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9 Best Animated Logos and How to Get One for Free [2023]

Shaneika Jeffrey Shaneika JeffreyGraphic Designer September 05, 2023
September 05, 2023
A good logo will catch a customer’s eye, but how can you take the visual appeal of your design a step further, especially in the digital space? The answer is with an animated logo design.

Even the simplest animation makes a monumental difference in brand recognition. While a static logo may quickly be forgotten, logo animation is more eye-catching and is likely to remain etched in the memory of a potential customer, even in passing.

Animating a logo isn’t an easy task, though, so your choice of logo designer is important. Whether you already have a logo and want to add an animated element, or need something brand new, you’ll need the skill of a graphic designer to bring your vision to life.

This sort of design work would usually set you back hundreds of dollars, but it doesn’t have to if you know where to look for the right pro. What if I told you that you could get a new, animated logo professionally designed for just $5? In this article, I’ll show you how to do exactly that.

9 Best Animated Logos

Animated logo - Captures by Chelsea

Logo by clue_creative
(hire clue_creative for $15)

Animated logo - Melissa Gray

Logo by TheBluebird
From 99designs

Animated logo - Bad News Gaming

Logo by umerwaseems
(hire umerwaseems for $5)

Animated logo - CoSell

Logo by usama77_88
(hire usama77_88 for $10)

Animated logo - Giom Agile Coach

Logo by gaviasa
From 99designs

Animated logo - Frank Papa Mena

Logo by xr_studio
(hire xr_studio for $5)

Animated logo - The Sherina Show

Logo by minabaher11
(hire minabaher11 for $10)

Animated logo - Onyx

Logo by hasiburstudio
(hire hasiburstudio for $5)

Animated logo - Logo by dan.stiop

Logo by dan.stiop
From 99designs

Want to compare and contrast the various logo design services on the market? You’re in luck! My colleague tried out the top design services and ranked them accordingly. Head over to his comprehensive logo design services review to see which services were tested and how they performed.

How to Get Your Pro Logo for $5

A $5 logo probably seems like a scam – and a laughable one, at that. How can a quality logo design cost as little as a cheap bottle of wine? When I first started looking into the world of logo design, I was also skeptical about such an affordable logo service. But since discovering Fiverr and using it myself, I can sincerely say that a bespoke $5 logo is absolutely possible!

Fiverr is a freelancing platform that hosts talented designers from all over the world. Designers offer their services in set packages, with many beginning from just $5. There are literally thousands of experienced designers that keep their design packages competitively low – all to your benefit!

I’ll show you how it all works and we can get rid of any lingering skepticism! First, head to the Fiverr homepage and search “animated logo” or “logo animation”.

The results that pop up from your search will showcase all the designers with packages matching your search query. Many of these will be in a video format, so just click the play button to view them in the thumbnails. Browse through the results until you find a designer with a style you like, and click on them to find out more.

Fiverr screenshot - Name logo designers This will take you to the designer’s profile, which houses their portfolio, “About This Gig” section, and a full list of services. There are three package levels to choose from that increase in price based on the services provided. You’ll also be able to review customer feedback and contact the seller personally if needed.

Ready to move ahead? Choose the package you want then click Continue to be redirected to the payment preview page.

Fiverr screenshot - Package overview This page outlines the services included in the selected package and also gives you the final cost. Be sure you’re happy with all the details, then click Continue to Checkout. Once you enter your payment information, you’ll be able to send your requirements to your designer (including files of an existing logo, if you have one) and finalize the hiring process.

Fiverr screenshot - Continue to Checkout In less than a week (sometimes even 24 hours, depending on your package), you’ll get your brand new logo. You can maintain contact with your designer to ensure you receive a final product that you love.

Here are few other notable Fiverr perks:
  • Customizable design packages – Designers can offer package add-ons for an additional fee, including expedited delivery, stationery designs, revisions, and a logo file with a transparent background.
  • Protected payments – Your payment is held in escrow by Fiverr until you authorize its release to the designer. This guarantees you’ll receive a logo that you’re 100% satisfied with.
  • No surprise costs – Since your payment is made upfront, a designer cannot overcharge you or add surprise costs after they’ve been hired. Unless you add package extras, you won’t have to pay more than the original pricing.
  • Easy designer search options – Need to find a designer that meets certain specifications? Use designer search filters like logo style, seller level, budget, and delivery time to make your search easier.
Get more advice from our experts on hiring the right Fiverr designer for you.

