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10 Best Logo Makers with Free Trials – (Actually Good) [2023]

Andrea Schlottman Andrea SchlottmanGraphic Designer October 18, 2023
October 18, 2023
There are plenty of free DIY logo makers out there, but not all of them produce good results. You don’t want to waste an hour designing your logo only to discover you can’t download the file type you need, or find out the file you can download for free is so low quality it’s useless.

I’ve tested all the major logo makers to see which ones give you a professional-looking logo and files you can actually use on your website, your social media, or anywhere else you like. All of these logo makers are free to use, but keep in mind that most of them charge for commercial use.

During my research, I also discovered that you can hire a professional designer for a surprisingly cheap price, so if you do need a logo for commercial use and have a tight budget, I have some great tips to share with you.

Alternatively, read on for my favorite logo makers that are free to use to make your own custom designs.

Short on time? Here are the best ways to get a great logo in 2023:

  1. Fiverr Logo Design – Try Fiverr’s advanced logo maker for free, or get a professionally designed logo for just $5.
  2. Wix Logo Maker – Excellent editing tools and super-easy preset options. You can download a low-resolution sample that’s free for non-commercial use.
  3. Looka – Stylish logo templates and you can design as many logos as you like for free – you only pay for the one you want to use.

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What We Look For in the Best Free Logo Makers

When evaluating these tools, I looked for good logo design features without too many irritating limitations or upsells.
  • Logo templates: Whether the logos are AI (Artificial Intelligence) generated or pulled from a template library, you should get plenty of variety. The logo makers on this list offer a wide selection of icons and layouts, so you can capture the essence of your business. For example, you can find camera icons for photography studios and muffins for bakeries.
  • Customization tools: You should be able to personalize your logo by changing colors, fonts, layouts, and so on.  The more options for customization, the more unique your logo will be. Using any one of the logo makers I picked out, you can make lots of designs with different styles
  • Ease of use: DIY logo design shouldn’t be complicated, even if you have no creative background. The whole point of a logo maker is to create a professional logo without doing the art yourself. You should be provided with high-quality graphic design and simple-to-use tools that let you put something together quickly.
  • File types: Free is only useful if your online logo maker gives you the right high-quality files to use online or in print. Most free logo makers require you to pay for commercial use of logos, but these ones still let you use the maker for free, and some allow you to download your creation for samples or personal use.

1. Fiverr Logo Design: Make Your Own Logo or Get One Designed for You for Just $5

Fiverr logo maker editor
Once you select the logo you want on Fiverr Logo Maker, you can easily customize it in the editor.
Fiverr is best known for finding affordable freelancers, but if you want to create your own logo, Fiverr lets you do that, too. Fiverr Logo Maker is an AI-powered, free-to-try logo creator. It has amazing designs to start with and tons of customization options – but you do have to pay to download the logo.

Still, in my opinion, the stylish premade designs and advanced customization are well worth  the $5.00  price tag for high-res downloads. You can choose your own color palette by combining 3 colors or selecting a premade palette, add background shapes and colors, and edit the font size and color of your company name and slogan. Plus, you get instant delivery (yes!).

Alternatively, you can find a logo designer for as little as $5 on Fiverr, which is super affordable. Something neat about hiring a logo designer on Fiverr is its AI-powered logo wizard. You can select your favorite logo styles, and Fiverr will match you with freelance designers that fit your desired look.

Final verdict: You can’t get a logo that’s completely free on Fiverr, but it’s still very affordable to hire a talented designer. And if you want to go the DIY route, Fiverr Logo Maker is advanced enough to create a unique logo.

fiverr logo 2

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  • 100s of designs per request. Fiverr combines real user-created templates and AI to provide users with hundreds of fully-customizable logo options.
  • Easy to use. Fiverr features one of most user-friendly logo makers on the market. I was able to come up with a couple of great-looking designs in less than an hour!
  • Designer Portfolios. Browse a logo designer’s portfolio before you hire to find the perfect style you want. Also look through a designer’s customer reviews and industry experience to see how professional and reliable they are.
  • Professional Logo Designers. There’s something for everyone – Fiverr’s not just about quick $5 jobs. If your budget allows it and you want to make sure you receive a high-quality logo design, you can enlist the help of a vetted Fiverr Pro.
Check out my colleague’s extensive Fiverr review for more details about the platform.

