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Hendrik HumanHendrik HumanWebsite Development Expert

As an e-commerce-focused platform, you have access to everything you need to start selling online. BigCommerce takes care of all of the behind the scenes coding; you just have to create your product listings, choose your accepted payment methods, and set up how you receive your sales income. Everything just works.


BigCommerce Website Builder at a Glance

Free PlanNo
Starting Price$29.95
Number of Templates~200
E-commerce ToolsYes

BigCommerce Provides a Straightforward E-commerce Hosting Solution

As an e-commerce-focused platform, you have access to everything you need to start selling online. BigCommerce takes care of all of the behind-the-scenes coding; you just have to create your product listings, choose your accepted payment methods, and set up how you receive your sales income. Everything just works. You can include multiple payment options by simply selecting them individually and entering the required details. Creating and managing your products, setting up categories, viewing your website’s analysis statistics, managing your website, and setting up your social media integrations are all just a few clicks from each other.

Right off the bat, BigCommerce provides you with a complete store. If you are new to this, it’s extremely helpful, as it will give you an idea of what you need in order to launch a full-fledged online shop. Technically, you could simply swap the pre-created products and webpages for your own, and you are ready to sell.


bigcommerce-templatesWhen using BigCommerce, you can choose from a selection of free and paid themes. As of now, there are only a few free templates available, but they do cover a decent range of niches. Each template comes with three or four “styles” that are variations on the template to give it a different feel or color theme.

The designs for the free themes tend to be simpler and minimalist — but that doesn’t mean they aren’t also modern and appealing. They are generic enough that you can build almost any type of store if you put enough effort in.

The paid themes tend to be slightly more niche-specific. They are more exciting than the free templates, and you can find some unusual types like a pastry shop, male grooming shop, etc. The paid themes might seem quite expensive, but their pricing is on par with most other similar platforms. A nice touch is that you can preview templates with your own store content loaded in to give you an idea of what the final result will look like.

A cool feature of BigCommerce’s templates is the ability to view product comparisons and quick views from category webpages, which can easily be set up. You can also view two or more products side by side on a webpage. The flexibility of being able to add more custom fields to products and categories than most other platforms is also commendable.

No matter which type of template you choose, they are all fully responsive. When editing a template, you can switch between mobile, tablet, and computer display sizes in real-time so that you can make sure your site looks good on all screens.

The actual customization options in the Stencil Theme Editor are fairly limited. You do have significant control over the colors used on your website as well as the fonts. However, the rest of the customization options revolve around what to include or exclude, for example, including or excluding webpage links in your main menu. With no drag-and-drop builder, you rely on the page layouts of the individual templates when it comes to how your webpages are organized.

Most of the content management also happens in the dashboard. So, you will upload or create images, webpages, or blog posts in the backend and then decide what to include on the home page in the template editor. Similarly, you assemble your homepage carousel in the back end, not in the Stencil Theme Editor.

However, if you have the web development skills and you want more control over your website’s appearance, you can edit themes files directly.Explore BigCommerce Templates



BigCommerce Leaves No Stone Unturned When It Comes to Building Your Online Store

Migrate your store: BigCommerce can import your store from any other e-commerce platform. This is a huge relief if you have already built a website but want to switch services. With a Pro plan, you can also import your custom SSL from a third party.

Omni-channel retailing: BigCommerce integrates with multiple digital channels. You can integrate your BigCommerce store with eBay, Amazon, Google, Buy Now, Instagram, Square, and Facebook. They also offer POS (point of sale) integration for brick-and-mortar stores that includes inventory management.

Variety of payment providers: You can process payments from multiple sources, including PayPal, Square, Amazon Pay, VISA Checkout, Apple Pay, Stripe, Klarna, Adyen, and many more.

Order fulfillment: BigCommerce features deep integration with ShipperHQ, which is one of the world’s leading engines for shipping fee calculation and rule generation. This should provide accurate quotes from a range of shipping services on demand.

Set Up Customer Store Credit: Store credit is not only a great way to make your website appear more professional and established but can also help you create a solid return customer base. You can set this up on BigCommerce without any workarounds or third-party extensions.

E-commerce Store Builder: You get full access to the website builder with any of the pricing plans. BigCommerce geared this builder towards making the experience as fast and intuitive for new users as possible. It’s not the most powerful, but anyone can use it, and it provides just enough control to customize your site to be unique.

