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How to Cancel InMotion Hosting Account [+ GET A REFUND]

Hendrik Human Hendrik HumanWeb Hosting Expert November 07, 2023
November 07, 2023
We noticed that ever since Hostinger reduced their prices, many users are closing their accounts with InMotion Hosting.

If you’ve read my in-depth InMotion Hosting review, you know that this huge provider offers excellent performance, support, and features.

Sadly, InMotion’s rather technical-looking Account Management Panel (AMP) doesn’t offer a fantastic user experience. If you’re not familiar with cPanel or you’re just not a fan, it might not be the right host for you.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other options out there. GoDaddy is one I’d recommend if you’re looking for a fun and beginner-friendly dashboard.

Before you switch hosts, you’ll need to cancel your InMotion Hosting account and cash in on the money-back guarantee. In this article, I’ll run you through the process.

How to Cancel Your Account and Get a Refund

Depending on your plan, you’ll qualify for either a 30-day or 90-day money-back guarantee. If you signed up for managed WordPress hosting, you have the full 90 days.

If you’re past the guarantee period, the best you can do is to deactivate automatic renewal in your billing tab.

You won’t find a button you can click to cancel your account automatically; instead, you’ll have to contact a support agent.

When I initiated the cancellation via live chat, I got an almost immediate response. I can’t help shake the feeling that this is intentional, because their live chat usually takes much longer to respond. So, to get the same level of service, make sure that you select the Account -> Billing option when initiating live chat support.

Many hosts will try and convince you to buy a different package or to solve your problem so you stay with them. I was happy to see that without questioning my decision, trying to sell me something else, or trying to keep me on board, the support agent informed me that she’d canceled my account and that I’d receive an email to confirm the cancellation and refund within 48 hours:

How to Cancel Your Account with InMotion Hosting and Get a Refund-image1

One thing I wasn’t aware of was that I’d immediately lose access to my account after this chat. It didn’t really make a difference to me, but it would’ve been nice to know. That being said, she did ask me whether I needed time to settle anything else before she went ahead with the cancellation.

All in all, it didn’t even take five minutes or any additional verification to cancel my account. There’s a chance that they might ask for a few extra details to verify your identity, but this wasn’t necessary in my case.

The next day, I received the following email confirming that the refund had been processed, and that I would be receiving it within 48-72 hours.

How to Cancel Your Account with InMotion Hosting and Get a Refund-image2

A couple of days later, the funds were back in my account.

Sometimes, web hosts won’t bother to reply to your emails once they’ve given you a refund. I’m happy to report that with InMotion, this wasn’t the case.

I observed a minor difference between the payment I made and the refund I received. I initiated contact with the support team regarding this matter, and they promptly responded within ten hours. They expressed their apologies for the inconvenience and provided an explanation, attributing it to the impact of the foreign exchange rate.

How to Cancel Your Account with InMotion Hosting and Get a Refund-image3

You Can Trust InMotion Hosting’s Refund Policy

If you read my full InMotion Hosting review, you’ll know I generally had very positive interactions with their support. It was nice to see how the high level of service was maintained even when I was no longer a customer.

I would have liked to be able to cancel my account through the dashboard without having to contact support, but other than that, I can’t really complain.

If you’ve decided to cancel your InMotion Hosting account because you found cPanel to be a bit of challenge, then Flywheel is a great alternative. It provides a very intuitive, beginner-friendly custom management interface. Flywheel also actually allows you to cancel your account without contacting support.

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Thank you for sharing these tips. When i contacted the chat team, as you mentioned i selected the billing and I got confirmation that i will be getting a refund in 2-3 business days, no questions asked.
Mihail - WSP Team
We're so glad to hear that the tips were helpful and that you had a positive experience with the chat team, leading to a swift resolution of your issue! It's always encouraging to know that our advice can make a real difference. Thank you for taking the time to share your success story with us!
Worked exactly as described except in my case, they tried to get me to stick around by offering a $99.00 website setup fee to get me setup and running.
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