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5 Best Twitter Tools – One is 100% Free [2024 Update]

Allie Decker Allie DeckerSocial Media Expert
On the surface, Twitter looks simple. But anyone who’s used it to connect with customers, promote products, or grow a business knows that Twitter can be a tough platform to thrive on. The platform demands constant content, engagement, and efficiency. It’s almost impossible without a little help.

The problem is, while there are hundreds of tools out there that promise to solve all your Twitter woes, they’re typically designed for different purposes. Unfortunately, it’s easy to overpay for more features than you need, or to get stuck with a service that’s far too basic.

I’ve tested dozens of options to create this guide to the best tools for Twitter management. So, grab a coffee and keep reading to find out which you need to boost your Twitter strategy.

We get it – the platform demands constant content, engagement, and efficiency. It’s almost impossible without a little help, which is why we compiled this guide on the best tools for Twitter management.

Short on Time? These Are the Best Twitter Management Tools in 2024:

  1. Sprout Social An in-depth marketing solution for advanced Twitter marketing
  2. eClincher Unlimited scheduling and powerful CRM integrations
  3. Social Pilot Simple Twitter scheduling and automation for small teams

See 4 More Great Options | Comparison Table | FAQ

What We Look For in the Best Twitter Management Tools

With so many social media management tools on the market, it can be hard to know which one to choose. Not to worry. We’ve done the hard work for you.

We examined a variety of tools that allow you to best manage your Twitter content, engagement, and reporting. Here’s what we looked for:
  • An intuitive dashboard: Your Twitter management tool should be as simple and smart as the platform itself.
  • Smart content scheduling: Successful Twitter accounts are active Twitter accounts. Scheduling content ahead of time removes the pressure to tweet 24/7 – because who has the time to do that? Some of these platforms even suggest the best times to post.
  • Easy engagement: Twitter is more than the content you post. These tools will help you monitor, engage, and reply to relevant content that others post, too.
  • Intelligent analytics and reporting: See how your Twitter posts are performing and learn how to use that data to inform other advertising and marketing decisions.
With that in mind, let’s jump right in.

Sprout social twitter tool - dashboard
Use this tool to find valuable conversations to engage with or gather feedback.
If you’ve mastered Twitter and you’re looking for an in-depth marketing solution, Sprout Social is your best option. Sprout Social sets itself apart with its social listening tools. Set keywords for Sprout Social to “listen” for, and the tool will aggregate them for you to read, monitor, and respond to. 

The platform is also known for excellent analytics and around-the-clock customer service. It’s popular among users and our testing team alike – read our Sprout Social review to see why.

One thing to note is that, although it offers lots of training options – knowledge base articles, webinars, etc. – Sprout Social can be complicated to adopt, especially if you’re new to Twitter and social media marketing. So I’d say this platform is brilliant – as long as you already know what you’re doing with Twitter.

Notable Sprout Social Features

  • CRM functionality: Access a built-in social CRM that provides context on contacts and any previous conversation history.
  • Pre-built responses: Use Suggest Replies, a tool that recommends consistent answers to FAQs on Twitter.
  • Social media surveys: Collect customer and follower feedback using Sprout Social’s automated DM surveys.
  • Support analytics: Integrate Helpdesk software tracks your team’s support performance (available on Professional and Advanced plans).
Free Trial 30 days
Character-saving link shortener Yes, connects with bit.ly
Analytics Yes, in-depth
Additional Social Networks Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest

2. eClincher – For Small Social Media Teams

eClincher's scheduling tool
If you want to improve outreach, this suggestion feature is pretty handy.
While it’s not the prettiest Twitter management tool, eClincher’s scheduling tool more than makes up for it. Not only is it one of the easiest I’ve ever used, but it also suggests hashtags and users to tag based on the content of your post. Sure, it’s a simple feature, but it’s one that can save you a ton of time if you’ve got a bunch of posts to schedule at once.

In addition, all eClincher plans come with unlimited scheduling. The Basic plan is a great price for some pretty advanced features – in our eClincher review, we found the Basic plan offers plenty for freelancers and small businesses.

Just note that once you need to add multiple team members, the costs add up quickly.

Notable eClincher Features

  • Social listening: Track an unlimited number of keywords, mentions, hashtags, and Twitter users to track valuable conversations.
  • Curated feeds: Build a curated feed of suggested Twitter content with links to schedule or queue relevant content to your feed.
  • Central inbox: Quickly see replies to your messages and tweets in one place, even for Twitter activity that you didn’t schedule through eClincher.
  • Custom reports: Drag and drop the analytics you need into a custom report to stay focused on your goals.
Free Trial 14 days
Character-saving link shortener Yes, connects to goo.gl
Analytics Yes, plus Google Analytics integration
Additional Social Networks Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Blogger

3. SocialPilot – For Thrifty Businesses

SocialPilot's scheduling tool
You can also use Canva in SocialPilot without having to switch tabs
If your budget can’t stretch to more advanced Twitter tools, SocialPilot’s simple scheduling tool is a great option. For roughly the same price as Sprout Social or eClincher, SocialPilot gives you up to 25 social networks for 3 users. On top of standard scheduling tools, you’ll get a suggested content feed and a great mobile app. 

The biggest downside of SocialPilot is the lack of social listening tools. While this is to be expected from a budget Twitter management tool, it’s a real shame to miss out on this helpful feature. 

