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Hendrik Human
Hendrik Human
Web Hosting Expert

InMotion Hosting comes out as one of the top hosting services worldwide, offering especially powerful solutions for US users. The company’s two data centers, one on each coast, provide phenomenal loading speeds for American users. Support is highly professional, and plans include a ton of useful extras.


The Perfect Host for Small to Medium Businesses

InMotion Hosting is one of the biggest names in the American hosting industry, but size isn’t always a sign of quality. Is it possible for a hosting provider to keep growing, while still providing quality, professional services? I decided to check for myself.


InMotion’s homepage won’t win any design awards, but everything is pretty easy to find. Plans include almost every type of hosting in existence, from regular and business shared hosting to managed WordPress, VPS, and dedicated servers. All services are provided in English.

After signing up for the managed WordPress plan and trying it out for a while, I can say that it’s one of the best I’ve had the pleasure of using. It’s rare to receive such caring, professional support (100% US-based!), and my website’s speeds were extremely satisfactory.

My full review lies ahead, so read on to understand why, despite the slightly higher than average prices, InMotion is still one of the best choices for US users.



Tons of Powerful Features at No Extra Cost

InMotion Hosting’s managed hosting platform takes care of the backend, so you can focus on building your website.


InMotion’s plans are quite convenient, including features like as multi-domain hosting, unlimited bandwidth, SSH access, a free SSL certificate, and no-downtime website migrations. With all these managed hosting essentials taken care of, you can spend your time working on your website, not messing around with its hosting.

You can install virtually any app or CMS via the cPanel one-click installer. If you opt for a Business hosting plan, you can choose a CMS to be pre-installed by InMotion’s technical team.

Max Speed Zones and a “Blazing Fast Server Stack”

It’s no accident that InMotion Hosting’s two data centers are located at opposite ends of the United States. This allows you to choose the one closest to your target audience, whether you’re located in the U.S. or not.

With the world-class peering network, you can avoid unnecessary routing between multiple network centers. According to InMotion, this means you could have up to six times faster email and download speeds in your most important markets.

InMotion Hosting’s infrastructure is optimized for speed. NGINX, SSD storage, and advanced server caching should give your website’s performance an extra boost.

Optimized, Feature-Rich Managed WordPress Hosting

Although you’ll have cPanel’s powerful tools at hand, you won’t need to use them much. With a managed WordPress hosting plan, many aspects of your hosting are handled for you, giving you the peace of mind to focus on managing your content and business strategies.

One example is the security suite you get. It includes malware and hacking protection, DDoS protection, and automatic backups. Another is the automatic updates. You’ll know you’re always running on the newest technologies which will help keep your system stable and secure.


Jetpack is THE plugin to have in your arsenal when hosting a WordPress website. It’ll power up your website in terms of security, performance, SEO, design, social media marketing, and more.

The free Jetpack plan comes with InMotion’s WP-1000S plan. Higher-tiered plans will unlock more functionality. Some of the most important features in its suite are daily backups, priority support, an image and video CDN, Google Analytics integration, premium themes, and the ability to generate revenue through ads.


BoldGrid is a premium WordPress plugin with a drag-and-drop website builder. It also comes packaged with professional WordPress themes of its own. It’s a very beginner-friendly builder that makes it easy to create beautiful, fully-responsive WordPress websites optimized for the top search engines.

BoldGrid is included for free with all of InMotion’s WordPress plans. It can also be pre-installed when you sign up.See full list of features

Ease of use

InMotion Hosting

You won’t find much to complain about using InMotion’s AMP (Account Management Panel). Sure, it might look slightly dated, but it’s a simple dashboard with straightforward navigation. You’ll find links to relevant help topics throughout the interface.

cPanel, Softaculous, and WHM

Besides the Website Creator plans (InMotion’s website builder), all plans run on cPanel.  The dedicated server and managed VPS hosting plans also come with WHM, and reseller hosting comes with WHMCS.