Search Engine Optimization: SEO is a must-implement feature nowadays to drive traffic to your website and increase your business. BigCommerce already generates your URLs for webpages, posts, and products based on best-in-class practices. You also have the freedom to edit your URLs as well as tweak other on-page SEO aspects through apps. Last, BigCommerce has invested heavily in fast-loading templates, especially for mobile devices.

Cart-level Discounts: While almost all e-commerce platforms support some form of discounts or coupons, few support discounts that can be applied to customers’ shopping carts automatically. BigCommerce provides easy built-in tools to set up over 70 types of segmented discounts that would require plugins on other platforms.

Some other features include a basic blogging platform, mailing list tools, customer group management, app integrations, and product filtering tools. Let’s not forget that you can also extend functionality with apps from the App Market. One of the great things about the comprehensive feature-set of BigCommerce is that you don’t have to rely on any third-party applications or content. Therefore, you get the consistency and high quality of BigCommerce across the board, all simplified with a single bill and platform.See full list of features

Ease of use


Build Your Website Quickly and Easily

Building an online store with BigCommerce is a breeze. Some builders leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed at first, but the learning curve with the BigCommerce builder is manageable. However, that does mean it’s not the most comprehensive builder out there, especially since there is no drag and drop utility. You can easily change all the colors on your website, there are plenty of free or paid templates to choose from, and the controls are standard.

Manage Your Website With a Simple Dashboard

The BigCommerce dashboard is extremely easy to use. The menu on the left can take you pretty much anywhere you need to go, from designing your website to your account settings. Dashboards for different aspects of the BigCommerce platform are logically divided which streamlines your experience. For example, you can buy and add apps to your website from a store built into the main dashboard. The interface is familiar if you have ever used a content management system.

Add, Edit, and Delete Products and Other Content

You will probably be spending a lot of time creating product listings for your store. When you go to the product section of your dashboard, you will immediately see a list of all your store products. You can filter and search for listings as well as apply bulk actions from a simple checkbox list.

You create products by filling in a simple form that helps you make sure you enter all the necessary information. It’s also very easy to set more advanced settings like enabling free shipping on certain items, list them as pre-orders as well as adding product options like colors or sizes.

Create as Many Variants for Your Product as You Want

One area in which BigCommerce is miles ahead of other platforms is when it comes to creating product listings. Other platforms often have hard restrictions on the number of variations and options you can create for products. BigCommerce, however, has virtually no limits, supporting up to 600 variants and up to 250 options for a single product. These options can be created from a number of different input fields such as checkboxes, drop-down menus, swatches, number or date fields, etc.See if BigCommerce is Right for You



You Will Always Have Somewhere to Turn to for Help on BigCommerce

If you are like me and like to find solutions to problems yourself before turning to support, you won’t be left stranded with BigCommerce. The online documentation is extensive, there is a free “university” with video tutorials that guide you through creating a website, and the community forum is very active.

If you do need support staff, you can reach them through a number of channels. There is 24/7 live chat, multiple country-specific phone lines, email, and a ticket system (called “cases”).

I got to test out their live chat service first hand when I ran into trouble using the export tool. I wanted to try and migrate my store to another platform to test it out and wasn’t sure which inclusions to make. It was on the weekend and at very odd hours for both the U.S. and Europe. I hopped on the live chat and did not have to wait more than 30 seconds for a support staff member to engage with me. He was able to quickly answer my questions and also sent me links to the relevant sections of the BigCommerce documentation.

On another occasion, I was slightly confused when it came to editing theme files. This was due to changes made to the process and conflicting information from older and newer users on the forums. I submitted my own case and received a response from a support staff that indicated I needed to make a copy of the theme before editing the files. It also provided me with links to the relevant documentation once again.



Four Pricing Plans to Choose From Means You Only Pay for Features You Need

Unfortunately, there is no free plan available with BigCommerce. However, they do offer a 15-day free trial (no credit card required) which lets you use all the features up to the Plus plan. Notably, this includes features like creating customer groups and managing your Abandoned Cart Saver. What’s great about the free trial is that you can basically set up your entire store and have it ready for when you decide to launch.

Once you choose a payment plan and launch your store, those features will become unavailable if your package doesn’t cover them.

When it comes to the actual pricing plans, you have four options: Standard, Plus, and Pro for individual sellers, and Enterprise for business solutions. The Standard plan comes with everything you need to run a store, including unlimited staff accounts, storage, and bandwidth as well as no transaction fees.

You also aren’t limited in any way when it comes to designing your website, and support is available for every plan (although Pro users get premium services). However, with each of the higher-level plans you get a higher yearly sales cap, lower credit card rates, and more custom options.

