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10 Best Drag and Drop Website Builders in 2024

Andrés Gánem Andrés GánemWebsite Development Expert January 13, 2024
January 13, 2024
You don’t have to be a professional designer to create your ideal website. With drag-and-drop builders, you get an immense amount of control over the look and functionality of your website through an intuitive user interface. However, there are an overwhelming number of drag-and-drop builders, and you don’t want to be stuck with one that can’t meet your needs.

You’re looking for a solution that, besides being user-friendly, contains the tools you need to run the kind of site you want, whether that be an online store, a blog, an online portfolio, or anything in between.

To help you find the ideal fit for your online store, blog, or anything in between, I performed extensive testing and research among the most popular builders on the market. Though results will vary, my favorite overall builder is Wix. It offers complete design freedom, tons of integrations, and a wide range of plans for different budgets.

However, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. So, keep reading to discover the best drag-and-drop builder for you, or sign up for a Wix plan right now.

Short on Time? These are the Best Drag-and-Drop Website Builders in 2024:

  • Expert’s Choice
    wix-logo Wix
    Wix is a popular choice with our readers
    800 free templates, flexible drag-and-drop builder, and 300+ apps for site customization.
  • sire123-logo SITE123 Dead-simple and lighting-fast editing, ideal for single-page websites and beginners.
  • squarespace-logo-1 Squarespace Has gorgeous designs, e-commerce and blogging features, and is quite easy to use.

What We Look For in the Best Drag-and-Drop Website Builders

With so many site builders out there, here’s a short list of the criteria I used to narrow down my options:
  • General ease of use – Every site builder on this list is, if not immediately easy to use, at least easy to learn. The whole point is not to make web design your next career move.
  • Good-looking templates and themes – Do I need to explain this? No I don’t, because you’re smart, good looking, and have a fantastic personality.
  • Customization – No matter how good a template looks, if it doesn’t reflect your branding, that’s going to cause problems down the road. Every site builder here lets you (at the very least) swap out the colors, imagery, and typography of your site so you can maintain a consistent visual presence online.
  • Add-ons and apps, e-commerce and blogging – A site builder that lets you just put some pages up is good enough…for a middle-school project. A site builder that lets you run a whole business online by extending your site’s basic functionality is better.

Why Go for a Drag-And-Drop Builder?

Drag-and-drop builders aren’t the only option for creating a website. Not only are there a wide variety of website builders with different types of editors like point-and-click and section editing, but you could also do it the old-fashioned way and mess with CSS code yourself or even hire a professional designer.

That said, not everyone has the resources or technical know-how to hire a designer or build and manage a website themselves. Even if you do, website builders take care of a very important portion of website hosting and maintenance. This leaves a lighter workload so you can focus on running your site exactly how you want.

Though builders with other editor types also take care of these features, I’ve found that drag-and-drop builders give you the greatest degree of creative freedom. That’s to say: you can create the exact website you want to create, with minimal constraints. Drag-and-drop builders offer the best of both worlds: they are easy to use and you don’t have to worry about management, but they still let you realize your vision exactly how you want.

Wix Business Consulting Company template
Wix’s templates tend toward the colorful. Hover over for more.
Wix is first on the list, and frankly has been first on pretty much all of our site builder lists for a long time. That’s because Wix is very hard to compete with in terms of features, functionality, and sheer bang for your buck (or other currency of choice.)

Thanks to its selection of 800+ templates, full app market, and near-limitless drag-and-drop editing, Wix gives you nearly any tool you can think of to design your site exactly how you want. Besides, Wix is constantly introducing new technologies to keep its offering updated, like the recent introduction of generative AI tools.

Since it comes with such a high number of features, there really isn’t any kind of website that Wix isn’t suited for. Do you want e-commerce, blogging, video hosting, and restaurant menus? All of it’s available with Wix.

However, complete freedom isn’t always a good thing. Since there are no limits to how you can edit your site, that also means there are no restrictions in place to keep it from being a mess. While it’s still suitable for most users, I think you’ll get the most out of Wix if you’re already comfortable with your design skills. Fortunately, the undo button is there to help you out.