There’s no doubt that these are some of the best hosting control panels in the industry. If you’ve used them before, you’ll appreciate the power and freedom they provide.

All of the panels also come with the Softaculous script installer, which you can use to install hundreds of scripts for free with one click.

If you’re familiar with cPanel, you’ll find InMotion very easy to use. If not, there may be a bit of a learning curve. The number of settings can be overwhelming and the interface isn’t as intuitive as some custom control panels.

Onboarding and Documentation

While setting up your hosting may not be as straightforward as with other beginner-friendly hosts like GoDaddy, all the documentation definitely makes it easier. When you sign up, you’ll get an email full of useful links. You can read how to connect your domain, install WordPress, set up a CDN, and more.

During the onboarding process, your assigned support agent will provide you with valuable information and help with any concerns you might have.

You’ll also find helpful links throughout your AMP. If you get stuck, you can open up the live chat from any page.

Creating a New Account

InMotion doesn’t offer the quickest registration and setup processes. Having to speak with support staff via the phone to verify your account inevitably leads to extra delays.

You get no guarantee as to how long it’ll take, although InMotion attempts to handle all cases within 30 minutes (during EST office hours).

What I can say is that the support agent I spoke to was very helpful. If you want to see how long it took me to go through the entire sign-up process, click here.

Besides the verification call, things were straightforward. It took me less than five minutes to purchase a plan and create an account.

Overall, I thought the process was pretty good. There were only two upsells, and they were both unchecked by default. There were no hidden costs except for domain privacy. The total amount payable was always clearly displayed.

Connecting a Domain and Installing WordPress

Connecting your domain is easy as can be. If you provided your domain name during account creation, all you need to do is point your DNS records to InMotion’s nameservers. The support staff will take care of the rest.

Unless you opted to have WordPress or BoldGrid automatically installed during sign-up, you’ll have to do it through cPanel.

Jetpack gives you automatic access to a CDN, and you can upgrade your plan through your dashboard.See if InMotion Hosting is Right for You



Excellent Performance that Keeps Getting Better and Better

With various WordPress optimization features and other recent improvements, you’ll find InMotion’s performance noticeably better.

InMotion Hosting offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee for all hosting plans. According to multiple online sources, the uptime used to be pretty average, at just below 99.94% — but this has been steadily improving with time.

Since April 2018, many reviewers have recorded uptimes of over 99.98%. Some even report 100% uptime. Let’s hope this trend continues.

As for my own experience, I have no complaints regarding performance. There were never any noticeably slow loading times or dips in speed. WordPress was especially fast, with almost all pages loading instantly. Plugins and themes were installed in a flash.

InMotion also gets great results on the Sucuri speed test.

I created a test website with a template and a few plugins, which easily scored an A+ when I ran it through the Sucuri page load speed tool. The average load time in the U.S. was around 0.144 seconds. Los Angeles clocked in the quickest time at 0.037s, as this was the server location I chose.

Even the slowest loading time — for India — was still under one second. InMotion’s performance outside of the U.S. is even more impressive, considering the fact that they don’t have any data centers abroad. I can only assume they must be doing WordPress optimization right.

 In general, these are superb results. I’ve never seen such short load times without a CDN:

InMotion-Hosting-performance1Check Out InMotion Hosting Performance



Friendly and Helpful 100% U.S. Support

InMotion offers 24/7/365 customer support with all of its hosting packages. You can reach support via live chat, email, tickets, and dedicated phone lines. This is definitely one of the company’s major selling points.

There’s also plenty of documentation and an active community of customers and support agents.

I decided to put InMotion’s support to the test, with real, one-on-one interactions.

Phone Support

I actually made my first support request as I was setting up my account. It took me a bit longer to get my welcome call and email. This meant I couldn’t access my hosting, despite having paid. I got the welcome email a couple of hours later, but still no activation call. I decided to call them instead.

I had to get through a short dialing menu and hold for about 40 seconds. Then, I was put through to a friendly agent named Kaecy. It turned out the reason why I never got the initial call was that I was in a different country.

