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Best Horse Logos and How to Make Your Own 2024

Alicia Daniels Alicia DanielsGraphic Designer
Freedom, power, speed, beauty. A great horse logo can have all these meanings, but only if the design is perfect. Should the image be realistic or an illustration? Should the horse be galloping or resting calmly? And what about colors and fonts? Skilled designers can turn these questions into a memorable logo that gets your brand noticed. And great news, I’ve found a way to hire a logo design pro for as little as $5! Click here to skip ahead and learn my secret.

I’ll also tell you how you can try making your own horse-themed logo for free. For added inspiration, here are nine of my favorite horse logos from around the web.

9 Best Horse Logos

Horse logo - Mararoa

Logo by Jay Design
from DesignCrowd

Horse logo - MBK Horse Design

Logo by cplcrtn
(hire cplcrtn for $30

Horse logo - with wings

Logo by krisnantokrisna
(hire krisnantokrisna for $10

Horse logo - unicorn

Logo by signatron
(hire signatron for $5

Horse logo - Fhana

Logo by artsigma
from 99designs

Horse logo - The Arion Company

Logo by KVA
from 99designs

Horse logo - Blacksands

Logo by Painted Pony Studios
from 99designs

Horse logo - Gresham Livery

from DesignCrowd

Horse logo - yellow on black

Logo by g0dl1k3
(hire g0dl1k3 for $10

How to Find an Awesome and Affordable Horse Logo Designer

With all the detailed work that goes into making an unforgettable horse logo, it makes sense to turn to a designer who has been to the logo rodeo before. And if you look in the right place, you can find one without worrying about your animal logo eating up your budget.

Fiverr is a hub for online freelance services where you can hire an experienced logo designer for as little as $5. Not bad at all, right? Using Fiverr’s search tools, you can review hundreds of designer profiles to find one whose aesthetics match your brand, and whose prices match your budget.

In his long search for the perfect new logo for Website Planet, my colleague tested a bunch of design services. He received three impressive entries from Fiverr designers, and was especially surprised by the nifty logo he received for only $5. I didn’t believe it myself until I saw his detailed Fiverr review.
When you’re sizing up designers on Fiverr, make sure to check out their portfolios, prices, delivery times, and most importantly, customer reviews. Enter keywords to narrow your search and find designers with the most relevant experience.

Fiverr screenshot - horse logo designers If doing all this searching on your own feels a little intimidating, you can call on Fiverr’s logo design wizard for help. The wizard will ask you some questions about your logo project, and then filter for the designer listings that best match your requirements.

Other Advantages of Using Fiverr:

  • Choose from thousands of skilled designers from around the world.
  • Messaging feature – communicate quickly and directly with designers using the desktop messaging platform or the free Fiverr mobile app.
  • No hidden charges, and your payment for the gig will be held in escrow. If your designer doesn’t come through for you, you can cancel the gig and get your money back.
  • Many designers offer a variety of basic and premium gig options to fit any budget.
  • If you have a slightly larger budget, you can use the Fiverr Pro option to find the most trusted professional designers. They deliver extremely high-quality work for far less than traditional design agencies.

How to Make Your Own Horse Logo

Want to roll up your sleeves and experiment with creating your own horse logo design? There are plenty of DIY horse logo makers online, and many of them are free to use.

Just bear in mind that while you can design your logo for free, you’ll have to pay a fee to download it in a usable form. If you love the logo you create, the price will be worth it. If you hate it, you can forget it and pay nothing. And if you kind of like your design, you can snap a screenshot of it, then hire a Fiverr designer to refine it into a horse logo that really shines.

One of my favorite online logo design tools is Wix Logo Maker. All you need to do is answer a few questions about the logo you want, and the artificial intelligence (AI) designer will generate a bunch of customizable logo designs for you to choose from.

Here’s how it works in detail:

1. Log in or sign up.

Go to the Wix Logo Maker homepage and click on Start Now. At this point, if you don’t have a Wix account, you’ll be redirected to the registration page. Creating an account using your email or social media ID is free. If you already have a Wix account, just click Log In.