Editing a site in Wix
You really can drag and drop stuff anywhere…and I mean anywhere.
wix logo alt 2

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  • Over 800 templates. That’s right, over 800 templates designed for every conceivable purpose and industry. And if you really want to, you can even choose a blank template to design your site from scratch.
  • Exceptional app store.  With over 300 apps to choose from, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be able to add the exact features you want, whether that’s pricing tables, maps, fancy image galleries, or even online bookings.
  • Robust e-commerce. Wix Stores is technically… well… an app. But that doesn’t mean it’s not powerful, and fully featured with inventory management, tax and shipping calculation, and pretty much everything else you’d need for a small- to medium-sized online store.
  • Wix SEO Wiz. One of Wix’s side services is an SEO tool that literally uses machine learning to do most of your SEO work for you. It’s free, too. Hard to argue with that.
Want more info? Check out our expert review on Wix.

Free Plan
Templates 800+
Customer Support Phone, Email / Ticket System
Starting Price of Paid Plan $16.00

SITE123 Cash Binary template
Every SITE123 template will look great on desktop, tablet, or mobile
SITE123’s philosophy is built right into its name. The entire goal is to get you up and running with a reasonably complete site in minutes. If you have your text and images ready to go, that goal is entirely possible. If not, you can always use SITE123’s free images, videos, and icons to build a website with professional flair.

If you don’t want to fuss with the design too much and just need to build a quick and easy site for your business, portfolio, wedding announcement, blog, or CV, this is the builder for you. And if you want to add a store, SITE123 can get that done.

SITE123 Editor
SITE123’s builder is fast, reasonably pretty, and…did I mention it was fast
The catch? Well, SITE123’S free plan is a little light on features, though it’s a great way to familiarize yourself with the builder. That’s not to say it doesn’t include some great features, like a schedule booking tool and social media and audio/video streaming links. While some of the really good stuff is reserved for paid plans, they’re still a good deal.

site123 logo alt 2

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  • Extremely simple site building. This site builder, like many others, allows you to add pre-made blocks of content to your page, and focuses on quick and easy edits. It’s not very flexible and you don’t get total control over your design, but it’s fast.
  • E-commerce and marketing features.  You can build a simple store and process your payments through Stripe, PayPal, Square, Amazon Pay, and other services. You can also send up to 10,000 marketing emails per month. You’ll need the Professional or Gold plan to do this, but it’s worth it if you plan to do a lot of business online.
  • Useful apps.  The app market contains third-party tools for things like building forms, inserting pricing tables, enabling bookings, etc. But a lot of the most popular apps are for services like Google Analytics, Hotjar, Zendesk and Facebook Chat, and other third-party business tools.
  • Multilingual sites.  This is a feature you don’t see in every site builder. If you’re operating in multiple countries, or even just shipping products internationally, a multi-language site is a must.
For more info on SITE123, check out our expert review.

Free Plan
Templates 185+
Customer Support 24/7 Live Chat and email
Starting Price of Paid Plan $12.80

Squarespace Nolan template
You can pretty much thank Apple for this aesthetic
Now here’s where I offer my personal opinion: I like Squarespace a lot. If I weren’t obsessed with managing servers and building my own sites from scratch, Squarespace is where I’d go.

This site builder is easy to use, has gorgeous, minimalist web design, and several handy business-related tools to get you up and running. It’s for professionals that want a sleek website, but don’t feel like paying tens of thousands of dollars for it.

the Squarespace editor
Squarespace’s editor is simple, fast, and intuitive
Though Squarespace is famous for its elegant, professionally designed templates, you aren’t restricted to them if none catch your eye. Thanks to Squarespace Studio, you can begin with a high-quality, personalized template just for you.

Keep in mind that Squarespace is a fair bit pricier than most other builders on this list. It’s not outrageously expensive but if you’re on a tight budget, that’s something to keep in mind.

squarespace logo alt 2 1 1

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  • A great-looking online store – Squarespace’s commitment to beautiful design extends to its full suite of online store features. As long as you have even a few decent photos of your product, whatever you sell is going to look high-end. Plus you get inventory management, tax and shipping fee calculation, selling via social media, and PayPal/Stripe/Square integrations. The practical stuff is all there.
  • Solid blogging features – The blog system has all the features you’d expect – categories, tags, multiple authors, post scheduling, and more. What I really like is that you edit your blog posts the same way you edit the rest of your site: in the site builder. As you write, you’re actually seeing exactly how your post will look when you publish it.
  • Third-party integrations – Squarespace doesn’t have an “app store” as such, but it is integrated with a whole bunch of third party platforms by default. You can easily add Google Maps, an OpenTable restaurant booking form, Google AMP, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Dropbox image sync, and even Flickr. (Remember Flickr?)
  • Marketing, SEO, and scheduling tools – Squarespace has a built-in email marketing platform, SEO features, social sharing buttons, and even an analytics tool of its own. Everything’s right there in the same dashboard as the site builder, so you can market your content with minimal effort.
Check out our expert Squarespace review for more.

