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Small Business Knowledge: How To Understand Your Customers

Lucas Turner

Running a small business can often seem like it’s a handful, especially if you have only just started out in the online world. One of the most important parts of any business if understanding your customers and potential new customers (visitors to your site).

In today’s article we wanted to take a look at some steps that you can take right now, to better understand your customers. With tools such as Analytics and customer feedback surveys it has made it much easier to understand what your customers like, don’t like and what they would like to see.

Google Analytics

Google analytics is a free tool that anyone can sign-up for, and all you need to do is add a little bit of code to your website. Most website builders will generally have a feature where you can just copy and paste the code into (so you don’t need coding knowledge).

With Analytics you can see how often customers are staying on your site, certain pages on your site and if they are bouncing off straight away. This will allow you to tweak pages that are underperforming and monitor those pages that are doing well.

What you can also find out is how customers are getting to you, whether its social media driving them into you, referrals from other sites, or paid and organic search engine listings.

These are just a few great features that Google Analytics offers to web masters, and just by having a look around the dashboard you will be able to uncover many more features that will allow you to understand your visitors and customers.

Customer Feedback

Another way of understanding customers is asking them directly by providing some kind of feedback form for them to fill out. On a lot of websites you will see floating feedback buttons that ask you to rate the website out of 10 and provide a sentence to discuss your experiences.

By analysing all the feedback entries you can usually pick one or two important points up, and also look for commonalities where people are mentioning the same thing. This will either help you sell more, improve usability or take away things that are putting people off.

At the end of the day its customers that build your business so interacting with them and finding what they want is a great way to not just help your business, but it shows you are actually listening to the customer.


By implementing just these two ideas into your business strategy you will see an increase in sales, conversions and an overall better experience for the user and customer. These are just touching the service on the amount of ideas and tools that are currently out there to help you, but we suggest looking at surveys, polls and even user forums to help engage customers.

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