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How Much Is a Logo Design: Less Than You Might Think [2024]

Dawn Prevete Dawn PreveteGraphic Designer July 12, 2024
July 12, 2024
A good logo is vital for building brand identity, but you don’t have to overspend to get a high-quality design. Consider the Nike “swoosh” logo, which cost $35 in 1963 (about $270 today), or Coca-Cola’s logo, designed by the company’s bookkeeper.

Still, finding the ideal solution can be challenging, especially if you’re just starting out. There are tons of “affordable” logo services, but many have hidden fees. You don’t want to wind up with a poorly designed logo or get stuck paying extra to get one you can use.

To help you make the right choice, I researched and tested different platforms offering logo design services, including logo makers, contest-based platforms, and freelancer markets. I evaluated their pricing, design quality, and overall value to find the best ones for getting a professional logo at a reasonable cost.

When I considered everything, Fiverr stood out for its affordability and the quality of its freelancers’ custom logo designs. It offers a wide range of designers and price points, ensuring you can get a good logo that fits your budget. Keep reading to learn more and explore other cost-effective logo design services.

How Much Is a Logo Design? Here’s What You Can Expect To Pay

The cost of a logo design service can vary widely, depending on the option you choose – online logo maker, freelance designer, crowdsourcing website, or graphic design agency.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the typical costs for different logo design services.
  • Online logo maker. You can create a logo using online tools like Looka at minimal cost. Prices start at $30 but can cost up to $360 for comprehensive branding features and high-resolution, scalable file formats.
  • Freelance designer. Hiring a freelancer offers personalized service with costs starting at as little as $5 for a custom logo on a marketplace like Fiverr. But you’ll likely pay anywhere between $45 and $800. A highly experienced designer may charge more.
  • Contest-based website. Platforms like 99designs and DesignCrowd allow you to host a contest where multiple designers submit their ideas. Expect to pay $109 to $1,299, depending on the package you choose and the number of submissions you receive​.
  • Design agency. Design agencies charge $2,500 to $10,000, and sometimes more, based on the agency’s size. This option provides a team of experts and is suitable for larger businesses, such as those looking to re-brand.
Here are my top picks for logo design services that offer good value. You can also use this list to get a sense of what logo design costs look like from top providers.

Fiverr top-rated logo designer selection
Even Fiverr’s top-rated logo designers are remarkably affordable
Here’s why Fiverr earned the top spot on my list for logo design services: talent and experience combined with some of the lowest prices. Fiverr’s logo designers can fit any budget1: low-cost, midrange, and high-tier. Even then, many of its top-rated designers charge a hundred dollars or less.

I appreciate how Fiverr helps you search for and pick the best designer for your needs. I filtered designers by their rating, location, language, and availability. Then, I selected my preferred logo style, file formats, budget, and timeframe. With my options narrowed, I could easily review each designer’s logo packages to confirm what I would be paying for.

Fiverr suits any small business, startup, or individual looking for a cost-effective logo that doesn’t compromise quality or convenience. Many designers offer quick turnarounds, with options for expedited delivery, making it the perfect solution if you’re on a tight deadline. In short, there’s a lot to like about Fiverr.


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  • Diverse talent pool. Fiverr connects you with designers from across the globe, all with unique styles and backgrounds. This makes it easier to find a designer whose creative approach matches your vision.
  • Fiverr Pro. This free service gives you access to vetted designers with a high degree of expertise and faster turnaround times. It’s a good solution if you have a critical logo project, have never hired a designer before, or want the security of Fiverr’s guarantee.
  • Video consultations. Some Fiverr sellers offer video consultations. A video consultation with a top-rated designer lets you discuss your vision and get professional advice in real time.
  • 3D and animated logos. Fiverr’s variety means you can get an eye-catching 3D or animated logo design at an affordable price. This can help your brand stand out and make a lasting impression.
Read our expert Fiverr review for more details.

High Resolution File
(depends on designer
and logo options you
    vector files
Free Revisions (generally yes, confirm
with designer)
Additional Branding
(depends on designer
and package you choose)
Starting Price $5.00

Looka AI logo designs and editing panel
Looka’s AI logo maker will create 100 polished logo designs in minutes
Looka’s AI-powered logo maker stands out for its intuitive design process, making it ideal for anyone without prior design experience. For startups, entrepreneurs, and creators looking for a fast and easy way to get a professional quality logo at a good price, Looka is an excellent place to begin1.

You start by entering basic details about your business and choosing your preferred logo style, colors, and icons. Then AI does the design work, generating 100 modern and attractive options. Once you’ve selected a logo, you can tweak the style, colors, font, layout, background, and symbol until it aligns with your brand’s identity.

Looka is free to try, so you can experiment and save multiple logo designs before you pay. The Basic plan lets you design a single low-resolution logo for $20.00, but to get a logo suitable for commercial use, you’ll want to upgrade to the Premium plan, which includes vector and transparent background file types, among other high-resolution options.


