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Bethenny Carl
Bethenny Carl
Social Media Expert
eClincher isn’t the best-looking social media management tool on the market, so if UI is important to you, I’d recommend a different tool. Regardless, eClincher has excellent customer service (although it’s limited to live chat and video tutorials) and a robust feature set. Unless you’re a solopreneur, you will need to upgrade to a top-tier plan and purchase additional add-ons to get the most of the tool. Even so, it’s still one of the cheaper platforms around.


The social media marketing tool industry is dominated by a handful of giants, so if you’ve never heard of California-based eClincher, you’re probably not alone. Founded in 2013, it’s nowhere near the size of Hootsuite or Buffer, but with its robust feature set, it’s been growing in popularity.


Aimed at SMBs managing their own social media accounts or agencies managing multiple accounts, it integrates with all the major social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Google My Business, and YouTube, allowing up to 6 users per plan.

In this review, you’ll find an in-depth guide to eClincher’s features, pricing, support, and much more.

I’ll be covering questions like:

  • Can you track and manage all your social media interaction in one place?
  • Can you publish, schedule or queue posts across all profiles at once?
  • Can you control the access level for each team member?
  • What information does the analytics dashboard provide?
  • Can you customize reports?
  • What are the business hours for customer service?

By the end, I’ll have covered all of your questions and concerns, and you’ll know whether eClincher is a good fit for your business.



Poor relation or a viable alternative?

Based on its relatively basic website, on first glance, eClincher doesn’t look like serious competition for the big players like Hootsuite. However, you won’t find many negative reviews online and the general consensus is the features are robust.

eClincher comes with most of the features you’d expect from a social media management tool, such as a Chrome extension to save or post articles from the web and a Sniply integration which adds a popup and call to action on websites where you post your content.

Social Inbox and Engagement

Say goodbye to individual logins! eClincher has a social inbox which shows activity across all of your social media platforms. It allows you to quickly respond to your audience from one place, and you can easily filter it so it only presents the information you’re interested in.


Messages, comments, and mentions can be assigned to team members via the inbox, which is a useful feature for agencies. Most of the leading tools do have a social inbox, and for good reason – it can save you time on a daily basis.

Social Listening

In addition to tracking all your comments, messages, likes, and shares, you can track keywords and hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can search by sentiment, geographical location, hashtags, and so on.


eClincher’s social listening feature isn’t as comprehensive as Hootsuite’s listening arsenal which includes a wealth of third-party add-ons, but it does mean you can easily stay on top of brand sentiment or even keep track of what people are saying about your competitors.

Publishing and Scheduling Posts

eClincher has some interesting posting and scheduling features. You can schedule posts, tweets, and pins for several social media profiles, groups, and pages. There’s also an Auto Post queue, which allows you to line up content to be posted on multiple different networks at specific times of the day.


Finally, if you’re more of a visual person, there’s a useful content calendar to view your upcoming content schedule. You can filter posts and edit them via the calendar view.


eClincher has all of the usual features for teams. You can easily add or remove team members (up to six only, even on the agency plan) and you can create approval workflows, so nothing gets posted without the consent of the correct staff member.


You can also invite your clients to be included in the approval process (although this will count as one of your users in terms of pricing).

Finally, with the Facebook Branded Pages feature, you can add “Published by [your brand or company name]” to every Facebook post you publish.

Live Feeds

eClincher displays all your live feeds for your connected social networks, so you can stay up-to-date at all times via one single dashboard. The feeds are customizable and you can reorder or remove feeds as required.

Built-In Visual Marketing Tools

If images are important for your social media posts (they should be!), eClincher could be a good fit for you. There are Canva, Giphy, and emoji integrations, meaning you can find and edit free stock images for your posts.


Ease of use


Functional and easy to use

eClincher is easy to set up. It only took me a few minutes to create an account and connect my social media profiles. The admin is not the best looking out there, but it’s functional and user-friendly.

When I first started using the platform, I had a couple of issues. When I clicked back, I got logged out, but after a few attempts, I got the knack.

Media Library

The media library is an extra value-add. Images you’ve created and edited (using the Canva integration, for instance) are saved in one central library, so you can easily access them for future posts or messages. This creates a foolproof filing system and makes it easy to find your previous designs.



Pocket is a neat integration which allows you to save articles and links while you are browsing on any device; mobile or desktop. Save content from anywhere to publish at a later date, with just a couple clicks. It’s not a groundbreaking feature, but it’s a little bonus to make your life easier.


