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5 Easy Ways to Get Facebook Likes

Barbara Harris
August 12, 2020

Facebook is a powerful tool small businesses use to broaden their appeal to consumers, but many fail to take advantage of its full potential. Understanding the best ways to generate likes, and implementing these techniques successfully, is the best way to reach a larger audience.

As social media grows in popularity, getting fans will become increasingly vital. Businesses that fail to adapt do so at their own peril.

  1. Create an informative business page.

Your business page is what people will actually “like” on Facebook, and needs to make a good impression with new viewers. Successful pages do this many ways, from having a catchy description, to interacting with fans, or dazzling the public with beautiful artwork and design. Always focus on presenting the purpose of your business page as clearly as possible. If viewers are unclear about what you are actually offering, they will be less likely to hit the like button.

  1. Get likes from people you know.

Getting instant likes from people you know is one of the easiest ways to grow your page’s popularity, especially early on. As more of your contacts become fans of your page, this information will appear in some of their friend’s news feeds, which can lead to more likes. Interested friends may also promote your page on other mediums, such as twitter or blog posts, which will organically generate new interest in your business page.

  1. Make websites compatible with Facebook.

Using plugins and links on your own website or blog is often an effective way to drive new traffic to your Facebook page, but it largely depends on the number of views they receive. Linking this way often takes little effort, as most modern website and blog themes have Facebook functionality already included. Consider looking at other websites to decide the best plugins to use, and where to display them.

  1. Provide value to your viewers and customers.

Even the most well-designed business page won’t generate interested traffic if people don’t appreciate the product, service, or content it provides. Many users spend too much time creating an impressive page, instead of focusing on the benefits for their customers and viewers. Unfortunately, they fail to realize that the best way to get likes is to simply improve the products or services they offer. While running a great business is important, don’t neglect your content. Your viewers will be more inclined to like a page that helps them solve a problem or improve their lives, instead of a fluffy piece created only to promote your business. With content, substance matters.

  1. Learn and adapt.

Facebook is by its very nature fluid and interactive, allowing you to witness changes to your page’s popularity almost instantly. By using online tools, you can accurately gauge the number of people viewing your posts as well as when they receive likes. This transparency gives you the ability to try different promotional methods, gauging which work best for increasing your amount of fans. Monitoring successful business pages is a great way to discover new techniques you can test for yourself.

Facebook is powerful tool for reaching a global audience, but is often underutilized. By using a few simple techniques, any business can get the likes they need to dramatically improve their popularity.

Inside this Article
Create an informative business page.
Get likes from people you know.
Make websites compatible with Facebook.
Provide value to your viewers and customers.
Learn and adapt.
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