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Wix Pricing Plans 2022 – How to Avoid the Hidden Costs

Andrea Schlottman Andrea Schlottman

The only thing that makes Wix pricing more complicated than the fact that it offers nine(!) different plans in two different categories – is the hidden costs. After I found myself paying ridiculous added fees even though I was on a (relatively) cheap plan, I decided that I’d had enough.

I went on a mission and jumped head-first into the depth of Wix’s pricing secrets, to make sure that no one else would make the same mistakes I made. Now I’m here to bring you all the information, so you know exactly what you’re paying for (and, when possible, how to pay less for the same features).

Beware: after reading this, you might decide that Wix isn’t even the right website builder for you. One great alternative is Squarespace, which offers many of the same features (and more) for lower prices and without any hidden costs – what you see is what you pay for.

To learn about some other options, check out our Wix alternatives article.

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Wix Hidden Costs – 6 Things to Keep in Mind

If you want to go directly to my Wix plan comparison, jump down now. But be aware that if you don’t pay close attention, you could be in for some unpleasant fee surprises after you commit to a plan. There are a few things you need to know in order to accurately predict how much a Wix website plan will really cost you.

Pro Tip – If you’re new to website building and need a truly professional looking site, consider hiring a designer on Fiverr to set up your initial Wix site for you. It’s a great way to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered and you don’t get lost in Wix’s endless design options. These designers will create an amazing Wix website for you for only $5!

1. Wix’s Advertised Plan Prices Are for YEARLY Payments

With all Wix plans, you can either pay per month, or pay for one, two, or three years in advance. The longer your subscription, the lower your total cost will be. But you have to pay for the entire subscription upfront to get those savings.

Why am I making a big deal out of this? The numbers on Wix pricing pages are for annual subscriptions, even though they’re shown as monthly fees. To find the actual cost, you have to multiply these “per month” numbers by 12 to get the total Wix yearly cost, which you’ll have to pay upfront.

In the screenshot below, for example, Business Unlimited says $27/month, but you’d actually pay $324 upfront ($27/month x 12 months). If you chose to subscribe on a month-to-month basis, you would pay a lot more.

Wix Pricing Plans 6 Tips to Avoid Hidden Costs and Save Money-image1

To show you just how huge the cost difference between monthly and annual subscriptions really is, here’s a breakdown of four Wix plans:

Combo Unlimited Business Unlimited Business VIP
Price per month (paid annually) $13 $17 $27 $49
Price per month (paid monthly) $17 $22 $33 $56
Paying monthly costs you… 31% more 29% more 22% more 14% more

Paying annually isn’t only cheaper – it also means you get these freebies (which monthly subscribers do not get):

  • Free domain for a year
  • Premium apps like Site Booster and Visitor Analytics
  • Free logo with Wix Logo Maker (with applicable plans)
  • $300 ad vouchers

The bottom line? You’ll have to subscribe annually in order to get the full value advertised by Wix.

2. Wix Promotions Won’t Last Forever

Wix is great about offering new users promotional rates, especially when you first sign up. It’s not uncommon to receive discounts as large as 50% off. And hey, that sounds awesome, right?

But these promotions are for a limited time only, typically for the first year. Once the first year is up, the price will go back to normal, and you might get stuck paying a much higher price than you expected.

“Stuck” really is the best word, too, because you won’t be able to migrate your Wix site anywhere else. If the price jump is too high for comfort, your only choice will be to pay it and stay on Wix or build a completely new website on another platform.

3. Free Domains Aren’t Really Free

You can connect a custom domain with all Wix paid plans, but the domain itself is not actually free. The free domain voucher included with an annual subscription is only good for the first year. After the first year, you’ll have to pay to renew your domain (at a typical cost of $12-16 per year).

Wix Pricing Plans 6 Tips to Avoid Hidden Costs and Save Money-image2

There’s another catch, too: your free domain voucher does not include Private Registration. If you want to keep your information anonymous (which protects you from spam and harassment), you have to pay an additional fee of $9.90.

So as great as it sounds, a “free domain” voucher doesn’t mean that your true Wix domain cost will be zero.

