How To Choose The Best Logo Design Service

There are a lot of things to consider when you choose the logo design service you want to work with, and those things can vary quite a bit from one person to another.  Just take a look at our top 3 best services:

You might’ve noticed that each one offers a different type of service in a completely different price range. That’s because we know that not everyone needs the same things, and we wanted you to see the best of all worlds. Now that you have, you can use this guideline to help you figure out which one of them is right for you.

A tale of two service types

Most logo design services fall under one of two categories: They either offer fixed design packages from in-house designers or open contests for a large international community of designers. Because each of these services have their own pros and cons neither one of them is better or worse than the other, but it’s a good idea to figure out which one is right for you because it will automatically determine a lot of other things by extension.

Wait, wait, wait! Where are my freebies?!

Oh, right. That.

There are literally hundreds of logo design websites out there, and if you’ve looked around you know that quite a few of them let you build your own logo for free. The problem with that is that these websites use ready-made icons and art, which means that somewhere, someone out there might be walking around with the same logo as you are – and that’s never good. It also means that you’re never 100% that your logo isn’t violating some copyright law. If that’s not enough, most of these websites are only free until you want to download your logo as a high resolution or vector file, at which point you realize you’re paying a clipart website what you could’ve paid to have your logo designed from scratch.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s look at those two types of services, shall we?

In-house Designers

The biggest advantage the in-house designer services have is the price – most of them offer a budget design package for $100 or less. You also know exactly how many concepts and revisions you’ll be getting right off the bat, and there’s no question of people suddenly withdrawing their designs for obscure reasons. Of course, this set number of designers and concepts means you’re also a lot less likely to stumble on a young professional designer who will create a brilliant logo for you at a quarter of the market price. With a limited number of designers working for a fraction of what you’d pay a professional studio, the quality of the design will invariably suffer. On the other hand, you should also remember that design quality isn’t everything – if your website is a small, local business or has a more casual approach, you might not need to fork up the cash for a super impressive logo. Not everyone has to be Fedex.

In short, if price is your biggest consideration or if you’re looking for a no-fuss steady service, then the in-house services are the way to go. Often these services will also offer you a quicker turnover (sometimes as short as 3 or 5 business days for the entire process), but that’s not always a good thing – designers do need a little bit of time to do their job right.

Logo Desgin Contests

When you start a logo design contest, you post a brief detailing what it is that you’re looking for, set the amount of money you’re willing to pay and wait for the designs to start rolling in. Most contests promise an average of 30-100 designs even for the lowest possible prize- which rarely falls below $200. This may seem like a steep rise from the in-house option, but remember that the more money you’re willing to pay, the more likely you are to attract professional or semi-professional designers. The social media aspects of these services also have some advantages: some of them will give you the option to invite colleagues and friends to review and rank the designs you receive, others will allow user comments so you can see what other designers think of your potential new logo.

Unfortunately, there are also some disadvantages to this: Without a fixed service you’re never really sure if you’ll get the amount of concepts you were looking for or if your favorite design might be suddenly withdrawn from the contest. Most of these websites offer a money-back guarantee to cover these scenarios, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. The pros of this kind of service might also not be what your looking for: depending on your time and temperament, trying to choose between 50 or more design concepts may be more trouble than it’s worth. The contest services are for those who want to get a better quality of design for a reasonable price, who have a bit of extra money to spend and who prefer more options to less.

Okay, I know which type is right for me. Now what?

Once you know which type of service is right for you, choosing the specific website depends on your priority. Picking the cheapest service is a no brainer. Picking the service with the best designs depends finding a reliable ranking – kind of like the one you’ll find here (the coincidence is amazing, I know). If you have other considerations, take into account some of the following points.

The Best Design Process

Deciding on a service based on the packages it offers depends on the kind of customer you are. If you know exactly what you want then you can save your money and pick a service that offers you a limited amount of concepts and revisions (in-house services are very good for this). However, if you Lack a clear concept for your logo then you should pick a contest service that promises a lot of options or an in-house service with unlimited revisions. You should also make sure the service you choose has a good, detailed brief to fill out because that will help you focus your order.

In any case, it’s a good idea to check out case studies or briefs from other projects so you can understand the way the website works and make your interactions with it more efficient.

The Best Service

Beyond the design process itself, you might find that you need a website that simply offers a good and reliable service, in which case we suggest you look for user-friendly websites and check out their testimonials page – no one can tell you more about the quality of the service than its previous customers.

In addition, if you need something specific like community feedback options, special file types or stricter privacy settings on your competition, look for the service that provides that.


An inseparable part of any service, good customer support is essential and should be an important part of your decision making process. Look for a service that can be contacted in a variety of ways and that responds to any issues quickly and professionally.

Finding the right logo design service is a very individual process, but luckily there’s a great variety of services out there. Check out our ranking of the 10 best logo design services – we’ve taken every priority into consideration so you can be sure you’ll find one that’s just right for you.