Payment options? One-time payment to a designer, or to download your DIY logo
Which file types will I get (with basic plan)? Depends on the designer, or PNG files for Fiverr Logo Maker
Can I get premade templates for social media, business cards, etc.? Yes, but it depends on the designer
Can I edit my logo after buying? No

Wix Logo Maker screenshot - More designs for your logo
I really like how easy it is to compare colors and styles to fine-tune your logo on Wix.
Wix Logo Maker is AI-powered, which means that it learns from your preferences to generate unique logo templates for you. You’ll start by entering details about your business, describing your brand, and teaching the AI which logos you like.

You’ll then choose a design to customize, which is where this tool stands out. It takes only a click or two to change colors/fonts, add background shapes, find a new icon, curve or rotate text, and more.

You can make unlimited edits for free, and you can start over with a new logo design at any time. From the check-out page, you can also download a free sample (for non-commercial use).

Since Wix Logo Maker saves your designs, you can always come back later to edit or buy.

The verdict: Wix Logo Maker has some of the best editing capabilities of any online logo maker. It all starts with great-looking templates, and it gets even better with one-click edits to color palette, text layout, and more.


  • Pre-set Color Palettes. Start with a set of 3 colors to use in your logo design. You can stick with these or tweak them to your liking (perfect if you’re like me and keep changing your mind).
  • Free Sample. Download a small image of your logo to test before committing. This is a great way to try before you buy, and I don’t see many other logo makers offering it.
  • Language Support. Create logos in every language Wix supports, such as German, French, Japanese, and Chinese.
  • Hire a Logo Designer. You can hire a logo designer through Wix to touch up your design or create one from scratch. This is a great option to fall back on if you’ve created a logo you like but want more customization or want it to fit your brand’s personality even more.
Read our expert review to learn more about Wix Logo Maker.

Payment options? One-time payment for logo only and optional subscription for additional services
Which file types will I get (with basic plan)?

PNG in color, black, and white (with transparency)
Can I get premade templates for social media, business cards, etc.? Yes, pre-sized social media logos and business card printing are available for an additional fee
Can I edit my logo after buying? Yes, but you must repurchase the logo after editing

3. Looka – Beautiful Templates with Tons of Preset Options

Generating AI-powered templates in Looka
Change colors, symbols, and your slogan, and Looka’s AI will generate new templates in real time.
Also AI-powered, Looka differs in that you can select up to five specific icons you like during the startup process. This makes your AI-generated logo designs more relevant to you, and the terrific icon library may even spark some creativity.

Within the editor, Looka offers plenty of ready-to-go designs. In just a click, you can apply suggested color palettes and gradients, change fonts, or try new text layouts.

Looka will save your logo designs so you can always come back later, but there is no free logo sample, even for non-commercial use. The basic plan is also quite limited, giving you only one PNG file (with no transparency).

The verdict: Looka has attractive default options and makes it easy to try out new designs without thinking of them yourself. To me, this tool would be more of a home run if the basic plan weren’t so…basic.
looka logo alt

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  • Stylish Templates. Templates on Looka are gorgeous thanks to strong layout, font, and color combinations, so it’s hard (nearly impossible, actually) to end up with a bad-looking Logo.
  • Business Card Designs. You can add on business card designs to ensure your logo and card layout go together perfectly.
  • Website Builder. You can design your website in Looka, too, which helps make your branding cohesive.
  • Designer Editing. Hire a designer to work on your logo for an hour, perfecting what you started and adding touchups beyond the constraints of the editor.
Learn more in our expert review on Looka.

Payment options? One-time payment
Which file types will I get (with basic plan)?

PNG (no transparency)
Can I get premade templates for social media, business cards, etc.? Yes, business card designs and social media graphics available with premium plans.
Can I edit my logo after buying? Yes, free edits within 72 hours of purchase.

4. DesignCrowd: Get a Logo Through Crowdsourcing

DesignCrowd winners
Look through previous winners on DesignCrowd to find a style you like – you can hire the designer of that logo.
DesignCrowd is a crowdsourcing platform where you can post a project publically and receive dozens to hundred of logos from professional designers.

