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Dawn Prevete

Dawn is a freelance writer and editor specializing in developing strategic content for businesses. A lover of philosophy and the arts, she brainstorms with cultural educators to ensure all students have access to enriching learning opportunities.

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NordLocker makes it easy to encrypt important data and back it up to the cloud. Simple setup, a drag-and-drop interface, and seamless file sharing are just some of the features that make this service an attractive option for anyone interested in data privacy. Its cybersecurity protections are also first rate. NordLocker does lack some features offered by other online backup...


Backblaze offers a reasonably priced, unlimited online backup service for individuals and small organizations. It’s uncomplicated and convenient, and easy to use on a PC or Mac. But there are tradeoffs - backups can be slow, and there are some other limitations you should know about before you make a final decision.

Zoolz Cloud

BigMIND Home is an affordable, smart, secure online backup service for individuals and businesses. Using AI technology, BigMIND organizes your data so you can quickly locate a specific file or restore an entire data set. But security for personal plans is flawed, and cutting-edge tools don’t always deliver.

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9 Best Simple (But Gorgeous) Website Templates in 2021

Too often, what’s billed as a “simple” WordPress theme or website template is anything but. You learn too late that a simple-looking theme requires complex backend customization, leaving you frustrated and confused. Or that the promise of a “client-friendly” template was just a mirage. I’ve spent the past week testing “simple” templates and have picked nine that actually...

8 Best Squarespace Templates for Health & Wellness in 2021

Surprisingly, Squarespace doesn’t have a special category for health and wellness. However, I’ve scoured through its entire library, and found a few templates that actually work very well for this niche. The right template should look good (obviously), but it should also make your site easy to navigate, help you share what’s unique about your services or products, and let...

8 Best Squarespace Templates for Musicians and Bands [2021]

Building a website with Squarespace is pretty easy, but choosing just the right template for your music is a different story. Squarespace’s templates for musicians and bands come with built-in features that let you promote your music, connect with fans, share news about upcoming tours, and stream (or sell) your tracks. But having spent a few days trying out all of these...

June 04, 2021
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9 Best Wix Templates (+Apps) for Coffee Shops in 2021

While searching through Wix’s huge template gallery, I realized that it doesn't have a special category for coffee shops - oops! Still, I didn't let that stop me, and ultimately, I found some gorgeous templates that would work great for this niche. A good coffee shop template will let you highlight what’s special about your business, as well as promote your signature...

April 22, 2021
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