Free Plan
Templates 140+
Customer Support Email /Ticket System, Live Chat, Community Forum
Starting Price of Paid Plan $16.00

Customizing your Webador website When you sign up for a Webador account, you’ll be asked if you want to build a website, webshop, or blog. You can always skip this step and go straight to Webador’s templates, which are all modern and mobile-ready. Once you pick your template, you’ll find the intuitive editor makes designing your  site easy – even if you’re a total novice.

Click on “Design” to adjust the colors, text layout and background of your template. Then go to the “Editor” to drag and drop images, videos, slideshows, text, forms, social media buttons and more to your site. You’ll see all your changes in real time. Webador doesn’t automatically save your changes so be sure to click on the green “Save” button if you like what you see.

Customizing your Webador website
Drag and drop text, images, video and more to build an appealing website
While Webador doesn’t have an app market, it offers a good selection of integrations for popular add-ons, like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and popular payment gateways. Other notable features you can use to enhance your site include a built-in HD video player and the option to upload MP3 audio, available on its paid plans.

Webador was designed to be a super-easy builder, so you don’t get full creative design freedom or some advanced features, but it’s a good option for smaller businesses, blogs, and personal sites.

Learn more about Webador’s features in our expert review


  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth. Webador doesn’t limit the number of pages, storage (images and text) or visitors your website attracts – great for portfolios and blog sites.
  • Statistics to improve search ranking. Your website’s Statistics page gives you an overview of your site’s performance. It updates each day.
  • All-in-one online store. Weber’s online store is built into every template. All you have to do is upgrade your plan to start adding products, accepting payments, and fulfilling orders. The features and tools you need are there.
  • Switch templates. If you’re not happy with the template you picked, you can select a new one at any time without losing your work. Webador will automatically upload your images, text, and other content to the new template.
Free Plan
Templates 50+
Customer Support Via email
Starting Price  $0

IONOS templates
IONOS offers a nice selection of hip, modern templates
MyWebsite Now by IONOS is an amazing builder for creating trendy, modern websites in minutes. The editor is intuitive, fast, and the result is a fully responsive, fast-charging website.

IONOS’ editor works similarly to Squarespace’s. There’s a catalog of pre-built sections, each customizable enough to fit a wide variety of content. You can add new sections to any part of the page. If you want to change the site’s design (colors, fonts, etc..) there’s a special menu that lets you apply global changes, or you can edit each section individually – if that’s more your style.

IONOS Editor
It takes seconds to add new sections
MyWebsite Now isn’t the most customizable builder on this list, but that’s by design. If you need extra editing features, you can upgrade to MyWebsite Now Plus, which increases the creative freedom and features exponentially. You’ll be able to arrange elements in pre-built sections, add custom HTML, increase your stored content five-fold, and let visitors schedule appointments with a built-in online booking tool.

IONOS’ template selection isn’t huge, either. But if you want a simple builder that can still give you stunning results, IONOS deserves a closer look.


  • Online stores available at any moment. Unlike other builders, IONOS doesn’t have a separate plan for online stores. Instead, you can add e-commerce functionalities at any moment for a little extra.
  • Incredibly fast websites. Not only does the IONOS builder let you create websites fast, it also lets you create fast websites. Websites made with IONOS load almost immediately.
  • Immediately mobile responsive. Any changes you make to the desktop version of your site are automatically reflected in the mobile version.
  • Personal customer service consultant. IONOS offers a dedicated customer service agent to every customer free of charge. Your personal consultant will help you make the most of your online presence.
Read our IONOS expert review for more info.
Free Plan No
Templates 23
Customer Support 24/7 Live Chat, 24/7 Phone in the US
Starting Price of Paid Plan $6.00

6. Shopify: The Best Platform for Dedicated E-Commerce Sites

Shopify Motion Theme
Shopify lets you create professional, functional e-commerce sites
If you want a website dedicated to e-commerce, Shopify is the ideal choice. Shopify offers powerful, intuitive tools that let you create advanced e-commerce websites without the need for coding skills. Thanks to its wide variety of powerful analytic and store management features, it ensures that you have the tools to run and scale your business however you want.