However, SocialPilot is one of the best tools on the market for bulk scheduling posts across dozens of different platforms – as we found in our SocialPilot review

Notable SocialPilot Features

  • Bulk posting: Schedule up to 500 posts in advance when you upload a .csv or .txt file. SocialPilot will even pull images from any public links in the file, saving you a ton of time editing posts before they’re published.
  • Browser extension: Easily share articles and images or schedule posts while you’re browsing the internet with SocialPilot’s browser extension. 
  • Keyword search: If you’re stuck for ideas, SocialPilot’s built-in keyword search helps you to find and add trending content to your queue.
  • Content approval: Account managers can approve content before it’s published, preserving your workflow and making it easier to collaborate.
Free Trial 14 days
Character-saving link shortener Yes, connects with Sniply, Rebrandly, or Bitly
Analytics Yes
Additional Social Network Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google My Business, TikTok, VK, Tumblr

Sendible dashboard - Twitter tools
Customize Sendible’s priority inbox to track the conversations that matter in one feed.
Sendible is a solution that works for “solopreneurs” and larger businesses alike.
The platform offers an affordable single-user plan that allows you to proactively schedule social shares, develop reports in seconds, and manage all of your updates within one inbox. It’s easy to see why it was rated so highly in our Sendinble review.

It’s incredibly easy to collaborate within the Sendible platform. Your social media team can enjoy easy task assignment and management, user hierarchies, and Tweet approval workflows to help you stay aligned and productive.

Just be aware that you do have to pay for each user.

Notable Sendible Features

  • Social listening: Monitor keywords to track brand mentions, advertising reach, and company trends.
  • Advanced analytics: Integrate Google Analytics with your Sendible account for more advanced reporting.
  • Flexible pricing: Purchase additional users or Sendible services as needed.
  • While-label reporting: Customize client or business reports with your own branding on the Expansion plan.
Free Trial 30 days
Character-saving link shortener Yes, connects with bit.ly
Analytics Yes, plus Google Analytics integration
Additional Social Networks Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and multiple blogging platforms (WordPress, Tumblr, etc.)

5. Hootsuite – For Multi-Platform Marketers

Hootsuite dashboard - Twitter tool
Hootsuite’s custom dashboards allow you to see everything you need at a glance.
If you post to multiple Twitter accounts or have more than one person managing your social media, Hootsuite could be a good fit for you. Hootsuite is one of the biggest names on this list – but can be one of the more expensive options, depending on the plan you choose. 

However, Hootsuite’s intuitive scheduling capabilities, vast integration network, and detailed analytics make it worth the price. In our Hootsuite review, we particularly liked how easy it is to get this tool set up and running. 

Team collaboration is a breeze. Assign content, set up reviews, approve workflows, and share feedback through comments, replies, and notes. Hootsuite also displays all of your Twitter DMs in one inbox and allows you to assign and check off completed tasks.

Notable Hootsuite Features

  • Automated scheduling: Use Hootsuite’s data-driven tool to schedule your posts automatically.
  • Twitter advertising support: Plan and invest in Twitter advertising from within the Hootsuite platform.
  • Built-in Twitter media: Curate new Twitter content and media directly from your dashboard.
  • Tons of integrations: Connect any of the 150+ applications that integrate with Hootsuite, such as Slack or WordPress
Free Trial 30 days
Character-saving link shortener Yes, owl.y
Analytics With paid plans only (customizable reports not available on Professional plan)
Additional Social Networks 20+ social networks supported, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest

So, Which Twitter Management Tool Is Best for You?

Twitter management tools are typically built to meet different goals, and you need to bear this in mind when you’re choosing a tool so you can make sure it suits your business.

Sprout Social’s advanced feature suite is brilliant for Twitter marketing experts, and overall it’s my pick for the best Twitter management tool on the market.

However, if you’re just starting out with social media marketing, or you’re on a tight budget, then Sendible might be a better choice.

Before selecting a tool, it’s advisable to identify your business goals. To assist you in this process, we’ve prepared a concise comparative table that outlines the fundamental aspects.

Twitter Management Tool Get it for free for… Best if… Not so great if…
Sprout Social 30 days You’d like the ability to “listen” to what’s being posted about your brand You’re only interested in a scheduling tool
eClincher 14 days You need some extra help knowing which hashtags to use in your scheduled posts You need a tool for a social media marketing team or agency
Social Pilot 14 days You need a no-frills, budget-friendly Twitter management tool You want to know what your customers have to say about your brand
Sendible 30 days You manage Twitter accounts for clients who also need access You’re looking for a simple, no-brainer software
Hootsuite Forever with the limited free plan

Otherwise, try the paid plans for 30 days
You have a team and need help collaborating You’re on a budget


How do you manage tweets?

Twitter management tools like Sprout Social or eClincher make it easy to manage your tweets. With scheduling tools that allow you to set up tweets in advance and dashboards that let you see your replies, mentions, and messages in one easy place, using one of these tools is vital to improve your Twitter engagement.

What is the most effective management tool for Twitter?

That depends on your business goal. Sprout Social is best for advanced Twitter marketers, but it can be hard to learn for inexperienced marketers. SocialPilot is a more budget-friendly Twitter scheduling tool, but it lacks advanced tools like social listening feeds. Check out our top social media marketing tools in 2024 to find the tool that’s right for you.

Can you automate tweets?

Good Twitter management tools allow you to schedule tweets that will be published automatically at a later date. Even better, more advanced tools like Sprout Social will show you the best time to schedule your tweets for maximum engagement, so you can make sure you’re posting when your audience is active – even if you’re not.

What tools can you use with Twitter?

Twitter management tools are, by far, the best tools you can use with Twitter. From simple scheduling tools like SocialPilot to advanced social media agency tools like Sendible, there’s a wide range of tools to suit every kind of business and goal.

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