A few features that might seem worth an upgrade are customer groups and search filtering. Another one of the top reasons to join BigCommerce instead of most other platforms is that BigCommerce charges no transaction fees on top of your payment gateway providers’ fees.

It’s worth being mindful of the yearly sales threshold. If you exceed the limit for your plan, you will be forced to upgrade to a more expensive plan and pay monthly fees that are quite high. A recent price hike also left some previous customers a little sour.

It’s worth being mindful of the yearly sales threshold. If you exceed the limit for your plan, you will be forced to upgrade to a more expensive plan and pay monthly fees that are quite high. A recent price hike also left some previous customers a little sour.

However, the fact that you aren’t limited when it comes to bandwidth and storage means that you don’t have to plan for any infrastructure upgrades in the future, saving you a significant amount of money. With a domain, SSL certificate, features, and other services included, you also won’t have any needs to fulfill via third-party providers, saving you up to tens of thousands of dollars if you plan on growing your business.

Cancellation and Refund

If you were working on the 15-day trial, there is no real reason to cancel your account as BigCommerce don’t ask for your credit card details. Once you subscribe to a plan, they don’t offer any refunds. So, choose carefully whether you want to subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis. You also have two options when it comes to canceling your account. You can either call their local support number, and the staff member will walk you through it or fill out an online form, and they will take care of it for you.

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Michael P.
June 22, 2018
best in class

Does all it needs and more. Ease of implementation. Lots of pictures available. SCO optimization. Lots of categories. Lots of data fields. Highly customizable. Good customer service. Reasonable price. APIs available.

Pedro L. S.
June 05, 2018
Big Commerce is great

I have been dealing with BigCommerce for a while now, and I have no complaints whatsoever. Every time I call, the representative is a nice person and very knowledgeable; they resolve any issues with patience and a good attitude.

Luis Garza
June 04, 2018

BigCommerce is a fantastic platform for emerging and established businesses alike. Great service, great platform, great everything. Having used a couple other business website platforms prior to BigCommerce, I can say without a doubt that it’s the best one I’ve ever used.

Dan Maley
June 04, 2018
VP Sales

BigCommerce is the epicenter for all our online business. Inventory, sales, fulfillment and payment capture occurs within BigCommerce. Easy to use and simple integration with other apps including subscrima make BigCommerce valuable to our business.

Luis Menocal
June 04, 2018
Pres. & Owner

Very good platform. User friendly and good, thoughtful and helpful service staff. So far, everything has worked very well and seamlessly. Remittances are on time, and charges are reasonable.

Anthony Ezidro
June 04, 2018

BigCommerce has been a huge asset to my brand with an efficient e-commerce online store platform. It was very quick and easy to setup and running it is also very smooth. It has all the features you would need and expect when running an online store. I haven’t really had any issues with BigCommerce since iv been using it for the past few years, but I would say they could improve the visual customization aspect of the front-end. Having the ability to make quick and mostly small visual front end adjustments to your website, without a developer, would be a huge benefit.

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How does BigCommerce match up to the competition?


Bottom line on BigCommerce

If you want to get an online store up and running quickly and with as little effort as possible, BigCommerce is worth checking out. For this level of speed and ease, you do pay a small price when it comes to the extent of design and customization options. That being said, there is no lack of e-commerce features needed to run an effective online shop.

The only aspect I feel BigCommerce slightly lacks in is its site customization. The available options are somewhat limiting, and it would be fantastic if there were some kind of drag and drop builder. That being said, it’s clear that the BigCommerce platform is geared towards helping users with little to no experience setting up an online store with as little fuss as possible.

Part of the reason why BigCommerce can provide such a comprehensive e-commerce platform at such relatively affordable rates is because e-commerce is their core product, which they give their undivided attention. Direct competitors to BigCommerce often bundle in other services that inevitably weigh on the price for everyone — even those who want purely an e-commerce solution.

I recommend signing up for the free 15-day trial. Although you can’t sell while on the 15-day trial, you can learn and use most of the features and settings as well as set up your store to be launch-ready. Remember that you have extensive documentation and 24/7 support services to agents who are more than willing to help you set up your website as well as attend to any issues. If you feel like BigCommerce meets your requirements and you’re comfortable using it, you can sign up to one of the pricing plans, and launch your store.

Hendrik HumanHendrik Human
Hi, I’m Hendrik, your web guru. The only two things you need to know about me are: I love making websites, and I love to write about how to do it. That’s why I’m here - to help make it fun and easy for you too.

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