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Logo Design Services Find the best logo designer for you. Every business needs a logo – and there are plenty of great services out there that can create wonderful ones at bargain prices. But how do you distinguish the good ones from the not so good? We sent our team of experts and all-around design geeks to evaluate the best logo design services available. The results are here.

  • Barbara Harris Hire the World’s designs, usability and social features are all about making this process as engaging as possible. If you have the time to spend commenting, rating and sharing, chances are you’ll end up with a variety of options to choose from and a very good logo.

    • Barbara Harris While there's no denying that DesignCrowd is a good website with good service overall, their real claim to fame are their exceptional logos. DesignCrowd contests aren't cheap, though, so keep in mind that quality costs.

      • Lucas Turner The Logo Co is an amicable logo design platform. It looks polished, feels effortless and offers incredible service and perfectly fitted designs for a remarkable price. This is a no-compromise budget option.

        • Emily Wang CrowdSpring provides everything you can want and expect from a standard contest website. Though it might not dazzle your attention to begin with, it is a very good service that fulfills your expectations at a slightly lower price than most other logo services.

          • Emily Wang Outwardly, Logo Arena is not the most impressive contest platform. But your first impression will change, once you discover its pool of talent and hidden potential If you value quality designs and seek a simple service with a detailed brief, make sure you check out Logo Arena.

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To summarize, these are the top Logo Design Services and their scores

  • 1.

    Hire the World

    • Starting Price: $ 265
    • Free Trial: None
  • 2.


    • Starting Price: $ 279
    • Free Trial: None
  • 3.

    The Logo Co

    • Starting Price: $ 199
    • Free Trial: None
  • 4.


    • Starting Price: $ 399
    • Free Trial: None
  • 5.

    Logo Arena

    • Starting Price: $ 259
    • Free Trial: Days