How We Scored Each Logo Design Service


A logo is one of the most important aspects of your website.

It’s the face of your business, the first thing people notice about you and the first thing they remember you by. It might even set the tone for your entire design (remember the Facebook color scheme?).

But where can you go to get the logo that’s right for you? Fortunately, we’re here to help. We’ve not only ranked the best logo design services out there, we’ve also prepared a thorough explanation of our ranking system so you know why we made the choices we did.

Below you’ll find the six categories we used to rank each website (Design quality, user friendliness, features, the creative brief, pricing and support – all ranked from 1 to 10), with a short explanation on each.

Oh, and if you have any questions about the types of services we ranked and why certain kinds (like the free logo makers) didn’t make the list at all, we suggest you go and check out our “How to Choose” guide.

Design Quality

This is where we went all-out subjective and forced our personal taste in design upon the world. MWAHAHA!
Actually, no. We judged the quality of the logos according to the basic rules of good logo design:

  1. A portfolio that establishes enough variety between different logos, especially those belonging to similar businesses.
  2. Logos that make an effort to embody the unique values of each business and do not look generic.
  3. Designers that avoid reusing the same elements (circles, swooshes and illustrations) over and over again.
  4. Designs that are simple enough so they won’t lose their detail when you size them down.
  5. Designs that work well in black and white as well as color, so you can use your logo in B&W printed matter when you need to.

User Friendly

We graded the websites on their usability according to these standards:

  • They’re easy to navigate and offer readily accessible information.
  • They have a good portfolio gallery so you can look at other projects before making your choice.
  • They offer you a look at previous design briefs or case studies so you can understand the way they work.
  • They look like they come from people who understand design.
  • Most importantly, their logo ordering process is intuitive, quick and easy.

Creative Brief

To help you find the most efficient service, we gave special attention to the creative brief you’ll be filling out during your ordering process and how well it helps you provide the designers with the information they need. We looked for briefs that featured:

  • Questions about your business and what it’s all about.
  • A query on your desired direction and what you want the logo to convey.
  • A detailed list of attributes you can choose from (masculine or feminine, traditional or modern, simple or elaborate).
  • The style of logo (logotype, symbol, illustration) you’re looking for.
  • Questions on your desired color scheme.
  • An option to detail your logo’s future uses so designers can take them into account.
  • Any additional questions that could help the designers and an option to upload a file that will do the same.

Additional Features

We also looked at each website’s additional features and services and gave them a higher score when they offered goodies like:

  • A good testimonial page with reviews from other clients.
  • Designer profiles that let you see the people working for you and how well each one is ranked.
  • Comment sections that enable you to get community feedback on your potential logos from visitors and other designers.
  • Any tempting additional services not usually offered by most logo design websites.


We took a look at the different price packages offered by each website, how much they cost and what services they include. We gave websites a higher grade when:

  • They offer more concepts, more free revision rounds and more designers who will work on your logo – all in return for less money.
  • They have a money-back guarantee policy, especially if they don’t retain any registration fees.
  • The package includes additional services that might interest you.


We gave a higher grade to websites that offered the best support. This was judged according to:

  • The number and variety of contact avenues offered (phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, online chat, etc.)
  • Whether the website offers 24/7 support.
  • The quality of the website’s FAQ page.
  • The staff’s ability to answer questions quickly and professionally.