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9 Best Beauty Salon Logos and How to Make Your Own [2019]

Jill M. Sheehan
Jill M. Sheehan
September 16, 2019

When beauty is your business, you want to ensure your professional image matches your personality and resonates well with your clientele. The good news is, it’s easy to create your own logo (see how below) with an online tool like Wix Logo Maker. But first, let’s take a look at some well-designed beauty salon logos.

Jump down for even more logo inspiration.

Best Beauty Salon Logos

9 Best Beauty Salon Logos and How to Make Your Own [2019]

 Logo by LOGO247
from DesignCrowd

Beauty salon logo - Studio Slay

Logo by logozmillinaire
(hire logozmillinaire for $5)

Beauty salon logo - The Brow & Lash Company

Logo by ultrastjarna
from 99designs

Beauty salon logo - Foxy'z

Logo by Wild Geek
from DesignCrowd

Beauty salon logo - Mirror Hair Lounge

Logo by Marco Rubio
from DesignCrowd

Beauty salon logo - Diamond Fadez Barbershop

Logo by waqasale
(hire waqasale for $10)

Beauty salon logo - Natural Gyrl

Logo by Dusan Klepic DK
from 99designs

Beauty salon logo - TruckCuts

Logo by HeyEksa!
from 99designs

Beauty salon logo - Candy Nail Bar

Logo by bizz_modifier
(hire Bizz Modifier for $5)


Now that you have a little inspiration to build from, it’s time to dig into the logo creation process. Today, we’ll be working with Wix Logo Maker (click here to read the full review). This tool lets you create and save numerous logo concepts for free, and you only pay when you’re ready to invest in your new beauty salon logo.

1. Sign Up for an Account

First, you’ll need to sign up for a free account before you can start designing. You have the option to use a Facebook or Google account to log in, or just sign up directly for a Wix account.

Wix Logo Maker signup - screenshot

Need a bit more inspiration? Explore the gallery of logo designs fellow professionals have created using the Wix Logo Maker.

Wix Logo Maker - logo inspiration

2. Define Your Mission

Wix uses AI-powered technology to generate logo concepts for you as you answer questions about your business. The more information you provide, the more targeted the designs will be, so let it know you’re working on a beauty salon logo design.

Wix Logo Maker screenshot - What's your logo for?

3. Consider the Aesthetics of Your Style

Choose from a range of look and feel adjectives that can help you define the overall style of your logo. You can skip this step, but the generated designs may end up lacking the aesthetic you’re aiming for.

Wix Logo Maker screenshot - Logo look and feel

Once you’ve fed Wix some basic answers, it will show you logo samples to choose from – pick the one you like best, or let it know neither will do. Again, you can skip this step, but it helps the logo maker learn your taste a little better.

Wix Logo Maker screenshot - Choose your style

4. Time to Customize

At the end of the questionnaire process, Wix will show you some AI-generated designs based on your preferences. If you see a potential design you like, click on it to start customizing it further. You can also have Wix generate additional designs for your consideration.

Some of the designs might look very basic, but if you find any color and text combos you like, just choose the closest match – you can always swap out icons and fonts and adjust the position of shapes and text elements. Unlike other logo creation tools, Wix also gives you the option to incorporate curved or angled text into your design.

Wix Logo Maker screenshot - Choose a logo to customize

Customizable options include pre-made or custom color palettes and a color picker for each element of your logo, including icons – a big plus. There’s also a decent selection of fonts and a generous icon library. Wix also lets you adjust the color intensity and make minor layout adjustments, giving you better control of text and icon spacing.

Wix Logo Maker editor - screenshot

Expert Tip: Consider the types of services and clientele you’re looking to attract when choosing fonts and color palettes. Bold colors and funky fonts tend to appeal to young and hip crowds, while more subdued palettes and minimalist artwork project a timeless look suitable for a more mature demographic
Wix Logo Maker editor - screenshot

5. Ironing Out the Final Details

Once you’ve smoothed out the look of your logo, you can download and preview a low-resolution version for free or move forward with purchasing a logo plan. Depending on your needs, you may only want the basics, but if you’re looking to expand your branding, you might prefer the paid advanced plan, which offers a full range of resizable art, a social media kit, and more.

Wix can also help you integrate your new beauty logo design into branded merchandise and stationery products. If you also need a website for your business, you should definitely read about the Wix website builder.

Expert Tip: If you’re planning to use your logo in print or on store signage, the advanced plan will give you the most bang for your buck. The basic logo package includes full-color plus monochrome and grayscale versions of your logo, while the advanced package gives you additional file formats suitable for print, websites, and social media marketing.
Here are some sample logos I created using the Wix Logo Maker. The designs might feel a bit generic if you’re looking for fancier elements like gradients and additional shapes, but they offer a solid set of options without overwhelming you.
Beauty salon logo, royalty style - created with Wix Logo Maker
This bold logo plays up a sense of royalty and being pampered like a king or queen, something salon customers will definitely appreciate
Beauty salon logo, feminine style - created with Wix Logo Maker
This version is more soft and feminine and would be a good fit for a nail salon.
Beauty salon logo, earthy style - created with Wix Logo Maker
This logo style is earthy and would work well if you serve a broader clientele. To tie into a more natural aesthetic, I included a rounded rectangle that could represent a relaxing pond or calming space.
Beauty salon logo, masculine style - created with Wix Logo Maker
While this logo is more masculine, it could also cover a broad range of customers if you offer more than just beauty-related services.
Expert Tip: As you work out the final details of your design, think about how you’ll be using the logo for business marketing. If you plan to use it on labels and stationery, you’ll want to ensure the details are clear and readable at smaller sizes. If you’ll be using it on signs and banners, you’ll want to purchase your logo in a scalable vector format so it looks good at larger resolutions (EPS is the most common format used for printing).