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  • Unlimited revisions. Every plan includes unlimited free revisions after purchase, something not all logo design services offer.
  • Comprehensive brand kit. When Looka creates your logo, it also generates 300+ customizable templates for merchandise, letterheads, business cards, stationery, and other marketing purposes.
  • Multiple logo files. Premium and Brand Kit plans include over 15 versions of your logo, including black and white, colored, and transparent variations. You’ll also get high-resolution scalable files for any print or digital use.
  • Social media kit. With a Brand Kit subscription, you can get 100+ pre-sized files for social profiles, posts, and covers you can use on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Etsy.
See our in-depth Looka review to learn more

Multiple File Formats
  • Low-resolution
    PNG file for free
  • High-resolution
    PNG, JPG, PDF,
    and scalable SPG
    and EPS vector
    files with Premium
    and Brand Kit plans
Free Revisions (unlimited, even after
Additional Branding
(with annual
Starting Price $20.00

3. DesignCrowd: Custom Logos Through Crowdsourcing1

DesignCrowd logo designers and pricing
Launch a DesignCrowd contest to get a high-quality logo at a good price
DesignCrowd is an affordable crowdsourcing site that allows you to collaborate with its community of professional logo designers. Pricing is flexible, ranging from $109.00 to a maximum of $299.00 for posting a logo design contest. You can expect to receive 1-3 submissions on the entry-level plan and 120 submissions on the top-tier plan.

Packages come with everything you need1. They cover hosting your project on DesignCrowd’s platform, revisions, the files for your final design, and the winning designer’s fee. This allows you to control your overall costs while having the opportunity to review different design concepts, creative ideas, and logo styles.

You can also hire a freelance designer directly, choosing from one of several affordable plans. DesignCrowd will even match you with a logo designer. It’s a good solution if you don’t want to review dozens of portfolios and logos or are new to hiring freelancers and uncertain how to begin and set your budget.


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  • Global talent pool. Posting your project connects you to a worldwide community of 1,200,000+ designers offering various styles.
  • Feedback and revisions. You can work directly with designers to refine initial logo concepts and request edits. This ensures the final logo aligns with your requirements.​
  • Risk-free process. DesignCrowd offers a refund of your project budget if you request one within 60 days of launching your project and haven’t selected a project winner.
  • Printing services. You can have your logo printed on products you sell, such as t-shirts, mugs, pens, caps, and business cards, an added convenience.
Learn more in our expert DesignCrowd review.

Multiple File Formats
  • High-resolution
    PNG and JPG files
  • Original source file
    (generally Adobe
    Illustrator vector file)
Free Revisions (up to final contest
Additional Branding
(for a fee)
Starting Price $109.00

4. 99designs: Fixed-Price Contests With Curated Designers1

99designs logo package types and designer portfolios
99designs offers a wide range of logo design contest packages
99designs is another crowdsourcing logo design service with a fixed-price model. There are four plans, each offering a different level of service and designer expertise. Since pricing is fixed, you simply pick the plan and add-ons that best suit your budget – the design fee is included in the price.

99designs’ plans are pricier than Design Crowd’s. But in return, you get more creative concepts and more options on the entry-level plan – up to 30 logo designs rather than 3. Depending on your plan, you can get as many as 90 logo designs in various potential styles, including minimal, retro, modern, and more.

Good customer support and a money-back guarantee are other pluses. If you’re not satisfied, you can request a refund within 60 days of payment. That said, you’re not entitled to a refund if you’ve entered the final round of your design contest or selected a contest winner.


  • 1 to 1 Projects. If you’d rather hire an individual designer, you can browse logos until you find one you like, check out the designer’s portfolio, and send an invite.
  • Plenty of logo add-ons. 99designs offers a wide range of logo contest packages that include brand assets, such as business cards, stationary, website design, and social media graphics.
  • Free design consultations. You can set up a virtual meeting with a 99design support guru to discuss your logo project and get advice on how to best proceed.
  • Private contests. You can pay an additional fee to have your contest visible only to the 99designs community. When you add this option, participating designers must also sign a confidentiality agreement.
Read our expert 99designs review for more details.

Multiple File Formats
  • Original, editable
    Adobe Illustrator file
    PNG, and PDF files
Free Revisions
Additional Branding
(for a fee)
Starting Price $299.00

5. Tailor Brands: AI Logo Design Combined With Business Services1

TailorBrands logo design samples
Tailor Brands’ subscriptions bundle logo design with other business services
Tailor Brands wants to do more than design your logo – a whole lot more. Like Looka, Tailor Brands offers AI-driven logo and graphic design tools – but it will also help you set up an LLC, do your tax returns, provide business insurance, and handle trademark registration.

On the other hand, customization is somewhat limited. You can make minor changes to your logo’s layout, shape, color palette, or font style, but that’s about it. I couldn’t add an icon to my “text-based logo.” Instead, I had to restart the design process and choose “icon-based logo” as my logo type. I found Looka to be much more flexible.

Still, Tailor Brands is worth a closer look if you’re willing to invest the time to get a design you like. I’d recommend it for small businesses and startups that can benefit from its all-in-one approach and low-cost annual plans.