That aside, Kaecy’s positive energy was reassuring, and the call was pleasant. It was just the right balance of providing me with the necessary information without taking up too much of my time.

Live Chat Support

I also contacted InMotion multiple times through live chat. It can take a while to get a response if you catch them at a busy time. There were one or two cases when I had to wait over half an hour. I never got through in less than five minutes.

Once I did connect with them, the support agents were always friendly, accommodating, and helpful. Each agent I spoke with went above and beyond to help me resolve my issues.

If you happen to miss your session because you stepped away from the computer or it ended prematurely, they’ll also send you an email to apologize for any frustration and to let you know why your session ended. I’d rather get a faster response, but it is a nice touch.


Email/Ticket Support

To try out the ticket support system, I opened a ticket asking how I could set up the Cloudflare CDN. I submitted it around noon EST, so I was expecting a fairly quick response. I received an email 25 minutes later. Not the shortest response time, but better than average.

As you can see from the screenshot, they apologized for not offering the Cloudflare CDN with their packages and provided links to documentation on how to set it up.

However, the support staff failed to mention that Jetpack actually does provide a level of CDN functionality. This is something I figured out myself later on.

To be fair, Jetpack’s CDN is automatically activated when you host a website, so you don’t need to set it up. However, I still feel that someone should have provided me with this information.




Average Prices with Generous Freebies

InMotion isn’t the cheapest service, but the higher-tier plans offer excellent value for your money.

No matter what kind of hosting you’re looking for, InMotion probably has something for you. There’s WordPress hosting (starting at $2.49 per month), website builder hosting, VPS (starting at $5.00, and even dedicated servers (starting at $99.99. If it’s WordPress you’re after, you have six packages to choose from.

One little trick you’ll need to be aware of is that the prices displayed on the pricing carousels are actually for discounted one-year or two-year billing. The lower-tier plans don’t have billing terms shorter than a year, unfortunately.

With the lower-tier plans, you can find similar feature sets at cheaper rates elsewhere, but the higher-tier plans include a ton of extra features and are excellent value for money.

Keep in mind that InMotion only accepts major credit or debit cards and U.S. purchase orders.

These are some of the perks that come with the plans:

  • No bandwidth limits
  • High storage limits
  • A free domain
  • Free premium WordPress templates and Jetpack credits from the WP-2000S plan and up
  • A free dedicated IP from the WP-4000S plan and up

You can also create multiple user logins, which is great for teams.

Website transfers, a domain (annually only for lower-tier plans), SSL certificates, and $150 worth of ad credits are also included for free.

With the higher-tier plans, you’ll score a free domain even if you choose the monthly billing option.

Cancellations and Refunds

InMotion offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all hosting products, with a few exceptions: for WordPress hosting or long-term business, VPS, or reseller hosting, you get a generous 90-day money-back guarantee — you certainly don’t see that every day.

Unfortunately, you can’t cancel your account from your dashboard. You can deactivate automatic renewal, but if you want to get your money back, you’ll have to contact support via live chat, email, support ticket, or phone.

Still, it was quite easy to cancel my InMotion account and get my refund. The support agent didn’t question my decision at all, everything was handled smoothly, and I got my money back within two days. Just be aware that you’ll lose access to your account immediately after requesting the cancellation.

You can read how well InMotion handled my entire cancellation and refund process.

InMotion Hosting Web Hosting

InMotion Hosting WordPress Hosting

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Sandra K Steele
June 23, 2020
Support Is AMAZING - They earned a permanent customer.

