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6 Best (FREE) Website Builders for Weddings in 2024

Ana Marković Ana MarkovićWebsite Development Expert March 01, 2024
March 01, 2024
Sure, some website builders initially seem to be free… until all the hidden costs start to add up. The builders on this list are not only free, but they each offer something extra for your wedding website: online RSVPs, event calendars, beautiful gallery layouts, and other small tools that make all the difference.

I’m married myself, so I know what pre-wedding stress feels like – and I’m going to share a few secrets to finding a simple, genuinely free wedding website builder. Without having to waste any of your very limited time, you’ll be able to find a website builder that makes you both want to say, “I do.”

The wedding countdown clock is already ticking, so to make your task easier, here’s my number one choice. For a one-of-a-kind wedding website that captures your vision for your special day, go with Wix. Not only will you be able to create a stunning website, but you’ll also have the planning tools you need to keep on top of all the little details. You can try Wix for free or read on to learn more about my other top picks.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Website Builders for Weddings in 2024:

  1. WixThe all-around winner for custom wedding sites and integrated event management.
  2. SquarespaceAn intuitive builder for visually striking designs.
  3. SITE123Attractive wedding templates that are easy to customize.

See 3 More Great Options | Comparison Table

What We Look For in the Best Wedding Website Builders

There are tons of website builders out there; some are great, but many more are not. You want your wedding website to be just as unique as your journey, and not all site builders offer the tools you need to really personalize it. To find the ones that give you exactly what you need, I tested popular website builders for weddings for these key features:
  • Free plans. You’ll be spending more than enough on the dress, the cake, the venue, the catering…so I’ve only chosen website builders with good free plans (plus paid upgrades, in case you decide to go all out).
  • Wedding-specific templates. Weddings are unlike any other event, and your site should reflect that. Our top wedding site builders offer unique wedding templates – and they’re mobile-friendly, which means that your site will look great on any device.
  • Ease of use. No one’s busier than a couple in the throes of wedding planning! The website builders on this list are super-easy to use, giving you more time for all the other items on your to-do list.
  • Personalization. In a world of cookie-cutter wedding announcements, your new website should stand out. These site builders let you personalize your website with different colors, fonts, layouts, animations, page styles, and more.
  • Wedding-planning features. Why stop at announcing your wedding? With some extra add-ons, you can use your new website for RSVPs, gift registries, and a lot more.

Wix Wedding Invitation template.
Wix offers tons of customization and features for your wedding website
When it comes to website builders, Wix is one of the biggest names, so it’s no surprise that it’s popular for wedding websites. With 25+ free wedding templates available, you’ll definitely be able to find one that suits your “couple vibe” – whether that’s lux, elegant, low-key, or fun.

Once you’ve selected a template, you can use Wix’s easy drag-and-drop editor to personalize each and every element of your site. It’s easy to add new pages, edit your website’s navigation, upload photos, videos, and more. Naturally, you can also change the color palette to match your wedding theme and choose from hundreds of fonts for headings, text, and buttons.

If you really want to take your site to the next level, you’ll find all kinds of options in the Wix App Market. For example, Wix Events helps you plan your big day with automated email invites that match your website’s theme, event calendars, RSVP tracking, and more. (Many of these apps are free, but some are paid.)

Wix’s free plan includes 500 MB of storage and 500 MB of bandwidth – more than enough for most wedding announcement websites. However, if you want to remove Wix ads, get a custom domain, and have enough space to upload videos from your big day, you’ll have to pay a small fee to upgrade your plan.

wix logo alt 2

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  • Pro gallery options. Highlight your favorite photos/videos as a happy couple with dozens of fully responsive gallery styles: grids, geometric shapes, spheres, or sliders. Built-in tools let you enhance photo contrast, color, and sharpness
  • Custom wedding logo. Use the Wix Logo Maker to create a memorable wedding logo and seamlessly upload it to your site.
  • Add a gift registry. Most Wix wedding templates have a registry section built in. It’s easy to add one or more gift registries, with buttons that link to each registry. You can also add store logos and link to your registries that way.
  • Password protection. Add password protection so that only invited guests can view your wedding website.
If you want to learn more, read our Wix review.