4. Email Is Extra

So you’ve paid for your Wix website subscription, and you’ll be paying for your domain after the first year. But wait, there’s…less? You’ll also have to pay if you want email addresses with your domain name (e.g., [email protected]). Buying a personalized mailbox through Google’s G Suite will cost you another $6 per month.

5. Many Wix Apps Cost Extra

Although some of them are free, many of the most useful Wix apps (or at least their most useful features) require additional payment. Premium apps are available on the Wix App Market from both Wix and third parties, with prices typically ranging from around $3 to $15 a month.

Wix Pricing Plans 6 Tips to Avoid Hidden Costs and Save Money-image3

I was curious to see what the competitors had to offer in this regard, so I did some research and found out that:

  • While the WordPress.com Business plan is quite pricey, it offers free, robust plugins for all kinds of business services: form building, lead generation, SEO, product discounts, and more, so you might end up paying less in the long run.
  • Squarespace’s Commerce plans offer point of sale functionalities and allow you to tag and sell products through your Instagram account.

In all honesty, by this point I was starting to feel a little betrayed by my beloved Wix site.

6. Storage Isn’t Unlimited

Because no Wix plan offers unlimited storage, you might eventually run out of space to upload images, videos, file downloads, or products. (As an easy point of comparison, you probably have enough photos on your phone right now to exceed the 3GB of storage provided in the Wix Combo plan.)

Of course, you can always easily upgrade your plan, but that will be yet another added cost.

Wix Plan Prices Vary by Location – Here’s How to Get the Best Deal

Here’s a pro tip to help you get the absolute most out of Wix for the absolute lowest cost: Wix pricing options are different based on your geographic location. For example, the VIP plan costs $39 per month in the United States, but only ¥2,500 in Japan and €24.50 in the EU. Both of those prices are more than $10 cheaper than the US price.

Here’s a closer look at how the VIP plan is priced across different countries and regions.

Region VIP Plan Price in USD
United States $39.00 USD $39.00
Canada $29.00 USD $29.00
United Kingdom £18.00 $23.00
Singapore $24.50 USD $24.50
Japan ¥2,500.00 $23.00
Australia $27.00 USD $27.00
South America $24.50 USD $24.50
Mexico 300 MXN $15.75
Europe €24.50 $27.00

Luckily, you don’t have to move halfway around the world to take advantage of these price differences. By using a VPN, you can change your current location and purchase your plan from a different country.

This is a great trick, but there is one catch. Some countries not only have different prices, but also different Wix packages. Users in India, for example, can only purchase one plan (called Premium), at 29 rupees per month, which is less than $.50 USD.

Wix Price Plans – A First Look

Okay, with those tips out of the way, let’s get to the big question: How much does Wix cost? When it comes to the real cost of Wix, there’s a lot to figure out.

*As previously mentioned, Wix plans and pricing vary from country to country. For this comparison, I’m going to focus on the prices offered to US customers.

There aren’t just one or two plans to choose from. Instead, there are nine Wix pricing plans, ranging from $13 to $500 per month(!!) They’re divided into two categories, called Website and Business & eCommerce.

The category name “Website” is a bit confusing, too, since all Wix plans include a website. To avoid confusion, I’ll refer to the Website category as “General Website.” It’s also important to know that you certainly can create a business site with a General Website plan; you just won’t be able to sell products from the site.

It’s also good to mention that If you’d like to start selling from your site at a later stage, you can always add a store page and upgrade to one of the e-commerce plans.

If you’re already finding Wix’s pricing setup complicated, you’re not alone! To clear up the confusion and make sure you get the right features at the right price, I’m going to break down everything you need to know about Wix pricing, such as:

  • What’s included in each plan (and what’s not)
  • The biggest pros and cons of each plan
  • Who should – and shouldn’t – use each plan

Here’s the basic pricing breakdown Wix will show you:

Wix Pricing Plans 6 Tips to Avoid Hidden Costs and Save Money-image4

Which Pricing Plan Is Right for You?

First of all, which category is right for you? Well, this decision is an easy one:

  • If you just need a website without an online store, then Wix’s General Website category is for you.
  • If you plan to sell products online, you’ll need a Business & eCommerce plan. You can jump down to that section now.

