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8 Best Squarespace Templates for Health & Wellness in 2024

Dawn Prevete Dawn PreveteWebsite Development Expert
I found dozens of Squarespace templates you can use to design your health and wellness website. You’ll find some of the best in the Local Business, Professional Services, and Health and Beauty categories.

The right template should look good (obviously), but it should also make your site easy to navigate, help you share what’s unique about your services or products, and let clients book appointments online with just a few clicks.

With this in mind, I’ve put together eight stunning templates that will make your website pop, whether you’re running a fitness center, counseling service, or traditional medical practice. All templates include essential content sections and optional features, like pop-ups and contact links.

It’s also super easy to add Squarespace’s scheduling and e-commerce tools to any of its existing templates.

1. Colima: Highlight the Mind-Body Connection

Squarespace Colima template
Colima’s newsletter page lets you share news about classes and special events. Mouse over to see more!
Colima’s visual impact comes from the beautiful, full-width homepage image, which is why this template is my top pick for wellness tourism and yoga studios.

You’ll likely use a different background image for your site (Squarespace offers an extensive gallery!), but you can keep the focus on the mind-body-spirit connection. This will give website visitors a taste of the life-changing experience you offer through your class or retreat.

That said, Colima isn’t just about visuals. It’s also packed with essential features, including sections to showcase your instructors, share your class schedule, and post updates to a gallery-style blog.


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2. Almar: Best for Wellness Coaches

Squarespace Almar template
Almar has special features to drive engagement. Mouse over to see!
If you’re looking for a template for your life coaching business, Almar is a great option. Its breezy, colorful design creates an inviting, relaxed atmosphere, and its client-focused copy provides a great starting point for communicating your unique offering and driving engagement.

The attractive section pages continue the homepage theme with bright splashes of color and motivational messaging. I like the way all the important information, including social media icons, is accessible from the top navigation bar or the footer, both of which are pinned to every page.

Plus, Almar makes ample space for those oh-so-important client testimonials.

3. Klipsan: Best for High-Impact Fitness Studios

Squarespace Fitness Template Homepage
Klipsan has everything you need to whip your website into shape, plus a unique store!
Klipsan appeals to clients who are passionate about high-impact exercise and athletics. I love its visual effect, with a black-and-white contrast of the background and font, as well as a close-up of athletic prowess. The interface looks super clean, and the “join our gym” CTA is well-placed in the bottom right corner.

You can easily customize the section pages – About, Schedule, Contact, and Store – by uploading images of your staff, facilities, and class schedule. Klipsan even has a store page that you can customize to share details about classes or sell fitness merchandise.

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4. Clove: Best For Mental Health Professionals

Squarespace Clove template
Clove’s landing page includes a link to staff bios so visitors can meet your team.
Clove’s soothing, natural color palette – greens, blues, and rust – sets the right tone for a mental healthcare practice with a commitment to cultivating relationships built on mutual trust.

This template has all the essential features – therapist profiles, services, a patient portal, and an insurance form – that a clinical mental health practice needs. And I’m a big fan of the homepage layout, which has stacked sections that link to each important page.

5. Florence: Best for Spas and Launch Sites

Squarespace Florence template
Florence channels the healing power of touch. Mouse over to see a special feature you can add!
Florence is a fully responsive template and my top pick if you want to launch a new spa, massage center, or other wellness business. The close-up, full-bleed image in the header is effective, so you’ll need something similar to maintain the same kind of visual impact.

This one-page template is ideal for getting the word out about a new business. But if your business is more established, you can easily add a gallery page to draw visitors in with photos of your beautiful facilities or dedicated pages for services and pricing, appointment booking, and customer testimonials.

6. Keene: Best or Medical and Dental Practices

Squarespace Keene template
Keene’s spare design is a good fit for clinicians and other medical providers.
Keene‘s clean, professional design makes it ideal for healthcare practitioners, and it gets straight to the point by putting all the important info at the top of the homepage. You can find it among the version 7.0 templates.

When visitors land on your site, they’ll see large text links to essential pages such as care provider bios, services and detailed FAQs, a new patient portal, and a contact form.

I also like how every page has a soft green navigation bar and footer for your location and contact information. There’s even a search icon on the top right corner of the homepage.