Beginner friendly Yes
Free templates 900+ in total; 25+ wedding-specific
Mobile Responsive? Templates are mobile-friendly by default, and you can edit your mobile version separately to make sure it looks great on all devices.
Starting Price $16.00

Teresa & Dario template
If you’re looking for a strikingly simple and moving website, there’s no better choice than Squarespace. Squarespace offers over 140 high-quality, award-winning templates. There are only 15 in the wedding category, but the editor gives you enough creative freedom to turn any template into a wonderful wedding website.

Squarespace places its focus on big, attractive images. Everything from the text to the interactive elements complements the visual aspects and makes them “pop.” So it’s perfect if you want to showcase your engagement photos to the world.

While Squarespace might not be as flexible as Wix, its grid editor gives you plenty of customization tools. For instance, the Squarespace Blueprint feature lets you choose page sections (like RSVPs and FAQs), colors, and fonts one at a time, making it easy to create a site that looks good and reflects your style.


  • Unlimited storage space. Upload your most cherished photos and videos without fear of running out of space.
  • Showcase options. Tell your story using image slideshows, videos, animations, and interactive elements.
  • Amazing image editor. Your favorite photos aren’t always from a professional photoshoot. Ensure that all your memories look great with the fantastic built-in image editor.
  • Integrated registry.  It’s easy to create a customized cash registry or integrate one or more traditional gift registries. You can even add a Zola registry block to allow guests to browse and purchase gifts from your website.
Get more info in our expert Squarespace review
Beginner friendly Mostly. A small learning curve.
Free Templates 140+, 15 wedding specific designs
Mobile Responsive Yes
Starting Price $16.00
Short on time?
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SITE123 Zorana & Miles wedding template.
SITE123 offers easy website building and many templates
SITE123 has over 80 website templates, though only a few are specifically wedding-themed. While some of the finer editing options are reserved for paid users, even the free plan has plenty of wedding-related features to love.

With its clean, uncluttered interface, SITE123 is especially beginner-friendly. As soon as you open the editor, you’ll get a mini “guided tour” that shows you exactly how to use the editing tools. Unlike Wix, however, SITE123 has a point-and-click editor rather than a drag-and-drop editor.

Compared to other website builders on this list, SITE123’s free plan offers fewer personalization options. But having fewer choices isn’t necessarily a bad thing – especially when the templates look so good and the three-step builder makes it so easy to build a classy and stylish online wedding announcement.

site123 logo alt 2

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  • One-page or multi-page website. Choose between a single-page website design to conveniently display all your wedding information, or a multi-page website that can include special features and surprises for your guests.
  • Photo gallery options. Add a gallery page to share your engagement/event photos using attractive grids or sliding carousels. You can also choose if you want to display square or rounded images.
  • Online RSVPs. Couples can customize the contact form and use it to collect RSVPs. SITE123 will send responses directly to your email address, making it easy to manage your guest list.
  • Multilingual wedding website. With a paid plan, you can set your website to auto-translate any language, including right to left languages.
Is SITE123 right for you? See our expert review for more.

Beginner Friendly Yes
Free Templates 84 in total; just a few wedding-specific
Mobile responsive Yes
Starting price $12.80

Webador Photo Romance template for wedding photography
Design a wedding website in no time with pre-built elements.
Webador offers 50+ attractive templates, any of which can be easily customized to make an amazing wedding website. To design your wedding announcement, simply select a template that suits your style, then drag widgets for photos, videos, RSVP forms/buttons, and text onto your pages. You’ll see all your changes in real time.

You can add a page to your template by first clicking on “Pages” and the blue “+ Page” button. Next, type the name of your page – Our Story, RSVP, Accomodations, Location – in the box and it will automatically appear in your site’s top menu. You can also rename a page to better suit your needs.

Webador offers one of the most affordable entry-level paid plans. This plan is ad free, and comes with a custom website domain and email you can access on mobile, so you can keep on top of your guests messages, questions, and RSVPs on the go.


  • Photo albums. You can add a photo album to any page, choose how your images are displayed (small, medium, or large format), and add captions. You’ll never have to worry about running out of storage space, either, because storage for photos is unlimited on all plans, including the free plan.
  • Upload a wedding playlist. Simply drag-and-drop the audio widget onto your website to share your wedding reception’s playlist. Webador’s audio widget supports MP3 files.
  • Social integration. Link your website with your social accounts or add a social media feed to share the latest wedding updates with friends and family. Other social features let you Invite guests to share your content on their accounts.
  • RSVP confirmations. You can use settings to automatically confirm RSVPs as soon as they’re submitted. Naturally, you can also personalize your response.
Read our full Webador review for more details.

