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How to Check If You Meet Facebook’s New 20% Content Rule

Barbara Harris

Content has always been king in the SEO and Google world over the past 10 to 20 years, but  Facebook have a different stance on this. They actually want your cover images and promoted images to contain no more than 20% text.

The funny thing about this new rule is that Facebook actually break it themselves, which you can clearly see from the image below:

For those of you unaware with the timing of this new roll-out then i’m pleased to inform you that it was 15th January, so you can now go back over your images, and check out if you meet the new guidelines that Facebook have set using this simple but effective template:

Seeing The New Rule In Action

How to Check If You Meet Facebook’s New 20% Content Rule

This image is broken down into grids and if 5 boxes or more contain text then you are over the quota, however should you fall under the 5 boxes then you are under that 20% mark, meaning that you comply with Facebooks content and images rule. This also applies to your promoted images so it’s worth keeping an eye on images that you are likely to use in the future for Facebook PPC.

Unhappy Business Users

One of the biggest concerns to high volume Facebook business users, is that this rule wasn’t clearly set out or explained to them, instead it just appeared to be dumped right in-front of them and they had to find out what this new was, and what it actually meant.

You may start to notice that some of your PPC adverts that contain an image and text are now being disapproved due to this new Facebook Law, if this happens to be the case for you then you just need to revisit the image (using the grid above if it helps), and then resubmit the new image for approval.

Let us know if you have had any experience with Facebook’s 20% rule.


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