Auto Post RSS Feed

You’re a busy agency, we get it. Anything that saves you time and makes your life easier is a win. The RSS feed allows you to automatically publish content to your social media networks by adding the relevant RSS URL. Set the posting frequency and let the tool publish fresh (but not duplicate) content for you.


Analytics & Reporting


Beauty is only skin deep

eClincher’s reports do not have the best-looking UI compared to other tools, but you once you dig deeper, you’ll find the value.

eClincher manages to combine analytics from multiple different channels (Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, including real-time traffic, LinkedIn company page analytics, Blogger and YouTube) in one window, making it one of the most comprehensive analytics sets.


The analytics dashboard is easy to understand. By default, it’s quite basic, but you can customize the view and the reports shown.

The dashboard is split into four main sections: Dashboard, Reports, Customize, and Competitors’ Reports, which are then further divided into social media networks.


You can choose from a standard, pre-built report template or customize it to meet your requirements – just select from the key performance metrics, such as fans, page impressions, posts, time of day, and so on. All you need to do is drag them into the report module and hit save.

The reports can be exported to PDF in one click. However, unlike other providers, the export function is limited to PDF only and there’s no way to email to clients or team members, even manually.

Apps and Integrations

eClincher does a good job of integrating all of your social media accounts and providing relevant data on them.

While many other tools only offer a handful of reporting options, eClincher reports on Facebook pages and posts, Twitter profiles and posts, Instagram profiles and posts, Linkedin pages and posts, YouTube, and Google Analytics.

There’s also a cross-channel report, which is a rare feature.



Limited but effective

When you are logged into the dashboard, you can access a range of video tutorials. The topics range from Getting Started to Approval Workflows. However, there’s no other form of help documents, so if videos aren’t your preferred style, you will be relying on customer service.


If you’d like to talk to support, you can contact them on live chat only – there is no email or phone number available. That said, the business hours are 24/7 and I’ve always had a good experience when contacting the team.

Live Chat

I messaged the team several times around 1:30 PM U.K. time on a Monday. I asked a series of questions, such as “What are your business hours?” and “Where can I find your help documents?”

Each time, I received an answer within minutes. The operator was always helpful and polite, answering my questions in full.



As there are no other ways to get in contact with eClincher, I decided to test customer service via Facebook. After all, it is a social media management tool. As soon as I sent my message, I received a bot response, saying the best way to get support is via the live chat window.

A bit later, I received a response from a human, who answered my question but also let me know the best way to get support is always via live chat, which is manned 24/7. It was a nice touch for them to follow up, even though they knew I’d already been helped via live chat.




Affordable, but you will need to upgrade

eClincher has three plan tiers: Basic (1 user and 15 social profiles), Premier (3 users and 30 social profiles), and Agency (6 users and 10 brands, each with 10 social profiles). The prices are definitely cheaper than other similar tools, and you can add packs of 10 additional users for a relatively small additional monthly fee.

Don’t be fooled by the cheap base plan. If you need team collaboration tools, a media library, or ZenDesk integration, you will need to upgrade. Also, if you want to add a client to your approval process, they will count as one of your users in your plan.

There’s a 14-day free trial, and when you’re ready to commit, you can pay by any major credit card or PayPal.

# of Social Profiles# of UsersSchedule Posts AvailablePrice
Agency10 X 106Unlimited$199

Cancellations & Refunds

eClincher’s policy does state that there are no refunds. However, my experience was slightly different. Although it took a couple of days, I did get my money back in full. The customer support team was helpful and I appreciated them taking the time to resolve my issue, despite it being outside of the usual terms and conditions.

Read more about my experience


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Bottom line on eClincher

eClincher isn’t the best-looking social media management tool on the market, so if UI is important to you, I’d recommend reading about Buffer or Sendible. Regardless, eClincher has excellent customer service (although it’s limited to live chat and video tutorials) and a robust feature set.

Unless you’re a solopreneur, you will need to upgrade to a top-tier plan and purchase additional add-ons to get the most of the tool. Even so, it’s still one of the cheaper platforms around.

Bethenny Carl
Bethenny Carl
Bethenny eats, sleeps, and breathes digital marketing. She helps clients take charge of brand awareness and create lead generation strategies via a number of marketing channels, including email, social media, SEO, and content. When not a marketing superwoman, you can find her playing with her three dogs on her five-acre property, or planting yummy treats in her vegetable garden. (She is also a bit of a Real Housewives junky, #guiltypleasure!)
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