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5 Best (REALLY FREE) Custom Logo Makers In January 2022

Andrea Schlottman Andrea Schlottman

All online logo makers will give you the same basic toolset: logo templates to choose from, textboxes for your business name and slogan, and a suite of editing tools so that you can customize the color, font, layout, icon, and so on.

But “basic” probably isn’t what you want for your business.

Chances are, you don’t have the time to try out all the logo makers out there to figure out the best option for a custom logo design. That’s why I went ahead and did the testing for you. I took a close look at multiple logo makers to determine which have the best features and provide the best results.

If you prefer to work with a designer to create your logo, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Click here to find out how below.

But if you want to create your logo on your own and you’d rather not settle for a basic, generic-looking logo, keep reading for a detailed breakdown of the top five custom logo makers. Let’s dive in!

Our Top Custom Logo Maker Picks:

  • Wix Logo Maker – beginner-friendly drag-and-drop interface with robust customizations
  • Tailor Brands – AI-powered platform with detailed wizard tool and design explanations
  • Looka – simple logo maker with sophisticated, modern results
  • LogoMaker – thousands of logo concepts with a straightforward editing interface
  • DesignMantic – powerful design canvas with pixel-perfect control

What We Look For in the Best Custom Logo Makers

  • Results: Your new logo should be professional, memorable, and unique.
  • Customization options: You want tools that will give you control over the design, so you can have a custom logo that reflects your brand.
  • User-friendliness: The editing features should be clearly labeled and easy to use, even if you have no previous design experience.
  • Free to use: You should be able to create your logo for free, experiment as much as you like, and only purchase it if you’re happy with it. Pricing should be affordable.
  • Additional services: Once your new logo is ready, you might want to have it printed on merchandise or integrated into your website. The best platforms offer additional branding and marketing services.

1. Wix Logo Maker – Outstanding Drag-and-Drop Interface

You’ve probably heard of Wix, the incredibly popular website builder (if you haven’t, don’t miss the full review), but did you know that the company offers an equally user-friendly custom logo maker?

It all begins with a quick and easy wizard tool, which I especially love for its unique branding word cloud. You’ll choose the best words to describe your logo (like “techy” or “formal”) to help narrow down your logo concepts.

Wix Logo Maker branding word cloud - screenshot

In terms of customization options, Wix Logo Maker stands out for its easy drag-and-drop interface and its incredible font selection. Another stand-out feature is the ability to make the text or icon transparent – something not many logo makers offer. This is an easy way to try out new color effects for your logo.

Compared to similar logo makers, however, Wix Logo Maker feels a little less polished in terms of AI technology. Some of its generated designs didn’t make much sense (like…doves as icons for everything in the screenshot below?!). Nonetheless, the editing tools are robust enough that these sometimes-odd choices are easy to change.

Wix Logo Maker screenshot - choose a logo


The verdict: Wix Logo Maker is beginner-friendly with powerful customizations. However, you may have to do some work editing the AI-generated icon suggestions to make a relevant custom logo. Click here to read the full review.

Wix Logo Maker Features

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface with easy Undo button
  • Vast font selection, including different weights in the same family
  • Easy editing options to change the colors and size of any object
  • Seamless integration with Wix websites (but you don’t need a Wix account or Wix website to use the logo maker)

For more information, watch our experience with Wix Logo Maker in the video below:

Custom Logos Made with Wix Logo Maker

Wix Logo Maker Quick Snapshot

Beginner-friendly? Yes
Drag-and-drop editor? Yes
Can you download a free logo sample? Yes, a small JPEG
Additional services available? Yes: Wix website plan, professional designer touch-up, printed business cards
One-time payment, or ongoing subscription? One-time payment for logo only, additional services with subscription

2. Tailor Brands – Polished Designs through Artificial Intelligence

Tailor Brands is another AI-driven platform that walks you through the custom logo design process. I like that its startup wizard allows you to choose your preferred logo style with examples of each one: name-based, icon-based, or initial-based (see the screenshot below). You can also train the AI based on your favorite fonts.

Tailor Brands screenshot - choose logo type

Tailor Brands lets you try out different preset layouts, switch to suggested color palettes, and change fonts (of which it has a pretty well-rounded and interesting selection). I also like how the platform provides brief explanations of color, font, and other design choices—a nice touch that is especially helpful for beginners.

Tailor Brands screenshot - color palettes

The downside? For me, Tailor Brands ran quite a bit slower than the other logo makers, both during the startup wizard and individual edits. It also lacks a Redo button, making it a little more annoying to change your mind.


