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How To Unlink TikTok for Business: Step-by-Step Guide

Nathaniel Okwoli Nathaniel OkwoliSocial Media Expert March 22, 2024
March 22, 2024
Switching back to your personal TikTok account isn’t difficult – it takes just a few steps. I’ve covered all the steps so you can quickly unlink your Tiktok account from Tiktok for Business. It doesn’t matter if you mistakenly upgraded to a TikTok for Business account or just want a personal account separate from your business on TikTok – the process is easy.

Once you’ve unlinked your TikTok for Business account, it’s better to create a separate TikTok for Business account and enjoy the benefits of both personal and business account types. That way, you won’t get any error messages, and you’ll spend less time switching back and forth.

Having a separate TikTok for Business account comes with several benefits. You’ll be able to run ads for your brand seamlessly and get access to a commercial music library, a convenient post scheduler, and more. Plus, it allows you to keep work and leisure scrolling time separate, so you don’t mix up your business and personal feed. Keep reading to find out how to unlink your TikTok for Business account.

Quick Guide: How To Unlink TikTok for Business

You can quickly unlink your TikTok for Business account using an Android or iOS device. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Open the TikTok app and ensure you’re logged in.
  2. Go to your profile and tap the three vertical dots to open settings.
Navigation to TikTok's setting page
The hamburger menu might look slightly different depending on your app version
  1. Tap on “Settings and Privacy,” then “Account.”
Screenshot showing steps to unlink TikTok for Business account
All it takes is three taps
  1. Select “Switch to Personal Account” and confirm your decision.
  2. Tap “Switch Anyway” to confirm the unlinking.
If you still get error messages after this process, go back to your TikTok app.

  1. Navigate to your profile and tap the three vertical dots to open settings.
  2. Select “Settings and Privacy,” then “Security,” followed by “Manage app permissions.”
Screenshot showing steps to unlink all connected apps
Follow this procedure if the errors persist
  1. Select “TikTok For Business” and opt to “Remove access.”
Screenshot showing the steps to remove TikTok for Business app permission
This process is reversible if you change your mind later
  1. Confirm your decision to proceed.

You Might Want To Keep Your Personal and Business TikTok Accounts Separate

Switching back and forth between a business and personal account can be very time-consuming. You could experience a few technical glitches. You’ll also be losing valuable time that would be better spent on content creation or refining your strategy.

A separate TikTok for Business account is essential if you run a business. It keeps everything organized, allowing you to track the performance of your content with precision. Plus, you can see what content resonates with your audience the most and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Maintaining a separate feed for your personal TikTok account ensures it stays true to your personal preferences, which might not always match the essence of your business’s branding. With your personal account now independent, it’s the perfect opportunity to create a new TikTok for Business account.

Tips To Prevent TikTok Unlinking Errors

If you keep getting errors while unlinking your TikTok for Business account, here are a few tips to help you seamlessly detach your account.

Follow the Unliking Guidelines Carefully

Adhere strictly to the step-by-step instructions for unlinking a Business account to avoid missteps that could lead to errors. This includes navigating to the correct settings within your TikTok app, selecting the specific options for managing app permissions, and confirming your choices at each step.

Ensure Your App Is Updated

Keeping your TikTok app updated makes unlinking your TikTok for Business account easier. Updates bring new features and fix bugs and compatibility issues that might otherwise disrupt the unlinking process.

To update your app, navigate to the iOS AppStore, search for “TikTok,” and select the update option. If you use Android, go to the Google Play Store, search for “TikTok,” and tap the update button.

Check Account Permissions

Before unlinking your TikTok for Business account, ensure you have the right admin permissions. Access your TikTok app’s “Manage Account” or “Account Management” settings to verify your role.

Only users with “Administrator” status can unlink accounts. If you lack this level of access, you’ll need an account owner or an admin to adjust your permissions or handle the unlinking for you.

Use a Strong Internet Connection

Make sure you have a stable internet connection before starting the process to prevent disruptions that could cause errors. A reliable connection ensures that your requests are processed smoothly without the risk of unexpected interruptions.

To assess internet connection strength on Android, look at the Wi-Fi/mobile data indicators or use “Network & Internet” settings for detailed info and speed tests. For iOS users, check signal strength via the status bar’s Wi-Fi/cellular icons and the “Wi-Fi” settings for detailed connection insights and speed tests.

How To Make the Most of Your TikTok for Business Account

You need to harness the power of TikTok’s unique ad formats to captivate your audience. Each ad format offers a different way to connect with users, from in-feed ads to branded challenges. I’ve found that you can increase your reach and engagement by experimenting with the various ad formats. The key is to keep your content as fresh and creative as possible.

It might sound obvious, but you should always listen to your community. Responding to comments, participating in trends, and using user-generated content can strengthen your relationship with your audience. Brands that actively engage with their followers tend to build a loyal community.

Advertising With TikTok for Business

If your business targets a younger audience, TikTok ads will give you a lot of visibility and save you thousands in marketing expenses. You’ll need to create a business account to start with TikTok ads. Here are some of the benefits of advertising on TikTok.

In-Depth Analytics

With a TikTok for Business account, you can access comprehensive analytics. This tool allows you to track the performance of your content and better understand your audience. You can see metrics like view count, engagement rates, and follower growth. With the insights TikTok provides, you can refine your marketing strategy and create content that resonates with your target audience.

Third-Party Integrations

The platform supports seamless integrations with third-party tools, enhancing your advertising efforts. Whether it’s CRM software or analytics tools, integrating these services simplifies campaign management and tracking. I’ve found TikTok for Business especially helpful for automating tasks and aggregating data, which informs smarter business decisions.

Affordable Advertising

TikTok’s advertising system is accessible and budget-friendly. Whether you’re looking to run a small local campaign or a large-scale promotion, the platform’s flexible ad solutions allow you to control your spending while achieving your marketing objectives. From my experience, this makes TikTok an attractive option for businesses and creators looking to maximize their return on investment.

It’s Easy To Unlink TikTok for Business

Unlinking your TikTok for Business account is a straightforward process. That said, I recommend maintaining a separate Business account from your personal one. It allows for better content management, audience targeting, and analytics tracking without mixing personal and professional feeds.


How do I turn off TikTok business settings?

Follow the detailed guide here to turn off TikTok business settings and revert to a personal account. You’d need to go to your profile, access settings, and unlink your TikTok for Business account.

Can I change my TikTok business account back to personal?

Yes, you can switch your TikTok business account back to a personal account. Just follow my step-by-step guide here. You’ll need to access your account settings in the TikTok app, navigate to “Manage Account,” and work your way through a few more screens.

How do I delete my TikTok business ad account?

To delete your TikTok business ad account, log in to TikTok Ads Manager, navigate to “Account Info” under your profile avatar, and select “Advanced Settings.” Here, choose “Close Account and Refund” and confirm the deactivation.

This process closes your account and initiates a refund of any remaining balance, applicable to accounts in good standing and not currently suspended. Closing your TikTok Ads Manager account won’t affect other TikTok For Business products.

How to make your TikTok account no longer a business account?

To revert your TikTok business account to a personal one, navigate to your account settings within the TikTok app. Look for the option related to managing your account, where you should find the choice to switch your account type. Selecting this will transition your account from business to personal, removing business-specific features and analytics.

What is the difference between TikTok business and personal?

TikTok Business accounts are designed for brands and creators using advanced features like analytics, advertising, and commercial music licenses to engage and expand their audience.

Personal accounts focus on individual use, offering a more private experience with access to a broader range of music for personal entertainment. Both account types allow users to create and share content but with different tools and purposes in mind.

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