Wix General Website plans work great for personal websites, basic business sites, blogs, and online portfolios. Here’s a quick look at the five plans you’ll have to choose from.

Wix General Website Plans at a Glance

Free Combo Unlimited Pro VIP
Monthly cost

(paid monthly)

$0 $17 $22 $27 $47
Monthly cost (paid annually) $0 $13 $17 $22 $39
Monthly cost (paid every 2 years) $0 $10.50 $13.50 $18 $35
Monthly cost (paid every 3 years) $0 $9 $12 $16 $31
The features below are always included, regardless of your subscription term.
Bandwidth 500MB 2GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage 500MB 3GB 10GB 20GB 20GB
Wix branding ads removed
HD video upload 0 minutes (but you can always embed videos for free) 30 minutes 60 minutes 120 minutes 120 minutes
Email marketing 5,000 individual emails per month, at a max of three campaigns
Custom domain
SSL encryption (HTTPS)
14-day money-back guarantee
VIP customer support
The features below are only included if you purchase an annual, biennial, or triennial subscription. They are not included if you pay monthly.
Free domain Free for 1 year Free for 1 year Free for 1 year Free for 1 year
Ad Vouchers (for Bing, Google, and Local Listings) $300 $300 $300
Site Booster App
Visitor Analytics App
Events Calendar App
Free Logo with Wix Logo Maker

Let’s take a deep dive and see all the features each plan offers:

Free – A Good Starting Point for Personal Websites

Price: $0

With the free plan, you’ll be able to use any of Wix’s beautiful templates and its drag-and-drop website builder. You’ll get enough storage and bandwidth (500MB each) to create a solid foundation for your site. However, your website will display Wix branding at the top, and you won’t be able to create or connect a custom domain.

Wix Pricing Plans 6 Tips to Avoid Hidden Costs and Save Money-image5

One surprisingly great feature, is that even as a free user you can use Wix Email Marketing to send up to 5,000 emails per month across a maximum of three campaigns. This app makes it super-easy (and free) to send out newsletters, updates, or coupons to your subscribers.

You can use Wix Email Marketing for free with any plan. If you need to send more than 5,000 emails per month, though, you’ll have to sign up for one of two email marketing apps by Wix: Ascend or ShoutOut. (Ascend is a separate monthly subscription that offers focused business solutions like chat automation or lead capture forms. ShoutOut is a simpler app that focuses purely on email marketing.)

Is Wix Free right for you? Unless you love the idea of Wix branding under a URL that includes “mywixsite.com,” you’ll want to upgrade to a paid plan. But it’s certainly fine to start with Wix’s free plan. You can try out the builder and figure out exactly which features your site needs, and then step up to the best paid plan for you.

Combo – Simple, Professional-Looking Sites Priced Right for Small Businesses

Price: $14.00 per month (billed annually)

Wix’s cheapest paid plan, Combo, gives you the bare minimum for a high-quality starter website. Your site won’t display Wix branding and you’ll get the ability to use your own domain name. Both of these changes will instantly make your site look more trustworthy and professional.

Compared to the Free plan, you’ll also get upgraded features like:

  • 2GB bandwidth
  • 3GB storage
  • Free domain (for one year)
  • 30 minutes of HD video upload
Is Combo right for you? The ad-free display and custom domain are must-haves for a professional-looking site. Unless your website is for personal use only, upgrading from Free to Combo is worth it for these features alone. The bandwidth and storage are adequate for a small project, but you’ll run into trouble if you upload lots of media or get more site traffic than you expect.

If you feel limited by this plan’s relatively low 2GB of storage, you might like the Basic plan from Site123. For essentially the same price as Wix Combo (perhaps even a little less), Site123 Basic also gives you an ad-free website and custom domain, along with:

  • 10GB storage – over 3x Wix Combo’s storage
  • 5GB bandwidth – over 2x Wix Combo’s bandwidth

Your site will have more room to grow, with space for far more photos, videos, and file downloads – and the ability to offer these goodies to far more website visitors without any glitches.

