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8 Best AI Logo Generators: Quick and Effective Branding in 2024

Alexandros Melidoniotis Alexandros MelidoniotisGraphic Designer
Your logo is intrinsically tied to your brand’s identity. And although many platforms offer tools to help you craft the perfect design for your business, not all deliver quality. In my quest to find the most effective AI logo makers, I’ve seen it all: the good, the bad, and the truly bizarre.

Unfortunately, the market is flooded with AI tools, and navigating this myriad of choices can be daunting. You need a logo that resonates with your brand, but you also need it quickly – and can’t afford to spend a fortune on it, either.

I rigorously tested all the popular platforms, diving deep into their offerings to ensure you don’t have to. Wix emerged as the front-runner, blending ease of use with inventive design capabilities. But is it the right choice for you? Keep reading to find out.

Short on Time? These Are the Best AI Logo Generators in 2024

  1. Wix1 – Intuitive design with easy functionality.
  2. Looka 1– AI-powered creativity for distinct branding.
  3. Tailor Brands 1– Advanced branding capabilities to help promote your business..

See 5 More Great Options | Comparison Table

What We Look For in the Best AI Logo Generators

Simply trying out these platforms wouldn’t be enough to make an informed opinion. I concentrated on a set of specific features to truly assess their capabilities and suitability:
  • Cost: Affordability matters, but so does the value you get for your money. That’s why I only selected platforms that offer great services without a hefty price tag.
  • Intuitive design interface: Making it easy for users to navigate the platform is key. All logos listed here will have you up and running in no time.
  • Versatility and customizability: A diverse range of aesthetic choices is crucial. It’s essential to have a variety of symbols, fonts, and colors to cater to different brand narratives and styles. This allows for more versatility and personalization in expressing your unique brand identity.
  • Export options and formats: If you want a logo that shines across platforms and mediums, it’s vital to have export options that seamlessly blend with online and print materials.

Wix Logo Maker preview window
Wix offers more customization options than most competitors
Wix’s intuitive logo creation process makes it stand out. It creates designs that hit the sweet spot by marrying AI capabilities with your creative input. You answer a few questions and specify any preferences with regard to shape and style. The wizard then generates as many relevant logos as possible – and it can keep generating more until you find something you like.

One of Wix’s unique selling points is its commitment to personalization. You can change color palettes, fonts, add symbols, shapes, adjust elements – you name it. Even design veterans will appreciate its advanced customization features as you can drag, drop, rotate, and resize any element

Wix Logo Maker is the perfect solution1 for startups and budding businesses that want a great result without breaking the bank.

Some users might feel overwhelmed with the array of customization options. But if there’s a challenge, Wix’s robust customer support is typically ready to assist. For those seeking an affordable, comprehensive, and innovative logo maker, Wix is undoubtedly a top contender.


Get your first Wix Logo Maker logo for just $20.00!

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  • Advanced Customization. Wix offers many customization tools beyond the initial AI-driven recommendations. If you have the time and patience, Wix can help you create a truly unique logo.
  • Integrated Branding Assets. Once you’ve crafted your logo, Wix assists in rolling it out across various branding assets, from business cards to websites. This seamless integration ensures brand consistency, vital to safeguarding your brand’s image.
  • Free Logo sample. I don’t see logo creators offering free stuff often. Wix’s samples are low resolution but detailed enough for YouTube or profile pictures on various social media platforms.
  • Professional Designers. DIY logo generators can be intimidating if you’ve never used one before. For an extra fee, you can hire a Wix expert to help you get your design right quickly.
Read our expert Wix Logo Maker Review for more details.

Free to Try Yes
File Formats High-Res PNG files (5000 x 5000 px)
Free Revisions No
Starting Price $20.00

Looka sample designs
Looka’s designs aren’t as customizable, but they’re pretty refined
Looka stands out for its focus on dynamic and creative logo designs. Its layouts and icons look great by default1, and the AI setup wizard does more than I expected. The output is always at least decent, and you can keep generating designs until you find something you like.

Looka’s setup wizard is as straightforward as it gets – I ended up with a great-looking logo in less than 10 minutes. Sure, I couldn’t customize every aspect of my design, but the ready-made elements I could pick from looked pretty appealing. I put the editor to the test by trying to misalign stuff on purpose, but Looka wouldn’t let me. It really is a foolproof choice.

