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21 Best Signature Logos and How To Get Yours for Cheap [2024]

Alexandros Melidoniotis Alexandros MelidoniotisGraphic Designer November 01, 2023
November 01, 2023
If you’re like me, you’ve probably wondered why traditional agencies charge so much for signature logos. Well, signature logos seem simple on paper, but are quite challenging to get right if you want to combine elements beyond text. It’s even more expensive if you’re unhappy with your current signature and are looking for a redesign.

The good news is that getting your hands on a unique logo doesn’t have to cost a fortune – even if you’re adding multiple elements or looking for a complete signature overhaul. All you have to do is hire an expert on a top logo platform like Fiverr, and they’ll work with you to deliver outstanding results at a very affordable rate.

If you’re open to using a calligraphy font or just looking for new ideas, you might want to consider using a DIY logo maker. With a top choice like Wix Logo Maker, you’ll get to pick from hundreds of calligraphy fonts and thousands of elegant icon elements.

Keep reading to learn more about how to create a stunning signature logo.

21 Best Signature Logos

I handpicked some of the best-looking signature logos from Fiverr’s top-rated artists. I reviewed each profile closely, looking at their past work and feedback. They’re all top performers who have consistently delivered exceptional results to clients in various industries.

logo by Salman - signature logo with delicate calligraphy font

Logo by Salman
(Hire Salman for $10)

logo by Albano K. - realtor signature logo in black and white, elegant font with long strokes

Logo by Aldano K.
(Hire Albano for $55)

logo by Sarah - notary services bold signature logo in gold, multiple fonts used with a quill pen as an icon on top

Logo by Sarah
(Hire Sarah for $15)

logo by Bilal - signature logo in blue with a circle outline, multiple fonts used

Logo by Bilal
(Hire Bilal for $25)

logo by Meherun N. - Garage Roverey elegant, long-stroke logo with a car outline sketch to the right

Logo by Meherun N.
(Hire Meherun for $10)

logo by Kazi Tuhin - alt: Lydia Binil signature logo in green, thin, circular font with no connected letters

Logo by Kazi Tuhin
(Hire Kazi for $10)

logo by Samil - photography signature logo with bird, mountain, and camera sketch elements

Logo by Samil
(Hire Samil for $15)

logo by Rida N. - silver signature logo on red background, calligraphy font and standard font mix

Logo by Rida N.
(Hire Rida for $30)

logo by Abul Kalam Azad - classic calligraphy logo of the name Nick Walton

Logo by Abul Kalam Azad
(Hire Abul for $5)

logo by BNdesigner - modern bold logo of DGD, with the signature of Danny Garcia at the front, multiple fonts are used

Logo by BNdesigner
from DesignCrowd

logo by ideagrapy - modern signature logo of the name Diego Doom, Diego is in orange gold and Doom is black

Logo by ideagrapy
from DesignCrowd

logo by Iryna 3 - freestyle logo of Junie Bird in total black with a small flying bird icon next to the B

Logo by Iryna 3
from DesignCrowd

ogo by tejo - Chris Biad signature logo, handwritten style with thin lines, white on a blue background

Logo by tejo
from DesignCrowd

logo by mintcreative - Coaching With Stephen logo, first two words use a standard font in light blue, Stephen appears handwritten underneath in a darker shade of blue

Logo by mintcreative
from DesignCrowd

ogo by *mary - signature logo of Kirk Davidson with curvy, free-flowing style letters, mountain range, stars, and telescope elements, all in a bright purple/orange gradient

Logo by *mary
from DesignCrowd

logo by Ruve - signature logo of Ruby Coco, elegant font with clean, long strokes, discreet quill pen element between the two words

Logo by Ruve
from 99Designs

logo by Loris04 - minimalistic circle logo for Ben Blackburn, freestyle calligraphy font in mustard yellow

Logo by Loris04
from 99Designs

logo by JasAngel - Strict and elegant signature of Anthony Chamband in white, the first and last name sit vertically, the upper stroke of the capital "C" of the last name crosses the "A" in Anthony

Logo by JasAngel
from 99Designs

logo by Brands by Sam - signature logo of Artur Rybarz, modern calligraphy font with many upstrokes and uneven letter height

Logo by Brands by Sam
from 99Designs

logo by ataslayar dsgn - abstract freestyle logo DJ Baker in white on a black background

Logo by ataslayar dsgn
from 99Designs

logo by Cit - multi-font logo of Jan Johanssen, first name is handwritten with a long signature-like stroke, second name uses a classic serif font, all in a grainy and slightly washed-out black

