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6 VERY BEST Alternatives to GoDaddy for Web Hosting in 2024

Ryan Jones Ryan JonesWeb Hosting Expert
If you’re looking for an alternative to GoDaddy, you’re not alone. Many GoDaddy customers have realized that they could be getting better service for a better price from another vendor.

Even GoDaddy’s cheapest shared hosting plan is expensive in comparison with other hosts, yet it lacks essential features. It also provides painfully slow loading speeds, making visitors more likely to leave your site rather than waiting for it to load.

Still, you have to be careful – you don’t want to waste your time transferring to a new host just to experience the same issues you were trying to get away from.

That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the best hosting alternatives to GoDaddy. I’ve tested the hosts below thoroughly and I can safely say they all provide much better value and performance. Read on to find out which of them is right for you.

Short on time? These are the best alternatives to GoDaddy:

  • Hostinger – Incredible value with impressive performance
  • FastComet – Super-responsive support with plenty of freebies
  • InterServerUnlimited resources at budget prices

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What We Looked For in the Best Alternatives to GoDaddy

  • Performance. In my performance tests, GoDaddy delivered very poor page loading times. You can expect much faster loading speeds for your site with any of the alternatives below.
  • SSD-based hosting. GoDaddy still uses HDD storage for all of its shared hosting plans. You get much faster performance with the newer SSD technology, which all of the hosts on my list use.
  • Value. GoDaddy is relatively expensive, withholding many features behind extra fees. You can get much better value for money and more free features with the hosts below. Many of them are also significantly cheaper.
  • Security features. I chose companies that provide SSL certificates and other security features for free. Although you can get AutoSSL with GoDaddy’s top two shared plans, if you want any other site-specific security, you’ll have to pay extra or implement your own.
  • Quality support. In my testing, GoDaddy’s support team was regularly unavailable, and even when I did manage to get in touch, I received little to no help. That’s why I’ve paid special attention to hosts that have much more responsive and helpful support agents.

Hostinger – Incredible Value for Money with Speedy Performance

Hostinger included all the basic features I needed for a low price
Hostinger blows GoDaddy out of the water when it comes to pricing. Its budget shared hosting plan is several times cheaper than GoDaddy’s Economy plan. But even Hostinger’s most expensive shared hosting plan costs less than GoDaddy’s cheapest.

Hostinger’s plans come with plenty of free features. For example, a free SSL certificate is included in every plan. Unlike GoDaddy, the BitNinja security solution is enabled by default across all of its servers. This provides DDoS protection, brute force protection, and malware scanning, all at no extra cost.

But the most exciting feature of Hostinger is its amazing performance. During my testing, I found it to have some of the fastest loading times I’ve ever seen from a shared hosting plan. While its support team can be slow to respond, Hostinger is a great choice if you’re looking to get the best value for your money.

  • 30-day money-back guarantee. If you cancel within the first 30 days of your contract, you are eligible for a full refund – no questions asked.
  • Proprietary control panel. Beginner users often prefer Hostinger’s hPanel to cPanel because of its simpler interface. While it does lack some advanced features, it includes all of the most popular site management features cPanel is known for, including one-click installations of WordPress and other popular CMSs.
  • Automatic WordPress updates. Hostinger will automatically update your WordPress core software and plugins, so you’re always running the latest versions.
  • LiteSpeed Web Server. One of the primary reasons for Hostinger’s superior performance is its LiteSpeed-based servers. If you’re running WordPress, which you probably are, you can benefit from the LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress plugin (LSCWP) as well.
Pricing $2.99
Data center locations The US, the UK, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Indonesia, Singapore, Brazil
Hosting types Shared, cloud, WordPress, VPS
Resources on cheapest plan Single Shared Hosting plan includes one website, 30GB SSD storage, 100GB bandwidth, and one email account

FastComet – Plenty of Features with Responsive and Helpful Support

The number of free features from FastComet impressed me
If you’re looking for great support with your hosting solution, you should consider FastComet. While GoDaddy will keep you waiting for uninformed and unhelpful support agents, FastComet’s support team has always responded to my queries in under a minute with relevant and helpful information.

