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5 Best Logo Design Mobile Apps for Android & iPhone in 2024

Sarah Turner Sarah TurnerGraphic Designer
Ready to design a logo for your new business? If you search through all the available logo design apps, you’ll see many that claim they can help you get the job done in almost no time at all. Where do you even begin?

While some logo design apps are quick, convenient, and easy to use, others are expensive, offer limited customization and produce amateur results. To make sure you’re working with the best of the best, take a look at our list of the top five logo design apps – 100% tried and tested to help you find the right one for your needs.

Our Testing Criteria

Logo design apps are undeniably useful, but they’re not all created equal. Each app has its own strengths and weaknesses. When evaluating logo design apps for you, here are the things we looked for:
  • Easy-to-use navigation. Despite the lack of screen space, the app still needs to be intuitive and easy to work with. Good navigation is essential for a top app.
  • Use of “mobile first” mentality. The days of clunky webpages that struggle to load on mobile devices are over. Today’s top apps are made with a “mobile first” design that seamlessly integrates with smaller devices.
  • Extensive features. Your app needs to include all the features you’d find in an online logo generator. For example, it should provide a vast database of icons, images, and fonts; as well as the ability to make granular customizations even in style, stroke, opacity, borders, and dimensions.

Why Use a Logo Design App?

Finding the best logo design services can be a mammoth task.

You can use an online logo generator like Wix Logo Maker.

You can hire a freelancer or an agency, or even launch a logo contest on a website like 99designs or DesignCrowd.

However, there are plenty of good reasons why you might prefer using a logo design app instead:
  • You can design your logo wherever you are, whenever inspiration strikes, even if you’re commuting.
  • You don’t want to spend loads on a designer and you want to retain full control over the ideas.
  • You want a low-cost way to experiment with design ideas without having to commit to a final product.
  • You prefer to design your logo on a touch screen, and logo design websites that you’ve found aren’t mobile-friendly.
  • You’re on a tight deadline and you need to come up with something quickly on-the-go.
  • You’re in a meeting or just away from your computer, and you need to design a quick logo to get feedback and ideas from colleagues.

Top 5 Logo Design Apps

The best and most popular logo design apps will not only provide you with all the above – they also offer innovative and unique elements, such as granular customization and intuitive AI, which set them apart from the competition. Check out our favorites.

#1. Logo Maker Plus


Logo Maker Plus is an incredibly extensive app that allows you creative control over all elements of the design process.

You start by choosing from their vast database of icons and images before editing the features you want. You can edit shadow, slant, color, opacity, borders, font weight, and more. Plus, you can easily add and edit text to fit the style.

You don’t need any artistic talent to create a professional-quality final product. Simply experiment with the features until you’re happy with the design.


  • Impressive customization options
  • Ability to upload your own images and icons
  • Options to create social media graphics and other branding elements
  • Step-by-step guidance throughout the design process
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface


  • Available only for Android users
  • No hand-drawing options
  • Number of features can be overwhelming

Logo Maker Plus Is Best For…

Small business owners who have no prior design experience. The app guides you all the way through the process, so even beginners can create a high-quality logo.

#2. Designer Logo Maker


Designer Logo Maker is a straightforward app that gets the job done, fast. You have control over all basic elements, including font, icons, shapes, color, and background.

The initial brief lets you specify your industry and gives you suggestions based on your answers. This feature is particularly useful, and you can ensure that the style is appropriate for your business. The one drawback is that the icon selection is limited.


  • Simple grid guidelines included
  • In-depth RGB color control
  • Icons organized by industry
  • Wide range of unique font styles
  • Unique abstract shapes, which help create one-of-a-kind logos


  • Fewer icons available than on other apps
  • Limited additional features, such as opacity and border control
  • Excessive in-app ads

Designer Logo Maker Is Best For…

Small business owners who want a professional-looking logo for minimal time and effort.

