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Wix Tutorials: 8 Essential YouTube Learning Resources [2024]

Ari Denial Ari DenialWebsite Development Expert
So, you’re eager to build your Wix website or improve the one you already have. Wix has a vast knowledge base to help you out, but who wants to have to read through a long list of steps?

As with many things in life, YouTube is a great resource to learn more about Wix. You’ll find tutorials that cover a wide range of topics, like how to get started with Wix or how to use certain advanced features.

With so many videos to choose from, finding the best ones isn’t easy. Wix is constantly evolving, and you don’t want to waste time watching tutorials that are out of date!

I’ve watched dozens of videos so you don’t have to, and picked out eight of the best just for you. Now, you can learn how to build a Wix website you can be proud of.

1. How to Create a Free Wix Website

If you’re new to Wix, this 18-minute walkthrough video is an excellent place to start. It’s a straightforward Wix tutorial for beginners that takes you step-by-step through the process of building a basic Wix website. You can have your website online in under 20 minutes.

It will teach you the most essential things you need to know, including all the functions of the Wix editor interface.

What You’ll Learn

This video teaches you how to:

●     Add pages
  • Insert images
  • Customize image galleries
  • Add different types of text to your website
  • Add and edit a contact form
  • Modify page layouts
  • Add text animations

2. How to Make a Website with Wix

If you’ve got the time to sit through it, this hour-long guide is a great pick. It’s simple to follow, taking you through both basic and advanced techniques for creating your first Wix website.

Whether you’re a beginner or you just want to brush up on your skills, you’ll find everything you could possibly need to know to create a single-page layout website that looks professional.

Instead of teaching you how to modify an existing template to build your website, this video starts you off with a completely blank template, so you’ll have complete control over every design element on your site.

The video takes you from signing up for your Wix account to publishing your finished website.

What You’ll Learn

In this tutorial, you’ll learn to:
  • Change fonts and colors
  • Create and edit your contact forms
  • Use rulers and gridlines to help with placing your website elements
  • Use page anchors and menu editing to create a single page website that’s easy to navigate
  • Add a page or section background, including video backgrounds
  • Create a semi-transparent header
  • Add and edit buttons on your website and make your buttons stand out
  • Add parallax and animation effects to your site elements
  • Use layers to control the way your website looks
  • Use color overlays to make your headings stand out on image backgrounds
  • Use social links to increase engagement
  • Create your own header from scratch and make it “sticky”

3. 24 Easy Mistakes to Make Building a Wix Website

This video is one of a kind in this list, because instead of focusing on the process of creating a Wix website, it discusses the top mistakes you might make when building one. You’ll also learn how making these mistakes can cost you in terms of traffic, sales, and customer engagement.

The video goes over 24 mistakes really fast — in 20 minutes! So, you may have to pause it if you’re taking notes. Even though it’s brief, it still gives you a really great overview of the things you might never have considered to be lacking in your Wix website.

What You’ll Learn

These are some of the mistakes discussed:
  • Not paying attention to the mobile version of your website
  • Not using CTA buttons on your website
  • Having a slow website with images that take too long to load
  • Using too many fonts on your website
  • Not using social media links on your homepage
  • Not using an alt description for your website logo
  • Using low-quality images that look pixelated
  • Having ads on your website
  • Not using exit-intent popups
  • Not having an SEO strategy

4. How to Create a Wix Store Step-By-Step

If you want to build a successful online store for your Wix website, this hour-long Wix tutorial is perfect. In 15 steps, you’ll learn everything you need to know, and it’s very easy to follow.

There are handy timestamp links in the video description so you can quickly access the various steps, in case you don’t want to set up everything all in one sitting. You can also use them to revisit one of the steps later as you build your store.

This tutorial is excellent for beginners — no previous Wix experience is required. But it isn’t just for beginners. The amount of detail is perfect for anyone who needs a comprehensive guide to building a Wix store.

What You’ll Learn

After watching this video, you’ll know how to:
  • Set up your Wix store and edit your general settings
  • Add products and product collections
  • Customize your product page design
  • Set up your payment providers (including what to do if you don’t have a PayPal account)
  • Add different shipping options
  • Design a homepage for your store
  • Design and customize product catalog pages
  • Edit your store’s menus
  • Add and edit new pages
  • Edit the way your store’s shopping cart looks
  • Create and edit a “Thank You” page
  • Buy a domain name and make your store live
  • Change the currency for your store

5. Underrated Wix Features You Probably Don’t Know About

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge of Wix beyond the basics, then you’ll love this 18-minute video that discusses some of Wix’s more advanced features. Everything is presented in a very clear, beginner-friendly way.