Keep in mind DesignCrowd is not free and doesn’t have a logo maker tool – but it’s an affordable way to get a professional logo from talented artists, so I wanted to include it on this list.

The cost of posting a logo project on DesignCrowd starts at $109.00. The advantage of paying for a logo design is you get original art created for your brand rather than using premade art and icons that can be used by other businesses (and recognized by potential customers).

The verdict: DesignCrowd isn’t free, but it’s pretty affordable for what you get – dozens of high-quality logo designs to choose from. I recommend DesignCrowd if you want a truly custom logo for your brand.


  • Designer Profiles. Review a designer’s logo portfolio, customer reviews and rating, and their work history. If you find a designer you like, you can hire them directly.
  • Massive Community. There are over 700,000 designers on DesignCrowd, any of whom can submit designs or be hired to make your logo.
  • Top Designer” Invites. For the cost of an add-on, you can invite logo artists with the “Top Designer” ranking to your project to ensure you have the very best submitting designs to your contests.
  • Private Projects. Make your logo project private to keep it out of search engines and away from competitors’ eyes. You can also get your project protected with an NDA.
Read our full DesignCrowd review to learn more about how the platform works and why we recommend it.

Payment options? Contest packages and direct hiring
Which file types will I get (with basic plan)? VPS vector, JPG, PNG, and the source file
Can I get premade templates for social media, business cards, etc.? Yes, if you pay for them
Can I edit my logo after buying? You can edit the source file if you have the right software

5. 99Designs: Crowdsourced Business & Animated Logos

Designer Profiles on 99Designs
If you find a logo design you like on 99Designs, you can contact and hire the designer directly.
99Designs is another crowdsourcing tool that doesn’t have a free logo maker but gets you stylish logos created by expert freelance designers. 99Designs costs a good deal more than DesignCrowd, starting at $299.00, but you get even more designs to choose from.

With so many submissions, you’re all but guaranteed to find something you like. And if you don’t want any of the logos? You don’t have to pay. Which makes this another good way to see some logo options at no cost.

Freelance logo designers on 99Designs create more professional logos than you can achieve with an average logo maker. You can get animated logos, too, which is a feature free logo makers don’t offer. You just have to pay more for it.

The verdict: I’d recommend 99Designs more strongly if it weren’t for its expensive price tag. But if you’re willing to spend, you can get a professionally designed logo, making it a strong choice for more established businesses.


  • Variety of Styles. Get a logo in anything from a minimalist, to an abstract, to a hipster style. 99Designs is designer focused, and I was really impressed by the sheer scope of art styles you can find.
  • Private Contests. Keep your project off of search engines and closed to designers, so no one knows where you got your logo.
  • Designer Matchmaking. For a price, 99Designs will hire the best logo designer for your needs and assign them to your project.
  • Active Community Forum. If you need help designing a logo or finding the right style, just ask the community forum on 99Designs. The artists there are very active and eager to help.
Read about how we got a logo using 99Designs in our in-depth 99Designs review.

Payment options? Contest packages at a fixed pricing and direct hiring
Which file types will I get (with basic plan)? JPG, PNG, PDF, EDS, and AI
Can I get premade templates for social media, business cards, etc.? Yes
Can I edit my logo after buying? Sometimes, if the designer is willing to revise

6. Tailor Brands – Attractive Templates with Great Icon Selection

Tailor Brands logo designer
You can use the logo you make on Tailor Brands for all aspects of your business, including business cards and your website.
Tailor Brands also uses AI technology to power its helpful startup wizard. To train the AI, you’ll be able to choose your preferred logo style and then select your favorite fonts.

I personally favor the icon-based option because the built-in icon library offers a wide range of excellent choices. You have the flexibility to choose between an AI-generated abstract icon or perform a search to select your own.

The logo customization tools are easy to use and offer creative, visually appealing preset options for font, color, and layout. You can also download a free (for non-commercial use) sample at any time by clicking the sample button in the logo editor.