Unlimited – A Big Leap in Functionality for a Small Increase in Price

Price: $18.00 per month (billed annually)

A major step up from Combo, the Wix Unlimited plan gives you over 3x the storage (10GB), along with unlimited bandwidth to accommodate high traffic. You can also upload up to 60 minutes of HD video, which is great for explainer videos, animations, or other professional marketing pieces.

Unlimited is the cheapest Wix plan that includes the very useful Wix Visitor Analytics and Site Booster, shown below. However, you’ll only get these tools if you subscribe annually.

Wix Pricing Plans 6 Tips to Avoid Hidden Costs and Save Money-image6

With an annual subscription, you’ll also get $300 vouchers for ads on Google, Bing, and local listings to help drive more traffic to your site. So the big takeaway here is that subscribing to Wix Unlimited on a monthly basis is really not an option that makes sense – if you’re going in, go in for a year at least.

Is Unlimited right for you? For a pretty small increase in monthly cost (especially if you pay annually), upgrading from Wix Combo to Unlimited is worth it for most businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. You’ll get more storage space to grow your website, along with ad vouchers and apps to help boost site traffic.

Pro – Possibly Worth It, Especially If You Need a Logo

Price: $39.00 per month (billed annually)

Compared to the Unlimited plan, Wix Pro gives you twice the storage (20GB) and twice the video upload (120 minutes). Even if you run a media-heavy website like a photography/videography portfolio, you’ll be covered for quite a while.

Assuming you subscribe annually, the Pro plan also includes two premium apps:

  • Event Calendars: Sync external calendars to display upcoming events on your site.
  • Wix Logo Maker: Take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and a simple drag-and-drop editor to generate and personalize a logo for your business. (Check out our expert Wix Logo Maker review for a deeper look.)

Is Wix Pro right for you? The major benefits of the Pro plan are the extra storage space and the free logo. It’s a handy option if you have a lot of media or happen to need a logo, but it’s not an amazing upgrade. And since you can always get a logo somewhere else, I’d think twice before buying this plan just for the logo.

If you do need a logo but you don’t need the extra storage space, I recommend you check out Fiverr. You can work with a professional designer to get a custom logo for a one-time payment as low as $5 – much cheaper than the recurring cost of the Wix Pro plan.

VIP – Only Worthwhile If You Expect to Need Urgent Support

Price: $39 per month (billed annually)

The final option in Wix’s General Website category, the VIP plan offers only one advantage over Pro: it comes with priority customer support. Wix will prioritize your phone calls (from Monday to Thursday, 6AM to 5PM US Central Time) as well as your online support tickets, so you won’t have to wait for help.

Is VIP right for you? At nearly twice the price(!) of Pro, the VIP plan should offer a lot more than it does. If uptime is critical to your business and you need website problems resolved urgently, then this higher cost might be worth it. Otherwise, you’ll get the exact same features with the cheaper Pro plan.

That’s it for the General Website plans. If you want to sell products online through Wix, you’ll need to investigate the next category: Business & eCommerce.

Let’s take a look.

Which Wix E-Commerce Plan Can Give You the Highest Profits for the Lowest Price?

With four options available, Wix e-commerce pricing plans allow you to accept online payments and grow your online store. Choosing the right plan can make a huge difference in terms of both revenue and convenience, so don’t miss the detailed explanations I’ve included below this table.

Wix Business & eCommerce Plans at a Glance

Business Basic Business Unlimited Business VIP Enterprise
Monthly cost (paid monthly) $28 $33 $56.00 $750
Monthly cost (paid annually) $23 $27 $49.00 $500
Monthly cost (paid every 2 years) $20 $23.50 $42.00 $400
Monthly cost (paid every 3 years) $18 $22 $38.50 $300
The features below are always included, regardless of your subscription term.
Accept online payments
E-commerce products Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Wix sales commission 0% 0% 0% 0%
Transaction fees (PayPal, Stripe, or Wix Payments) 2.9% + $0.30 USD (for US transactions; fees vary by country or vendor)
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage 20GB 35GB 50GB 50GB
HD video upload 5 hours 10 hours Unlimited Unlimited
Premium business apps (Wix Stores, Wix Booking, etc.)
Email Marketing 5,000 individual emails per month, at a max of three campaigns
Google analytics
SSL encryption (HTTPS)
14-day money-back guarantee
VIP customer support