Logo by Cit
from 99Designs

The Best Way To Get a Signature Logo

I’ve spent the past few weeks testing all the top signature logo platforms and online services. Fiverr reached the top of the list, primarily because of its:
  • High-Quality Designs. A great signature logo is more than just a name and a nice font – it should also tell a story. I found that Fiverr’s top-rated sellers have a unique ability to blend relevant industry elements into their signature designs.
  • Low Cost. The cost of individual gigs on Fiverr varies, but it’s a fraction of what you would pay a traditional creative agency. You can actually get some pretty decent signature logos for just $5.
  • Quick Delivery. The competition is fierce on the platform, which is why orders are delivered incredibly fast. Most sellers will have your design ready within two days, and almost all offer 24-hour delivery as an extra.
  • Diverse Gig Selection. Signature logos are often elegant, with extra abstract elements that add a unique touch. But not all industries are the same. Whether you want a classy, minimalistic signature logo or something more modern, Fiverr’s diverse talent pool can help you see your vision through.
  • Secure Payments. Payments on Fiverr are only released after a delay of two weeks minimum following delivery. That gives you ample time to sort things out, request revisions, and receive a refund if you’re still unhappy with the result.

How To Make Your Own Signature Logo With Fiverr

Whether you’re working with your signature as a starting point or creating your first logo, hiring a Fiverr professional is a good idea. That said, DIY logo makers have improved their AI algorithms and are easier to use, so they can deliver outstanding results too. I particularly like how Fiverr embraces both approaches, offering its own easy-to-use logo maker with many unique elements and classy fonts.

Here’s how to craft a professional signature logo that stands out.

1. Hire a Professional Signature Logo Designer

It makes sense to entrust the design to an experienced professional on Fiverr. You can send them your own signature as a starting point, inform them about other requirements, and they’ll deliver your order much quicker than an agency.

The hiring process is pretty straightforward. It took me less than 20 minutes to browse gigs, examine seller profiles, find a good gig, and place my order. My designs were delivered, on average, less than 24 hours after purchase.

Follow these steps to hire your own signature logo designer through Fiverr:

1. Make it to the Fiverr homepage. Type “signature logo” or “signature logo design” into the search bar and press Enter.

Fiverr homepage
Use more keywords (e.g., handwritten, branding kit) to get more personalized results
2. If you don’t have an account already, Fiverr will most likely prompt you to create one. Don’t worry – it only takes a minute. Sign up manually using your email, or connect with your Google, Apple, or Facebook for instant access.

3. Make use of Fiverr’s advanced filters to find the right freelancer for the job. For example, you can select a budget or limit your search to include only Pros vetted by Fiverr. Naturally, these pros offer excellent signature logo designs but charge more for their services.

Fiverr search results for "signature logo"
Thousands of artists sell signature logos on Fiverr, so use the filters to narrow down the results
4. Once you find a gig that captures your attention, click it to see more. You’ll immediately see previous signature logos the seller has designed in the past, a quick preview of their packages, and a brief “about” section.

Fiverr gig main page
The freelancer’s portfolio will tell you whether they’re a good fit
5. Most artists offer three packages, and each new tier features extra deliverables at a higher price tag. Click “Compare Packages” in the bottom right corner for a more detailed analysis of everything included, and decide which bundle best suits your needs.

gig comparison on Fiverr
Note that these packages can differ quite a bit from gig to gig
6. To learn more about how clients feel about your chosen artist, scroll down until you reach the review section. I recommend looking for an overall score above 4.7 and positive feedback highlighting high-quality work and excellent communication skills.

Gig reviews and feedback on Fiverr
Read the positive reviews, but don’t forget to go over negative feedback too – if there’s any
7. When placing your order, you’ll have the chance to set specific requirements. That said, it’s wise to contact the freelancer first. Click “Contact Me” from the main gig page to fire up a live chat window and discuss the nuances and details of your project in advance – the seller will thank you for it.

8. When you know enough about the signature logo artist you’ve picked and feel ready to order, click “Continue.” You can then select from any available extras (e.g., extra design, vector file, 24-hour delivery). Follow Fiverr’s instructions at checkout, pay for your logo, and you’re all set!

2. Do It Yourself With Fiverr’s Logo Maker: Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re starting from scratch, already have some design experience, or want to experiment with fonts, Fiverr’s Logo Maker is an ideal alternative. It’s free to try, with a straightforward interface and many elegant fonts to help you craft a stunning signature logo.

Here’s my step-by-step guide to getting started with Fiverr’s Logo Maker.

