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20 Twitter Accounts Every Small Business Owner Should Follow

Esme Mazzeo Esme MazzeoSocial Media Expert
You’re busy running a business, and that includes running your business Twitter account. With all of the moving pieces, you might feel like you don’t have any additional time to devote to Twitter.

But here’s why you should: Small Business experts and influencers do more than just share inspiration. Their feeds are full of recommendations for new marketing and business tools, problem-solving tips, helpful cases studies, plus data reports and statistics. The best part? Most of it’s free.

If you focus on implementing the advice (and not just reading and forgetting it) Twitter can become an essential part of your business growth. We’ve rounded up a list of our favorite small business experts—including both organizations and individuals—to help get you started.

Must Follow Organizations

#1: @GoogleSmallBiz

Google has an entire feed dedicated to helping small businesses grow and improve. On @GoogleSmallBiz you’ll find tips related to improving your business culture, team dynamics, SEO and marketing strategies, and so much more. Google is intrinsically important to small businesses—and any business, really—so why not get your information straight from the source?

image7 9

#2: @SmallBizTrends

Small Biz Trends is a newsletter and website dedicated to keeping entrepreneurs attuned to…you guessed it, small business trends. On Twitter, CEO Anita Campbell keeps followers updated on new technology, business leader profiles, plus tips and reports related to small business.


#3: @Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur’s Twitter account shares similar content to the magazine to help “inspire, celebrate, and inform” business owners. Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch is a weekly show they share along with additional content. Experts provide business owners and investors with answers to their most urgent questions.  

image13 1

#4: @SBAGov

The U.S. Small Business Administration provides small business owners with resources like guides, funding programs, federal contracting information, contacts for local assistance, and more! Their Twitter account provides similar updates and resources that no small business owner can afford to miss.

image12 1

#5: @Inc.

Inc. is a magazine dedicated to helping small businesses succeed. You’ll find articles on topics like industry leaders, how to increase motivation and productivity, and the best places to start a business. Inc. is owned by the same enterprise as Fast Company, so you’ll have access to relevant information from this publication, as well.


#6: @HarvardBiz

Harvard Business Review is one of the leading voices when it comes to ongoing research and case studies regarding general management topics such as workplace culture and business psychology. While HBR magazine is only published six times a year, their associated Twitter account is extremely active.

image2 51

#7: @MarketingSherpa

If you want to know what works in business, follow @MarketingSherpa. This Twitter feed is full of research, reports, and studies confirming success stories and letting you know what customers are responding to.

image8 6

#8: @Buffer

Buffer is a social media management platform with more than six million users. In addition to tips on how to use their services, Buffer’s Twitter feed provides lessons from other businesses on how to best leverage social media, and includes plenty of insights and social tips that could seriously benefit your business in the long run.

image10 1

#9: @NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business)

NFIB is a small business advocacy organization based in Washington DC, with regional divisions across the country. They provide a number of resources to entrepreneurs, including legal, strategy, and insurance guidance. Their Twitter feed is a centralized place where you can access these materials.


#10: @TechCrunch

Ten million followers can’t be wrong. TechCrunch is your go-to resource for technology news, analysis, and opinions. In today’s tech-driven society, you never know what new tech news or advancement will help you grow your business. Keep a constant eye on this feed!

image1 80

Must-Follow Individuals

#11: @GuyKawasaki

Guy Kawasaki is a marketing specialist and Silicon Valley investor. He was part of the team that marketed Apple’s original Macintosh computer. His Twitter feed provides followers with everything from photography tips to how kids use Google differently than adults. He also shares a “Daily Paper” with curated business articles.

image5 19

#12: @TonyRobbins

Tony Robbins is a well-known entrepreneur, life coach, and best-selling author. His Twitter feed provides motivational quotes along with updates on his various business ventures. He also writes and shares blog posts on broad topics such as strategic learning, as well as more technical, niche topics such as compound interest investment.


#13: @MariSmith

In a world saturated with social media platforms—and new ones popping up all the time—following experts is the best way to learn how to use specific platforms most efficiently. Mari Smith is your Facebook expert. She regularly shares articles regarding Facebook on her Twitter feed, including branding and marketing tips. She also shares information about general social trends that affect the business world.


#14: @JeffSieh  

Let’s get into a favorite social media platform of many small business owners, Pinterest. Jeff Sieh is a bonafide Pinterest expert. He hosts the Manly Pinterest podcast, and you’ll find content on his feed related to increasing your Pinterest traffic, growing your email list with Pinterest, and using Pinterest search ads. He’s also not shy about posting tips for Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram.

image6 11

#15: @SueBZimmerman

Sue B. Zimmerman calls herself “The Instagram Expert.” Her feed is very Instagram-focused, but she shares tips about cross-promoting, and overall making the most of the photo-centric platform. The highly visual nature of Instagram makes it a perfect place to sell products, so be sure to give this Instagram expert a Twitter follow.

image4 28

#16: @NeilPatel

Neil Patel is a host on the popular “Marketing School” podcast, as well as an entrepreneur, investor, and influencer. On his podcast, he and co-host Eric Siu share ten minutes of actionable marketing advice daily. On his Twitter account, you’ll find case studies on successful entrepreneurs, search engine optimization tips, and videos discussing topics like why passion fuels businesses.


#17: @MarieForleo

Marie Forleo is an entrepreneur, writer, and teacher dedicated to helping business owners be their best selves. She has her own podcast dedicated to helping business owners achieve productivity and growth. She posts a lot of content specifically regarding female leaders, and shares their insights and inspiration—which provides guidance to men and women alike.


#18: @ChrisGuillebeau

Chris Guillebeau is the author of “Side Hustle,” “The $100 Startup,” and the host of the daily podcast “Side Hustle School.” He’s someone you must follow if you are just starting your business, and especially if you are hustling to start a business when you get home from your day job. He often shares case studies on his feed about how people turned a seed of an idea into a fully formed business.


#19: @LilachBullock

Lilach Bullock is a U.K.-based lead conversion expert and marketing and social media specialist. Her feed is full of quick tips related to all things business, such as setting goals, ways to improve your writing, social media statistics, and more. Most of her posts are visuals, which makes it quick and easy to read her feed, absorb the knowledge, and get back to running your business.

image11 1

#20: @TomFishburne

Tom Fishburne has the most fun and unique feed on this list. He’s a “marketoonist,” and his feed is full of marketing-related cartoons. He addresses subjects such as how organizational silos obstruct the customer experience and why digital transformation projects don’t succeed in his cartoons. The tweets on Twitter are both witty and speedy, while they connect to more extended posts that delve into various subjects. Following Fishburne is highly recommended, particularly if you desire a fresh surge of distinct inspiration in your feed.

image3 44

How to Use Twitter for Business Growth

image9 3

Social media is an essential marketing tool for any small business. But business marketing and growth are two different things; if you use Twitter wisely, it can help you sell your products, plus grow as an entrepreneur.

Keep in mind: you should follow most of these influencers on your personal account, not your business account. This will help you in separating your company’s social goals and obligations from your entrepreneurial goals. If you sell cupcakes, you should be sharing information about new flavors and sales, not marketing tips. But as the owner of the cupcakery, you should be dedicating some time every day to using your own personal Twitter account to solve problems or identify goals.

Using Twitter to its full potential involves more than likes and retweets; implementing the advice off-screen is the most powerful way you can use Twitter to help your business grow.

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