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Hetzner Online Review 2024 – Do You Believe the Uptime Guarantee?

Gwen Rodgers Gwen Rodgers Web Hosting Expert

Unless your customers are based in Germany or Finland, it’s unlikely that Hetzner is the host for you. The speeds are pretty slow, and it’s not the easiest company to sign up with, either. All in all, you’re probably better off avoiding them.

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🏆Performance GradeA
⏱️Uptime GuaranteeNo
🔒Free SSLYes
🔧Hosting TypesShared, Dedicated Server
💡Basic Plan Features
  • Storage: 10GB
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Websites: 1
💲Starting Price$1.60
Shared Reseller Dedicated Cloud WordPress

German Specialists

Hetzner Online is a German web hosting provider, with data centers primarily located within Germany. It is popular in its home country, but there is a reason why Hetzner didn’t advance globally like Mercedes Bentz.


While this review focuses on both the South African branch of the company as well as the German branch, it’s interesting to note that the plans draw a distinction between South Africa and Germany when it comes to resource limits. That’s because as far as I can tell, the two locations function mostly autonomously.

Hetzner sells a range of hosting packages from shared hosting and self-managed servers to colocation and dedicated server rental. There’s even a custom hosting plan that includes a dedicated account manager and technical team. The website is available in English only.

If you give me ten minutes of your time, this review is going to dig into the ins and outs of Hetzner. I’ll be covering all of the data I can, giving you uptime information, performance and load speeds, customer service response times, and much more.

By the time you’ve read this review, you’ll know everything you need to know about Hetzner and whether it’s a good fit for your needs. If you’re ready, let’s go.



All the Basics

Hetzner provides the majority of the features that you’d expect from a web host, with perhaps the exception of a Cloudflare content delivery network (CDN), which you’d have to set up yourself if you wanted to use it. And while it does offer a powerful control panel, it’s a proprietary system of its own that can take some getting used to.


As for software installers, well, they’re relatively limited. It does have an easy installer for WordPress, though, and you could upload a CMS or e-commerce solution of your own. The more advanced plans include dedicated account and tech teams, server monitoring, disaster recovery, and enhanced backups, but none of these come standard on the entry-level packages.

Volume Plan

Working with multiple websites? Whether you’re a company with multiple campaign sites or a developer with several clients, you can save money through the volume plan. It’s basically a reseller plan under a different name, but it has plenty of resources and 24/7 customer support, both of which make it worth considering.

Proprietary Admin Panel

Hetzner uses its own proprietary admin panel, which will cover the majority of your server admin tasks. It looks a little old-fashioned and can take a while to understand completely. However, it’s pretty good at what it does and it’s explained with comprehensive instructions in the help center. I’m used to using cPanel, but I was able to do most of the same stuff once I got used to the interface.

Choice of Operating System

If you go with one of Hetzner’s self-managed servers, you can take your pick of operating systems, including both Linux and Windows. In addition, you’ll be given root/admin access to your server and up to 64 GB of RAM, though you’ll be limited to 6 TB of traffic. Most of Hetzner’s plans include some sort of traffic limit, though.

Energy Efficiency

If energy efficiency and environmentalism are important to you, then Hetzner is a reasonable choice. It operates a lean data center with a custom high-density design, and this allows them to get the highest amount of processing power from the smallest amount of physical space. By focusing on these efficiencies, they’ve been able to lower maintenance costs and improve support services, which both benefit the customer.



Ease of use

Kind of Retro

Hetzner’s interface looks a bit dated, but it’s also pretty self-explanatory. It’s not one of those hosts where you fill in a form, pay for a plan, and get started. There are a lot of forms to fill out on separate screens in a clunky customer journey.

Better Once You’ve Onboarded

It’s hard to list ease-of-use features for a host that isn’t particularly easy to use. It’s mostly the signup process that’s a pain, though, and once you get in, it gets better. Not great, perhaps, but not bad either. If I were grading them, it’d go from a D- to a C once the onboarding is out of the way.

Creating an Account

Actually creating an account with Hetzner is simple enough, mostly involving a single registration form. That’s when it gets complicated. Once you’ve filled out that form, you’ll be able to log into your console, though I was asked to provide a copy of my passport and proof of address.

Even after this step, I still had to purchase a hosting plan, connect a domain, and pay for it, all before confirming my order and waiting…and waiting, and waiting. Ultimately, it took two days, ten steps, and two follow-up emails before I could actually get started. You can learn about the tedious process here.

Connecting a Domain and Installing WordPress

The good news is that installing WordPress and actually getting started was pretty easy once the account was finally ready for use. The biggest challenge was mapping the domain name, mostly because there weren’t any instructions inside the welcome email. Luckily, though, the information was easy to find inside the help center. Read more information on the signup process here.