The verdict: I wouldn’t use this tool if I were in a huge rush or had a slow internet connection. But otherwise, Tailor Brands offers an excellent selection of customization options that are easy to use. It’s easy to see why it gets such great reviews.

Tailor Brands Features

  • Upfront choice of name, icon, or initial-based logos
  • Wide selection of unique, interesting fonts
  • Easy preset options for new layouts and color schemes
  • Helpful explanations of design and color psychology

Custom Logos Made with Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands Quick Snapshot

Beginner-friendly? Yes
Drag-and-drop editor? No
Can you download a free logo sample? Yes, a small JPEG
Additional services available? Yes: print-ready business card maker, branded letterhead and presentation slides, social media scheduling and analytics tools
One-time payment, or ongoing subscription? Monthly or annual subscription only

3. Looka – Fresh Designs with a User-Friendly Interface

Compared to other custom logo makers, Looka’s out-of-the-box options look a bit more professional, contemporary, and high-end. Because you can select up to five icons during the wizard startup process, the AI-generated logos tend to be more relevant and easy to compare.

Looka’s customization tools are powerful but user-friendly. For instance, you can browse dozens of preset layouts (as shown below), copy exact styles from an existing logo you like, and choose from thousands of well-categorized fonts. Along with its regular Undo button, Looka’s History tab also makes it easier to go back to a previous design.

Looka screenshot - Layout VariationsWhere Looka falls a bit short is in free-form customizations, like a drag-and-drop interface or the ability to add more than one icon, shape, or text box. While it’s affordable, it’s still one of the more expensive options, making it better-suited for slightly higher budgets.


The verdict: Looka may be a bit pricier, but reviewers appreciate it for its helpful wizard tool (including up to five symbols and a word-cloud search feature) and its unique, modern designs.

Looka Features

  • Robust startup wizard to narrow down your custom logo aesthetic
  • Ability to try new text arrangements and layouts at any point of the editing process
  • Huge font selection (with sizing and letter spacing adjustments available)
  • Modern design options including metallic gradients, geometric background containers, and abstract icons (see screenshot below)

Looka screenshot - Container Variations

Custom Logos Made with Looka

Looka Quick Snapshot

Beginner-friendly? Yes
Drag-and-drop editor? No
Can you download a free logo sample? Not really: you can download samples of the different logo packages, but not your logo specifically.
Additional services available? Yes: website builder, business card designs, social media kit
One-time payment, or ongoing subscription? One-time payment

4. LogoMaker – Thousands of Logo Concepts to Inspire You

In terms of sheer numbers, LogoMaker is the hands-down winner. After walking you through its three-step wizard tool, the system presents more than 1,000 logo templates for you.

LogoMaker screenshot - Select a logo design

In terms of customization options, LogoMaker allows you to freely drag elements around the canvas and enter up to three separate text boxes.

It also has one of the best color tools out there. You can select specific colors, reuse recently saved colors, and even recolor individual sections within a single icon. For example, in the cupcake icon below, I could change the color of every single section, even the individual sprinkles on top!

LogoMaker screenshot - color tools

One drawback, however, is that icons cannot be easily replaced from the editing board. If you want to try a new icon, you’ll have to return to the original menu and choose an entirely new logo concept.


The verdict: Many of LogoMaker’s 1,000+ options are a bit generic, but the huge selection does give you a fantastic jumping-off point for colors, fonts, and layouts. Don’t miss our in-depth review.

LogoMaker Features

  • Helpful startup wizard to narrow down your logo type, font style, and layout
  • User-friendly drag-and-drop editor with great color options
  • Ability to add up to three separate lines of text
  • Option to order custom-branded products like t-shirts, mugs, pens, and more

Custom Logos Made with LogoMaker

LogoMaker Quick Snapshot

Beginner-friendly? Yes
Drag-and-drop editor? Yes
Can you download a free logo sample? No
Additional services available? Yes: website builder, domain, Google MyBusiness listing, printing on promo items like mugs and business cards
One-time payment, or ongoing subscription? One-time payment for logo only, subscription for some additional services

5. DesignMantic – The Fastest Way to Create a Custom Logo

Of all the logo makers out there, DesignMantic is one of the quickest. It skips the whole AI-powered wizard tool and jumps right in. Just enter your business name and industry, and it immediately displays  200+ logo templates for you.

DesignMantic screenshot - logo templates

I found DesignMantic to be more robust in terms of free customizations. The canvas feels almost like Adobe Illustrator (software used by professional designers), with options to drag and drop objects, send them forward/backward, and even scale, rotate, or move along X and Y pixel grids.

Another terrific feature is that you can add new shapes (e.g., hearts, stars, lines) in addition to the icon you already have. For instance, in the construction logo below, I added the two rectangles to the left of the company name.

