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The Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tools (Pt 2)

Barbara Harris

Last week we published our first part of this article where we detailed our first two social media marketing tools that you need in your arsenal. If you haven’t had chance to read that then please give that 10 minutes of your time before jumping into today’s final part.

In this second and final article we take a look at the last three tools that can help you well on your way to social media success. So grab yourself a cup of coffee and sit back as we unveil some more excellent tools.

Circloscope for Google+

There are two primary roles for creating a circle on Google+: keeping in contact with target audiences and filtering content in your feed.  Circloscope makes it easy for you to do just that by enabling more powerful creation and filtering tools for your circles.  For example, you can use this app to create a new circle that automatically includes anyone who commented in a specific Google hangout.  You can also create a circle for anyone who has shared at least one of your posts, allowing you to target people who have demonstrated an interest in your content, and to contact them to ask if they’d like to be notified of future content.  If you’re interested in expanding your reach, increasing engagement, and ultimately creating stronger relationships with your audience, this tool can help you do just that.

Tagboard for Instagram

If you use a custom hashtag to help connect your Instagram community, you definitely ought to take a look at Tagboard.  This hashtag search engine allows you to discover all the related content and mentions for any given hashtag across a variety of popular social media platforms.  Just register your hashtag with Tagboard, and include a short description to claim it. Once registered, this app pulls all of the content from everyone using your tag into a single place, allowing you to easily scroll through it and monitor what people are saying.

NOD3x for Building Influence

NOD3x is a relationship and influence creation tool that’s perfect for anyone with a long-term social media strategy. Create an account with NOD3x, and it will provide you with a variety of intuitive graphs that make it possible for you to see where your content is receiving the most engagement, which hashtags you should be using, what times and days you ought to be posting, and who are the specific influencers that you should be engaging with. And because this app has integrated with Buffer, anyone with a Buffer account can do all of this straight from the Buffer app!

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