Wix Logo Maker Alternatives

Does Wix Logo Maker not quite measure up to your standards? Here are a few more logo design platforms worth checking out:

  • Need business cards in a hurry? Looka offers downloadable, print-ready business card templates you can send to your preferred printing company.
  • If you’re on a more marketing-focused mission, Tailor Brands lets you build branding guides and create business decks to ensure a consistent look across all channels.
  • When you want the world walking around with your logo, LogoMaker offers branded merchandise and marketing materials directly from their site.

Prefer to Have Your Logo Created by a Designer?

If you’re short on time or just want to turn to an experienced logo designer to get the job done, check out the highly recommended 99designs (click here to read the full revi.

Here you can find talented designers who specialize in the beauty industry. Use 99designs’ numerous search filters, including project category, designer level, and languages spoken, to find your ideal candidates.

Here’s what’s great about 99designs:

  • Features designers from around the world with diverse skill sets
  • Offers various pricing tiers to suit any budget and design needs
  • Ensures a broader selection of potential logos with design contests
  • Lets you work one-on-one with a designer

Best Beauty Salon Logos and How to Make Your Own-image22

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can launch a beauty salon logo design contest. Set your budget, create a design brief for participants to follow, and watch the entries flow in. You get to choose the winning logo and work with the designer to polish up your ideal logo design.

Best Beauty Salon Logos and How to Make Your Own-image23

If you’d like to cast a wider net in your logo search, take a look at DesignCrowd, which also features freelance designers for hire and logo contests.

Beauty Salon Logo Inspiration

Here are ten of the best beauty industry logos to help inspire you. You’ll see how the use of color, white space, and typography can help stylists like you create an image that represents your personality, your salon’s overall atmosphere, and the types of services you have to offer.

Beauty salon logo - Karma Hair Studio

I love the gradient color scheme Karma Hair Studio used here and how the designer incorporated lotus leaves for the hair. It speaks to a calm yet powerful inner spirit. Plus, it fits the salon’s name perfectly.

Beauty salon logo - Beauty by Maha

The soft pink palette gives the Beauty By Maha logo a feminine feel, but it’s not too girly. It’s monochromatic and minimalist, which means it would look good against both dark and light backgrounds, as well as if they wanted to downplay the use of pink for more unisex marketing.

Beauty salon logo - Hot Shaves

The Hot Shaves Barber Shop logo has a bit of a retro feel, like something you’d see in an old-time barber shop, yet it possesses a sense of timelessness. While this one-color concept is fairly simple, you know exactly what to expect from this business.

Beauty salon logo - Essential

The Spanish slogan translates to “Go back to simple.” The Essential logo is clean and uncomplicated, and the use of natural elements ties the design and text together nicely.

Beauty salon logo - Glossy Beauty Centre

Glossy Beauty Centre’s logo steps up the level of sophistication and value. The use of a gold gradient against black oozes class, and you would expect to see premium-quality hair care products in use here.

Beauty salon logo - Black Hair Care Institute

Black Hair Care Institute has is a stylish logo with its use of an Afro hairstyle and hair pick. The font choice helps to convey a strong brand message. This logo makes it clear that the business specializes in ethnic hair care needs.

Beauty salon logo - Becky Hersch Hair Studio

The Becky Hersch Hair Studio logo is clean and modern but has a touch of funkiness with the cursive font. The curliness of the text paired with the scissors also plays well into the beauty salon’s overall image.

Beauty salon logo - Beard & Comb

The Beard and Comb logo features expert usage of negative space. Sometimes the best features of a logo aren’t immediately obvious, but once you see the mustache, you realize how clever the logo designer was in making this.

Beauty salon logo - Celebrity Extensions

Celebrity Extensions’ logo speaks to an ambitious audience – clients who want to feel as glam as a celebrity. The yellow-gold gradient implies an energetic yet wealthy feeling, and the secondary copy lets you know they are well-known for what they do.

Beauty salon logo - Revive Skin & Beauty

I appreciate the letter-pressed look in this logo concept – it looks like it’s already business stationery. The font plays well into the name Revive, and the swooshes around the face imply the renewal/revival process that our hair and skin constantly cycle through.

*Website Planet is not affiliated with any of the beauty brands above.

Tying Things Together

Now that you have valuable insight into what makes strong branding work, you’re ready to boost your marketing potential online and in your beauty salon.

As you continue to build your brand, remember, you can always go back to Wix Logo Maker and refresh your logo with another round of edits to keep things looking familiar yet modern.

You’ll never go wrong if you keep an eye out on the latest makeup, hair, and fashion trends, and ask clients for feedback on your business image. After all, receiving both brutal criticism and glowing praise can help you develop an ongoing dialogue with the very customers who turn to you for beauty expertise.

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