Tailor Brands will save your designs, so you can return at a later time without having to start over. One downside, however, is that logo purchase requires a subscription; there are no one-time payment plans available.

The verdict: Tailor Brands has fewer customization options than other paid logo makers, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The curated options make this tool a good choice if you want a quick logo maker.


  • Abstract Logo Generator. If you want an original logo, you can use Tailor Brands’ AI tool to generate an abstract image. This ensures no one else will share your brand’s look.
  • Seasonal Logo Generator. Further personalize your logo with themes for different seasons and holidays, like Christmas and Thanksgiving.
  • Zazzle Partnership. Get your logo printed on business cards, mugs, T-shirts, and more through Zazzle (a printing service).
  • Social Marketing Tools. Tailor Brands can prepare your logo for posting on social media sites. You can also resize your logo to fit the image size requirements of social media sites.
Want to know more? Check out our Tailor Brands expert review.

Payment options? Subscription only
Which file types will I get (with basic plan)?

JPEG, PNG (including transparent background)
Can I get premade templates for social media, business cards, etc.? Yes, a logo resizing tool comes with the basic plan. Business card templates and presentation decks are available for an additional fee.
Can I edit my logo after buying? Yes, you can change the color, layout, and tagline after purchase.

Canva Logo Maker screenshot - Logo elements
Canva gives you an impressive amount of customization options, like background gradients and shapes to play with.
Canva offers hundreds of logo templates, helpfully divided into industry categories for you to browse. One huge bonus is that Canva is 100% free for commercial use! There are some limitations on the free plan, such as fewer icon options. But if you want a completely free logo maker for your business, Canva is a solid choice.

Another standout feature of Canva is its ability to allow you to upload your own files, even with the free plan. This makes it convenient to incorporate any branding elements you already possess.

The Elements tab is also great, allowing you to choose modern logo design options like shapes, lines, and gradients. From this tab, you can even add animated elements like stars, arrows, or emojis. Just note that if you want to download a GIF of your animated logo, however, you’d need to have a premium plan.

Whenever you’re done, choose a file type for immediate download in the browser. The only disadvantage here is that transparent files are only available with paid plans.

The verdict: Canva Logo Maker is easy to use, with great template variety and diverse editing options. To get full access to its impressive library of icons and fonts, however, you’d benefit from a paid account. (Free 30-day trials are available.)
Which file types will I get for free?

PNG (no transparency), JPG, PDF, or MP4 video (for animations)
Can I get premade templates for social media, business cards, etc.? Yes, you can use the free editor to resize your logo for social media. For a fee, you can print on t-shirts, business cards, and more.
Can I edit my logo later? Yes, all designs are saved to your account for free editing.

8. DesignEvo: An Easy to Use but Advanced Logo Maker

DesignEvo's Editor
DesignEvo’s drag and drop editor is super easy to use, and you can further customize sizing, font, and color.
DesignEvo is a beginner-friendly logo maker that lets you edit and customize your own print-ready logo. It’s free to use and to download a 300×300 px low-res image. However, you’ll need to credit DesignEvo for commercial use.

Keep in mind you’ll need to pay a one-time fee if you want a high-quality download of your logo (5000×5000 px). You can purchase a Basic logo for $24.99 or a Plus logo for $49.99. The Plus logo also gets you vector files, font files you can use in your branding, and full copyright ownership.

My favorite thing about DesignEvo is how easy it is to come up with a professional design, even if you don’t have any artistic experience. You start with a template you like, picking from over 10,000 options. Then you simply drag and drop icons and shapes to arrange them however you like. You can also add text and a background color (solid or gradient).

Final verdict: I really like the “simple but powerful” feel of DesignEvo. DesignEvo’s customization options let you create unique logos with custom colors and fonts to match your branding.


  • Offline Apps. Download the DesignEvo desktop or mobile app for free, which means you can work on your logo offline and without having to rely on a finicky browser.
  • Unlimited Editing. Go back and edit your design as much as you want after downloading it, even if you paid for it.
  • Free Commercial Use. So long as you credit DesignEvo (with a link to their site on your website), you can use the free logo for commercial use.
  • Design From Scratch. If you don’t want to start with a template, you can create a design on a blank canvas. This is pretty cool and lets you design some unique logos.
We cover more about how to use DesignEvo and what makes it so advanced in our DesignEvo review (preview: we liked it!).

