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Top 10 Freelance Websites 2016

Find a freelancer and get the job done by reading expert and user reviews

Find the freelance professionals from all over the world to contribute their knowledge to your project. Hire and work easily. Manage your team yourself or have it gathered for you by HR pro's for free. Our review experts tried out the most popular freelance websites today to provide you with the most accurate evaluation of the top players in the world of freelance business today. UpWork Vs Elance Vs Fiverr and more


Rank Brand Free
Starting From
Description Rating Take Action
Elance Yes Free Subjectively the best freelance website today. Elance is a mostly IT-oriented service for freelancers. It has been for a long time on the market and it is a place where you can both find promising newbies and up-scale pros.


  • Variety & Quality 9.5 9.6
  • Usability 9 9.1
  • Features 9.5 9.6
  • Pricing 9.5 9.6
  • Support 8.5 8.8
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Fiverr Yes Free One of the cheapest and most varied freelance sites out there today. With free registration and gigs starting at just $5 you can see why Fiverr is quickly becoming a go-to source for quick freelance jobs and services.


  • Variety & Quality 8.5 8.8
  • Usability 9.5 9.8
  • Features 9.5 9.8
  • Pricing 9.5 9.7
  • Support 5.5 5.7
Rate it Yes 4.95 is the largest freelance website in the world. Here you are guaranteed to find a pro with any rare skill you might need. However, the number of freelancers is the strength & the weak point of Freelancer simultaneously.


  • Variety & Quality 7.5 8.0
  • Usability 8.5 8.8
  • Features 8.5 8.8
  • Pricing 7 7.3
  • Support 8 8.2
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Guru Yes Free Guru is a highly professional, yet really fun service helping the employers and freelancer from various fields meet. Seemingly free, but heavy percentage charges apply later. Also suitable for newbies.


  • Variety & Quality 8 8.2
  • Usability 7.5 7.7
  • Features 7.5 7.7
  • Pricing 8 8.3
  • Support 8 8.2
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iFreelance No $4.69 iFreelance is a no-nonsense fraud-free site that watches your every step and guarantees rock-solid security for your funds & high accountability from the freelancers you hire.


  • Variety & Quality 9 9.1
  • Usability 4.5 4.6
  • Features 6 6.4
  • Pricing 5.5 5.8
  • Support 7 7.3
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PeoplePerHour Free Free PeoplePerHour is a place that lets you find employees or can help you establish a side-income source yourself. It doesn't specialize in freelancers exclusively – here you can find any kind of contractors – from coders to nannies.


  • Variety & Quality 6 6.3
  • Usability 2 2.1
  • Features 5.5 6.0
  • Pricing 7.5 7.6
  • Support 6.5 6.7
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UpWork Yes Free 2nd only to Elance. Free registration, versatile payment system, fraud-preventing profile verification and its own time-tracking software makes UpWork (formerly named Odesk) an ultimate choice for any professional.


  • Variety & Quality 6 6.0
  • Usability 5.5 6.0
  • Features 5 5.5
  • Pricing 5 5.2
  • Support 4.5 4.6
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How We Scored Each Freelance Website

After a lot of browsing, button pressing and usability testing we were able to perform a fair evaluation of every site on our list. Each score point we handed out to our Freelance Top-7 is fully explained below.

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How To Choose The Best Freelance Website

Each business or independent employer have their own needs and requirements when it comes to finding a suitable freelance website. Learn how you can save a lot of time, effort and money through making a smart choice.

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