FastComet’s budget shared hosting plan is around half the price of GoDaddy’s equivalent, and it offers plenty of extra features. It offers free website transfers, access to the Cloudflare CDN, and free automatic daily backups.

FastComet certainly isn’t the fastest host on this list, serving average speeds which are impacted heavily by the distance to your chosen data center. But with data centers in Singapore, Tokyo, Mumbai, and Sydney, you should consider FastComet if you have audiences in India, east Asia, and Australia.

  • 45-day money-back guarantee. FastComet offers a better guarantee than most, with full refunds for cancellations made during the first 45 days of your contract.
  • Free domain for a year. FastComet will not only transfer your domain name free of charge – it will also give you one year of free registration.
  • Advanced security. Servers are protected with FastGuard Hosting Security, which allows information about security threats to be shared with the entire network. Blocking malicious traffic has a bonus effect, as it improves overall performance.
  • Free website migration. FastComet will migrate up to three existing sites, free of charge. Additional sites cost extra.
Pricing $1.79
Data center locations Chicago, Dallas, Newark, Toronto, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo, Mumbai
Hosting types Shared, WordPress, managed Cloud VPS, managed dedicated servers
Resources on cheapest plan FastCloud shared hosting plan includes one website, 15GB SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, and unlimited email accounts

InterServer – Decent Prices with Unlimited Resources

InterServer scored highly on performance tests in America and western Europe
There’s a lot to like about InterServer. For one thing, its all-purpose Standard shared hosting plan is cheaper than GoDaddy’s Economy plan after renewal.

What’s more is that the Standard plan includes unlimited storage, unlimited data transfer, unlimited websites, and unlimited email accounts. And all your content is preserved with free automatic daily backups.

What about performance? InterServer achieved great loading speeds throughout America and Western Europe, though my tests found it was significantly slower elsewhere.

Support was disappointing; the live chat wasn’t always available and provided little help when it was. Regardless, InterServer offers very good value overall.

  • 30-day money-back guarantee. You can try InterServer risk-free for the first 30 days.
  • InterShield Security. InterServer’s security solution offers automatic virus scanning, a machine-learning firewall, and an in-house malware database.
  • Inter-Proxy caching. A proprietary caching system using LiteSpeed servers, LS Cache, and Cloudflare Virtual DNS offers a speed boost to websites with a lot of traffic, as well as an extra layer of security.
  • Free website migration. InterServer will take care of migrating your site from another provider over to its servers. This service is included in your hosting fee, but you must provide a cPanel backup from your previous host.
Pricing $2.50
Data center locations Los Angeles,Secaucus
Hosting types Shared, VPS WordPress VPS, dedicated servers
Resources on cheapest plan Standard shared hosting plan includes unlimited websites, SSD storage, data transfer, and email accounts

A2 Hosting – Secure Hosting with Great Performance

The range of A2 Hosting’s security features impressed me
While A2 Hosting’s website is quite heavy on the marketing-speak, this provider offers a very good quality hosting experience. A2 is mainly known for budget shared hosting, with its cheapest plan costing about half the price of GoDaddy’s Economy plan.

Saving money is always nice, but what’s particularly impressive about A2 Hosting is its free package of security features. This extensive security solution includes free, “no-click” SSL certificate installation on all your domains, HackScan protection to monitor and prevent site attacks, “Reinforced” DDoS attack protection, and the automatic patching of WordPress and other popular CMSs.

A2 Hosting also features excellent performance overall. While it’s not the fastest host out there, it’s certainly speedy enough for most sites to perform very well. Also, my uptime tests recorded perfect uptime over two months.

All in all, if you’re looking for a powerful web host which takes your security much more seriously than GoDaddy, you’ll do well with A2 Hosting.