Shopify is the world’s leading e-commerce platform for a reason. Whatever your industry is, Shopify can help you create a site to support it. Besides simple online store tools, Shopify includes features for creating appointments, digital subscriptions, online menus, and more.

Shopify Editor
Shopify gives you every tool you need to run an e-commerce website
However, it does come at a premium. While its price might be a little high for users who just want to sell a couple of goodies on the side, Shopify’s advanced e-commerce tools make it an ideal investment for fully-fledged online businesses.


  • Thousand of third-party themes. Though Shopify offers a very respectable selection of themes, you can find thousands of affordable and good-looking alternatives throughout third-party markets.
  • Advanced financial tracking. Shopify allows you to take complete control over the financial movements of your website thanks to its advanced analytics tools.
  • Logo creation services. Branding is one of the most important parts of any business. That’s why Shopify offers the Shopify Logo Maker, to help you create a unique identity for your site.
  • Integration with Shopify’s POS. If you also have a physical location, you can integrate Shopify’s point-of-sale (POS) systems into your website for a complete overview of your sales and expenses.
Read our expert Shopify review for more details.

Free Plan
Templates 140+ proprietary, thousands of third-party
Customer Support Live chat, phone, ticket system
Starting Price of Paid Plan $29.00

7. Web.com: A Drag-And-Drop Builder for More Experienced Users

Web.com Writer Template
Web.com gives you an advanced level of control over your design.
Web.com is almost the middle point between drag-and-drop website builders and more professional-oriented programs. While it maintains the simplicity of drag-and-drop editing, it offers a level of customization that more experienced users will appreciate.

Web.com also stands out for its wide array of branding tools. You can design logos and create mockups directly on the platform, streamlining your branding process and keeping your visual identity consistent across all materials. Besides, Web.com offers AI copywriting services geared specifically towards e-commerce. This service can help you generate product descriptions, blog posts, and other content to engage visitors and boost sales.

Web.com Editor
Web.com offers powerful editing options, but it can get overwhelming
Despite its strengths, Web.com may not be the best fit for everyone due to its higher learning curve and pricing. It’s not as immediately intuitive as some competitors, requiring a basic understanding of web design principles. That said, if you’re willing to put the time in, its sophisticated design tools give you a great degree of control over your site.


  • Advanced “flex” editor. You can switch between the normal editor and the advanced “flex” editor to design with more detail.
  • Branding tools. Web.com includes a suite of branding tools for functions that include logo creation, business name generation, and product creation.
  • Dedicated marketing dashboard. If you want to reach a wider audience, Web.com provides a dedicated dashboard for its marketing features.
  • com’s “Quickstart” service. If you’re not big on designing your website yourself, you can hire Web.com’s “Quickstart” service, which lets professionals design your site for you and then edit based on your preferences.
Read our expert Web.com review for more details.

Free Plan
Templates 150+
Customer Support Live chat, phone, email
Starting Price of Paid Plan $4.95

Other Notable Drag-And-Drop Builders

Hostinger Website Builder

Hostinger website builder Presson Template
The Hostinger website builder gives you access to useful AI tools for quick editing
Hostinger Website Builder is noteworthy for its integration of powerful AI tools to simplify the building process. It makes building a professional-looking website accessible, even if you’re not a tech expert. With a single, affordable plan, it ensures that you can enjoy premium features without worrying about escalating costs. And thanks to its user-friendly editor, you can tailor your site to your liking with just a few clicks.


Duda Haus Template
Duda is the drag-and-drop builder for experienced designers and agencies
Duda is a drag-and-drop builder that’s tailored for professionals and agencies. It offers advanced design tools that give you the power to create sophisticated websites. With backend customization options, agencies can streamline their workflows and maintain control over complex projects. However, its advanced features mean it requires a certain level of design expertise, making it less suitable for novices.ž


Elementor Hello Theme
Elementor is the premiere drag-and-drop plugin for WordPress
Elementor is a versatile drag-and-drop page builder that’s a favorite among WordPress users. Its extensive library of widgets and templates makes it easy for you to design your site in real time. The flexibility and depth of customization options available in Elementor are ideal for those who wish to create a unique, professional-looking website while taking full advantage of the WordPress content management system (CMS).