Beginner friendly Yes
Free Templates 50+
Mobile Responsive Yes
Starting Price $4.00

5. IONOS Website Builder: Simple, Effective Solution for Wedding Websites

IONOS MyWebsite Now Wedding template
IONOS’s only wedding site template makes it hard to mess up your announcement
If you’re looking for a simple wedding site, IONOS could be a good fit. Its MyWebsite Now is one of the easiest builders out there. True, you’ll trade design flexibility and advanced features for convenience, speed, and price, but the end result is still a wedding announcement you can feel good about.

While there’s just one wedding-specific template, you can personalize the design with pre-set layouts, color palettes, and font pairs to make it suit your wedding theme. Adding pages, sections, and galleries is all done with a click. 

If you desire more options, design flexibility, and extra features with IONOS, you have the option to upgrade your builder. By upgrading to the MyWebsite Now Plus plan, you gain access to advanced options such as custom color themes, multi-language websites, social media integration, and more. Alongside all of this, you continue to enjoy an exceptionally affordable pricing structure.


  • Automatic image optimization. IONOS automatically optimizes the photos you upload so they always look their best.
  • Personal website domain. Choose your free custom wedding website domain, one that’s memorable and easy for guests to find. It should include both your names.
  • Online RSVPs. Your plan includes an email address that matches your website’s domain. You’ll be notified each time a guest responds so you’re always up to date.
  • Individual support. Having a user-friendly builder doesn’t guarantee that you won’t have any questions, especially if it’s your first website, like a wedding announcement. That’s why having a personal support consultant available during business hours is a significant advantage.
Read our expert IONOS review to learn more.

Beginner Friendly Yes
Free Templates 18 in total, 1 wedding specific
Mobile Responsive Yes
Starting Price $6.00

6. Shopify: Best for Shoppable Gift Lists

Shopify jewelry template
Shopify’s themes offer plenty of space for showcasing high-resolution images
Shopify’s clean and stylish designs can help you tell your story in a compelling way. The themes are pricey but include handy built-in features, such as swappable color palettes to suit your mood and countdown timers to generate excitement about your upcoming big day. Even Shopify’s free themes have cool perks like sticky headers to make navigating your wedding website easy for your guests.

Thanks to its robust e-commerce tools, Shopify lets you create a shoppable gift registry to share with your guests. With free apps such as MyRegistry Gift List Solution (available in the Shopify App Store), you can allow your guests to search and buy gifts from your website. Also, you can easily manage your wishlists and see added and purchased products.

Shopify doesn’t offer advanced customization options, but it has a simple interface that makes it easy to build and personalize your wedding website, even if you’re a newbie.


  • Wedding-friendly apps. Shopify’s robust app market has plenty of useful integrations for weddings, such as printing apps for wedding invitations and apps like VideoStamps to personalize your thank-you notes with custom video messages.
  • Shopify Email. You can keep your guests informed on the latest developments by sending customized email messages that match your website’s design. Shopify’s built-in email tool lets you send up to 10,000 monthly emails for free.
  • Shopify Magic. If you’re in a hurry to launch your wedding site, the AI-powered Shopify Magic tool can speed up the writing process by helping you create headings, email subject lines, and more.
  • Travel tools. Shopify allows you to include a map section or a weather tool such as POWR to give useful details about the event sites or any specific arrangements for potential rain (even though it definitely WON’T rain!).
Find out more about Shopify in our comprehensive review.

Beginner Friendly Yes
Free Themes 12 in total; no wedding-specific designs
Mobile Responsive Yes
Starting Price $29.00

Other Notable Website Builders for Weddings

If you want to review more options for building your wedding website, the following website builders are worth checking out.

7. Web.com Website Builder

Web.com Beauty Template
Web.com has single-page and multi-page template options
Web.com doesn’t have wedding-specific templates, but you can customize any of its designs to suit your needs. There’s a powerful editor that lets you add widgets like custom forms (for RSVPs) and enhance your site’s design by changing colors, effects, and animations.