24/7 support via private number

The features below are only included if you purchase an annual, biennial, or triennial subscription. They are not included if you pay monthly.
Free domain Free for 1 year Free for 1 year Free for 1 year Free for 1 year
Ad Vouchers (for Bing, Google, and Local Listings) $300 $300 $300 $300
Site Booster App
Visitor Analytics App
Free Logo with Wix Logo Maker

Wix Business & eCommerce Plans: What You’ll Get

Wix Pricing Plans 6 Tips to Avoid Hidden Costs and Save Money-image7

Business Basic – Online Store Essentials and a Few Nice Bonuses

Price: $23 per month (billed annually)

If you’re just starting out, the Business Basic plan gives you everything you need to set up a successful e-commerce store: 20 GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, 5 hours of video upload, and online payments with 0% sales commission.

With every Business & eCommerce plan, you also get:

  • Custom domain (free for the first year)
  • No Wix branding
  • $300 in ad vouchers for Google, Bing, and local listings
  • Google Analytics
  • Site Booster App for SEO
  • Visitor Analytics App

Another hidden bonus? You’ll get access to the full capabilities of Wix’s premium business apps. These powerful apps include:

  • Wix Stores – add an unlimited number of products, track orders, manage inventory, and integrate POS systems through Square
  • Wix Bookings – accept bookings and send email reminders
  • Wix Restaurants – accept table reservations and take food orders online
  • Wix Hotels – accept guest reservations and set special prices

Although these apps are technically free to add any Wix site, only business subscribers can use all of their features, including the ability to accept online payments.

Wix Pricing Plans 6 Tips to Avoid Hidden Costs and Save Money-image8

One of the best features of the General Website plans carries over here, too: Business plan users can use Wix Email Marketing for free, which allows you to send up to 5,000 individual emails per month (limited to three campaigns).

However, having more than three campaigns per month or sending more than 5,000 messages requires signing up for a separate subscription to Ascend by Wix. Ascend bills itself as a one-stop business solution to automate email marketing, SEO, live chat, lead capture, social post campaigns, and more. You can save a great deal of time with these automations, but they may not be necessary if your business is small or does not yet have a very active customer base.

Is Business Basic right for you? Wix Business Basic works well for new web stores, established but relatively small online shops, or even brick-and-mortar local businesses. Commission-free sales and access to premium business apps can bring revenue increases that make the cost of the plan more than worth it.

While I love the functionality of Wix’s business apps, this plan lacks a few features that other platforms offer at comparable prices. For instance, Squarespace’s Basic Commerce plan gives you:

  • Unlimited storage (compared to Wix’s 20GB)
  • One free G Suite email account for a year (compared to Wix’s paid G Suite accounts)
  • Mobile-responsive professionally designed templates
  • Product catalog integration to sell products directly from Instagram

Business Unlimited – Convenient If You Need More Storage and a Logo

Price: $27 per month (billed annually)

The Wix Business Unlimited plan gives you everything in the Business Basic plan, with twice the video upload (10 hours) and 15 GB more storage (35 GB in total). If you subscribe annually, you’ll also be able to use Wix Logo Maker to create a new business logo.

Is Business Unlimited right for you? The extra storage is useful if you have a particularly large number of products, if you upload a lot of high-resolution images or videos, or if you offer a lot of file downloads (for instance, if you sell a lot of different digital products). If you’re just starting your e-commerce shop, you may not need this much storage.

Also, while the logo is a nice freebie, I wouldn’t say it’s an outstanding benefit. You might be happier going with a cheaper plan and getting your logo on a site like Fiverr.

At this price point, I’d like to see a plan that delivers everything that most small business owners need. I’m sorry to say that isn’t quite true of Business Unlimited. For example, you might be surprised to learn that the Wix Stores app doesn’t allow you to collect or display customer reviews – at least, not in a seamless way. (There are workarounds suggested by Wix support, but they’re rather complicated. You either need to add code through Wix Velo or use plain comment boxes that don’t really look like real reviews.)