  • Great refund policy. A2 Hosting has a 30-day money-back guarantee like many other hosts, but it also offers prorated refunds for cancellations past this point. This means that you are entitled to a refund of the unused portion of your contract even if you cancel after the first 30 days.
  • A2 Optimized. You can install an “A2 Optimized” version of WordPress as well as several other CMSs. These are configured for high performance on A2’s servers.
  • Free website migration. In most cases, A2 Hosting will migrate an existing site from another host for free.
  • Managed WordPress plans. If you’re looking for more help running your WordPress site, you can pay extra for a managed WordPress hosting plan. This includes expert WordPress support, a free Jetpack personal license, a site staging platform, and more.
Pricing $2.99
Data center locations Michigan, Arizona, Amsterdam, Singapore
Hosting types Shared, managed or unmanaged WordPress, VPS, dedicated servers
Resources on cheapest plan Startup shared hosting plan includes one website, 100GB SSD storage, unlimited data transfer, and unlimited email accounts

Kinsta – Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting with Blazing Speed

Kinsta provides WordPress hosting with a focus on good management and support
If you’re willing to pay a premium with Kinsta, you can reap the benefits of its managed WordPress plans, delivered through the powerful Google Cloud Platform (GCP). While it’s by far the most expensive host on this list, it’s also the fastest and most reliable. With 24 data centers around the world, you can take advantage of GCP’s performance wherever your visitors may be.

Cloud hosting includes the ability to scale your resources instantly to handle spikes in traffic, allowing for a much lower risk of downtime. In fact, Kinsta takes uptime very seriously, checking that your website is still up every two minutes. If it finds that it isn’t, it’ll instantly take measures to start it back up again.

Kinsta will install WordPress for you, migrate your site from another host, and provide daily automatic backups. As part of Kinsta’s fully-managed services, support agents are knowledgeable and responsive. If you’ve got the budget, you’ll find Kinsta to be worth the higher price.

  • 30-day money-back guarantee. Kinsta offers a full refund if you cancel within the first 30 days. It will also refund any add-ons you’ve purchased within this timeframe.
  • Outstanding security. If your site is ever hacked, Kinsta’s techs will jump into action to restore it. In addition, the entire network is monitored constantly, and is protected with hardware firewalls and DDoS attack detection. Finally, Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates can be installed on each of your sites with a single click.
  • KeyCDN caching. Each plan includes a certain amount of caching with KeyCDN. The Starter plan includes caching for up to 50GB of static assets, while higher-tier plans include up to 1TB.
  • NGINX web server. Kinsta uses NGINX web server technology with MariaDB, optimized to serve your WordPress site(s) quickly and efficiently.
Pricing $30.00
Data center locations GCP offers several locations in the USA, as well as Canada, the UK, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland, Switzerland, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, India, Indonesia, Brazil
Hosting types Managed WordPress cloud hosting only
Resources on cheapest plan Starter plan includes one website, 10GB SSD storage, and allows for 25K monthly visitors

GreenGeeks – Environmentally-Friendly Hosting with Exceptional Support

Choosing GreenGeeks helps both the environment and your website
GreenGeeks has a unique selling point among web hosts, as it’s one of the few that purchases three times the amount of energy it uses in the form of renewable energy credits. If this sounds good to you, you may also be pleased to hear that it offers a beginner-friendly, budget-priced hosting experience.

GreenGeeks’ Lite shared hosting plan is around half the price of GoDaddy’s cheapest plan and includes some nice features, including a free Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL certificate and free daily backups. This plan also offers unlimited storage and unmetered data transfer.

Its performance is pretty average compared to some of the other hosts in this list, but GreenGeeks’ support really shines. Agents are quick to respond and always go the extra mile. They don’t just point you in the right direction – frequently, they will go ahead and fix problems for you. As such, this host is perfect for beginners.

