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How to Hire a Freelance Writer that Makes You Happy

Barbara Harris

A great feature the internet provides for all of us is the ability to connect with more people around the globe. One benefit to this interconnectedness is that it provides a much larger pool of candidates for business owners to hire from.

For example, if a business owner in Canada needs a copywriter to create 45 product descriptions for his e-commerce website, he can hire someone based in London to do the job. She is not limited to her community, or even her country.

Freelance marketplaces can now be accessed by anyone. Word-of-mouth referrals can be reached practically anywhere.

Great news. But you still need to know how to go about it, or you could easily end up with the wrong copywriter. To prevent yourself from wasting a lot of time and money, consider these freelance hiring guidelines so that you will end up hiring someone that’s qualified and capable of getting the job done.

Using freelance marketplaces

The first step in hiring a freelancer is posting an ad for your project. As the client, you will need to describe the type of work you want done as well as the price you’re willing to pay to have it completed.


Title: XYZ Company Seeks Experienced Writer for High Quality Website Content

Body: XYZ Company is seeking an experienced writer to assist with our website content. Writer must speak and write proper English and be familiar with website optimization to help our website become ranked in the search engine. We are on a restricted budget but are open to negotiations with the right contractor.

Fixed Rate: $250

Once the ad is posted,, writers will submit a proposal for that work and from there you can then select the best writer for your needs. It is important to always ask for writing samples. This will help asses the writer’s quality and ensure you get a writing style you want for your site.


Just posting an add and hoping for the best is not enough. Although you might get a lot of offers that sound great, choosing the wrong freelance writer could be rather costly. Following a few simple, yet  crucial, guidelines will save you a whole lot of distress.

  1. Don’t Base Your Decision Solely on Price. While finding a writer within your budget is important, you should never base your decision solely on price.

    Good quality writers can tend to ask for higher prices. However, with good writers you get what your money’s worth. After all, the quality of your content will determine how successful your site will be.

  1. Look for Experienced Writers. You should make a point out of looking at a writers experience. Writers that have a history of producing good work and completing it on time are invaluable.

    Hiring inexperienced writers can be a risky business. Therefore, it usually pays to cough up that extra dime and hire a writer that already has plenty of positive feedback.

  1. Look for Writers in Your Field. Good writers tend to specialize. By reviewing a writer’s completed jobs, you can find out if this writer has dealt with your niche before. This will save you and your writer a lot of research hours, and will enable your writer to show his expertise in your field.

  2. Ask Someone You Trust for Referrals. If you have contacts in the web marketing field, advertising, design, or media field, see if they can recommend someone to write your web copy. Even a copywriter who can’t help you at the moment might give you a good referral. As long as you know and trust your contact, chances are you could end up with the right person.

Hiring a writer can be an excellent business investment. You can create a lot more time for yourself and save yourself the expense of stomach antacids too.

Just know that you will likely get what you pay for. Hiring an amateur could be the most expensive thing you do. As long as you make a careful analysis of what you can afford, tap into your contacts for referrals, use quality freelance marketplaces, and do a little research on the writer(s) you are considering (like reviewing their portfolio, finding out their experience), then you should be able to find one that is a good fit.

Happy hunting!

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