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How Keyword Research Can Help Your Headline Writing (Part 1/4)

Max Anderson

Keyword research is one of the most important steps that you will have to take in the online marketing world, and simply acts as a process of market research to help build up your target audience.

By carrying out keyword research you are essentially looking at the insights of what people are searching for, and what kind of volumes those keywords are bringing in. So how can this valuable information be implemented across to the content that we use on our blogs and websites?

We are going to bring you a four part series on writing quality headlines, to how you can tap into close related keywords that you may think are unrelated, how you can get sites to link to that content, and then ending the series with a selection of keyword tools that you can use.

Optimize your content and headline for search engines

Once you have a collection of keywords that you want to target, the idea is to now build informative and valuable content on these topics.

For this post I have chosen the example of baseball and these are some of the keywords that come up in the top searches:

  1. Baseball
  2. Baseball scores
  3. Baseball teams
  4. Baseball history
  5. Cheap baseball tickets

Looking at these results we can now determine that people are looking for:

  1. Information on different types of baseball players
  2. Tickets to go and see a live game of baseball
  3. Updates on past game scores

From these keyword ideas we can now construct a post headline, and build up a piece of content around these keywords.

So for example, these titles will work well:

  1. How to Get Your Hands on Some Cheap Baseball Tickets
  2. Missed a Game? Here is a Weekly Roundup of Baseball Scores
  3. Baseball Teams: An in Depth Look Into The Players and Teams

Once you have your keyword rich article, you can now look for sites that will link to it (we will cover this in the third part of the series).

Of course, running a blog means that you need a consistent flow of article ideas to keep things running smoothly, so for the next stage of headline and article writing, we look into how you can combine other sport related keywords that you may think are unrelated, but actually are a great source to tap into.

So, we will be looking at how you can make the most of other sporting games such as football or cricket, using keywords in this niche, and then benefiting from the traffic by combining the sports to create great headlines and articles.

Stay tuned!

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