7. Myhra: Best for Nutritional Coaches

Squarespace Myhra Template Homepage
Myhra is a great choice for nutritionists who like to blog
You’ll find Myhra in the Health & Beauty category, and this template would be an excellent fit for a nutritionist or dietician website. Its long, scrolling homepage lets you interweave text about healthy eating and beautiful banner photographs to create a visually appealing website. The final touch is the signup form at the end of the homepage, which will help you keep your clients in the loop.

You can easily add pages for your services and fees while maintaining a harmonious color palette. Another standout feature of this template is the blog section, which you can use to share seasonal recipes and meal plans. Squarespace lets you categorize your posts so readers can quickly find what they want.

8. Saltless: Best for Selling Wellness Products

Squarespace Saltless Template Homepage
Saltless sets the right tone with an elegant and minimalistic homepage
Saltless is another standout from the Health & Beauty category. This elegant e-commerce template is tailor-made for a business that wants to showcase its high-end wellness products.

Everything about this template communicates luxury, from the default color palette to the various page layouts. The gallery-style store page lets you artfully display your individual product lines. And other built-in pages let you share the inspiration behind your products and the history of your wellness brand.

Didn’t Find What You Were Looking For? Check Out These Templates From Our Favorite Site Builders

If you’re still undecided about which template to choose for your health and wellness website, here are a few more picks from Wix, SITE123, and Webador that might have what you need.

Danielle Jones: Excellent Built-in Communication Tools

Wix Yoga Instructor Template Homepage
Danielle Jones gives off a calm feel, perfect for health and wellness sites
Wix has separate categories for health and wellness, so there are dozens of designs to choose from. Danielle Jones (from the Wellness category) immediately draws you in with its full-screen header image and a simple, pretty logo. I also love the unobtrusive yet appealing menu design with jump links that take you to the different sections of the homepage.

Another great thing about this template is its built-in communication features. It includes a booking tool, a customizable contact form, and a live chat app. These tools make it easy for prospective clients to contact you and inquire about your services or schedule an appointment.

SITE123: Best for Massage Therapists

SITE123 Wellness Template Homepage
All SITE123 templates are simple but effective
SITE123 doesn’t have a special category for health and wellness. Still, you can find designs that would be a great fit in the Business category. This template is for massage therapists, with a serene color palette and rounded, neat font contributing to the relaxing feel.

That said, you can customize this design to match your wellness business needs by adding your own services and pricing. Also, if you have a physical location, this template comes with a preinstalled digital map so visitors can easily find you.

Webador: Best for Health and Wellness Teams

Webador Wellness Template Example Homepage
Webador’s templates have a clean and polished look you can easily customize
Webador has a few health-oriented templates, and this one works particularly well for a team of health professionals. There’s a dedicated page for showcasing your team members, which you can customize by adding your own photos, bios, and contact links.

I like the font’s playfulness and the favicon design – it’s a good way to keep your style consistent and make your wellness brand more memorable. Also, the blogging section can help increase your online presence, as readers can share your posts about healthy living on social media.

Here Are the Best Squarespace Templates for Health and Wellness Businesses

Choosing a template can be tough, but consider the message you want to communicate when visitors hit your homepage. While a life coach might focus on nurturing and motivation, a physician should emphasize qualifications and competence.

All health and wellness experts, regardless, require a website that simplifies their schedule management, enables them to accept payments for goods and services, and lets clients schedule appointments online.

The templates on my list look fabulous and have the tools and features you’ll need to run your business like a real pro.


Do I need a website for my business?

Absolutely. A well-designed website is the best way to connect with prospective customers, especially in the highly competitive wellness field. Whether you’re a gym owner, life coach, massage therapist, or even a doctor, having a strong online presence helps potential clients understand what’s unique about your services and how they’ll benefit from working with you.

Can I sell products on Squarespace?

Yes. You’ll need a Business plan or above, but you can add a store page to any Squarespace template (and many templates come with one built-in). You’ll also have to connect a payment processor, like Paypal, Stripe, or Square, but that’s easily done.

What is the most versatile template on Squarespace?

Many Squarespace templates include features such as a blog section, a contact page, and a store page. This built-in versatility lets you customize the designs to fit your needs. When choosing a Squarespace template, it’s best to focus on its core design and aesthetic – you can easily incorporate additional functionality if needed.

What is the best Squarespace template for SEO?

All Squarespace templates are designed with SEO best practices in mind, such as clean URLs, mobile optimization, and SSL certificates. If you want to improve your rankings, building on these elements with high-quality content and appropriate keyword optimization is essential.

If you need help with SEO and other aspects of website creation, check out our step-by-step guide to building a website in 2024.

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