If your business is large enough to need the 35GB of storage offered on the Business Unlimited plan, it’s certainly large enough to benefit from customer reviews – which build trust with customers and generate sales. For a similar price, BigCommerce’s Standard plan does allow you to collect customer reviews. You’ll also get unlimited storage and several more profit-focused features like an Amazon integration and real-time shipping quotes.

Business VIP – The Best Choice If Your Business Depends on Urgent Support

Price: $49 per month (billed annually)

Along with 15GB of extra storage, the main benefit of the Business VIP plan is priority customer support. Agents will respond to your online tickets first and prioritize your phone calls (from Monday to Thursday, 6AM to 5PM US Central Time). Note that you can’t call Wix directly but can instead request a callback.

Is Business VIP right for you? This plan comes with a steep price jump of around $20 per month, so you’ll have to decide whether priority support is really worth the higher cost.

If the uptime of your site is crucial in your industry, then you might appreciate the extra safety net of VIP support. Otherwise, unless you’re in the rare situation of needing more than 35GB but less than 50GB of storage, there’s no reason to upgrade from Business Unlimited.

Enterprise – Turnkey Website Solutions, If You Can Afford Them

Price: $500 per month (billed annually)

As you might expect, the Enterprise plan is geared toward large-scale businesses that need full-service website support. This plan offers advanced solutions for website security, infrastructure, and support:

  • Support from Wix’s design, code, marketing, and SEO teams
  • Advanced analytics dashboard
  • Project mapping and performance reviews
  • Yearly security audits
  • 24/7 support via a private VIP number
Is Enterprise right for you? This is the most advanced Wix web services plan by far, and the price shows it. To be honest, most e-commerce businesses large enough to need (and afford) these services would be better off looking for an enterprise-focused, complete digital solutions company. But if you happen to have a huge budget and need a new website partner, Wix Enterprise might be worth adding to your list of options.

Recommended Alternatives to Wix Plans

The bottom line? Wix is an awesome website builder, but it may not deliver the features you need for a price that’s reasonable for you. This is especially true when it comes to more advanced e-commerce services.

Before committing, it’s worth checking whether another platform offers a better plan for you at a lower price.

Considering this Wix plan? Then consider this alternative for a similar price Why?
Wix General Plans
Free WordPress.com Free 6x storage (3GB total)
Combo Site123 Basic 3x storage (10GB) and 2x bandwidth (5GB)
Unlimited Weebly Professional Unlimited storage and e-commerce capabilities
Pro WordPress.com Business 10x storage, robust plugins, and free consultation with WordPress.com staff
VIP Weebly Performance VIP support, unlimited storage, and e-commerce capabilities
Wix E-Commerce Plans  
Business Basic Basic Shopify Unlimited storage and added support for POS systems
Business Unlimited BigCommerce Standard Unlimited storage, customer reviews, and real-time shipping quotes
Business VIP SquareSpace Advanced Commerce Unlimited storage and 24/7 customer support options
Enterprise BigCommerce Enterprise Unlimited storage, custom product tags and filters, and more advanced e-commerce features

So, How Much Does Wix REALLY Cost?

The total cost of your Wix website probably won’t be cheap, but most of the plans do provide reasonable value for the price. Just be sure to consider the additional and hidden costs you might have to pay beyond the subscription price. And keep all the tips I’ve given you here in mind to save as much money as you can.

My personal recommendation is that besides Wix, you also check out Squarespace. Squarespace’s e-commerce plans are slightly cheaper than the comparable Wix plans, but they offer unlimited storage, a free email address for the first year, and other add-ons to stretch your total value. (And the personal plan is cheaper than all of Wix’s four comparable options.) Squarespace has a free 14-day trial, so it’s easy to try out before you get started on Wix.

If you do end up going with Wix but you want a truly professional-looking site, head to Fiverr and hire a web designer who specializes in Wix websites. You can find a pro that will design your initial set up for the price of a business lunch, and then do only the fine-tuning yourself.

squarespace logo alt 2

Save up to 30 % on your Squarespace plan today!

Plus get a free domain for one year!