Payment options? Free and one-time payments
Which file types will I get (with basic plan)? JPG, PNG, SVG, and PDF
Can I get premade templates for social media, business cards, etc.? Yes
Can I edit my logo after buying? Yes

9. The Logo Company: Pro Minimalist Logo Designs

The Logo Company's logos category
You can browse logos across specific industries (like Beauty and Dentistry) designed by The Logo Company.
You can’t get a free logo with The Logo Company, nor is there a logo editor to create your own. But I included it on this list because you can get professional custom logos created in a clean, minimalist style. Getting a logo design from The Logo Company costs $249.00, and you get high-res, print-ready files.

Even though you don’t get to talk to your designers before or during the process, The Logo Company does a great job getting all the info about your brand and needs before its designers get to work.

Don’t like the designs you get? Well, you get unlimited revisions and a full refund if you end up not choosing any of the logos.

Final verdict: The Logo Company can deliver you a professional logo in all the formats you could possibly need. However, you have to be willing to pay for this service.


  • 5 Designers & Choices. 5 designers will be assigned to your project, and each will submit a logo design. You get to choose your favorite.
  • Printing Services. Get your logo printed on business cards and stationary.
  • 3-Day Delivery. Once your project starts, you’ll get a design in 3 days. That’s pretty impressive for hiring a logo designer – 99Designs and DesignCrowd take at least a week.
  • Permanent File Storage. Download your files anytime after purchase from The Logo Company’s site. It’s a huge relief knowing files are safe in case of hardware failure (and the dreaded backup external hard drive failure).
We hired the Logo Company to design a logo for us, which you can read all about in our review of the Logo Company.

Payment options? Pricing plans, including a logo only tier
Which file types will I get (with basic plan)? JPG, PNG, PSD, TIFF, EPS, and others by request.
Can I get premade templates for social media, business cards, etc.? Yes
Can I edit my logo after buying? Yes and no – you get unlimited redraws until you accept

10. Squarespace Logo Maker: 100% Free High-res Logos

Squarespace Logo's icon library
Squarespace Logo Maker has a library of over 2 million icons to choose from.
Squarespace Logo Maker is an icon-based logo maker with a grid editor to drag around and resize elements. Its best feature? Squarespace Logo Maker is a 100% free way to get a logo.

While there will be plenty of symbols to pick from, Squarespace’s logo tweaking and personalization features are quite restricted. However, if you’re looking for a straightforward logo at no cost, Squarespace accomplishes the task.

Using Squarespace Logo Maker is easy…but maybe a little too simple. You can adjust the size of your logo and drag it around the editor, which has a grid you can snap to. Tweaking your logo feels very smooth and intuitive. But you can only use 1 icon and solid colors, so no combining multiple shapes and using color gradients.

Final verdict: Squarespace Logo Maker delivers high-quality logos for free, which may be exactly what you’re looking for, but don’t expect custom branding or to be wowed by the designs.


  • 2 Million+ Icons. Choose from an absolutely massive library of icons for your logo. Their designs are very minimalistic, but you can find something for pretty much every industry.
  • Free High-Res Download. You can download your logo in high resolution, specifically 5,000×5,000 pixels. You just need a Squarespace account. Oh yes, and it’s free. (Did I mention that already?)
  • Squarespace Integration. If you have a Squarespace site, your logo will be fully compatible, and you can easily add it to your website.
  • Beginner-friendly Editor. Thanks to how simple the editor is, you can make a logo in a few clicks. If you want advanced customization options, this could be a con – but it’s great news for beginners who want zero fuss.
My colleague expands on this tool’s ups and downs in our Squarespace Logo Maker review.

Payment options? Free
Which file types will I get (with basic plan)? PNG
Can I get premade templates for social media, business cards, etc.? No
Can I edit my logo after buying? Yes

If you’ve tried to design a logo for free online but haven’t been wowed, don’t worry. You can also hire a designer on Fiverr for only $5 – which is practically free, right? This can be a good option if you want something more unique, or if you need your logo for commercial use.