This tutorial covers little-known Wix features that can help your website look better, perform better, and give you more opportunities to engage with your audience.

What You’ll Learn

You’ll find out how to:
  • Use eye-catching cinemagraphs (sort of a crossover between a photo and a video) on your website
  • Submit your website to Google
  • Create customizable maps
  • Use Wix Chat to interact with your website visitors
  • Create a members’ area
  • Get faster support from Wix using the multi-channel ticketing system
  • Edit your images directly with the Wix image editor
  • Customize the menu on the mobile version of your website

6. Creating a Multi-Layered Parallax Site

If you’re comfortable with the basics in Wix, this fast-paced, ten-minute video is a perfect way to explore some of the more creative design options available. It combines a variety of techniques to help you create parallax scrolling effects that will make your website really stand out.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to have a decent amount of Wix experience to really benefit from this tutorial.

It also teaches you how to take advantage of Wix’s x/y positioning tool — something that few Wix tutorial videos cover. Since this is one of the features that makes Wix so flexible, it’s a great tool to master.

What You’ll Learn

There are no lengthy explanations in this video — just a step-by-step walkthrough of everything you need to do to achieve parallax effects. It teaches you how to:
  • Create a blank strip
  • Use the x/y positioning tools
  • Create images that are the right size for achieving the effects
  • Use static typographic image layers
  • Use the reveal scroll feature
  • Take advantage of the layers panel when working with multiple layers
  • Use interactive hover boxes with animation effects
  • Attach images to strips to create an interactive slideshow
  • Create scroll effects where images scroll under the text

7. How to Create a Dynamic Item Page and Index Page with Velo

Wix Velo (formerly known as Corvid) is a relatively new addition to Wix’s developer tools. It’s essentially an upgraded version of Wix Code (which is now been retired). With Wix Velo, you can create advanced web applications and take advantage of hassle-free coding. This eight-minute video is a great introduction to just one thing you can do with it.

As you can probably guess, Wix Velo requires some technical know-how, and this tutorial does assume that you’re not a beginner. It helps you learn what’s possible with Wix Velo and takes you step-by-step through how to create and use dynamic item pages. These are particularly useful if you want to display multiple items, such as courses or recipes, on different pages using a single layout.

What You’ll Learn

Although it’s only eight minutes long, this video takes you through a lot of essential Wix Velo functions in a clear and concise way. You’ll learn how to:
  • Build a dynamic item page that allows you to create hundreds of new pages, each with its own content and custom URL
  • Define the URL by changing the default structure
  • Use the site-structure sidebar
  • Use text placeholders on dynamic item pages
  • Connect elements in your dynamic item pages to a dataset (which replaces the placeholder text on published pages with the actual text you want displayed)
  • Create an index page (and understand why you must have an index page if you want to give your visitors a great experience on your website)

8. Wix SEO Tips

This tutorial gives you easy-to-implement SEO tips to help you drive traffic to your website. It’s a short, eight-minute video that not only teaches you how to implement SEO on your Wix website, but also explains why SEO is so important to help you rank well in Google search results.

What You’ll Learn

In no time at all, you’ll discover:
  • Why metadata is important, what it does, and how to edit your metadata to maximize your ranking potential
  • How to use keywords in your titles to help improve your Google ranking
  • How to incorporate keywords in your page descriptions, and why they those keywords are important
  • How to add overall keywords for your website and pages
  • How an effective SEO strategy can get your website noticed for the right reasons
  • Why you need to use alt descriptions for all your images, and how to add them
  • How to get the most out of the “Get Found on Google” tool in Wix

Enhance Your Design, Development, and Optimization Skills

YouTube offers a fantastic feature: if you desire to acquire a new skill, you can almost certainly find a video created by someone, somewhere, to instruct you. The potential for learning is limitless.

Wix tutorials on YouTube don’t just teach you how to build your website — they offer you the opportunity to learn how to build web applications, how to add fancy elements to your website, and so much more. YouTube tutorials can take you from being an absolute beginner, to being an advanced user who understands complex web development techniques.

And it won’t cost you a cent.

If you’d like to learn more about Wix, check out our expert review.

Or, if you’re ready to get started with your website, click the button below.

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