DesignMantic screenshot - logo customization

These customization options are helpful because many of the 200+ logo designs do feel a bit generic. You also can’t auto-align items, and there are no new preset layouts to try. Plus, without any kind of startup wizard, beginners may find DesignMantic to be a bit too DIY.


The verdict: DesignMantic is super-fast with a great drag-and-drop interface, but you’d probably benefit from some design experience to really make the most of its editing tools. For more information, read our expert review.

DesignMantic Features

  • Ability to add and freely place up to five lines of text
  • Option to insert new shapes, icons, and lines beyond your already-chosen icon
  • Pixel-perfect placement and sizing abilities
  • Free logos for nonprofits, hospitals, and educational institutions

Custom Logos from DesignMantic

DesignMantic Quick Snapshot

Beginner-friendly? Yes
Drag-and-drop editor? Yes
Can you download a free logo sample? No, but nonprofits, hospitals, and educational institutions can get a free logo
Additional services available? Yes: website builder, “branding themes” (with print templates, social media graphics
One-time payment, or ongoing subscription? One-time payment for logo only, subscription for some additional services

Prefer to Work with a Designer?

Although DIY logo makers are an excellent option for many businesses, especially freelancers, startups, or new companies just starting out, there are limits to what you can do with these tools. If you don’t want to invest too much time or would rather leave it to the pros, you might prefer to hire a designer.

For a truly custom logo design, nothing beats hiring a pro, and platforms like Fiverr make it easy and affordable.

Fiverr’s “Gigs” famously start at just $5. With so many logo designers on Fiverr, you’ll definitely be able to hire one who fits your budget, brand identity, and creative vision.

When you hire a designer on Fiverr, you’re actually making payment to Fiverr, and the company will hold your funds until your project is complete. Once your designer returns your logo, you have the choice to “Approve Final Delivery” or to provide feedback and request edits. To help protect you, payment will only be transferred to the designer after you approve the work.

Fiverr allows you to:

  • View designers’ portfolios, profiles, and reviews
  • Directly message designers to ask questions
  • Filter by price, experience, location, and more
  • Hire a “Pro” to get extra quality assurance

The bottom line? Fiverr makes the custom logo design process simple, and even the $5 logos can look quite professional. For way more detail about the hiring and design process, read the full review of Fiverr here.

Custom Logo Examples by Fiverr Designers

Custom logo created on Fiverr - LionFlame

Logo by weperfectionist
(hire weperfectionist for $10)

Custom logo created on Fiverr - BirdLeaf

Logo by loftydesignshop
(hire loftydesignshop for $5)

Custom logo created on Fiverr - Moonstone Photography

Logo by theblueisland
(hire theblueisland for $10)

Custom logo created on Fiverr - Taylor & Kerby

Logo by cosminmala
(hire cosminmala for $20)

Some Final Thoughts on the Best Custom Logo Makers

So there you have it! We’ve gone through a ton of information, but I hope that you’ve found a custom logo maker that you’re excited to jump into.

Whether you’re updating an old logo or coming up with something completely new, here are my final thoughts on these DIY custom logo makers (…drumroll, please!):

  • If you want a super-quick solution, I would go with DesignMantic.
  • For a little higher price but a more premium look and a more guided design process, I’d recommend one of the AI-powered tools, like Looka or Wix Logo Maker.

Again, though, the “best” custom logo maker will 100% depend upon you. Each of these tools has its strengths, and each one can give you a completely affordable custom logo design.

In addition to the design highlights featured above, this table has a few more points of interest you may like to know before choosing your custom logo maker.

Wix Logo Maker Tailor Brands Looka LogoMaker DesignMantic
Is there a walk-through wizard tool to help me? Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Can I hire a professional designer if I want to? Yes – hire a Wix Partner or get a free “design touch-up” with purchase of Deluxe plan No Yes – hire a Senior Designer for one hour Yes – from in-house designers Yes – through a partner company
Will I be able to edit my logo later? Yes – but you must repurchase logo after edits Yes – but only for color, layout, and tagline Yes – within 72 hours after purchase Yes – for one year with purchase of Premium package Yes – with purchase of Subscription plan
Which files will I receive with the most basic logo package? PNG JPEG, PNG PNG JPEG, PNG, GIF, EPS, and SVG JPEG, PNG, PDF

My advice? Spend just a few minutes playing around with these logo makers, and you’re sure to find one that speaks to you! You can always start with a logo maker that’s free to try and then switch to another one before purchasing. You can also skip the DIY design altogether and send a quick message to a few logo designers on Fiverr.

Either way, you’ll get a custom logo in hardly any time at all.

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