One nice thing about hiring a logo designer is you can talk to them throughout the process. Working one-on-one with a pro can really get you something special, so it’s worth paying for, in my opinion.

Follow these steps to hire a custom logo designer on Fiverr:

1. Create a Fiverr account. From Fiverr’s homepage, click “Join” and sign up with your email, FaceBook, Apple, or Google account.

2. Find a freelance logo designer on Fiverr. Head to the “Logo Design” category under “Graphics & Design” to browse logo designers on Fiverr. Narrow your search by category, budget, seller level, language, and location.

3. Select the logo design package you want. Logo design gigs on Fiverr have 3 packages to choose from: Basic, Standard, and Premium. Pick the package that best suits your needs and budget.

4. Check out. With the logo design package you want selected, click “Continue” and fill in your payment info.

For a more in-depth guide on hiring a logo designer on Fiverr, I’ll show you how to set up a buyer account and start looking. First things first, navigate to Fiverr’s homepage and click Join in the top right screen. You can sign up with your email, Google, Facebook, or Apple account.

How to join Fiverr - homepage
Head to Fiverr’s homepage to get started
Creating a profile is all the setup required to hire someone. Navigate to the logo design category or search for logos in the search bar on Fiverr’s main screen. Use the advanced search filters to set your budget and narrow results by the kind of logo you want, such as minimalist or vintage.

Logo design services results page on Fiverr
There are quite literally thousands of logo design gigs to search through
Before you settle on a freelance logo artist, take some time to go through their profile first. Make sure they have good customer reviews and their work portfolio matches your desired style for your brand. If you have any questions, you can also contact them first. 

Freelancers on Fiverr offer three packages: Basic, Standard, and Premium. Basic is the cheapest and may be enough to get a good logo, but compare packages to make sure you’re getting the best service for your needs

Once you’ve found a logo designer and package you like, hit Continue to go to check out and launch your project. That’s it!

Example logo design gig on Fiverr
Compare packages, look through portfolios and read up on a designer’s profile.
Compared to even the best logo maker online, a professionally designed logo will be far more unique and personalized to you. And like a paid logo maker, you’ll only pay when you’re happy, as Fiverr doesn’t release funds until you’ve approved the work. It’s no surprise that we rated Fiverr so highly in our review.

3 Best Logo Designers for Hire for $5

Fiverr has almost 200,000 logo designers available to hire, so chances are you’ll be able to find something you like. Granted, though, that’s a lot of designs to look through! So, I went ahead and did the hard work for you, narrowing your options down to the best 3 logo designers – all at $5.

1. Usashi: Sleek Minimalist Logos

Logo Design on Fiverr - AdventureWear
Usashi is a level 2 seller with a 4.8 star average and well over 3,500 reviews.

Usashi is a logo designer with 10+ years in the industry and an excellent track record for prompt communication and professionalism. She has a wide variety of styles and can create pro minimalist logo designs for many different business types, so she’s a great choice if you’re looking for a versatile freelancer.

For just $5 you also get 24-hour delivery and 3 revisions, which is very generous for the price.

2. Emiicreation: Best for Trendy Hand-drawn Logos

Emiicreation's logo designs gig on Fiverr
Emiicreation is a Level 2 Seller on Fiverr, meaning he must maintain at least a 4.7 star rating among customers.

Emii is a graphic designer with 5+ years of experience. They deliver beautiful logos crafted by hand and fully personalized to your brand. In addition to having fast 2-day delivery, they also include 2 revisions in case you want your logo tweaked. That’s super generous for $5!

I love how unique and creative Emii’s art style is. You can get hip logos with playful colors and energetic mascots. I see their logos being a great fit for trendy businesses.

3. Artmanlaex: Best for Fast 3D Logos

Artmanlaex 's logo designs gig on Fiverr
Artmanlaex has worked with many notable clients, including Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and YouTube.

Artmanlaex has over 8 years of experience in graphic design, focusing on logos, business cards, stationary, and brand identity. His service is a great way to get a 3D logo for cheap that’s still excellent quality. His designs are modern and sleek, perfect for tech businesses.

You get unlimited revisions and 3-day delivery with Artmanlaex, which is honestly mind-blowing for the price.

