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Get More Followers on Twitter: Four Strategies that Work

Lucas Turner

You know that you need more followers on Twitter, but can’t seem to get that number to rise. Having a significant amount of Twitter followers helps you boost your online presence, SEO efforts, and plays an integral role in any Internet marketing plan.

Start making Twitter work for you with these four strategies that are guaranteed to get you noticed and followed.

Stop Following Every Account You Come Across

One of the biggest mistakes people make on Twitter is following every single account they come across. At first, this might make sense as a viable way to gain more followers. However, it rarely works out that way. Instead of following people sporadically, take your time locating the right people. Ideally, you should follow people who fit your audience because they are most likely to return the favour.

Be More Social

Just like in real life, you need to be more social if you want people to notice you. By retweeting and mentioning people in your posts, you can get them to notice you. You should also comment regularly on topics that are relevant to your particular industry.

Regular social interaction on Twitter will help you gain followers that are actually interested in what you have to say; however, don’t go overboard. Limit retweets and mentions to a handful of times per week and make sure that they offer valuable information or insight.

Share Links Wisely

Posting links to valuable content or videos is a great way to establish yourself on Twitter, but you must do it properly to avoid annoying your followers. Make sure the link you are sharing is relevant to your audience and always provide a thoughtful remark alongside it. For example, many people mistakenly include remarks such as “Good read,” or “Interesting article,” when sharing content. Instead, take the time to clearly define why it is worth reading.

Make Your Twitter Account Accessible

If you have a blog or a website, you must place your Twitter icon somewhere people can easily see it. Instead of expecting people to simply want to follow you, express the benefits it provides for them. This can be accomplished by using a strong call-to-action along with the Twitter icon. For example, a statement such as “Stay updated with the latest beauty tricks and news by following me on Twitter!” works because it clearly defines the benefit to following you.

Succeeding on Twitter isn’t easy, but is well worth the effort. With consistency and dedication, you can grow your list of followers and maximize your online presence. Get started today by taking advantage of these proven strategies!

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Stop Following Every Account You Come Across
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