1. Navigate to the Fiverr Logo Maker page and click “Make Your Logo.” Insert your name, pick your industry, and specify any visual elements you want included. If you’re sticking with just your signature, leave this field empty.

snapshot of the logo brief on Fiverr's logo maker
You don’t need a slogan for your signature logo
2. Next, Fiverr will give you a few adjective sliders to get a better idea of your personality. Don’t think about it too much – press “Make My Logo” once ready. Fiverr will then prompt you to sign up before revealing the results. Use your email or connect with Google, Apple, or Facebook.

3. Browse the generated signature logos until you find a design you like. Click it.

logos generated by Fiverr's logo maker
We’ll get to play with fonts and visual elements in the next step
4. Choose a variation that best fits your vision and click “Customize This Design.” Stick to black and white for a slick signature design, but experiment with other colors. Under the Name tab, test different fonts, adjust the font size, and play around with letter spacing. If you have visual elements, make sure they’re correctly aligned.

Fiverr Logo Maker editor
Fiverr has hundreds of calligraphy fonts to choose from
5. Once you have a signature logo you’re happy with, press “Buy & Download” in the top right corner. Pick a package, set up payment, and that’s it! The process is as quick as ordering a custom logo – it only took me about 20 minutes.

3 Best Signature Logo Services

I tend to stick to Fiverr for my logo designs, including signatures. The logo maker is ideal for getting inspired and testing out ideas. Fiverr’s professionals, on the other hand, have helped me make quick work of more complex redesigns based on existing assets.

Besides Fiverr, there are a few notable signature logo services worth mentioning.

Wix Logo Maker

Like Fiverr, the Wix logo maker is versatile and customizable. It gives you complete design freedom over your signature, making it easier to create something truly unique. It’s also one of few DIY logo makers offering a free low-resolution sample.

Wix features a robust website builder and marketing services, which can help you showcase your services to a broader online audience. It can also connect you with an artist for a tailor-made signature design if you prefer working directly with a professional.


Looka doesn’t offer as many customization options as Wix and Fiverr, but it’s very beginner-friendly. It’s a bit stricter than other logo makers and won’t let you mess up your design – even if you tried. If this is your first time creating a signature logo, Looka really is a foolproof choice.

Looka’s add-ons include a website builder, business card designs, and several design variations for social media platforms. One of my favorite things about Looka is how you can freely edit your logo within three days of purchasing. Most competitors offer editing rights for an extra cost.


DesignCrowd is a design contest website. You create a brief about your signature logo project and receive designs from many artists (usually over 20). You then pick the one you like best, and that freelancer wins the prize.

It’s a competitive environment that encourages artists to work hard. Although more expensive than using a logo maker or hiring someone on Fiverr, DesignCrowd allows you to tap into a vast talent pool and get more varied designs. Useful add-ons include a “Top Designers” filter and the ability to keep your project under wraps with signed NDAs.

The Best Signature Logo Services in 2024

Signature logos might seem simple, but they’re as challenging as any other logo. Whether you decide to hire an artist or create one yourself with a DIY logo maker depends on your project’s scale, timeline, and individual needs.

If you’re looking for a unique bespoke design based on your own signature and other assets, I recommend Fiverr. The logo maker features hundreds of fonts, but the enormous pool of skilled sellers offers even more value. There are thousands of gigs to choose from, the quality is high, and you don’t have to break the bank to end up with a striking signature logo.

If you want to create something from scratch, Wix’s Logo Maker is an excellent alternative to Fiverr. It’s straightforward and offers more customization options than any other DIY logo maker. The website and marketing add-ons are also a plus.


How do I create a logo signature?

You can hire a freelancer on Fiverr to enhance its look and make it pop. If you don’t have a signature (or don’t like your handwriting), use a DIY logo maker to explore fonts and come up with new ideas.

Can my signature be my logo?

Yes, and it makes sense if you’re a freelancer or a small business. But you’ll have to polish it up on a platform like Fiverr. Ideally, your logo signature will contain elements from your own signature. It can help you showcase your unique approach, personality, and style. Of course, that’s not always the case – your signature logo can also just use a font you like.

How much does a logo signature cost?

It depends. A top-quality logo on Fiverr can cost as little as $5, but experts on the platform charge much more than that. A typical logo maker will charge you $20-30 per logo (not including any extras, like business cards and other print and digital designs).

What’s the best signature logo service?

Fiverr is my go-to platform for logo design. It’s cheap, easy, and incredibly versatile. Thousands of logo gigs are available anytime, and you can also take advantage of the advanced logo maker if you’re in a hurry.

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