Which Logo Design Service Is the Best for YOU?

Creating high-quality logos might come with a hefty price tag, but rest assured that you don’t necessarily need to break the bank on design. Each of the tools we’ve talked about previously holds the capability to craft a robust logo; however, your choice should align with your specific requirements.

If you want an advanced logo maker and are willing to pay for a download, I’d go with Fiverr Logo Design. You get great designs to work with and a wide breadth of customization options to make a logo that truly stands out.

If you’re looking for a more affordable logo maker, then I particularly love the customization options of Wix Logo Maker. You can make unlimited edits for free, and I love that you can start over and create a new design at any time. The one-time payment is still affordable and gives you useful logo files, including transparency.

Or if you want a logo maker that’s easy to use and comes with beautiful premade designs, I recommend using Looka. You get plenty of premade logo designs that only need a few tweaks and look great out of the box.

As a quick refresher before you go, here’s how these free logo makers stack up:

Free? Stand-Out Feature Biggest Limitation
Fiverr Logo Design No, but costs as little as $5 You save time and headaches and get a custom logo that’s truly unique You might have to wait 24-48 hours to get your logo, depending on the seller
Wix Logo Maker Free to try + free logo sample Great drag-and-drop editor with creative customizations AI-generated results can be irrelevant, so you may need to spend time customizing
Looka Free to try Easy, one-click edits to try new colors, layouts, and shapes You only get one PNG with the basic plan
DesignCrowd No Most affordable way to crowdsource a logo You won’t get your design for at least 1 week
99Designs No Professional designs tailored to your brand Expensive package options
Canva Logo Maker Free plan + paid plans available Ability to upload your own files You can only get transparent PNGs on the paid plans
Tailor Brands Free to try + free logo sample Quick and simple editing process Only subscription plans are available
DesignEvo Free to try + free 300px download Advanced editor with color gradients You have to pay max price for copyright ownership
The Logo Company No Unlimited redraws of your design Only specializes in minimalist designs
Squarespace Logo Maker Free to try + free 300px download Free high-quality downloads Simplistic icon and customization options


Which is the best free logo maker?

Any of the logo makers listed here will let you build a logo for free (or almost free), and give you the tools to easily make something unique. My personal pick is Fiverr Logo Maker. I loved the designs from its AI-powered logo maker which I was able to customize into exactly what I wanted with just a few simple clicks.

Can I use a free logo on my website?

Yes, but bear in mind that when using a free tool, there will be others who have also used the same icons, images, and fonts. If you want to create something truly unique and special to you, then I recommend hiring a professional logo designer from Fiverr.

Where can I get a cheap logo?

Fiverr has over 150,000 logo designers. You can explain your vision to a professional designer and have them create a customized logo all for only $5 (which is probably less than you’d end up paying for a DIY logo designing tool). One of our experts tested three Fiverr professionals charging three very different rates, and you can see the outcome.

What are the best logo design services?

This depends on your needs – do you want a DIY tool or do you want to hire a professional? Do you have any budget constraints? We tried and tested all the logo making tools, so before you choose one, make sure you check out our list of the best logo design services.

Are paid logo makers worth it?

Paid logo makers are definitely worth it. Although free tools can be used to create serviceable logos, you can’t rely on ready-made templates to come up with unique designs. The good thing is you don’t need to spend much at all to receive a custom logo created by more clever, AI-enhanced logo makers. I myself have created some pretty neat designs for just $30 using Fiverr’s logo tool. 

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Anton Kim
10 Reply
"100% free" What a joke. Don't waste your time for this article as there's a charge to download logo after you finished with customization.
10 Reply
8 Reply
This website's headline is misleading. 100% free means 100% free, anything that costs even as little as $1 is not 100% free. And Fiverr is not as good as I expected.
8 Reply
3 Reply
You've pushed Fiverr over the edge. For five bucks, the output is crap - and because there's a whole lot of customers hogging that price point, there's no time for qc. To which, you'll finally have to admit that five bucks is what it is. to make matters worse - and this infringes on my ethics - the Fiverr team even tops up commissions on tips. That's bloody greedy.
3 Reply
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