OVERALL - 5 ( well 4.7 ) The tale below explains why InMotion is my choice for businesses. I'm going to start with the end result. I tried to leave and go cheaper and wound up with domain's stolen by a "cheap" web host. InMotion worked overtime and saved me. Seriously, they had to have spent more money on tech's helping me than I paid for space and service. They saved 8 out of 11 domain's from being transferred out, they recovered ALL of my data over a week time frame. ( some they thought they couldn't get but then did ). They are fantastic. I do most of my support via chat if anyone cares.. I will NEVER leave them unless they completely crater. They earned my loyalty. I am aware of when my new "introductory price" will go up and I do not care. I put the entire story at the end of this as a cautionary tale.Performance: Some of the issues I've experienced come down to ISP routing. I know because once I've connected, things get faster. You know that thing the govt. passed the first year of the Trump regime which allows ISP's to adjust bandwidth or tweak their dns to better serve the rich guys? ( I'm stuck with my ISP but when I can go to Netflix, Facebook etc but can't get to some of the little guys including Inmotion for like 20 seconds sometimes ) . This was tested by me going to a coffee shop where they were serviced by a company not available in my area. No issues what so ever, so I've concluded it's a where I'm at situation. My clients are happy so I'm happy.Quality - I'm a beginner reseller as I primarily do "reselling" so that my clients have better options than just being on my personal account. I've had no real issues at all.Security - Security is all in how you set things up. It's not InMotion's fault if accounts are not secured correctly. I'm NOW setup with extra codes, passphrases, SSH and a few other things to help reduce vulnerability. Their security team has worked with me in the past and I was totally satisfied with the results and have seen the improvements they've made over several years. Support: OMG Tech Support 97% of the time the support team is staffed by rock stars, the other 3 percent are newbies or folks who just don't understand anything not the "typical" question. I used to run my webservers from my house, I tend to ask some different questions. The Billing and Account folks are fantastic and really helpful. I've not had any uninformed folks there.Price - I learned the hard way that you get what you pay for. Thus - They are actually reasonable once you understand Introductory Pricing vs Regular Pricing. Considering that I've now met so many tech support folks ( see below ) They are very very reasonable.I will not be leaving InMotion. That's it period.For those who are curious - here is the gruesome story about CIS.NET I've been with InMotion for 8 years. In May I decided to get out of my reseller account ( I really just used it as a better way to organize existing clients and had no way for anyone else to sign on ) and transfer to a cheaper host who offered free migration. I made the grievous error of believing a CNET Review calling another company CIS.NET one of the top 5 out there and the least expensive. I was pushing a deadline and couldn't afford ( I THOUGHT ) to wait and search other places so I checked their domain name ( active since 98 ) and jumped there. BIG BIG Mistake. What followed was possibly the biggest nightmare of my life. Turns out CIS.NET was a front, I was a idiot, and after a late night call from someone else who'd been scammed warning me about them, I pulled out and ran screaming what follows is how I know it was a front. I paid up for a extra month at InMotion, made sure that everything was still intact (which it was ) but The minute I Canceled the account ( hoping that it was not a scam ) I CIS deleted my InMotion Account (Migration access... very very bad ) which was still active, and deleted all the data, reduced the account to a domain name only and started transferring my Domains away with PRIVACY LOCKS. How do I know they were illegally stealing my account? Well.. they changed the owner name to Jane Thompson, added a fake credit card number ( normally used for testing ) and changed the account email. It took longer than I would have liked for me to prove myself but at this point I couldn't receive new email because they had moved the nameserver. ( Fortunately my email is gsuite so nothing was lost other than the email that was sent/received during all this drama ) The overnight squad and supervisors, managed to rescue 8 of 11 domains, and helped me get back in control. The data team and the accounts team went above and way beyond and I will be forever grateful. One of my domains dates back to 2000 according to the Whois but I'm pretty sure I bought it in 1998. I've established it and it would have destroyed my business had we not gotten it back.