Best suited for startups and entrepreneurs keen on making an impactful first impression, Looka is a great option when you need a decent logo ASAP.


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  • Many Add-Ons. Looka offers an integrated website builder, business card designs, and a handy social media kit to fit logos across various platforms.
  • 72-Hour Revision Period. Unlike many competitors, Looka provides free unlimited logo edits for 72 hours post-purchase. I tend to change my mind mere minutes after making a purchase, so I really appreciate this feature.
  • Versatile Logo Formats. Looka provides over 15 high-resolution file types, such as SVG, PNG, EPS, and PDF, suitable for any medium. You’ll also get to choose from multiple color and background combinations.
  • Brand Kit. Subscribers receive a brand kit containing over 300 templates that match their logo’s design. The kit includes 20 types of assets, such as invoices, flyers, and email signatures.
Our updated Looka Review goes over the platform’s features in more detail.

Free to Try No
File Formats JPG, SVG, EPS & PDF
Free Revisions No
Starting Price $20.00

3. Tailor Brands: Using Your Logo To Promote Your Brand1

Tailor Brands web and print examples of a new logo
Tailor Brands encourages you to use your logo to further promote your business/services
Tailor Brands has firmly positioned itself as more than just a logo maker. Despite its primary attraction as a user-friendly design tool, it extends its services to broader branding solutions.

The AI logo maker features many icons and customization options. It’s ideal for businesses or individuals looking for a holistic approach to branding, encompassing logo design with added tools for online marketing1.

The more expensive packages include business card designs, social media themes, and a print store. Tailor Brands can also help you find a fitting domain name, set up business emails, and even create your own website, blog, or online shop.


Save up to 70 % on your Tailor Brands plan!

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  • “Seen Brands” Feature. Sometimes the design we end up with isn’t actually the one we like the most. Tailor Brands saves different iterations of your logo so you can easily return to them with a single click.
  • Integration With Social Media. Tailor Brands will automatically resize your logo to ensure it fits all your social media profiles. More tools for social media marketing are also available.
  • Tailor Brands Mobile App. Especially relevant for startups and entrepreneurs who are always on the move, this feature ensures that your branding efforts aren’t limited to desktop interactions.
  • Seasonal Logo Generator. If branding allows it, this is a fun way to make things more interesting during holidays. Why not throw in some snow during Christmas?
Learn more by checking out our in-depth Tailor Brands review.

Free to Try Yes
File Formats JPG, PNG
Free Revisions No
Starting Price $9.99

working on a logo design on DesignEvo
DesignEvo’s library of high-quality assets and elements is pretty extended
Wait, how did a non-AI logo maker make it onto this list? While it doesn’t use AI technology for logo generation, DesignEvo boasts an advanced logo editor and a vast library of premade designs. If you’re looking for the perfect blend of ready-made templates and bespoke design capabilities, DesignEvo offers the best of both worlds.

If the AI isn’t good, an instant generator can be restrictive. There’s less exploring, and there’s always a chance you might miss a great design because it’s been automatically filtered out. DesignEvo is ideal for those who value experimentation and manual exploration over automated suggestions.


Get your first DesignEvo logo for just $24.99!

Customize & download the perfect logo at a discount.

50 users used this coupon!


  • Vast Library of Logo Templates. With over 10,000 designs, DesignEvo boasts an extensive array of choices, ensuring you have many options – even if a few feel slightly dated.
  • Genuine Free Plan. Unlike many platforms that offer only “free previews,” DesignEvo allows you to create and download low-resolution logos without spending a dime. Be aware that you won’t get copyright ownership with the free plan though..
  • Start-from-Scratch Option. You can pick a starting icon and add/adjust elements as you go. It’s not Photoshop, but with patience and imagination, you can definitely end up with something you’ll be proud of.
  • Offline Desktop and Mobile Apps. DesignEvo takes convenience a step further, providing desktop (Mac-only currently) and mobile applications that allow offline editing and local logo storage.
Read our expert DesignEvo review for more details.

