Free RevisionsDepends on designer
Shared Reseller Dedicated Cloud WordPress

It’s All About Completely Custom Logos With The Logo Company

Action. Excitement. Logos. The Logo Company can provide one, maybe two of those things. If you’re looking for action, just tell a Mexican grandma that you’re not hungry. I dare you.

The Logo Company offers an interesting service: You fill out a logo design brief, and within three days, you get five different designs from five different designers. Then, it’s up to you to choose your favorite. You can request as many changes as you like, until you’re completely happy with the final result.

The Logo Company has been around for a while, and the website is available in any language you care to speak, as long as it’s English. You can get your logo in just about any language the designers have a font for, though. If you’re thrilled with your logo, there are printing and web design services as well.

All pricing packages are one-time payments. Put money in, get logo out. Guaranteed.

I decided to test The Logo Company as part of my quest to find the perfect new logo for Website Planet. Want to find out who won? Click here.

While I try to keep all of my reviews as objective as I can, given the limits of (my) human cognitive ability, I can’t help but compare design services to each other a little bit. The ratings generally reflect this. The Logo Company, however, is the first service of its kind that I have reviewed for Website Planet, and so I can only compare the service to its own promises.

Does the company deliver what it says it will? And will what it delivers work for you? Are you better off with a do-it-yourself logo maker like Wix Logo Maker, or a freelance platform like Fiverr? Let’s find out.



The Logo Company-features1

What Does The Logo Company Do?

The Logo Company is not like other guys, okay? It’ll treat you right, take you on dates, get you presents, and never, ever side with your parents or coworkers in any disagreement. It also doesn’t let you pick your designers.

Typically, this would be a problem, but The Logo Company isn’t a community-based design service, like DesignCrowd or 99designs. It’s got that classic agency model where it hires a bunch of designers. You essentially hire The Logo Company for a project, and they pick the designers that will work on it. You know, it’s how we did things in the old days when the Earth was young, like five years ago… and how many people still do it now.

In addition to logos, The Logo Company also makes websites, and offers printing services for business cards and stationery sets.

The logo styles you see are going to depend entirely on what you write in your brief. The initial logo concepts I received were all somewhat different, but stuck closely to the theme as I outlined it.

Since I didn’t ask for a bunch of redraws and just had the designer iterate on one of the first concepts presented, I got the final logo files in about a week. Those logo files came in JPG, PNG, PSD (Photoshop), TIFF (a format popular with printers), and EPS (an infinitely scalable format). Other formats are available upon request, and I got the SVG version of the final logo by asking for it.

You do not communicate directly with the designers, as far as I know. You communicate with the support team via Basecamp, which is software for project management. They, in turn, will communicate with the designers. For those who’ve never worked with a traditional agency, this sort of separation of communications with clients and actual design work is standard, especially when designers are handling more than one project at a time.

While you cannot see the history or portfolio of individual designers, The Logo Company does feature some of their past work on their home/landing page. That’s the best preview you’re going to get until you cough up some cash and start your project.

The Logo Company features

The Logo Company Gives You Five Designers and Five Choices

As I mentioned before, The Logo Company picks the designers, but it apparently has a lot of designers to choose from. After you fill out your brief, they’ll assign five different designers to make initial concepts for your logo. This way, you get five different perspectives at once, and I think that’s a pretty decent amount.

Sure, you could get more choices from a design contest on 99designs, but these are five professionals who are given a few days to work on these concepts. In a contest, you often get a lot of amateurs and people who are motivated to submit as many generic logos as they can, as fast as they can. You generally only get four to ten good logos to choose from anyway.

I prefer this business model where every designer gets paid. It’s better for the industry as a whole for a lot of reasons, but especially because it means designers get to feed their families, and it teaches the rest of us the true value of good design.

The Logo Company Lets You Have Unlimited Redraws

The designers will redraw initial concepts as many times as they need to and make as many revisions as you ask for. This is a bold claim, and though I didn’t put it to the test, I have no doubt The Logo Company will follow through on this promise. They’re most likely using an insurance model: that is, they’re expecting that most customers will be easily satisfied, giving them time to devote to the more demanding clients.

Just a note, they mostly don’t do strict deadlines as far as I can tell. The more you ask to change, the longer it will take to get your logo.

Permanent File Storage

Most good design agencies keep backups of their work, and The Logo Company is no exception. If you lost your logo files because the cat spilled coffee on your laptop right before your house got hit by a hurricane, after which there was a small zombie apocalypse, no worries! Your logo files will be right there on the Basecamp servers.

Initial Three-Day Turnaround

The company guarantees that your initial logo concepts will be delivered within three days, which is more than reasonable. They have to coordinate five designers, give them time to work, then ship the results back to you. For professional work, three days is typically the minimum turnaround time.

My Experience with The Logo Company

Okay, here’s the spiel: I am not only reviewing all of these companies for the sake of reviewing them, but the best logo we get from all of them will become the new Website Planet logo. Yeah, for the whole website and company. With that information in mind, let’s move on.