Adam S
March 24, 2020
Do Not Use, Sub-par Performance

I recently recommended InMotionHosting's (WordPress Hosting - WP-2000s) to a few clients. I thought I was providing a superior product to what they previously were using (GoDaddy). Boy, I was wrong. Front-end performance is so-so, but nothing exceptional. BUT where I was flabbergasted was their back-end performance.I went to upload 11 images into WordPress. These images totaled 11.2 MB. It took over SEVEN minutes to upload those 11 images. The CPU usage in cPanel was maxed out. So while I was waiting for these to upload, I went to my personal website, logged-in, and uploaded the same 11 images in less than 60 seconds. (I'm using A2Hosting on a mid-level plan that is comparable "on paper" to the InMotionHosting WP2000s plan).I reached out to InMotionHosting support and in summary, was told that "Speeds Vary" on the backend. This translates "Sorry, You're Out of Luck, so pay 4 times as much for our VPS hosting".I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

August 10, 2019
Hacked within hours of installing and SECURING Wordpress

We purchased a new Wordpress-specific hosting account with InMotion yesterday afternoon. Immediately I changed the password to a random, stronger one, activated SSL, installed, activated and setup the Shield security plugin, added several .htaccess security measures, AND hid the login page. Within hours after that, I got an email from Shield that there had been a successful admin login to the site from an IP that google indicated was in Indonesia. A hack-filled php file was added to the main directory called "zz.php".Called InMotion this morning, and their primary suggestion is that it was an issue with my machine (where security is setup and no other issues are evident with countless other managed sites), and then they suggested we "hire an outside security expert." Seriously? The right call seems to be to hire a different host that takes security on its servers more seriously.

Dr S. O.
February 02, 2019
Powerhouse With Experts in Support and Consistency of Service Performance

Inmotion Hosting has become my preferred hosting. I started with Shared Business Hosting, then VPS and now Dedicated Server Hosting. At every stage, before I moved to the next level of hosting, I have always gone out to see if I can find alternative hosting packages that can offer me more than what I can get from Inmotion Hosting Support and Technical Teams but I have always come back to rely on their availability, flexibility and reliability from their state-of-the-art data centers with their managed, custom dedicated servers which are extremely essential to run global eCommerce sites

Sabatino C.
January 26, 2019
Best of all!

I have been with several hosting but when I changed to InMotion hosting, I noticed the difference. No one has better technical support. They support 24 hours a day, that is, they always solve any problems. I've been with them for 2 years now and I do not change them for any other. Keep up and congratulations.

Bill May
January 21, 2019
Great host

InMotion is a great hosting company. As every host has, there have been some problems, but they are always quick to respond and correct any issues promptly. Also, they are NOT, and probably won't ever be, a part of EIG.

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How does InMotion Hosting match up to the competition?

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InterServer Compare 4.8 Compare
InMotion Hosting Compare 4.7 Compare
Bluehost Compare 2.5 Compare

Bottom line on InMotion Hosting

A Well-Rounded Hosting Service

InMotion Hosting scored well in all aspects, particularly support and performance.

I can confidently say that InMotion Hosting is still one of the best U.S.-based providers for managed WordPress hosting. The fantastic infrastructure means it’s also one of the best in terms of performance and availability, no matter what type of hosting you’re looking for.

You’ll appreciate the superb customer support, comprehensive documentation, and active community. The only downside is that because of InMotion’s popularity, you’re not likely to get an instant response through live chat — but waiting times aren’t long for phone or email support.

You’ll also get cPanel, which allows you to install almost any web application you need (including WordPress) in one click, you’ll have great freebies like BoldGrid and Jetpack to enhance your website.

Is InMotion Hosting Good?
InMotion is a pretty good hosting option that offers high speed servers and a high level of customer support. It’s even on our list of the best web hosting services right now.
Does InMotion Offer Shared Hosting Plans?
Yes, InMotion has shared hosting plans that are affordable and reliable.
Does InMotion Offer Managed WordPress Hosting?
Yes, InMotion offers managed WordPress plans which take care of things like backups and updates so you don’t have to worry about them.
Can I Migrate My Website for Free to InMotion?
Yes, InMotion offers free website transfers and promises that you won’t experience any downtime during the transfer.
Which Control Panel Does InMotion Have?
InMotion uses cPanel, one of the most popular web hosting control panels.

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Hendrik Human
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