Reasonable Admin Panel

The admin panel might look a little outdated, but it does have a number of powerful features. Most hosts tend to stick with cPanel, but Hetzner uses konsoleH, its own proprietary system. You can still do most of the same stuff, though, once you understand it.

Above-Average Knowledge Base

One of the things that impressed me about Hetzner is how thorough the knowledge base and help center are. It’s a good thing, too, because the proprietary control panel can take some getting used to – but the documentation has you covered. If you ask me, the knowledge base is one of the best things about Hetzner.




Flat Out Bad

Hetzner doesn’t have as many customer reviews online as other companies, but that’s no surprise, as many of its competitors are tens or hundreds of times bigger. I could only find 20 reviews, and the only negative one was from someone who’d had a poor onboarding experience. Surprise surprise.

If you were to browse Hetzner’s website, you might notice that it doesn’t make any specific promises about speed. Perhaps there’s a reason for that. I ran a Sucuri page load test and the results speak for themselves.


The connection time was fine, but the loading times were terrible; nearly ten times slower than some of the other companies I’ve tested. This comes with a caveat, though.

It’s a German company with servers in South Africa and Germany. The German location fared pretty well, but as there weren’t any tests done in South Africa, it’s hard to tell whether the performance would have been good there or not — I would hope so, but it’s a guess.



Not Bad, with Decent Documentation

Hetzner has a pretty good knowledge base, and I was able to use it to find information on the nameservers without a problem when I was connecting my domain name. It also has a comprehensive help center, including 17 articles on its proprietary konsoleH control panel.

I contacted Hetzner a few times, and each time the team was polite and friendly, providing me with the answers I needed. They responded to my first query after ten minutes, and my second and third queries were answered within a couple of hours.

That’s not too bad, and I’ve had experiences where companies took days to respond, but the speedy replies were offset by a lack of live chat functionality (which, in my opinion, is a necessity).



Hetzner’s prices are pretty much standard, making them neither a budget nor a high-end provider. All in all, the prices are reasonable enough, but I’m not convinced that its performance is good enough to warrant them. Plus, if you choose web hosting plans, you’ll have to pay a one-off set-up fee on the three lowest-priced plans. This isn’t the end of the world, but

Cancellations & Refunds

Hetzner has it backwards, because canceling my account was much easier than creating it. You don’t even have to call its customer service team, as some hosts make you do, though it did take a while for my refund to be processed. You can find out more about my experience here.


How does Hetzner Online match up to the competition?

Bluebird HostingCompareOur Score4.8Compare
VentraIPCompareOur Score4.8Compare
Hetzner OnlineCompareOur Score4.4Compare
Go4HostingCompareOur Score2.4Compare


It’s unlikely that Hetzner is the web host for you, unless the vast majority of your customers are based in Germany or South Africa. Its speeds are pretty slow, but the documentation and support are pretty good, and the prices are in line with the rest of the marketplace, making them neither cheap nor expensive. it’s not the easiest company to sign up with, either. Unless you’re set on a German provider, you’re probably better off avoiding them.

Hetzner might offer a good service at a reasonable price, but does it match up with the top web hosting companies? We find it hard to say “yes.”


Is it better to choose a domestic host or an international host?

The main location of your web hosting provider isn’t as important as the locations of its data centers. Most top international web hosts have data centers around the world. It’s critical to your website’s performance that you pick a host with a data center near to your target audience.

Hetzner is a German company with data centers in Germany and Finland, so it’s best suited to  websites aimed at European and Scandinavian audiences.

How much does Hetzner cost per month?

Hetzner offers shared, cloud, and dedicated server hosting with decent resource allocations at prices that are average compared to our top 10 web hosts for 2024.

Its shared web hosting starts at $1.60 per month, and its dedicated server hosting starts at $34.00 per month. Both provide good value. 

Does Hetzner have cPanel?

No. Instead of cPanel, Hetzner uses a proprietary control panel it calls konsoleH. It’s a bit dated-looking, and it’s not quite as intuitive as cPanel, but it’s reasonably easy to get used to.

Which of Hetzner’s plans gives you the best value for money? 

When it comes to shared web hosting, Hetzner’s Level 4 plan offers the best value for money. It’s a huge upgrade in resources from Level 1, and while it has half the resources of Level 9, it costs less than half the price.

