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Logo Design & Branding Tips by Mariana Aguiar for Desygner

Logo Design & Branding Tips by Mariana Aguiar for Desygner

Roberto Popolizio
A logo is  more than a symbol, or a drawing. It’s a reflection of your brand’s values, and it’s key to help your customers recognize and never forget the value of your products.

Hence, having a good logo is a fundamental step in a branding strategy, and creating one is not that hard, but making a GREAT logo is definitely not.

That’s why many companies choose design tools like Desygner to design their logo and enhance their branding campaigns, so who better than Mariana Aguiar, one of Desygner’s founders, to ask some tips for better logo design?
Read on to learn from a branding expert how to create a logo for your business the right way.

Please describe Desygner’s story: How did it all start, and how has it evolved so far?

A bootstrap tech company, Desygner was established in 2016 by five founders who saw a gap in the market for an automated graphic design tool that could be used by any sized business but operated by non-designers. Desygner is one of the top Australian tech and business design start-up companies based on the Gold Coast, having recently hit the No. 4 ranking in Australia and the top 150 globally.

The company has five founders; Mariana Aguiar, Alex Rich, Ignacio Diaz, Alexandre Goloskok and Sayan Bhattacharyya, who lead the team in global offices on the Gold Coast, Australia and Lisbon, Portugal. Desygner has nearly 25 million users, averages over 20,000 signups a day, and works globally with over 100,000 businesses. Some of the largest enterprise clients include Keller Williams – USA, Sinclair Pharmaceuticals – UK and Coldwell Banker – Italy.

How does Desygner compare to Canva and other graphic design tools?

Desygner is a complete marketing business tool rather than just a graphic design tool like other competitors. Desygner was the first design tool to have iOS and Android apps and the first to have the ability to import any PDF file into the platform. Marketers can then bring their files from other tools straight to Desygner and be able to generate automated content quickly and easily without the need to be a professional graphic designer.

What are your golden rules of logo design?

The function behind a logo goes far beyond being just an appealing visual. It is the core of your business branding and should represent a business’s personality. There are many rules to consider when designing, but using a logo maker can take the hard decisions out of designing.

The significant things to consider are:
  • Keep your logo design and icons simplified visually and without clutter.
  • Ensure readability – Consider the colors and fonts and check your design on different formats as it can look visually very different on various social media platforms compared to a website or business card.
  • Play around with uppercase and lowercase styles on the text, which can significantly impact the logo’s visual balance.
  • Make sure it’s scalable – Whether it’s being presented on a large scale or a small scale or whatever device it’s shown on, it appears correct.
  • Be memorable – You want customers to notice your logo, so keep it simple, positive, direct, and stay true to your company’s brand values.

Would you say that every company today needs the services of a graphic designer?

We believe design should not be a roadblock for a company in achieving its objectives, and it’s always been important for us to create a tool that helps businesses start when they don’t have the resources for professional graphic design services.

Desygner initiated to help businesses achieve their marketing goals no matter the company’s size. If it’s a small company, then using a free DIY tool like Desygner allows anyone in the business to create designs without needing to hire a professional. Larger and more established companies can opt for further professional options and upscale into an enterprise solution which Desygner also offers. Our enterprise solution helps professional graphic designers to maintain brand identity across multiple platforms.

Graphic design goes beyond mere aesthetics; it constitutes a means of communication between your business and your audience. In today’s competitive landscape, visual communication and content play pivotal roles at every stage of the marketing funnel, serving to inform, engage, and influence purchase decisions. Therefore, for any business today, active participation in the realm of graphic design is not just an option; it’s a necessity.

What are the things to consider when hiring a graphic designer?

Designers need to be more than creative experts who can create materials with great software programmes; they need to be able to solve the visual communication challenges a company has.

A designer can provide a complete branding package that will help a business build a visual marketing foundation for your business, or they can create a single print piece for a marketing campaign. Desygner was built to provide companies with a tool that enables solutions for this on different scales. Another consideration is what happens when a project finishes or if a designer leaves. Do you have access to all the copies and files, can you still make additional copies and changes to existing materials? What happens if your files are lost, or the designer leaves the company?

Having a tool like Desygner solves all these problems as it’s a design network that supports all your marketing, brand, and content assets in one place, where you have your very own Marketing Hub. This allows you the freedom to create, import, manage, control and distribute branded materials anytime and with storage solutions and lockable restrictions for materials. So, for example, if a company wants to make a simple edit of a price to a menu, they can do this without hiring a designer to recreate a whole new design.

Last but not least, How much should one pay for a logo?

When a business is small or starting, they don’t need to pay for a logo at all; they can design one very easily themselves and for free. Once they have set aside more of a marketing budget and expanded their business growth, businesses need to invest more in their overall content and branding strategy. A logo can help deliver your brand identity to your customers, but there is also a wide range of branding materials that need to be created and unified together for an overall brand and content strategy.

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