Free to Try Yes
File Formats JPG, PNG, PNG with a transparent background, SVG & PDF Files
Free Revisions No
Starting Price $24.99

5. Shopify Logo Maker (Hatchful): A Decent Free Option for Quick Logo Designs1

A few logos generated with Shopify's Hatchful tool
Shopify’s suggested designs didn’t blow me away – but you can’t argue with free
Shopify Logo Maker (aka Hatchful) can be used to create some great designs, despite not using artificial intelligence in its design process. Instead, it offers a user-friendly interface with many templates and web-ready file formats that you can access for free.

While not employing AI technology for customization, Hatchful makes up for it with a quick startup process and a range of creative logo templates that can be edited and downloaded unlimited times. It’s best suited for small business owners or individuals looking for a no-cost solution to create a logo quickly. That said, there are no scalable vector files, so opt for a top logo maker like Wix if you want to print at large sizes.

Our updated Shopify Logo Maker review explores its features in more detail.


  • Free High-Resolution Downloads. Hatchful allows users to design and download their logos in high resolution free of charge, making it an accessible tool for businesses on a budget.
  • Multilingual Support. The website and interface are only available in English and Japanese. But Hatchful supports logo creation in almost any language, catering to a diverse user base around the globe.
  • Unlimited Edits and Downloads. Once a logo is created, you can edit and re-download your design any number of times. That gives you the flexibility to tweak your brand’s image over time.
Free to Try Yes
File Formats PNG
Free Revisions Yes
Starting Price Free

6. Logo.com: An AI Logo Tool for Beginners1

Logos generated with Logo.com
I could’ve kept generating logos for hours
Logo.com offers a hassle-free design experience that can result in an unlimited number of designs. The platform efficiently churns out a variety of logo concepts but can sometimes lean towards generic designs due to limited customization options. It’s perfect if you’re seeking straightforward logo generation without deep design intricacies.

Logo.com is great for novices desiring simplicity and quick outputs. However, it might fall slightly short if you’re looking for unique and customizable designs. For more advanced customization options, a top AI DIY logo maker like Looka will probably serve you better.


  • Simple User Interface. The platform offers a straightforward design experience. You can easily create a basic logo design in less than five minutes.
  • Unlimited Logo Generation. Logo.com can generate infinite logos (although with some randomness in design elements), ensuring a wide array of choices.
  • Ready-to-Use Downloads. Once a design is purchased, you’ll receive a ZIP file packed with versatile logo formats, business card templates, and social media graphics.
  • Branding tools. Logo.com provides an array of branding resources, including a business name generator and a website creation tool.
Learn more by checking out our in-depth Logo.com review.

Free to Try Yes
File Formats JPG, PNG
Free Revisions No
Starting Price $19.99

7. Kreatable: Quick and Efficient AI Logo Maker1

logos generated with Kreatable
I appreciate the effort, but this isn’t close to what I was looking for
Kreateable offers many templates tailored to diverse industries. Its strength lies in swiftly delivering professional-grade, AI-generated logos based on minimal user input.

Although it streamlines the design process, Kreatable’s generated logos aren’t always relevant. If you take a look at the image above, you’ll see I didn’t get a single design remotely related to “website” or “planet.” The customization options also felt limiting.

Despite these issues, Kreatable is ideal if you prioritize speed and are willing to compromise slightly on design flexibility. Within a few minutes, you can create a great-looking logo in any language you can type.


  • Over 3 million icons. Although you can’t change elements however you see fit, Kreatable’s icon library is enormous.
  • Multilingual Editing Interface. The platform’s editing tools are available in multiple languages. If you can type in it, then it’s probably available. That’s true even for languages that don’t use the Latin script (e.g., Japanese, Thai).
  • Post-Purchase Logo Editing. You can tweak your logo even after purchase (bar your brand name). This provides flexibility, especially if your initial design doesn’t match their website or branding as expected.
  • Multiple File Formats. Export your logo as a PDF, PNG, SVG and more.
Read our expert Kreatable review for more details.

Free to Try No
File Formats PNG, PDF, EPS & SVG
Free Revisions Yes
Starting Price $49.00

8. Canva Logo Maker: Logos, Among Other Things1

snapshot of canva's editor at work
Canva gives you the tools to create your logo, but it doesn’t automatically generate it for you
AI doesn’t always get things right. Rather than relying on AI to auto-generate designs, Canva presents a rich array of templates that users can customize to their heart’s content. It blends the structured guidance of templates with the creative freedom of a versatile editor.