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What is the best value for money Wix plan?
The best-valued plan really depends on what kind of website you’re looking to build.For a website without an online store, the Unlimited Plan is a great choice. It’s not the cheapest plan, but for a few dollars more than the Combo plan, you’ll get 10GB of storage instead of 3GB.  If you plan on launching an e-commerce site, then Wix’s cheapest Business Basic Plan is good value for the cost. Since the Basic Plan already comes with 20GB, the more expensive plans are really only worth it if you need more storage. You’ll also be able to accept online payments, connect Google Analytics, and remove ads with any of Wix’s business plans. Which website builder is better than Wix?
Wix’s hidden costs can add up quickly, but there are cheaper website builders that are just as good, if not better. You can build a professional-looking website with Squarespace, and if you’re looking for an e-commerce website, its Business plan comes with the basic trimmings for an online store at a lower price than Wix’s Business Basic Plan. Another option is SITE123. This website builder isn’t necessarily better than Wix, but it’s definitely easier and comes at a fraction of the cost. Though not as beginner-friendly, WordPress.com is a better overall website builder with tons of customization options, more storage space, and more plugin options.Is Wix really free?
Wix does have a free plan that will stay free for as long as you want. But, you’ll be sacrificing a lot of features like a custom domain name, a decent amount of bandwidth and storage, and your website will show Wix branding.While this might be ok if you’re just starting out, these limitations won’t help you or your business appear professional. You’ll eventually need to upgrade to a premium plan just to get a website that functions the way you want. If you’re still not sure if Wix is right for you, have a look at our Wix review to learn more.

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I’m interested the loyalty plan that the wix vip supposedly supplies? Wondering if its included in plan cost."?? That’s the only reason I’d purchase that plan
Website Planet Team
Hi, Using the Smile app, you can build your loyalty program to suit your business. To find more about it, check out the article of the Wix support section which could provide you with useful information.
Diana Gulley
I just broke up with WIX after a three year relationship. I had two websites and the renewal on one of them went to the wrong one- I argued with them and tried to get them to change it but they said they were unable to change it to the correct one. I know that nothing is as impossible as it sounded from there customer "service" I also had to deal with being on hold for over an hour. It offers you the option of having them call you, but I was caller #2. After getting upset with them and getting absolutely no where I finally told them I wanted nothing more to do with them and they took down my websites. I did receive a refund, but what should have been a simple fix has cost me time and aggravation and wasn't fixed. Goodbye Wix! I am going to go get some chocolate cake and read up on square space....
Ian Rossenrode
Interesting, thanks... After several years with a Wix Premium account, pricing became too much, so I have 'returned' to the basic/free Wix. Of course I have 'lost' my domain & URL
I'm not sure which plan to buy from Wix as I find I need a more complicated and busy form than the one offered but I can't see which plan is best to get a full form - can you help please?
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Hi Diane, Choosing the right plan depends on what kind of website you’re looking to build. You may consider one of the cheaper Wix plans for a website without an online store. Otherwise, check out Wix’s cheapest Business Basic Plan.
Thank you so much for this in depth evaluation of the different plans Wix offers. I had purchased the 3 year Pro at 50% off...didnt get started for 6 months due to uncertainty of business direction due to covid. When i did I found i needed the ecommerce plan to utilize the booking system...an upgrade that would have cost an.additional $540- odd dollars as i could.only offset my prepaid credit against the same 3 year term for an e commerce plan. Today I noticed they had a 50% promotion on again & was about tl.upgrade to the unlimited bus. Plan but after reading your article it appears the basic bus. Plan should be adequate for me so upgrade should be only about $100- vs $540-. Also, thank you SO much for the info about FIVERR basic design...thats exactly the bare bones assistance i need to get started. 🙏 SO thankful to you!!
Could anyone that's done this, " By using a VPN, you can change your current location and purchase your plan from a different country", please explain how they managed to do it? I have a vpn and changed my location to India, however the credit card that I enter must have an address in India. Has anyone managed to circumvent this issue? Would be a huge help, thank you.
I truly wish I done more research. Now I am stuck because they will not give me a refund-even after a few days from the 14 day mark. I am out 324$
Just about to sign up for their enterprise package, however after reading your in-depth article (Thank you!) I’m definitely going to do some research first on other suppliers before I commit to any one supplier. 🙏😊
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