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The Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tools (Pt 1)

Barbara Harris

From content scheduling to research, there’s a huge variety of ways that social media marketing tools can make your life easier. Not only can these tools help you save time, they can often give an edge to your marketing campaigns that you simply won’t be able to find elsewhere.

Below you’ll find five of the latest and greatest social media marketing tools, as well as a variety of tips for using them to improve your own campaigns.

Inkybee for Research

Regardless of the niche that you’re in, odds are you have a hidden target audience: content creators.  Although content creators probably aren’t going to be potential leads for your business, establishing relationships with them can offer substantial benefits.  Influential content creators like can drive traffic to your content, increase awareness of your brand through social sharing, and of course drive traffic to your site by mentioning you to their readers.

That’s where Inkybee comes in.  This simple tool allows you to research and create lists of bloggers and other content creators and then connect with them.  It works by building the list around certain criteria that you set for relevance and quality, and then tracking the activity of those creators to help you manage relationships with them.  More than just a way to discover new influential bloggers, this tool is also a great way to research and outreach to other members of your industry.

However, the real strength of Inkybee can be found in its search capabilities. Provide Inkybee with a keyword that’s relevant to your niche, and it will start searching for blogs for you to connect with.  You can use the more advanced search capabilities to filter blogs by engagement, SEO, language, domain authority, and more.  Because of the considerable amount of research required to produce these results, it may take a full day to receive them, but when you receive your results report, you’ll be impressed with the amount of available data associated with each result. This data includes engagement scores, size of audience, frequency of posting, and much more.  You can use this data to help you filter or precisely the types of blogs you’re looking to connect with. For example, if you’re looking for people with large influence on social media, you can filter your results for people who have high follower counts on Twitter or Facebook.

BuzzSumo for Content Research

BuzzSumo is one of the most effective ways to research what’s going on in your industry in real-time. Give BuzzSumo a keyword or phrase, and it will provide you with results for the top influencers, blog posts, and topics surrounding those search terms over the last six months. If you want to figure out what people are talking about, or what content has been performing the best on social media over the past few weeks, it’s a breeze to get all the data you need in only a few seconds.

There are also a variety of useful search filters, allowing you to sort content by type, including articles, videos, infographics, and more.  You can also see how popular any given piece of content is on particular social channels, like Facebook or Twitter.  If you click through a few results and read what’s popular, it will help you improve your understanding of what your target audience wants.  You can even use the results to identify what it is your competitors are talking about, and how consumers are reacting to that information.

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