A free domain name is included with some hosting plans from GreenGeeks
  • 30-day money-back guarantee. As long as you cancel within the first 30 days of your contract, you’re entitled to a full refund.
  • Free domain for the first year. With every shared or managed WordPress hosting plan, you are entitled to free domain registration for the first year of your contract.
  • Up-to-date server technology. GreenGeeks uses the LiteSpeed web server in conjunction with MariaDB databases, allowing you to harness the power of the LSCache plugin for WordPress, which significantly improves page loading speeds. Additionally, our package includes Cloudflare CDN capability to further enhance your website’s performance.
  • Website migration service. GreenGeeks will perform a complete site migration for you, free of charge.
Pricing $2.95
Data center locations Chicago, Phoenix, Montreal, Amsterdam
Hosting types Shared, managed WordPress, managed VPS
Resources on cheapest plan Lite shared hosting plan includes one website, unlimited storage, unmetered data transfer, and unlimited email accounts

Choosing the Best GoDaddy Hosting Alternative for You

So, which GoDaddy hosting alternative is right for you? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for. Hostinger offers the least expensive plans with superb performance, making it a compelling option if you’re on a budget.

FastComet and GreenGeeks both offer beginner-friendly services with fantastic support, so either can be a good choice if you’re new to running a website. However, if you’re looking for fast performance at a good price, you can’t go wrong with InterServer.

A2 Hosting offers the best security features of the bunch. Kinsta is the premium option, giving your site some of the best performance and reliability available today. If you’re still unsure, check out the table below for a side-by-side comparison.

Resources Free features How is it better than GoDaddy?
Hostinger Single Shared Hosting plan includes support for a single site, 30GB SSD storage, 100GB bandwidth Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, assistance transferring your site Several times cheaper with much better performance $2.99
FastComet FastCloud shared hosting plan includes support for a single site, 15GB SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, Cloudflare CDN, automatic daily backups, free domain for a year, migration of up to three sites Great support and plenty of free features for slightly less than GoDaddy $1.79
InterServer Standard shared hosting plan includes unlimited domains, unlimited SSD storage and unmetered bandwidth Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, Cloudflare CDN, automatic daily backups, website migration Unlimited resources, faster performance, and a reasonable rate $2.50
A2 Hosting Startup shared hosting plan includes support for a single website, 100GB SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth Free Sectigo SSL certificate, A2 optimized plugin, website migration Cheaper with free robust security features, along with much better performance $2.99
Kinsta Starter plan includes 10GB SSD storage and enough bandwidth and data transfer to support around 25k monthly visitors. Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, KeyCDN, daily automatic backups, website migration, WordPress installation Better performance than GoDaddy, along with better reliability and scalability $30.00
GreenGeeks Lite shared hosting plan includes support for a single website, unlimited storage and unmetered bandwidth Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL certificate, Cloudflare CDN, daily automatic backups, free domain for a year, website migration Much cheaper than GoDaddy with superior support and unlimited resources $2.95


Which is the best GoDaddy alternative?

The right GoDaddy alternative for you depends on your needs. If you’re looking for value for money, Hostinger is likely your best bet. On the other hand, if you’re looking for helpful tech support, you’re better off choosing FastComet or GreenGeeks.

To compare more hosts, check out our list of the best web hosting services for 2024.

Are there free alternatives to GoDaddy?

I wouldn’t advise seeking a free hosting solution. While they do exist, there is a high risk of running into a scam. Even if you do find a legitimate free host, there will be major drawbacks, such as advertisements on your site or unreliable servers. I’d recommend choosing a budget option instead, or check out the latest deals for 2024 on our coupons page.

How do I cancel my plan with GoDaddy?

To cancel with GoDaddy, you must first delete any products associated with your account. You then need to wait 24 hours. Next, go to your GoDaddy contact preferences page. Navigate to the account section, click Edit, then click Close Account. Be warned: closing your account will make you ineligible for any refunds. To receive a refund, you must first contact support. Read our guide to cancelling a plan with GoDaddy for more information.

Which is the cheapest and most reliable GoDaddy alternative?

Hostinger is by far the cheapest shared hosting provider in this list, and I found it to have near-perfect uptime in my testing. If you’re interested further in what Hostinger can do for you, take a look at our Hostinger review.

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