  • Digital business card. You can create a mini-website that displays typical business card info and can be shared via QR code or a simple link.
  • Logo resizing tool. Tailor Brands will resize your logo to fit the ideal image size for any platform or social media channel. This feature is included in all subscriptions.
  • Comprehensive brand assets. All plans include additional brand assets, such as templates for social media posts. Premium plans come with additional features, like the free seasonal logo tool.
  • Risk-free subscription plans. You can cancel your subscription anytime – your logo downloads are yours to keep.
See our expert Tailor Brands review for more.

File Formats
  • High-resolution
    JPG and PNG files
    with all plans
  • Vector EPS files
    with Standard
    plan and above
Free Revisions (before purchase)
Additional Branding
(through Zazzle
  • Business cards,
  • Printed
  • merchandise
Starting Price $9.99

6. DesignEvo: Design a Free Logo for Your Brand1

DesignEvo logo template selection
DesignEvo has thousands of logo templates you can search by business type
DesignEvo is a template-based logo maker that’s remarkably easy to use. After you’ve selected one of its thousands of professionally designed templates, you can customize its colors, typography, style, and more – you’ll see all your changes in real time.

One of my favorite things about DesignEvo is that it shows you how your logo will look on a business card, letterhead, website, or merchandise. Another is the extensive knowledge base. If you need help with the design process, you can browse dozens of tutorials with tips on creating the perfect logo.

Unlike other logo makers I tested, DesignEvo will let you create a free logo for commercial use. Your logo may have a lower resolution (300x300px), and you’ll have to credit DesignEvo for its creation, but it’s a decent option if you’re on a tight budget. You’ll have to upgrade to one of its paid options for higher-resolution files.


  • Vast library of design elements. In addition to its library of 10,000+ logo templates, DesignEvo has millions of icons and hundreds of shapes and fonts that you can use to customize your logo.
  • Advanced editing tools. You can fine-tune your logo’s design elements, including colors, gradients, and opacity, with options for layer management and vector editing.
  • Dedicated editing apps. It’s easy to design logos on the go with DesignEvo’s mobile app for iOS and Android. You can also download a desktop app if you’d rather not work in your browser.
  • Unlimited edits. DesignEvo lets you make unlimited changes to your logo at no additional cost, whether you’ve opted for a free logo or a paid design.
Our in-depth DesignEvo review has more info.

File Formats
  • Low-resolution JPG
    and PNG files for
  • High-resolution
    JPG and PNG files
    with Basic Package
  • High-quality vector
    (SVG and PDF)
    and font files with
    Plus package
Free Revisions (unlimited with paid plan
even after purchase)
Additional Branding
Starting Price $24.99

How To Choose a Good Logo Design Service and Save

While logo design costs vary, you don’t have to overspend to get a high-quality logo – and that’s what my list shows. Here are my final thoughts to help you choose the best solution.

If you’re looking for a custom logo at a great price, Fiverr is my top recommendation1. It gives you access to a global pool of talented designers, a wide range of creative styles, and prices to suit any budget.

Or, use Looka for a fast and easy option1 that still captures what’s unique about your brand.

Lastly, if you’re comfortable with running a design contest and want multiple logo ideas from professionals, go with DesignCrowd1. You can choose the logo and designer that best captures your vision.

Here’s a summary of the top logo design services I’ve shared and what each offers.

Pricing Best Feature Best For
$ Well-priced custom logo
designs to suit any
budget or need
Businesses that want
a professionally
designed logo at a low
Looka $ User-friendly and fast
Small business
owners and
individuals who want a
quick and easy logo
design service
DesignCrowd $$ Professionally designed
logos through
Entrepreneurs and
comfortable with a
99designs $$ Fixed-price logo design
Businesses willing to
invest in getting many
logo design
$$ AI-designed logos
bundled with printing,
marketing, and other
Businesses interested
in a comprehensive
logo and business
branding solution
DesignEvo $ Template-based DIY
Those who want a
more hands-on
approach for a low


What is the average cost of a logo design service?

The average cost of a logo design ranges from $300 to $1,500. In general, the cheapest option is an online logo maker, followed by freelance hires and crowdsourcing websites. Other factors that will affect the cost of your logo design include the designer’s experience, the complexity of the design, the number of revisions, and other services you require.

Is it worth paying for a logo?

A professionally designed logo creates a memorable first impression, establishes your brand identity, and conveys the quality and professionalism of your business, which is crucial for attracting and retaining customers. But you don’t have to spend a fortune. You can use plenty of affordable services to get a high-quality logo at a reasonable price.

Can I create my own logo design?

You can design your own logo using an online logo maker. Platforms like Looka offer user-friendly AI tools to help you create a logo quickly, even if you lack design skills. You can also use a template-based logo maker like DesignEvo, though you may have to invest more time to design a logo that represents your brand.

Can you get a good logo design at an affordable price?

Many freelance designers on Fiverr offer high-quality logo designs for under $100. Contest-based or crowdsourcing websites can also be affordable. Expect to pay more for top-rated designers, whichever type of service you choose. If your budget is tight, consider using a DIY logo maker to get a professional-looking logo design.

Our expert review of the 10 best logo makers in 2024 can help if you’re still weighing your options.

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