That said, Web.com’s versatility and sheer amount of features can be challenging for beginners. So, unless you already possess intermediate-level design skills, there will be a significant learning curve.

8. WordPress.com

WordPress Wedding Template
WordPress.com is a powerful website builder for a wedding website
WordPress.com’s strong blogging platform offers effective tools to share your love story with the world or keep your friends and family updated about the wedding preparations. You can add your own media, edit your site navigation, and create new pages.

Still, WordPress is not nearly as beginner-friendly as other site builders on this list, and it charges extra for hosting, premium themes, plugins, and other add-ons.

9. Duda

Duda wedding template
Duda’s templates can be customized separately on each device
Duda is a highly visual website builder primarily intended for agencies and professional designers. You get advanced design features such as CSS editing and plenty of tools for client work.

Consequently, Duda isn’t the best choice if you’re looking for a simple and quick way to launch your wedding website. It takes some time and commitment to navigate Duda’s interface, and the prices aren’t exactly cheap.

10. Hostinger Website Builder

Hostinger Website Builder wedding templateHostinger has only a couple of wedding templates, but they look good

Hostinger Website Builder offers pre-made templates and an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, allowing you to build a wedding website quickly. There are even AI tools, such as an AI writer that generates relevant content and helps you translate your copy.

And while it’s fast and easy to use, Hostinger doesn’t offer much in the way of customization. Also, it lacks an app market, so you’ll miss out on many wedding-specific features.

Here Are the Best Free Website Builders For Weddings

Building a functional, great-looking wedding website that your guests will love doesn’t have to be difficult. My top picks let you do that and more without breaking the bank.

If you want a website builder that’s great for novices but also offers handy features to help plan your big day, go with Wix. The beautiful templates, drag-and-drop builder, and Wix App Market make this platform both beginner-friendly and powerful a winning combination any day.

Couples that have a ton of media to share may find Squarespace is best for image-heavy websites. You’ll also have plenty of handy integrations and planning tools, including RSVP/guest management and registry options.

If you’re short on time, go with SITE123. It’s the best builder for couples that want to get a wedding site online fast.

If you do decide to purchase a premium plan to eliminate ads and get a free custom domain, all these website builders offer monthly, annual, or biennial subscriptions with at least a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Here’s a quick summary of the pros and cons of each free plan.
Free Plan Best Feature Best For Starting Price
Wix The templates, tools, and user-friendly editing for one-of-a-kind wedding websites Couples who want robust customization and wedding planning features $16.00
Squarespace Beautiful templates for visually stunning wedding websites Couples who want all the tools and have tons of visuals to share $16.00
SITE123 Quick and easy wedding website design For total beginners looking for stress-free  personalization (with great support) $12.80
Webador Basic wedding websites and a beginner-friendly builder Couples comfortable taking the lead on their wedding website design $4.00
IONOS Website Builder Simple and attractive wedding announcements Couples looking for a straightforward builder with basic features $6.00
Shopify Simple interface and plenty of wedding-oriented apps Couples who want to manage design and selling from one place $29.00


What are the best builders for free wedding websites?

Wix and Squarespace are the best free website builders for wedding announcements. Wix offers the most generous free plan, with dozens of beautiful wedding templates and all the functionality you could ask for. On the other hand, Squarespace is one of the best builders for a professional free wedding website.

How do you make a good wedding website?

The best wedding website captures what’s special about you as a couple. It also makes it easy for your guests to find all the information they need about the ceremony, event venues together with helpful details, like an itinerary, suggested accommodations, and an integrated cash or gift registry. Lastly, don’t forget high-quality pictures for visual appeal.

When should you publish your wedding website?

You should plan to have your wedding announcement online 6-12 months to a year in advance so your guests can save the date and share in your passion and joy. Earlier is better if you’re planning a destination wedding because your guests time to make travel and hotel arrangements. If you’re late getting started, SITE123 will help you get a wedding site online fast.

Is Wix the best free website builder for weddings?

Wix takes top marks for free wedding website design. It offers a generous free plan, built-in features for planning and guest management, and an app market you can use to add even more functionality. If you’re still weighing your options, our review of the best website builders for 2024 can help you decide.

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