How to DIY Your Logo Design

Sometimes, explaining your creative vision to another person might feel impossible. If you prefer to use your artistic talents to animate your logo, then a DIY logo animation maker is your best bet.

Do you already have a logo and simply want to add animation? Then you can head straight to RenderForest and create an animated video, a process I’ll explain later on.

If you don’t have a logo design just yet, first use my favorite logo-making tool, Wix Logo Maker, to create your own.

How to Use Wix Logo Maker

To create your logo, head to the Wix Logo Maker homepage and sign up for a profile to get started. Your logo will save to the profile automatically, in case you need to revisit it for any reason. You’ll need to enter your company details here to continue.

Wix Logo Maker screenshot - Enter company name Start typing in your company’s industry to pull up the right option from the dropdown menu. Select your industry (or the closest match) and click Next to move on.

Wix Logo Maker screenshot - Choose industry What kind of logo are you looking for? Try to describe it using as many of the listed words as you need.

Wix Logo Maker screenshot - look & feel Now for the sequence of logo pairs. Choose the logo in each pair that you like the most – this helps the artificial intelligence (AI) learn your style preferences.

Wix Logo Maker screenshot - logo comparison Finally, select all the places you intend to use your logo, like social media, merchandise, or on a website. Click Next to end the series of questions and Wix Logo Maker’s intuitive AI technology will generate personalized logo suggestions, just for you.

Wix Logo Maker screenshot - logo use Scroll through the logo results until you find one you’d like to edit.

Wix Logo Maker screenshot - logo templates If you want to see more icon options, click Replace Icon and search for a term relating to your industry or company name. Click on the icon, and it will appear across your logo suggestions.

Wix Logo Maker screenshot - bar icons When you’re prepared to make edits, simply click your preferred template to access the logo editor. In this section, you’ll find over 70 preset color palettes at your disposal, along with a selection of 200+ fonts in different styles and typesets. Feel free to unleash your creativity by incorporating as many icons as you desire into your logo.

Wix Logo Maker screenshot - logo editor When you’re happy with the design, click Next to choose your package, pay, and download your new, ready-to-use logo!

How to DIY Animate Your Logo

Once you have your logo, head to the RenderForest homepage and click Create Video to begin. From there, click Intros and Videos and select the type of video reveal you’re looking for, e.g., exploding, smoke, neon, etc.

Renderforest screenshot - Intros and Logos menu Once you select a type of reveal, relevant animation options will appear in the results. Click on an animation style to find more information.

Renderforest screenshot - Smoke and Fume Logo Animations On each animation’s page, you’ll find its user score (out of five stars), duration, and how many times it has been used and exported. Once you’ve found the one you want to try out, click Create Now to begin editing it.

Renderforest screenshot - Smoke Logo Animation In the editing section, start by uploading your logo and adding any extra text.

Renderforest screenshot - Animation editor You can pay for a subscription to add a fancy font to your animation or click Skip this step to continue.

Renderforest screenshot - Logo editor style tab Next, you can choose from a few color presets or create your own color scheme from scratch to ensure it matches your existing logo or brand colors.

Renderforest screenshot - Logo editor color tab Want music or a voiceover included in your animation? Upload your own music, choose from the free music library, or add your own voiceover for a personal effect.

Renderforest screenshot - Logo editor music tab Lastly, decide whether you want to export your logo animation in high definition (HD) or get the free preview instead. Select your preferred option and give the site a few minutes to export your video.

Renderforest screenshot - Preview options In no time at all, your new logo animation video is ready for viewing. You can download your animation, share it to various social media platforms, or publish the finished product to a YouTube channel.

Renderforest screenshot - Animated logo example And, just like that, your logo is fully animated! You can use your new, eye-catching animation wherever you need it, right away.

Wrapping Up

Getting the perfect animated logo is super easy when you use Fiverr. An expert logo designer will ensure you receive a professional-quality animation that truly represents your company. When bespoke designs cost as little as $5, my top recommendation is always to let the professionals do the creative heavy-lifting for you.

If you have the time, energy, and creativity to spare, you can try making and animating your own logo. Wix Logo Maker keeps DIY logo creation hassle-free by utilizing state-of-the-art AI technology. Once you have your static logo, you can then use a tool like RenderForest to bring it to life with the logo animation of your dreams.

Still not quite sure which design option makes the most sense for your needs? Head over to my colleague’s expert logo design service comparison to see how other top services performed.

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