Emily Adams

Emily Adams

Managing Editor
Emily is a Managing Editor at Website Planet.

Since joining the team in 2019, Emily has worked with writers and editors to publish articles on everything from website builders and freelance websites to email marketing software and logo design services.

With a degree in English Language and Linguistics under her belt, Emily started her career in print journalism before making the move to content marketing where she has written, edited, content managed and consulted on countless brands and clients. As a freelancer, she has worked with a fair few digital marketing tools, so it was only ever a matter of time before she decided to share her many thoughts about them at Website Planet.

Her favourite project to date is producing and managing the digital platform at the UN’s Climate Conference COP26. But, watching the Website Planet team and platform grow over the years has to be up there too.

When she’s not weighing up the strengths and weaknesses of the best email marketing software, she spends most of her time thinking, taking photos of, and talking endlessly about her (almost Insta-famous) cats Loki and Odin.

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