While Hetzner’s Level 4 gives you enough resources to operate a mid-sized website, you might find a more recent deal for 2024 on our coupons page.
Gwen Rodgers Gwen Rodgers
Gwen is a web developer and software engineer who loves to get lost in JavaScript (and a good book). She spends her free time teaching girls how to be coders, and doing yoga on her balcony in the sunshine.
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Very affordable service with stable performance.

A year ago, when I was looking for a low-budget server provider who cared about my needs, someone suggested Hetzner, a Very affordable service with stable performance at a low budget. I can recommend this VPS provider that is similar to the reputed providers like DedicatedCore and Hostinger.

Lark Nancy, Estonia
May 31, 2024
Unfair unilateral price adjustment – without reimbursement

Support: the feeling is that nobody really takes charge of your issues. The answers contain links to online documents. Unpersonal. Fairness: they announced on August 11th 2022 a unilateral price adjustment from the new year - no option for reimbursement if one doesn't like the new policy! Really UNFAIR

marco, Italy
August 29, 2022
Worst customer service

Rude and don't reply .. demand payments saying that they had a credit card charge back when I don't even use credit card to pay I use PayPal then tell me I must pay for the charge back plus 40€ and the month upcoming or my services will be removed..

Luke K, Great Britain
August 02, 2022
Hetzner biggest time real thief

How come they do fake excuse and damage our business like that way! Increase price, this is total BS explanation. Contabo never increase price. All of our clients migrated to conabo because of hetzner scam. Now they want to provide free setup for ex,ax server. But who will pay for the IP setup pricing. This is one of the biggest scam they have done. Now people will move to contabo for their insane activities. No one will pay for 10-12 years old cpu garbage with price hike. Nightmare experience with them.

Jack Foster, USA
January 28, 2022
Appalling Customer Service

I have had an absolutely terrible experience with this company. I used their services for a short period of time, then decided to close my account. I was not informed of any outstanding balances before doing so. The next day I was sent an invoice for €7.54. The invoice states that the payment is due by PayPal. I only signed up for this company because they advertise as accepting payment by PayPal. When I click the link to pay the invoice, however, it does not let me do so as my account is closed. The “support” team has been rude and absolutely unhelpful. They have informed me that I am unable to pay by PayPal because I closed my account. I have asked them to reinstate my account so that I can pay my invoice. They refuse to do this because my account has an outstanding balance. One of their e-mails to me stated the following: “As the account is disabled already, you have to make a bank transfer. There is no other option, and it's not our problem, you deleted your account, so disabled it, before paying the invoice.” It’s not their problem? Are you serious? When I closed my account it didn’t show me an outstanding invoice. It didn’t give me any option to pay. I closed my account on March 31st at 12:02 PM. I was sent an invoice on April 1st at 4:14 AM. It seems to me like the problem is the way they run their system. They insist that I send an international wire transfer for €7.54 to them. I have repeatedly refused to send an international wire transfer where the fee to do so will cost me three or four times what I owe. After all, they clearly advertise that they accept PayPal. I have on multiple occasions offered to pay by credit card. I have also asked them for an e-mail address that I can simply send a PayPal payment to. They have refused both of these and insist that I send them a wire transfer. They are threatening to send me to a collections agency if I do not do so. This behavior borders on extortion. I am actually trying to pay my invoice, but they are NOT giving me a reasonable way to do so. Again when I asked to pay for PayPal, one of their replies states the following: “you don't have the option to do that as YOU deleted the account.” My last four e-mails to them asking them for a PayPal address to send payment to have been completely ignored. I suspect they will soon send me to a collections agency (as they have directly told me they will do this) for not paying my invoice, which I have repeatedly attempted to pay. I have NEVER dealt with a company with such rude and appalling customer service. I recommend avoiding this terrible company at ALL costs.

Michal Brichacek, Canada
May 05, 2021
Great VPS

I am using VPS cloud for my wordpress projects. Absolutely stunning performance which made say bye bye to expensive hostings where I was testing. And very fair pricing. I setup custom VPS and everything works perfectly. I haven't got any issues yet.

anonymus, Czech Republic
February 24, 2020
Worst service provide not recommend

Hetzner is the worst service provider they blocked my account with no reason I would not recommend it to use.user should avoid their services. They do not respond on time their support system is of low-quality .i will never recommend others to use their services

Amit Kumar, Netherlands
February 04, 2020
Crappy servers

Hetzner is crap. Crappiest support (even if you pay up to 2000 euros monthly), crappiest servers (our hard drives break monthly). Just one thing - price. That's all good new about Hetzner. I hope this hole will be closed soon. We rented 43 servers because of the price, but I think we've lost much more because of Hetzner. Know we host with another provider, pay about 20% higher price, but ew don't even lose our time managing servers.

John White, Belarus
August 06, 2019
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