So the first thing I had to do was pay, then fill out the order form you saw in the screenshot above. Well, it’s a lot longer than what you see in the screenshot, but not that long. I thought it asked for just enough details to get started, and I didn’t find myself asking “Oh God, when will the typing end?” at any point in the process.

In about a day, I was invited to join the project that was set up on the company’s Basecamp server, and then the reading began. That’s right, The Logo Company gives you a fair bit of information about what it does, and especially about what it needs from you, the client. It does this to manage your expectations and lay the groundwork for effective communication.

And in my experience, that worked. Oh, and to make sure you’ve read everything, you’ll have to click some buttons. It’s not a foolproof process, as there are some very talented fools in the world, but if you click those buttons without doing the reading, and things go wrong, you only have yourself to blame.

The Logo Company-features2

Once all that was done, my initial concepts showed up within the specified three days. This is what they looked like:

The Logo Company-features3

Note that they have an interesting practice of naming their concepts instead of numbering them. They say it helps prevent confusion when communicating. In my experience, I am fully capable of mixing up words even when they sound nothing alike, but I guess this works for The Logo Company.

As you can see, all of the concepts were quite minimalist, but that works well enough for my purposes. Now, the only concept I was feeling a connection with was “Design Concepts Madison,”  so I asked to see some iterations on the design. Here’s what I got back:

The Logo Company-features4

Now the first one doesn’t appear to have any changes, so that’s probably a reference point, or it’s there so you can say, “Yeah… the original was better.” Well, in this case, it wasn’t. The third, while intriguing, feels unbalanced, and not in an intentional way. Besides, the layout of the text didn’t fit the brief.

The changes made to the second option are rather subtle. The designer added a couple of extra lines to the “ring,” and that little bit of shine on the logo icon makes it stand out, without going full-on early 2000s super shiny. It looks great at small sizes, has the layout we need, and the type reminded me a bit of Star Trek, so I decided it was perfect (and now you know more about what kind of nerd I am).

Here it is in a larger size:

The Logo Company-features5


Ease of use

The Logo Company-ease-of-use1

Project Management

The Logo Company, like many agencies, uses third-party services to help run its projects. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as the services are mostly intuitive and easy to learn.

The Logo Company Uses Basecamp

So I’ve mentioned this a few times now. Even so, Basecamp gets its own section because it makes up a large portion of the client experience. (See the screenshot above to get an idea of how it looks.) This works out because as project management software goes, Basecamp is one of the more straightforward and intuitive options.

Basecamp includes tasks, messages, and a calendar; tools that most people should be familiar with, even if you’ve never hired a design agency before.

They Make Ordering a Logo Easy

That order form I showed above in the “Features” section? That’s one of The Logo Company’s best bits of design. There’s a bit of typing to be done, sure, but overall it’s simple and efficient. They use multiple-choice questions where they generally try to take the guesswork out of answering questions about what kind of design work you want.

Even for veteran designers, effectively communicating what you want can be difficult, so I appreciate the thought put into this.

It Takes Great Pains to Explain Everything Clearly

You’ll see this everywhere: on the website, the order forms, and the project management. The Logo Company takes the time to spell out every step of the process and doesn’t make any assumptions about what you do or don’t already know. This keeps miscommunication to a minimum and should help you get your logo faster.



The Logo Company-support1

The Logo Company’s Support Is Reasonably Fast and Always Helpful

Dealing with customer support in general can make you question why you’d ever talk to a person again, especially when dealing with larger companies. The Logo Company, thankfully, reminded me why I still support the continuation of the human species… in theory if not in practice.

Kids are sticky, messy, and loud. Sue me.

There are plenty of ways to get in touch with The Logo Company for any support questions you may have, including email, asking questions right in Basecamp, and live chat. There’s also an FAQ on both the “Home” and “Contact” pages, which can be pretty helpful.


This is the most straightforward option if you’ve already started a project. Just go to Messages and type your question as a comment on a message that’s already in progress. Do not start a new message as customer service won’t see/answer those. Stick to the text input field at the bottom of an existing message.

In my case, I asked them to provide the final logo file as an SVG. The next day, they did.

Contact Form/Email

I wanted to know how they pay their designers. As in, is it a contest model where there’s only one “winner?” Or does everyone get paid? As a designer myself, this sort of question is very important to me, so I tested out The Logo Company’s email support by posing the question there.

In this case, customer support responded within a few hours. Unfortunately, because I sent the original message via the website’s contact form and forgot to note the time, I can’t be more precise than that.

The Logo Company-support2

Live Chat/Facebook Messenger

That’s right, Facebook Messenger. I’m a little disappointed about this because it restricts the use of the live chat to Facebook users, and not everyone’s as willing to just hand over their personal data as I have been. Besides, aren’t the kids all using Tik Tok these days? GET OFF MY LAWNNNIIII’m so sorry. That just happens now, sometimes.