#3. DesignApp


DesignApp is an impressive platform that uses expert insights to create an innovative design tool. It boasts a high level of professionalism, with editable grids, logo templates, and control over every element.

You have the option to explore DesignApp’s extensive icon and image database or personally upload a pre-made design. You can customize every aspect of your design, including intricate features like color gradients and opacity control.

The one downside is that the app requires some experimentation, as there’s no walkthrough to guide you through the process.


  • Significant granular control on all elements
  • Huge database of icons of all types – abstract and realistic
  • Grid guidelines, which help create balanced and well-structured logos
  • Logo templates perfect for beginners
  • Ability to import your own SVG files and edit them easily


  • App suffers from glitches, such as loading issues and elements becoming stuck/overlapped with other elements
  • In-app ads can be annoying
  • There’s no direct guidance

DesignApp Is Best For…

Small business owners with a high level of branding knowledge but limited artistic skill. If you already have a vision of what you want, this app is ideal to help you make that dream a reality.

#4. Sketch


Sketch is a design app that gives you the freedom to draw your logo from scratch. Although it does require some artistic ability, it doesn’t pose restrictions on what you can create, as some icon-based apps do.

You can draw using your finger or a stylus, add text, and edit color, background and stroke style. The app also provides a database of different fonts and icons, so you can customize your design even further.

However, while you can draw freely, the design features are limited – you can’t edit the alignment, add borders, or change the shadow and depth of the font.


  • Perfect for experienced artists to express their creativity
  • Option for live drawing
  • Several different stroke options, including varying opacity
  • Icon-based designs available
  • Simple user interface


  • No guidance throughout the process
  • Limited pre-made icons available
  • Minimal control over text formatting

Sketch Is Best For…

Small business owners who have extensive artistic experience and want to flaunt their creative skills.

#5. LogoScopic


LogoScopic allows you to create professional-quality logos in a matter of minutes. You can browse through different icons and artwork to start your design. Once you’ve made a decision, you can edit color via RGB sliders and add texts and background elements.

There are several fonts available, and you can use the toggles to customize numerous elements of the text.

Unfortunately, you can’t hand-draw or add extra shapes to the design, but this simplicity is what makes the process so straightforward and quick to complete.


  • Unique, artistic icons available
  • In-depth text editing, including line height and spacing
  • RGB color editing available
  • Slider-based editing system that makes experimentation easy
  • No in-app ads


  • Somewhat complicated to use
  • Many logo templates are limited to the paid version
  • Customization is limited

LogoScopic Is Best For…

Small business owners who want a truly unique design for minimal effort. Although there’s limited editing potential, the baseline options are high-quality and innovative.

Create Professional-Quality Logos Quickly and Easily

Logo design apps are ideal for optimizing your time and minimizing your to-do list, as they’re quick and simple and can be used anywhere. The five apps above are all fantastic options that guarantee a professional-quality result for minimal time and effort.

After using all the apps, my personal favorite has to be Logo Maker Plus. It has the best balance between affording artistic freedom and automating steps in the design progress. You don’t need to be the next da Vinci to make a good logo with it, but you aren’t restricted to using a limited amount of set templates. The options for editing granular design components let you create a truly personal logo, with considerable ease

  Overall Score Usability Artistic Freedom Best For Premium Features OS Compatibility
Logo Maker Plus 10/10 Easy to use Moderate People with no prior design experience 1000 premium icons, gradient coloring Android
Designer Logo Maker 9/10 Easy to use Moderate Users who want a professional-looking logo quickly No ads Android
DesignApp 8/10 Easy to use Minimal Branding experts without artistic talent Professionally designed logo templates Android & iOS
Sketch 9/10 Some Skill Required Maximal Business owners with an artist background Canvas presets, transparent backgrounds, and more stickers Android & iOS
LogoScopic 8/10 Some Skill Required Minimal People who are short on time More custom logo templates Android & iOS
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