If you have the time and want to play around with millions of icons, you can craft a professional logo with some effort. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but it’s ideal for those who seek a balance between hands-on design and template efficiency.


Get your first Canva Logo Maker logo for just $9.99!

Customize & download the perfect logo at a discount.

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  • Unlimited Edits. Even as a free user, you can edit your logo as you see fit. You don’t purchase any individual logo, but if you’re on the free plan, some download limitations apply (e.g., 500×500 size).
  • Add Your Own Elements. With Canva, you can add elements you own to the editor and use them as you see fit. This feature is available even to free users.
  • Design Hub. Sure, Canva can help with your logo. But if you learn how to use its editor, you can actually get so much more design work done, including social media posts, flyers, presentations, videos, and more.
  • Collaborative Capabilities. Canva integrates seamless collaboration tools into its platform. You can easily share (and allow others to edit) your designs with a simple link. This can come in pretty handy for marketing teams and joint projects.
Check out our in-depth Canva Logo Maker review for more details.

Free to Try Yes
File Formats PNG, JPG & PDF
Free Revisions Yes
Starting Price $9.95

Quick Guide: How To Get Your Wix Logo

You really can’t go wrong with Wix’s Logo Maker. It offers nearly unlimited customization and even lets you test your logo for free. Here’s how to get started:

1. Head to the Wix Logo Maker page1. Click on the “Get My Logo” button to begin the process. Choose “Create a logo yourself” and create your Wix account (if you don’t have one already).

2. Add your business name and tagline. Explain the business type as best you can, and pick a few adjectives that best describe your brand. To better understand your preferred design style, Wix will have you pick out a couple of designs that stand out to you.

3. Pick the logo you like best. Now that you have some options, play with your tagline’s length and press the “See Other Icons” button on the left side to bring up more available elements.

4. Press the “Customize Your Logo” button in the top right corner. You can change the color palette, add more text, insert images and other elements – your imagination is the limit here.

5. Press “Next” in the top right corner when satisfied with the result. Choose the package that best fits your needs and download your logo. Remember that you can also get a free sample.

Final Thoughts on the Best AI Logo Generators

There are so many AI logo generators to choose from – and more enter the scene almost daily. After rigorous testing and analysis, I’ve pinpointed the top performers. Here are the final takeaways to guide your decision:

If you want a seamless user experience combined with an expansive toolkit, go with Wix Logo Maker1. Wix’s AI logo tool is affordable, easy to use, and offers more customization options than most.

Looka is the best choice1 If you’re not experienced with logo creation but want to ensure your design looks as good as possible. Another big plus is that you can freely edit your logo for three days post-purchase.

Creating your logo is just the first step. Tailor Brands’ expanded business toolset1 might be perfect if you’re also looking for focused guidance through the branding process.

Here’s a recap of everything we’ve discussed so far:
Pricing Best Feature Best For
Wix Logo Maker $ Advanced customization Solo entrepreneurs, freelancers, budding businesses
Looka $$ Many logo formats Beginners and small businesses
Tailor Brands $ Extra business and marketing tools Businesses looking for more branding tools besides their logo
Design Evo $ Vast library of logo Templates Manual exploration & experimentation
Shopify Logo Maker Free Free high-resolution downloads Small business owners
Logo.com $ Unlimited logo generation Beginners
Kreatable $ Three million icons New businesses that need a decent logo quickly
Canva Logo Maker Free Unlimited edits Designers and individuals willing to work with (and learn) the Canva platform


Is there an AI to create logos for free?

Yes, several AI logo generators offer free plans or services. For instance, DesignEvo allows you to create and download logos without spending a dime, and Shopify Logo Maker (Hatchful) offers free high-resolution downloads.

Which AI logo generator is the most customizable?

Wix Logo Maker offers an expansive toolkit and advanced customization options. Its seamless user experience, combined with a wide array of design choices, makes it stand out.

Are AI logos copyright-free?

Not always, but the ones you create with the tools I’ve listed here are. Remember to keep an eye on each platform’s terms and conditions (in case something changes).

What is the best AI logo generator for beginners?

Looka is excellent for beginners since it ensures even those inexperienced with logo creation end up with high-quality designs. Logo.com also offers a hassle-free design experience, making it great for beginners who value simplicity and quick outputs.

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