Wix Logo Maker screenshot - Account signup

2. Input your business name.

The first official step in creating your logo is entering the name of your business, along with a tagline or slogan if you have one. Then click Let’s Go. You’ll see that you can skip the steps that follow if you wish, but you’ll get far better logo designs if you provide as much information as possible.

Wix Logo Maker screenshot - Add business name

3. Specify your business category.

Describing your business gives the AI a better idea of the types of logos that would work best for you. Try to enter a category that the AI is likely to recognize, like “horse farm,” “horse grooming,” “express delivery,” etc. Then click Next.

Wix Logo Maker screenshot - add industry

4. Choose the preferred style of your logo.

From the keyword cloud, pick one or more style descriptions that match your company’s personality. Click Next when you’re done.

Wix Logo Maker screenshot - logo look and feel

5. Choose logos you like to help Wix Logo Maker get to know your preferences better.

Ten logo examples will now be displayed for you, two at a time. On each screen, choose the one you like better, or click on I don’t like either of them. These are not suggested designs for your logo. They’re just general examples to help the logo maker’s AI fully understand your style.

Wix Logo Maker screenshot - logo styles

6. Where will you use your logo?

On this page, click to check the options describing where you’ll be using your logo (e.g., website, business cards, social media, etc.), then click on Next. Some logo designs only work well at large (or small) sizes. Completing this step helps to ensure that you get a that’s easily readable at all sizes you need.

Wix Logo Maker screenshot - logo uses

7. Choose the icon that’s just right.

Now that Wix Logo Maker has generated several logo designs for you, you can start customizing. First, make sure the horse image has the feeling you want for your brand. If it doesn’t, click Replace Icon, then enter “horse” or ‘horses” in the search bar. Whichever image you choose will appear in the rest of the logos you see.

Wix Logo Maker screenshot - horse icons

8. Choose a logo to customize.

Scroll through the logo design options and click on the one you want to use.

Wix Logo Maker screenshot - generated horse logos

9. Final customization

You’ll now be taken to the editing page. Here, you can customize the logo by changing the fonts, text color, icon color, background, and more. And if you find yourself regretting your choice, just click Try Another Design.

Wix Logo Maker screenshot - logo editor

10. Pay for your logo, download it, and you’re done.

Once you’re satisfied with your logo, hit Next to purchase it. If you don’t think the logo you’ve created is great for your business, just skip this step. Because you created an account, you can come back later and make further edits to the design.

Wix is best known as a website builder, so it’s no surprise that price options include getting your logo plus a website. If you don’t need a website, just click Get Your Logo. If you want to print your logo at large sizes (like on signs and t-shirts), you’ll want the Professional package, which includes scalable vector files and full commercial usage rights.

Top Alternatives to the Wix Logo Maker

Every online logo maker has a different set of icons, layouts, and fonts. So if you don’t love what you’re getting with Wix Logo Maker, I recommend trying these other options:
  • Tailor Brands offers a slightly more visual presentation than Wix Logo Maker during the question-and-answer process. You can create as many logos as you want through a single monthly subscription.
  • Looka gives you interesting logo customization options, including layout changes.
  • Budget-friendly LogoMaker works differently than the other horse logo design tools I’ve mentioned. Rather than generating logos using AI, it has a library of logo templates to choose from and customize.

Final thoughts

Whether you choose to hire an experienced logo designer on Fiverr or create your own logo, it’s worth investing a little time, money, and effort to get your logo just right. A great horse logo is the first thing people will notice about your brand, and the last thing they’ll remember.

Consider the iconic Ford Mustang logo as an illustration: a liberated horse in full gallop heading into uncharted territory. The simplicity of the design belies its unforgettable impact. A single glance, and you immediately recognize that you’ve come across a car imbued with unbridled power and speed. This exemplifies the transformative prowess of an exceptional logo designer.

For more logo design and branding ideas, don’t miss our list of the top logo design services.

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