How to Build a Website (No Coding Required!)

Long gone are the days when you needed to know how to code to build a website. Of course, you can still do that if you like – but why would you when affordable, fully-featured, and beginner-friendly website builders exist? Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to help you get started:

1. Choose a website builder. Not a single website builder in this article requires coding knowledge to get started. Our top recommended builder, Wix, has a super intuitive drag-and-drop editor that’s easy to use, even for absolute beginners.

2. Customize a template. Templates are a great way to design your website without having to put in hours of work. Simply pick one that matches your brand, customize the elements, add content, and you’re good to go.

3. Add apps. Apps add extra functionality to your website, turning it from a basic information hub to a multi-functional business tool. Simply use your chosen site builder’s built-in app store to find the best apps for your business.

4. Optimize your SEO. People may have a hard time finding your website without search engines, so it’s important to improve your site to raise its rank on results pages. You can do this by hand or by using SEO tools.

These Are the Best Drag-and-Drop Website Builders

Frankly, the site builder market has never been better. There are loads of options out there, and these days it’s easy (comparatively speaking) to start a blog, online business, web magazine, or just about anything else you can think of. It’s also never been cheaper.

If you feel comfortable with your design skills, and you have the time to go all-out with it, the option is clear; Wix offers the most customization freedom of any builder on this list.

If you are new to this whole website-building business, SITE123 is the most user-friendly builder and it doesn’t compromise on quality.

If you’d rather get a little extra help, and you want an elegant and visually striking site, Squarespace is the way to go.

I, being an intermittent web designer myself, regretfully admit the veracity of this statement: eliminating the intermediary significantly reduces the stress, time, and expenses associated with bringing your business, hobby, or spontaneous idea online. However, it’s worth considering that when you begin generating revenue from your website, the option to hand over the task to a professional always remains available.

Did you process all of that information? Skip some of it? No worries, here’s a simple table to help you make your decision:
Free Plan Best Feature Best For Starting Price
Wix Loads of templates and detailed site customization Easy website design with full creative control $16.00
SITE123 Dead-simple website building Novices who want to get online fast $12.80
Squarespace Quality, responsive template designs and ample features Visually striking business and personal sites $16.00
Webador Beginner-friendly website builder Small businesses and other simple sites $4.00
IONOS Affordable, fast design for modern-looking sites Budget-friendly website building  $6.00
Shopify Powerful and complete e-commerce functionality Dedicated e-commerce websites $29.00
Web.com More detailed control over website Builders with a little more experience looking for complete control $4.95


What is a drag-and-drop website builder?

In short, it’s a site builder that lets you design a web page or website by dragging and dropping pre-made elements, widgets, or blocks of content around.

Some site builders have a grid-based layout that snaps elements into place so your site will always look polished. On the other hand, a service like Wix lets you do almost anything with the layout. The point is that drag-and-drop site builders are designed to let you build a website in a way that makes sense without having to have years of experience under your belt.

What is the best drag-and-drop website builder?

As with so many things in life, that depends on what you need. If you want near-complete design freedom, Wix is the closest you’re going to get. If you want something simpler but highly professional-looking, Squarespace has you covered. Want to make the blog of the century? WordPress.com is probably your best bet.

What is the easiest drag-and-drop builder for beginners?

When it comes to easy website building, it’s hard to beat SITE123 for sheer simplicity, especially if you want a free plan. A big advantage to this builder is the option to upgrade to a paid plan to add advanced features as your needs change or your business grows. Another good – if not more basic – option for true novices is MyWebsite Now from IONOS.

How do I create a drag-and-drop website?

Well, it’s mostly in the name. You drag…and you drop. Once you’ve chosen a website builder and a site template you want to work with, just clear the placeholder content, drop in your own, and drag things around as you like. Push the limits of the site builder, and hit the undo button if things go wrong. Still uncertain how to begin? Our step-by-step guide to website building can help.

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Dima H
wix.com is my top choice when it comes to designs. yoyosites.com is also offering elegant templates, fully custmoizable, at much more affordable budget
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Weebly has BAD service practices. They cancelled my website with no warning and would not allow me to rectify any issues
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1 Reply
Hi Ezequiel. Thank you for this article, it's very helpful. You should also take a look at Joomshaper for Joomla. Fast and easy design too.
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