Now, the reason they’re using Facebook messenger is probably because of the bot connected to their Messenger account. It’s a simple bot that asks you a few questions to help direct your question to the right department.

I asked whether I could see my invoice online, in case I lost the email. It sent me duplicate copies both via messenger and to my email. Oh, and it did it in about three minutes.

The Logo Company-support3



Is The Logo Company Good Value For Money?

While the service is pretty great, the price of the service is going to be a big part of the decision for a lot of people. If you compare this service to an agency that charges thousands upon thousands for a new logo, The Logo Company’s prices are amazing. If you’re going in with a cheap-designer-on-Fiverr sort of budget, these prices will look ridiculous.

The pricing plans are called “Logo Only,”  “Logo + Matched Stationery,” and “Logo + Matched Stationery + 500 Business cards,” which tells you everything you need to know about each of those plans. The extra money for printing may or may not be worth it to you. Here in Mexico, for example, I’m pretty sure I could get comparable printing done a lot cheaper. Some parts of Europe, on the other hand, may be a different story.

In my opinion, for the quality of work offered, the unlimited revisions, and the general smooth running of the project I experienced, these plans and prices are indeed worth it. If you’ve got a few hundred dollars to invest in your logo, you could do a lot worse than to start here.

You can pay those worth-it prices with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal.

If you want more revisions after agreeing to a “final” logo, I’m almost sure that you’d have to pay more. But that’s sort of what the unlimited revisions policy is for: so you get all of that out of the way before you agree on a final design. Make darned sure you’ve got the logo you want, ‘cause it’s not going to cost you any extra until you say “We’re done!”

Speaking of cost, if you’re not happy with your logo, and you haven’t agreed on a final design, you can get a full, no-questions-asked refund within 90 days of your purchase. And if you hit 90 days without agreeing on a final design, you get a refund then, too.

Usage Rights

You get all the rights and the logo is completely yours forever. With the price you’re paying for even the basic plan, this makes sense, and it would be strange if it wasn’t the case.


How does The Logo Company match up to the competition?

Fiverr Logo DesignCompareOur Score4.9Compare
Wix Logo MakerCompareOur Score4.8Compare
The Logo CompanyCompareOur Score4.4Compare
Get Custom LogoCompareOur Score1.5Compare


The Logo Company provides a reliable, flexible service for a fixed price. There are no hidden fees, and the business model is all about giving you exactly what you want. While the prices may be a little higher than you’ll find in some other services, this service provides peace of mind, making it so much easier to click that Buy button.

If you have the budget, The Logo Company is worth it. If you’d rather pay less for your logo, you can find a good designer for a great price on Fiverr or use an online tool like Wix Logo Maker to create your own logo.


How good is The Logo Company?

The Logo Company is a reliable, flexible service with a fixed price that provides peace of mind. The company picks five designers to work on your idea after you present your project to them. This way, you get five different options to choose from, with the turnaround for initial concepts being three days. Meanwhile, all designers get paid for their work.

Is The Logo Company expensive?

The Logo Company is quite pricey compared to a platform like Fiverr, but you do get a lot in return. The higher-tiered plans include matching stationery and business cards in addition to logos, and the great quality of its designs makes it a worthwhile investment. Also, if you’re not happy with your logo and you haven’t agreed on a final design yet, you can get a full refund within 90 days of your purchase. If you’re looking for ways to cut down on the price, you can use one of our great coupons to get the best deals.

How does The Logo Company work?

Once you present your idea to the company, they pick five designers to work on your project. You won’t communicate directly with the designers, but rather with the support team via Basecamp, a project management software. You get the final logo files in about a week, and you can have unlimited redraws.

What is the best logo design service?

The Logo Company promises (and delivers) great work, but it does so at a slightly higher-than-average price. If you’re on more of a budget, Fiverr is a great option – you can get amazing custom logo designs made by professionals for as low as $5. Or, if Fiverr is not your cup of tea, you can check out our list of the best logo design services for 2024 for more options.
Ezequiel Bruni Ezequiel Bruni
Ezequiel Bruni is biologically Canadian, legally Mexican, and self identifies as a total nerd. He’s been a web and experience designer off and on since he was a teenager, and loves sharing the kind of beginner’s advice he really wishes he’d had when he first started. He also loves video games, tacos, open source software, video games, sci-fi and fantasy in all their forms, and video games. He does not love writing in the third person.
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Great service but not for when you’re starting out

I can't fault the company itself. The service was great, things were all explained very clearly and communication was excellent. I was thoroughly pleased with the logo I ended up with. The price was expensive but considering the quality of the result, it was worth it. However if I knew then what I know now, I probably would have started my business with a cheaper logo and then invested on a better logo later on, when I knew that my business was making plenty of revenue. I got way too excited about the logo even before I started the business so a word of warning to other is to get your business going first, and then think about paying for a great company like The Logo Company. I also added a social media pack (which cost extra when I used their service) but never ended up using the files that I got.

Shane, Great Britain
October 18, 2019
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