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9 Best Event Logos and How to Make Your Own for Free 2024

Miri Colman Miri ColmanGraphic Designer
Sometimes, you need a logo to represent and advertise an upcoming event. Maybe you’re on the planning committee for an annual charity dinner or a regional indie music festival? Or maybe you’re holding a competition and need a suitable logo for the branding.

Most event logos need to be updated or recreated after the event has passed to reflect the newest date, time, and/or location. Some logos follow the same design theme every year, while others have a new style for each new event. Whatever type of event logo you may need, the designer you choose is key.

Events don’t always have tons of money to spare, so your budget for graphic design might be tight. So how can you get the perfect logo for your event, without spending more than you need? In this article, I’ll show you how you can get a logo designed professionally for only $5.

9 Best Event Logos

Event logo - Axon Blast & Cast

Logo by sarah_willi
(hire sarah_willi for $10)

Event logo - Okota 5k/10k Run

Logo by madusankawkd
(hire madusankawkd for $5)

Event logo - Tiger Rock World Championships Houston

Logo by marcia_thronson
(hire marcia_thronson for $5)

Event logo - Annual Penny Pitch

Logo by Xheneta Jetishi
From DesignCrowd

Event logo - Florida HS Women's Wrestling State Championships

Logo by designmate24
(hire designmate24 for $10)

Event logo - KKL 2019

Logo by ogustamil
(hire ogustamil for $5)

Event logo - Esports Combine Pipeline

Logo by Gwydion”
From 99designs

Event logo - Tweed Valley Country Roots Festival

Logo by faraway
From 99designs

Event logo - Buffalo Marathon Weekend

Logo by Alien Cookie
From DesignCrowd

My colleague ran an experiment with some of the most well-known logo design services. He tested each service’s design quality and analyzed cost and ease of use. Head to his comprehensive logo design services review to find out how each service performed.

How to Get Your $5 Professional Logo

Can you think of any professional service that costs only $5? Inexpensive services exist, but you likely wouldn’t use the word “professional” to describe any of them. That’s because we associated a hefty price tag with high-quality service, but this isn’t always the case.

When I discovered freelancing website Fiverr, I couldn’t believe professional designers offered their expertise from just $5. Fiverr hosts thousands of designers, so there’s a multitude of talented artists capable of delivering your ideal logo. Hire an expert designer at this low starting price, or choose one with a higher-priced package depending on your budget and needs.

Head to the Fiverr homepage to search for potential designers and get a feel for the site. You don’t need a profile to search, so this part is totally commitment-free.

Type “event logo” into the search bar to pull up design profiles that match your criteria. If you’re looking for a particular style, like a watercolor logo or gaming logo, then you can search “(blank) event logo” to get more specific. Scroll through the results until you find a designer with a style you like, and click to see their profile.

Fiverr screenshot - Event logo designers The full profile view displays the designer’s portfolio, “About This Gig” section, full list of services, and previous customer reviews. If you’re happy with all the information in the profile, choose your package and click Continue.

Fiverr screenshot - Package overview On the payment preview page, you’ll see all the services in your package and the final cost. If you change your mind, you can still navigate back to the results and continue the search.

If you’re happy with your choice, click Order Now to enter your payment information and to fill out the designer questionnaire to brief your freelancer. In the questionnaire, you’ll enter the name of your event, your design guidelines, and upload any icons or photo inspiration you have (including previous event icons, if you have them).

Fiverr screenshot - Order now In a few days, your designer will submit your new logo for approval. If your package includes revisions, you can make tweaks until you’re happy. And, that’s it – your logo design is yours to use as you will!

Some other notable Fiverr features:
  • Search filters – Use filters like delivery time, logo style, budget, and file format to find designers that meet all your requirements.
  • Worry-free escrowed payments – Your upfront payment is held by Fiverr until you release it. Once you’ve received a logo you love, you approve the payment, and only then are the funds transferred to the designer.
  • Seller level – Designers are organized into levels based on their time on the site and their customer reviews. Higher-level sellers equal excellent design quality, so if you’re pushed for time when researching a designer, choosing one with a higher design level can help guarantee a high-quality end product.
  • Customizable packages – Need something added to your package that isn’t included? For a small fee, many designers offer package add-ons, like stationery design, expedited delivery, and unlimited revisions.
Interested in finding a freelancer? Check out our full Fiverr review for more tips on hiring designers.

How to Create Your Own Logo

Want to get stuck into the creative side of things? You can use a DIY logo maker to make your logo yourself. Designing a logo is serious business, though, so be ready to invest some time and artistic abilities into the process.

You’ll need to choose a logo maker that delivers both value and quality. The logo creation part is usually free, but downloading your design in a high-res file will cost you. Wix Logo Maker is my top recommendation for logo design because it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create personalized templates – it means you won’t have to start your logo design from scratch.

Head to the Wix Logo Maker homepage to create a profile and begin. Your logo is automatically saved to your profile in case you need to stop part-way through and pick it up again later. Enter your event or brand name to get started.

Wix Logo Maker screenshot - Enter company name Type your industry into the search bar and choose the closest option. The AI will use your industry categorization to determine which icons to use later.

Wix Logo Maker screenshot - Choose industry Is your final logo dynamic, playful, modern, or timeless? Choose words from the group of adjectives that best describe your ideal logo’s look and feel.

Wix Logo Maker screenshot - look & feel The logo pairs are important in determining what style the AI generates in a few steps, so choose wisely. Click the logo in each pair that’s your preference.

Wix Logo Maker screenshot - logo comparison Do you know where you’ll be using your logo? Tick the boxes that apply. If you haven’t thought that far ahead, select all the options, just to be safe.

Wix Logo Maker screenshot - logo use And now, let’s see those logo suggestions! The AI will generate an extensive list, so take your time looking through the results.

Wix Logo Maker screenshot - logo templates If you’d like more icon options, click Replace Icon in the top-right corner and search terms like “charity”, “event”, “festival”, etc. You can also search for event-specific terms, like music notes for a festival or running shoes for a marathon.

Wix Logo Maker screenshot - Charity icons Click the logo you want to edit to head to the customization stage. The logo editor makes personalizing a template easy and enjoyable by giving you access to multiple features. You have 200+ font options to choose from, more than 70 color palettes, and a huge library of icons.

Wix Logo Maker screenshot - logo editor Once you’re finished editing, click Next to select a package, pay, and download your new high-resolution logo. You can also download a free, smaller version to use for comparisons if you aren’t quite ready to commit.

Wix Logo Maker Alternatives:

  • DesignEvo – If you want to skip the AI but still love the idea of templates, DesignEvo has more than 10,000 amazing logo templates in its catalog, handily organized into 18 searchable categories.
  • LookaAre you hosting your inaugural event? Do you require branding materials such as website design and a social media kit? If the answer is yes, Looka offers the ideal solution for obtaining a comprehensive set of new logos and additional branding assets seamlessly.
To learn more, read our in-depth Wix Logo Maker review.

Final Thoughts

Events can be costly to run, but creating a logo doesn’t have to take a huge chunk out of your budget. Thanks to Fiverr, you can save money and still hire a quality designer. With thousands of designers available, you’re sure to find one that knows exactly how to translate your dream event logo into reality.

Don’t let your DIY logo project stress you out. Wix Logo Maker takes the frustration out of logo design by giving you tons of excellent templates, tailored specifically to you and your event.

How do Fiverr and Wix Logo Maker hold up against their competitors? If you still aren’t set on your logo option, check out my colleague’s detailed logo design service comparison.

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