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M247 Europe

M247 is a vendor based in the UK and Romania. It uses over 20 data centers all over the world to provide internet connections, hosting, and data security. It has packages for small to large businesses with SSD, free SSL, one-click installer, and a 14-day money-back guarantee.


Let me make it easy for you. If you don't know what a YAML file is, you're probably reading the wrong review. However, the more technically minded among you will find a very developer-friendly host here, which will allow you to deploy anything from a static site to an API on its cloud platform, and deliver it via a global CDN.


Serbian website hosting company Yunet has been in business for more than 20 years and claims to have been the first internet service provider in Serbia.


Louhi is an award-winning Finnish web hosting provider with over 22,000 business and consumer customers, 97% of which are satisfied with its services.


Unbit offers a highly specialized Linux container hosting platform for software developers. This service is not suitable for beginner webmasters.

Hosting Zdarma

Hosting Zdarma offers super-cheap web hosting plans to suit all needs from individual users and small businesses to bigger companies and e-stores.


Norwegian web host Sircon offers a simple set of hosting plans that run on 100% renewable energy and come with or without WordPress pre-installed.

Host Tornado

Host Tornado's website has a temporary or transitional feel that reduced my confidence in this company. It's a pity because its advertised shared hosting plans have some pretty good features and unlimited resources.


RZKH’s hosting solutions are primarily aimed at programmers who want anything from a small hosted development playground to a big redundant environment on the newest IBM hardware.


Slovenian host Hosterdam is a member of RIPE NCC, the regional internet registry for Europe, West Asia, and the former USSR. This host offers one choice of web hosting along with VPS and domain registration services.

G-Core Labs

G-Core Labs is a record-breaking international internet infrastructure company that provides powerful cloud and edge solutions mainly to the entertainment and media industries. By its own admission, this company’s services are for serious technophiles.


Russian web host Hostronaut simply hands you off to other providers of free and pay-for hosting plans. It makes me wonder, "What's the point?", especially since it seems impossible to summon a pre-sales support response from this host.


Kimsufi is dedicated to the provision of cheap dedicated servers. It also offers VPS solutions and a single hosting plan, but for any extras, all roads lead to its sister brands’ sites.


WebFaction’s two-day free trial is easy to access, with no credit card required, but it does require you to link to a new or existing GoDaddy account to ease the eventual migration.


Romanian host DaddyHost has been in business since 2011 but has recently experienced problems with its website, which doesn’t bode well for a vendor offering to host customers’ websites. It’s a pity because some of its offerings look like they could be pretty good.

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